Chapter 18: Scrapbook

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{Ally's Pov}

Find a way to get back at Dallas? We walked inside to talk more about Austin's plan. "I'm not really in to revenge."

"I know you don't like to do this kind of thing, but he deserves something, after everything he did to you."

"What do you have in mind?"

"Well, while you were with Dallas, I was looking around his house."


"I found this." Austin handed me a blue scrapbook with Dallas's name on it. "I hid it in the car before the seven minutes were up."

As I opened the binder, I saw pictures of Dallas along with his writing. "Wow, Dallas likes scrap booking? That's weird, he never told me about this."

"It's probably too embarrassing for this jerk if he can't tell someone as trusting as you. What a loser. Tomorrow, we are gonna show this to the other guys at school."

"Do you really think we should do that?"

"Why not? He deserves it."

"I agree, he does deserve it."

"Then what's the problem?" he asked, tilting his head in confusion.

"Dallas read my book and said he would tell everyone what I wrote in there about us. If we make him upset, he'll break the deal."

"Ally, I don't care if Dallas tells the world that we're dating. You're more important to me than anything."

"Aww... You're so sweet." I gave Austin a hug, then slowly continued with the scrapbook.

"Look at all these pictures of him when he was a kid," Austin said, smiling. There were some baby pictures, some at parties, some with friends, but one specific picture was standing out. There was a little boy in a pink, sparkling dress, wearing a tiara, and waving around a wand.

"No way! Is that Dallas?" I asked.

"I think it is. It says this was taken on Halloween, 2002." After a few minutes of trying to keep a straight face, Austin and I burst into laughter.

"Why would he wear a princess costume?" I wondered, in between giggles.

"I don't know," he said, holding his stomach, "let's continue."

We flipped through many pictures of Dallas and his family. On some of the pages, Dallas's thoughts were written. He wrote about how he felt and how the day went, like what I wrote in my songbook. After we were about half way done, I saw a photo of me and him, taken when we first started dating.

My beautiful girlfriend, Ally Dawson, is really something special.


"What?" Austin asked, looking at what I was reading. After a moment, he said, "It's true though. You really are special."

"Thanks Austin, but it feels weird coming from Dallas."

"Yeah, I know. Don't let it bother you. That was when you two were still together, anyway. You can't blame him."

Even so, after seeing that picture, I felt like I've had enough. This made me miss the old Dallas a little. He used to be such a gentlemen, but now he's changed in many ways. I miss the times when we would just take a nice walk somewhere or go to the cafe together. But that was all in the past and I must live in the present. Austin is the only one who makes me feel complete and nothing will change that.

The next day, Austin showed the scrapbook to Zack and his other friends. As predicted, everyone made jokes and spread rumors around the school. Students would pass around the scrapbook and take pictures to remember the embarrassing photos.

"What's everyone laughing about?" Dallas asked me in a husky voice. He started twirling a lock of my hair in his fingertips.

"Leave us alone," Austin said, sternly, grabbing Dallas's wrist.

"Calm down. I just wanna know what's going on."

"They're just looking at the scrapbook you made. Nice dress by the way," I replied, casually.

{Austin's Pov}

After a moment, Dallas yelled, "Moon! Where'd you find that?" He grabbed my shirt with his fist, almost choking me.

"Let go of him!" Ally screeched.

"Geez Dallas. We're even now." I tried to stay calm, but Dallas looked angrier than usual.

"Even? I didn't show Ally's book to the whole school-"

"But what about all the other stuff you did to her. You didn't even apologize for breaking her arm."

"Just give me the book," he said, letting go of me. After pulling the book away from a crowd, he walked up to Ally.

"Um... I'm sorry about your arm... and about everything else I did to you," Dallas sighed, then left. As I saw him walk down the halls, he looked down at the floor and tried to keep away from eye contact.

We were still taking in what just happened. At first, Dallas seemed like his usual self, but then he seemed... almost nice. Was that really Dallas? The Dallas we know wouldn't be able to talk to Ally like that, without making a move on her. Something must be wrong. Was he probed by aliens or something?

"Did we just break Dallas?" Ally asked with a confused look on her face. She always looks so adorable.

"Maybe his pride?" I wondered.

After what happened this morning, Dallas was nowhere to be seen the rest of the day. How could he just apologize and not show his face like that? It's despicable. Wait, why was I thinking about that b*stard who hurt Ally in so many ways? Maybe he was just trying to get in our heads.

"Ally, what do you want to do today?" I asked her. She didn't reply, though.

"Uh... Ally?"

"Huh? Sorry..." she said, embarrassed.

"Dallas is in your mind too, huh?"

"Yeah... It was weird."

"Don't let it get to your head. That's probably what he wants to do."

"Or maybe he realized what a pathetic jerk he is," Ally said, as we started walking to the car.

"Doesn't seem like him."

"But I believe everyone should have a second chance... Then again, it is Dallas we're talking about."

"I still don't trust him. We'll have to wait and see what happens."

Once we got to my house, Ally and I started with our homework. If it wasn't for her, I'd be online right now and getting detention tomorrow. Ally is such a good influence on me. She's like a perfect little angel.

When I looked at Ally, she was working hard on writing the essay due next week. Wow, she's fast. No wonder why she's in the highest classes. Sometimes, I feel like I'm an idiot, compared to her.

"Ally, why don't we take a break?" I asked.

"Sure. How far are you on homework?"

"Done with what's due tomorrow. You?"

"Well, I'm finished with everything for tomorrow and I don't have to write that paper for Monday."

"Geez Ally, could you be any quicker? It's only 5 pm."

"Maybe you're just slow," she said, smiling.

"Alright, alright... Come on, let's go to the park," I said, grabbing my keys. It's random, but I wanted to go outside and relax.

"Why?" she wondered.

"What? I can't take my amazing girlfriend out for a walk in the park?"

"Okay, let's go." she said, blushing.

Once we were there, I held Ally's hand and walked near the grass. It was nice, being alone with her here. There was no one else around, the day was slowly becoming night, it was so peaceful. When the sky was turning orange and pink, Ally and sat on a hill to watch the sunset. I put my arm around her as she nestled up with me.

"The sky looks beautiful at this time," Ally said, gazing into the pink sky.

"It's not as beautiful as you," I replied.

She looked at me with dreamy eyes. Ally was truly stunning. I always found myself lost in her eyes at times like this. We moved closer and closer, only inches apart, until our lips finally met.

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