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"You want some food? I can hear your stomach."


They went to a little hut that had plenty of shade, so Marshall could put down his umbrella. They sat in a booth—a bright peppermint stripped booth with super comfy seats that Finn wished he could take home. He didn't even look at the menu, everything here was either candy, or candy flavored. Marshall didn't get anything from the waiter when he came back, not even something red. That was shocking and a little scary; vampires that didn't feed were scary.

Suddenly Finn's mind went down that route picturing him with his fangs. He shifted in his seat. Curse Marshall for being so bleepin' hot.

His food came on a platter, a big pile of colors and candies of different shapes. Finn picked up one of his favorites, a red lollipop, and sucked on it, hoping that the vampire didn't notice his problem that seemed to keep rising up. It wasn't like he hadn't had this happen in the past, he was a teenager, but before he came to Aaa it was rare for him to even think about these things that much. With Marshall around, Finn's head always went to the gutter.

Marshall was watching him; his body leaned against the wall from where he sat. It was a little awkward having those red eyes stare at him except Finn was used to it because he'd eaten three pizzas in front of him already.

"You know…too many sweets will ruin that adorable smile of yours."

Finn stuck out his tongue. "Whatever. Candy is awesome."

Marshall chuckled.

Finn ate enough to be full but not sick—he knew how to manage his candy intake after a few bad incidences. But now that he was finished eating, he realized there was nothing to do. The whole reason they came here was to ask for help from Prince Gumball but he was gone, and Peppermint Maid couldn't help either. And Marshall himself couldn't help. Finn didn't know anyone here so now what could he do but wait? And waiting sucked. Really, really, sucked.

Marshall must have seen the look on his face, or heard the long sigh. "Let's have some fun, Finn. What do you want to do?"

"I don't know…"

Marshall grinned. "Let's go somewhere."


"How about the waterfall?"

Finn frowned. "Waterfall?"

Marshall's eyes almost twinkled, and he smiled—and it was cute. Marshall. Cute. It was weird. "You'll see."

They went outside, Finn taking the umbrella when Marshall forgot it, and without any warning the vampire lifted him up. He gasped, holding the umbrella and Marshall's shirt. They were flying higher than the castle, above the city and the bright streets made of candy. Finn looked down and held on even tighter. Heights weren't something Finn was afraid of really, but with Marshall Lee, the pervy jerk holding him it was hard to trust the vampire enough not to let him fall to his doom.

"I won't drop you, Finn." Marshall's voice sounded amused.

"I know that," he replied shakily.

Marshall flew them up and away from the Kingdom. Finn looked around and saw they were headed towards a rock cliff. When they got closer he saw a pink waterfall gushing down the far side of the mountain. It was bright, and really pretty, and loud. Marshall set down on top of some grass beside the water and Finn shimmed from his grip to go dunk his hand in out of curiosity. He licked his finger and was surprised. Fruit Juice? Why does this look so dang familiar?

Marshall knelt beside him. "The damn broke a couple years ago and it made this waterfall. It used to be a damn…can't remember the name but it was something funny."

Finn looked up at him and said, "The Fruity Damn."

"Yeah, that's the name. Anyway… Let's swim!"

"Are you nutso? This is a waterfall. Waterfall I don't wana fly off and die, Marshall."

The vampire pointed down the river. "There's a little place that way. Let's go."

Finn sighed, but let Marshall lead him down the river. It was shocking when he saw a little pool. There was still the river that went by, but this section was pulled off to the side like a lake on the side. The pink water was surrounded in trees and it was cool without the sun beating down.

"I come here all the time," Marshall said.

That was unexpected. "During the day?"

"Yeah, during the day. I love being a night-guy, I love darkness. But sometimes it gets boring just being in the dark all the time." He threw down his umbrella. "Let's get in."

Finn blushed as Marshall unbuttoned his shirt. "Um…uh—you…really want to swim?"

"You can't swim or something? I can teach you." Marshall winked.

"N-no. I can swim." I don't really want to swim with you.

There would be Marshall without a shirt on, and Finn without a shirt on in his shorts that would be wet—none of that sounded safe. Marshall did see him practically naked when he totally molested him in the bathroom, but not wet and practically naked and in shorts that would undoubtedly tighten.

Marshall jumped in, startling Finn from his thoughts. His hair was soaked but so was his chest, and Finn made a gulping sound. Why did he have to be so attractive?

"You sure you can't swim?"

"Yeah, I can swim."

"Then get in, Finn. I won't bite you or anything," he said, flashing his sharp fangs and then laughing.

With Marshall's red eyes watching, Finn fumbled with his shirt while pulling it off. He took his hat off next, letting his hair down, and dipped his foot in the cool water.

Marshall swam over quickly, his hands pushing at Finn's leg—it gave him goosebumps. "Nope, not happening. You've gotta jump in. If you don't I'll dunk you."

Marshall's eyes had a sort of playful look to them when he threatened Finn but a threat from him was not taken lightly, and just because of that Finn moved back. He took off in a run, jumping into midair, did a flip, and shouted, "Canon ball!" as he flew down causing a big splash. He spat some of the water out and swept his hair from his face.

"Now that's a jump!" Marshall came over and slapped his back.

Finn shrugged with a shy smile. "Thanks."

"You look good wet, Finn," Marshall purred. He was too close, like usual. His legs brushed up against Finn's under the water, swishing water around. "Did you know that?"

"No." The effort at not squeaking that word out like a mouse failed.

Marshall laughed. "You're so cute it makes me sick."

Finn puffed his cheeks out. "You're a jerk, did you know that?"

He nodded with a big smile. Finn rolled his eyes and splashed water at his face.

"Are we really playing this game?" Marshall asked after shaking off the droplets from his hair.

Finn paused for a second, thinking it over. "Yes."


And Finn was soaked with a tidal wave of water that came from nowhere.

Marshall was floating up high, holding his stomach and laughing. Why did he keep laughing at Finn today? "You—you look like a drowned kitten!"

Finn grumbled and wiped the fruity stinging water from his eyes and spat out the big gulp he nearly swallowed. He pointed up at him, and then at the water in front of him. "Get down here."

"Ooo, I'm scared." He dropped out of the sky, like he suddenly could fly anymore, and splashed into the water again. "What will little Finny do?" he teased, swimming over to Finn, and he just let Marshall smile at him and joke. "Come on, try me."

Finn jumped, kicking off of the bottom using a rock, and landed on the vampire, dunking him. His hands flayed and now it was Finn laughing at Marshall Lee. At least he was until suddenly Marshall took off upward, taking Finn with. The unexpected move had Finn holding on to Marshall with his arms around his neck and his eyes shut automatically. The skin of Finn's chest and legs was prickling with the sudden cold air. It wasn't as high as the Candy Castle, but Finn clung onto Marshall's back and neck like it was.

This wasn't funny anymore, Finn was actually kind of afraid. Marshall couldn't go too high because of the trees that kept him from burning but it was still really, really high up, and with only Marshall to trust in not to drop Finn like earlier at the Candy Castle.

"Marshall…" Finn pleaded. "Stop."

The vampire ignored him. "Think you can get me, don't you, Finn?" he crooned. Marshall's lips touched his cheek lightly, and Finn felt him say his next words. "But…I'm going to get you." His tongue darted and it was odd how even though he was still soaked in water from head to toe he felt the wetness of the vampire's tongue against his cheek.

"Let me go," Finn pleaded again.

"Whatever you say!"

The sudden happy cheery voice had Finn opening his eyes to see the smirk. It was bad to see that gleam in those red eyes. "No no, wait—ahhhh!" His hands were pulled off and Finn fell and it was so fast and slow all at once. He hit the water hard on his back, and was sinking slowly, but his limbs didn't work for some reason. Was he drowning?

Marshall was there picking him up and out of the water to lay him on the grass. The softness of it was nice but his back hurt from hitting the water so he rolled on his side to avoid the stinging pain.

"Shit, I'm so sorry, Finn. Are you all right? I didn't break you did I?"

"I hate you."

Marshall touched his lower back causing Finn to groan. "It hurts?"

"Yes it hurts!" Finn shoved the hand away. Was the vampire an idiot?

"You're not bleeding or anything. I don't see how it was all my fault when you—"

"Shut up. Just shut up. I've had enough, okay? I can't get home for I don't know how long and if I'm gonna be stuck with you just shut up so I don't explode." Why Marshall thought he'd be okay dropping Finn from that height was insane. The vampire might have a lot of years on Finn but at least Finn knew when to stop before the joke turned bad and someone got hurt.



"I didn't mean to hurt you. I…I forgot that humans are…so fragile. I forget sometimes that you…you're not as strong as me."

He wasn't fragile, but Finn let that slide for now. "Don't you and that Fionna girl hang out? She's human."

"Yeah, but…she's not you."

"What does that mean?" he scoffed.

"I care about you more. That's why I'm apologizing."

Finn turned his head. Marshall's eyes were down at Finn's back. He probably had a bruise there or something. And it wasn't like he hadn't been bruised before.

Maybe he was overreacting. Marshall was just having fun and he did say he didn't mean to. Finn was probably acting like a big baby, sulking and whining over nothing.

And Finn didn't like seeing Marshall Lee look so...sad.

He sighed and sat up. "All right, dude. I forgive you."

"You still want to swim?"

"Uh…sure. Just don't do that again…"

They hung out there until the sun set. Marshall carried him back, and the whole time he was flying with Marshall all he knew was that it was sad thinking about leaving the vampire behind.

Marshal was just one vampire. Ooo had everyone. His friends and his family. Finn couldn't stay for Marshall just because he made him feel good, and he knew that. But shouldn't he want that, and shouldn't he get to feel good? he thought to himself.

Right now, he was happy. He was happy hanging with Marshall at his house, and even kissing him and getting felt up by him—it would take a lot to admit it to the perv but Finn couldn't deny it anymore. He cared about Marshall just like Marshall cared about him.

Leaving Marshall would be one of the hardest things he'd ever have to do. To see his friends, and his family, and everyone in Ooo who meant something to him, he'd have to leave someone who he really liked, who gave him so many good feelings he didn't know he could have.

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