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It was a no go. As in, Finn wouldn't be going home anytime soon no go. The Prince of Candy Kingdom wasn't home in his Kingdom. He was on some stupid, lame prince-ly business that Finn didn't really care much about. Peppermint Maid, who was really nice but looked too similar to Peppermint Butler—without the guy voice—had said that Gumball wouldn't be back for maybe weeks. Then she talked about more stuff Finn didn't want to hear because he was so mad and upset, and he barely saw her leave because he was bummed out and disappointed.

Marshall was nice, though, and hugged Finn, startling him from his daze. "You'll get home, Finn."

Though the vampire was nice, Finn could see a smile just about there on his lips when he gazed up in shock at the hug. Marshall didn't want Finn to go anyway, so waiting for Gumball gave him time to be with Finn and do more pervy things that Finn wouldn't ever admit he liked.

"You're happy," Finn said in an accusatory tone.

Marshall sighed, petting his hair like he was some baby, and closed his eyes. "Oh, Finn," he said dramatically, "I'd never be happy if you're not happy." Then a fangy grin appeared on his face.

Finn felt a hand slide down his back. "Stop it," Finn screeched, swatting away his reaching hand before it went somewhere. "And let me go, pervy vampire." He tried to move free of the suddenly stronger hug, wiggling, and shooting dirty looks up at Marshall. The vampire was such a jerk. Why did he stay with him all this time? Not for the free food because that was crap.

Marshall laughed softly. "Keep squirming," he murmured down in his ear. "I like it."

Finn blushed. Then he noticed some gumdrop boys and girls staring from across the road and immediately stopped struggling, embarrassment kicking in. "Marshall Lee, candies are looking at us…." he whispered.

His red eyes squinted with amusement that Finn thought wasn't appropriate right now considering how Finn felt being hugged by a hot vampire in the middle of Candy not able to move.

"Let them watch. It'll be kinky."

"Marshaaaall!" Finn whined, the blush gliding to his ears.

With a chuckle, Finn was released. He grumbled "thank glob" and stepped away from Marshall, facing at the ground. He'd wait until the red was gone from his cheeks to look up. "Jerk."

"Yeah, I know."

Once he knew the blush vanished completely Finn raised his head. Looking at Marshall, thinking of how he wouldn't get home, he got an idea. One he should have thought about way sooner and he was kinda pissed at his self for.

"Marshall, you could help me, right?"

"Me? How?"

"Take me to the nightosphere! I'm sure there's a demon or someone who can help me."

Marshall sighed, adjusting his umbrella. "Finn. The nightosphere isn't for humans like you. One second down there and—"

"I've been before, I can handle myself."


Finn grumbled. "Well then what about your parents? Aren't they demons or something? Can you ask them for help?"

There was something so dark in Marshall's eyes in scared Finn into almost peeing his pants. "My parents disowned me a long time ago. I'm not asking for their help with anything, Finn."

That was surprising knowing Marceline had her dad, and he was obsessed with spending time with her—another friend always busy, this one avoiding her father.

Finn looked behind him at the Candy Castle and thought of how he wouldn't be going home for a lot longer than he thought. His lip started to tremble knowing that, and it would be baby-ish to cry out in public like this but Finn didn't care. Home was home, warm and comforting and smelled like dead bark, but in a good way. Not having that for weeks was going to suck butt.


Marshall's voice startled him it was so quiet. "What?" Glob, he sounded like he was going to break down more than BMO when all the tapes were burned.

"You're home can be mine until you have to go. I'd prefer you to stay so I can have my way with you—" Finn opened his mouth in shock. Marshall rolled his eyes. "Oh, close your pretty mouth before I kiss it."

"Hey! Don't talk to me like—glmbb!"

Marshall wasn't kidding. He just pulled Finn in and kissed him so fast Finn didn't have time to register it until the vampire's tongue was down his throat. Then he turned bright apple red and shoved him away. How Marshall could even think of kissing Finn in public was just insane! Yeah, in private he kinda liked it—again, he'd never admit it unless it was totally necessary—but in front of people, Finn felt different. Exposed.

He wiped the back of his mouth like that rid the taste of Marshall Lee from his lips. It didn't but he felt a bit better seeing the look on Marshall's face. "Don't. Ever. Do that. Again." He glared as furiously as he could, and then he walked away quickly.


The sun was out now, and Finn took that as an advantage. He should've known the vampire would have something to protect him, though.

Marshall floated by, umbrella in hand shading him from the sun. "Look, I'm sorry—"

"You aren't. You like to embarrass me. You like to kiss me and make fun of me because I like it."

Marshall stopped, and then Finn did, too, realizing what he just said.

The vampire came down to stand before Finn, a smirk on his face. I hate that smirk. "I didn't think you'd ever admit that aloud, cutie." His hand reached out to touch Finn but he moved back, causing the vampires hand to hiss as the sun burned it. But Marshall just moved it back as if his hand didn't sizzle like bacon, and Finn was sort of awed he could handle that pain and not show it in any way. "I'm sorry for doing that. I do like embarrassing you, but only because it makes your heart beat so fast—yeah, just like that," he said with a smile. "And your pretty skin gets all red and it makes me want to drink you."

Finn flinched back. He wished he had his sword with him. "You won't ever do that."

There wasn't any reply except for a dark look, like when Marshall was talking about his family earlier, expect this was different. Not an angry dark look, but one that screamed excitement. Finn had that look when he fought monsters, but on Marshall it wasn't the battle adrenaline.

Finn shivered like he was cold. And then the sudden image of Marshall sucking his throat and biting down repeated in his head like a broken record, and he swallowed as he got hard. How was that a turn on? Did Finn want to be bitten by a vampire?

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