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"You want cheese or…extra cheese?" Marshall shouted from in the kitchen.

Finn made a sour face at the prospect of eating, yet again, more pizza. He was tired from the day at Candy Kingdom and its failed plans and just imaging pizza and its greasy-ness and its cheesy-ness did not sound awesome in the least. It made his stomach hurt a little. But he had to eat, so… "Uh. Extra cheese?"

He sighed, leaning down and back into the couch. He knew he should have taken food back from the Candy Kingdom. Why wasn't he using his head? Oh, right. Marshall was with him.

The vampire came floating into the living room with a smile. "Got your pizza in." He sat next to Finn and looked over at him. "Don't know how you eat that stuff. It looks disgusting."

Finn smiled, rolling his eyes. "Just because you like blood…"

Marshall laughed. "You look cozy," he observed, eyeing Finn's body.

"Tired," Finn replied.

Marshall nodded. "Mmm-hmm. You look disappointed, too. Your eyes…" he said, touching under Finn's blue eyes, finger dragging across his skin. "They practically scream 'I'm disappointed'."

Finn tried not to sigh because he felt too drained to do even that. There wasn't even energy to comment on Marshall touching him like it was nothing. He sat up straight and stared out at the turned off television, seeing his reflection in the black glass and his depressing face. It only made him bluer to look at his self.

"I just…" Finn paused, trying not to sigh as he spoke. "I can't believe there isn't one fudging person who can help me. I don't wana wait for your Prince dude to get home."

Marshall bit at his lip. Finn saw something there in his expression so he leaned a little closer. "Marshall…?"

Marshall stared at him. "There is one other person who can help you get back to your dimension or whatever. But I don't recommend her."

There was sudden energy that Finn was bombarded with. He begged with his eyes. "Who?"

"The Ice Queen." Marshall looked away and frowned. "I don't even know why I said that. She's way too crazy."

Finn shrugged. "The Ice King is a total nut-bag, too, but I need to try, Marshall."

When the vampire faced him again, he looked so dead serious it made Finn, the hero, flinch away like he held a sword at his neck. "Finn. They don't compare. She's smarter, and stronger. She is crazier." He must've seen something on Finn's face because he looked up at the ceiling and shook his head, his long hair flying about. "I really, really regret saying this because I can tell you're desperate to get back and you'll do anything, something totally insane, to go back to Ooo. Even ask her for help."

"Of course I will! I belong there in Ooo."

Marshall's eyes narrowed. "You belong there? Why? They ignore you, you said so before."

Finn couldn't believe that Marshall said such a thing to him. But to ease his mind, and to prevent him from totally yelling at Finn because, glob, he was worn out, and arguing just didn't sound fun, he said, "I'll wait for Gumball, okay, I promise. I'm not stupid."

Marshall raised a brow, smirking, and Finn smacked his arm. "Jerk."

There was a beep in the kitchen. Marshall left and came back with Finn's dinner on a big piece of cardboard and set it in front of him on the table. It looked as disgusting as he pictured but smelled somewhat good so he decided to eat.

The whole time Finn was eating, he kept thinking about leaving and how he would do that without Marshall noticing, and he also thought about the Ice Queen. If he found the Ice Queen's castle or wherever it was she lived then he could ask her to help, and it'll be pretty easy to find her—she probably lived in the same area as IK. He'll most likely have to do something for her, but Finn would only do something that didn't involve hurting anybody. Before that could happen he'd need to sneak out and he could only do that during the day when Marshall couldn't leave the house, unless he had the umbrella. Finn could easily toss that away, though.

Finn had a little ache in his chest knowing he was deceiving the kind-hearted, yet perverted, vampire after all he'd done for Finn—and to Finn. Then he saw Jake's face and knew he had to go. No matter the good times. No matter how he kept being pulled back and forth between Ooo and Aaa, and his true home and Marshall Lee.

When Finn finished his pizza Marshall put in a scary movie, with vampires and zombies and weird monsters. Finn pretended to get tired and after it was over he took the couch and "went to sleep", curling up under a thick blanket.

"Night, Finn. Sorry about today."

Finn tensed. "Yeah… that's okay, Marsh. Really."

Finn felt a soft touch to his hair. It wasn't a hand, it was smaller and lighter.

Did Marshall kiss his head just now?

"Night again," Marshall's voice came from the top of the steps.

Finn snuggled into his blankets on the sofa. "Yeah, goo'night."


It was just before the sun was about to rise, maybe an hour or two away, when the unthinkable happened. A storm started. More specifically, a knife storm started. He saw it right outside the cave as he stared out of the window waiting for the bright light that he'd follow to return home. Thousands of them fell heavily and hard and fast. He couldn't go out in that, he wasn't suicidal.

The excitement that flowed in his blood was gone. It dissipated with each clanking of the first of the thousands of knives hitting against the rocks and ground. Maybe it was destiny telling him he shouldn't just leave like this. Finn didn't feel right in the first place, though the thought of seeing everything and everyone overtook that.

He threw himself down on the sofa and glared at the TV, and then the glare turned into a pout. "I just want to go home," he whined. But I shouldn't leave Marshall like he isn't important to me, either.

Finn groaned, slamming the back of his head on the couch. "Life!"

He had decided. He wouldn't leave until Prince Gumball got back. That was the right thing to do, and he'd promised Marshall and not keeping that would hurt his good hero conscious.

There was still some time before there was light outside but Marshall woke up before that. Finn heard him moving around up above and then turned around to see him gliding over the stairs. He looked at him, sort of shocked. "Finn? You're up?"

Uh-oh. How could he explain this? "Y-yeah." He heard the knives over the TV he was watching, some romantic comedy, and said, "Couldn't sleep. The storm." He waved at the window.

Marshall smiled. "I couldn't really sleep, either. Not 'cause the storm. Your heartbeat was so loud…and frantic. I thought you might be having a bad dream or somethin'."

Finn turned his focus back to the movie. "No," he said softly. "Just…thinking."

The vampire took a seat next to him. "About what?"

He could say it. Marshall Lee knew already, so it didn't make a difference. "Leaving. Leaving you and…" Finn shook his head. "Never mind."

"No," Marshall said, putting his arm around Finn's shoulders. Finn let him because he was cold—they were in a cave, and Marshall didn't need heaters or anything like that. "You can say it because I'll miss you, too."

Finn looked up at him. "You will?"

"Yeah." Marshall nodded. "I'll be all by myself here again. Yeah, Gum and I are good friends, but he's gone a lot."

"What about Fionna?"

Marshall shrugged. "Naw. She and Cake are out doing hero stuff and all that. I used to with them. It just didn't feel right after a while."

This feels right, Finn wanted to say. This, in Marshall's arms, just being around him, listening to him talk in that deep voice that had Finn trying to stop his shivers, and looking at his really hot bod, was what felt right, and good.

He nodded at Marshall's words. "Yeah. Jake and me… We don't mix well anymore. Sometimes we do but others it's just so off, you know?"

Finn leaned closer so his head was resting barely on Marshall's chest. He smelled nice and it was soothing, like incense.

Marshall's fingers went into his hair. Finn closed his eyes at the contact. "I'm sorry, Finn."

Finn went on, because why not? Let one thing out, let it all out. "My friends are still my friends I just… I never see them anymore. Jake is at home with me sometimes but then the kids and I…" He took in a deep breath when it was hard to talk. His throat burned. "I'm getting left behind," he said after a struggle to breathe. "Even if I go back to Ooo there won't be anyone there for me."

He snuggled his face into Marshall's plaid shirt, his hands balled into fists at the vampire's chest. He realized that he just didn't care anymore about pushing the vampire away—he needed to face the reality, and the reality was that he needed the comfort and he was going to take it. Finn was going to take all that Marshall had to offer to make him feel good, and to feel better. It might've been in the moment but all it came down to was one thing: Finn needed Marshall.

Marshall's voice was super intense when he spoke, with his fingers laced deeper in Finn's hair. "Finn. You're…crossing a line. Do you think this is a good idea?"

"When do you care?" Finn mumbled. "I thought you wanted this."

Marshall's hand left Finn's hair to touch under his chin, bringing it up so he could gaze into his eyes. "Do you even know what this is?"

Finn shrugged, looking down. "Not really, I guess. But…" He looked back up. "You can show me, right?"

Marshall's eyes were bright and those fangs sharper on his big smirking lips. "Oh, I can show you. There's a lot that I can show you."

The courage came to Finn despite that terrifying, erotic look. He sat up with his hands pressed on the vampires skinny jeans at his thighs. His face was just below Marshall's and he tilted his head up, breathing softly against his lips. Marshall was dead frozen, no pun intended by that. "Then show me."