Emily stares at the ceiling of the hospital room. The lights had been dimmed in deference to the light sensitivity associated with a concussion but she had a monitor on that kept her from falling asleep. Not that she could if she wanted to.

For the first time since she had joined the team she is doubting them.

Clyde Easter had left her ass hanging out on the line with Marcos San Mejia and in a deal done just before the take down of Doyle. She had always assumed he'd be unreliable so she had lived.

But this team…her family…she hadn't expected it from them.

No, she didn't blame them for the final battle with Ian Doyle. That was Easter again. They had found her, pulling out all the stops and even crossing a few lines to find her. They had come through then and other times, too.

But then Christopher Ridgeley had gotten his hands on her. Literally: molesting her, kissing her, describing in detail the way he was going to rape, torture, and finally kill her. They had barely managed to get her out of that one. Hotch gambled her life and nearly lost it.

And now she had been sent out into the wilderness after a rapist targeting brown-eyed brunettes with Morgan to back her up. Not a problem, usually, but Morgan wasn't 100%. Why the fuck had she allowed it to happen? When she needed him, where was he? Back at the fucking ranger station with his arm fucked up again. He shouldn't have been in the field if he wasn't 100%. Stupid fucking shitheads Hotch and Morgan, both.

Emily reaches up and wipes away a tear. What the hell was she going to do?

Monday morning Rossi picks up Emily at the hospital. He sees she is quieter than normal, even considering the concussion. When they get out to the SUV he looks at her before starting the engine.

"Want to talk about it?"

"No," she says immediately.

He watches her a moment then turns on the ignition. "When you're ready, I'm here for you."

She just nods, staring out the side window as if preventing him from reading her mind. She doesn't say anything else when they get to the hotel, instead heading straight to her room to pack up her things. It doesn't take long as she'd only been in there one night. Instead she sits on the bed alone. Thinking. She loses track of time and may have sat there all day if someone hadn't knocked on her door.

"Hey, Prentiss! Time to go," Morgan hollers from the hallway.

Emily takes a deep breath and grabs her bag. She opens the door and nods to him as she hurries towards the lobby. He frowns.

"Hey, Emily, wait up."

She doesn't answer, just keeps walking. Hotch sees the exchange and studies his two agents carefully. Morgan looks stunned and hurt. Emily just looks furious.

"Shit," Hotch mutters, guessing correctly what is behind Emily's actions.

Rossi steps up beside him. "She wouldn't talk to me, Hotch."

"Can't blame her," Hotch admits. "She's pissed at us. We left her alone in the woods with a rapist targeting women like her. Situation reversed I'd be pissed, too."

"It was a twist of fate," Rossi points out.

"Morgan wasn't completely healthy. I should have gone with her. And she knows it."

"Give her time, Hotch. She'll get past it."


Emily's silence lasts the entire trip home. As she grabs her bags, Morgan grabs her arm.

"Emily, talk to me. Please."

She jerks away from him. "Back off."

He tries to stop her again but she steps away from him. He just stares in shock as she turns and goes to her Lexus without a word to anyone.

As she drives off, everyone assumes she is going to the office. Instead she pulls out her personal cell phone and hits one of her speed dial prompts. She gets voicemail.

"Dr. Westfallen, it's Emily Prentiss. I really…" her voice chokes off. "I really need to see you. Soon. Please," she begs as she hangs up.

She drives out of the gates at Quantico and drives towards Westfallen's office. She doesn't care if she has to wait all day. She can't go home and she can't go to the office. Not right now. Not feeling like this. Her phone starts to ring with JJ's tone. Emily stares at it a moment…then hits the ignore button.

"I can't Jen. I'm sorry," she whispers.

A few minutes later her phone trills that she has a message. She calls voicemail…and immediately hits delete when she hears her wife's voice.

"I'm sorry," she whispers again.

JJ stares at Hotch after leaving the message. "She must have sent me to voicemail, Hotch. What the hell is going on with her?"

Hotch sighs and tells JJ what he suspects is wrong. JJ slowly nods. "And suddenly we're as bad as Easter in her mind. She's got to be so damn scared."

Hotch nods. "I'm sure she is. JJ…I'm sorry. I should have gone into the park with her."

JJ shrugs. "You couldn't have known Morgan would injure his shoulder again."

"I should have accepted it could happen and made the assignments appropriately. I promise you, JJ, I will do what I have to do to fix this with her."

JJ nods. "I know you will. I'll work on her, too. Hopefully she just needs a little time to get past the fear and anger. I'm hoping she's called the doctor we don't officially see. If she hasn't, I'll make her."

Hotch nods. "Tell her if she needs a couple days she'll have them."

"I will. Thanks, Hotch."

JJ makes her way back to her desk. She is not surprised to see Morgan leaning against it. He stands, shame in his eyes.

"I'm so sorry, Jayje."

She shakes her head. "Not your fault, Morgan. She'll know that, too. She just needs a couple of days."

"Tell her if she needs to talk to me or…or yell at me or anything she can call anytime day or night. And tell her I love her."

"I will, Derek. Thank you."

It is a tense rest of the day at the BAU.

At 2:15 Dr. Westfallen calls Emily back. "When can you get here, Emily," the doctor asks immediately.

"I'm in the parking lot."

"Come on up."

"Thank you."

Emily takes a deep breath and makes her way to the one person who might possibly be able to help her deal with the feelings of rage and betrayal coursing though her body.