So earlier today I went through my reviews of this story smiling like mad and then a new one came in and I realized something. So I decided to write a little chapter set in Ooo.

This is why I read comments :) so I can see what people think and that they can give me insight I would never have thought of myself. Thanks bunches!

Hope you guys like!

Bubblegum was exhausted but she tried not to show that as she returned to the castle and walked inside. Her citizens greeted her with smiles and she did the same right back, though she felt like grumbling.

They shouldn't see her like that. Just because it was a totally failed machine at the convention didn't mean she had to display it on her face. Her citizens will always be a main priority, that and their happiness even at her expense.

All she needed was a good nap to get back to her normal self. Princesses taking naps wasn't that weird with all they had to do—or at least, all she had to do. But before that, Bubblegum decided to go down to her lab and mess around with some stuff. She was a workaholic, she couldn't help it.

The odd thing was that a few things were already messed with. A few handheld weapons she'd been working on had been moved around and used. And then she saw the Portal. The prime focus in her lab that she'd been working on for a long, long time, maybe it had been years. And it, too, had been messed with, and used.

Who would do that? Would Peppermint have gone down here when she was gone despite her strict orders?

As she was about to see where the destination was, Cinnamon Bun's shouting echoed in the halls outside. He was banging on the big door, yelling, "Princess!" over and over in a panic.

She sighed. "All right, Cinnamon Bun. I'll be right there."

She took one look back and shrugged. Wherever it was it wasn't like the portal actually worked. That was just another tick un-checked on her list of things to fix in this lab.


Jake had just gotten the kids to their bed and he sighed in happiness at finally finishing the day. Lady wasn't home—out with her parents doing Rainicorn things—and so he was watching them by himself for the first night in a while. They were all so cute in their little beds, not tiny anymore but sleeping he couldn't help but fondle their hair and smile like a proud daddy. It was only days ago when they were little but they literally grow up fast, and now they're almost pre-teens.

Oh glob, his life. Everything has changed so fast.

He'd been here for what felt like months and couldn't help but think about Finn and what he was doing. Maybe sleeping or out on an adventure. They hadn't been on one in way too long and Jake missed them crazy bad, and he missed Finn so much—that kid was like family, glob, he was family.

Jake's been busy. And it sucks but he can't help that he has kids with Lady. Well, he probably could have… But he's been focused on keeping his kids out of trouble, especially Jake Jr., that he just can't leave.

He knows Finn can take care of his self and didn't need Jake breathing down his neck about the little things like eating and brushing his teeth and wearing a coat when it was cold—he wasn't his parent but Finn was younger and sometimes that parental instinct kicked in. sometimes they were friends but others Jake was like a substitute dad. Both of them loved being like that, going from fighting monsters and then to deep talks about love and all that.

Finn is not a kid anymore. Jake knows that but just wants to keep Finn safe. They're bestest buds for life.

He got into his bed and shut his eyes. "Tomorrow I'll visit."

And with that thought in his head, he smiled and went to sleep, dreaming about old adventures with Finn.