A/N: Remember when I said I was going on hiatus for a while? Yeah, me neither. Anyways, this is my new fic "Learning to Live". It is a college AU, and it is Jackrabbit. This is just the prologue, though. This is the fic that ties in with Good Friday. Technically, it's a prequel, but it's more like Good Friday was an early sequel. Rated T for language, emotional trauma, and death. :D Hope you enjoy!

Learning to Live – Prologue

Why don't you tell me what happened?

"I… I just want to forget about it."

We can't forget about these things, Jack. We have to move on from them.

"I'm not sure if I can do that."

It never hurts to try. And if it doesn't work, then we'll try something else.

"O-okay… Um… Where should I start?"

Let's start from the beginning.

"Alright, well–"

Years spent as a child passed by quickly for the impatient. His father divorced his mother after the birth of his younger sister, but he didn't mind too much, what with his uncle around to guide him into adulthood. The family lived better off without the drunken sleaze anyway, who became too lost in the past of his own life to amend the future of his children's. And so their life went on, seemingly unaffected by the change in family circumstance.

After the divorce, they moved away to Burgess to live with the mother's brother-in-law from her late sister's marriage. Yes, the two remained close friends, even after the hereditary illness that took her sister's life. Both grieved, but learned to live with her memory.

In his new school, in third grade, the boy met a girl with a strange obsession with his baby teeth. They fell out much earlier than the other children's, and she bribed him out of his Tooth Fairy money just so she could collect them. The boy accepted friendship in return, and they remained inseparable.

His sister's fifth birthday party: being forced to wear the too-small hat only prompted more embarrassing photos, while he preferred to throw snowballs at the cake. Since then, they'd always gotten an ice cream cake for the occasion.

The next year, he pulled out his own wisdom tooth, sending his best friend into frenzy to collect the blood and gums while he nearly passed out from the pain. Finally, a disproval of the toaster trick without proper anesthetics added to the records.

In sixth grade, he took up skating, gliding along the ice like a pro. From the first moment he stuck his blade to the ice, he never wanted to get off. The dream began, then, to be a racer, a figure skater, and everything else in between.

In seventh grade, he tried asking out his best friend, and they attended the Burgess Middle School Dance together, while all of the eighth-graders laughed at the boy's ice blue tux. The day after, they 'broke up', refusing to speak to each other for a week. They cracked under the pressure of boredom and annoying siblings.

Freshman year, he realized he liked boys instead of girls. He spent hours at his best friend's house, planning tedious, hesitant ways to tell his mother, scared out of his mind of the possible consequences. His friend offered him her bedroom floor in case of disownment. He ended up telling her by accident over the dinner table, but the only 'punishment' he received consisted of the requirement to watch every romantic comedy with the family and give his mother fashion advice that she really didn't need. She contained enough sense on her own.

As a sophomore, he found life to be filled with useless math equations and unnecessary drama from his teenage acquaintances. Still single, convinced of his insecurities, like every adolescent high school student, he felt the need to protect his best friend from the boys that acted like his father. He joined the varsity skating team, and visited the rec center every day. The proprietor of the building became close to his mother, but only as friends.

Junior year, at the annual family-and-really-close-friends barbeque, is when he decided to take his twelve-year-old sister out onto the ice in his backyard, the lake visible from the porch just beyond the tree line. His mother stood with his uncle, watching, as they swung arm-in-arm into the woods.

And on that day, his world shattered.

"I – I'm sorry… I don't think I can… say any more…"

That's all right. You don't have to tell me everything now.

"What if – What if I'm never ready to talk about it?"

Then I'll see you next week, and the week after that.

"I don't see how this is supposed to help."

No one does at first.

"I'm sorry, it's just…"

It's not your fault, Jack.

"…Yeah, I know."

A/N: So... it's kind of awkward, trying to write this scene. I mean, I know how it needed to happen. It's basically an overview of Jack's life up to... the incident. Which is pretty obvious. Anyways, as I said, this is a college AU. Bunny won't be coming in until chapter three, so... angst until then? I don't have the whole plot completely planned out, but I do have up to chapter six, so that should work out for a while. There's a lot of headcanon backstory in this. The main inspration for this was a scene from Ice Princess, but I'll get more into that when the time comes. ;P

Anyways, I hope you liked this! Reviews are greatly appreciated! :D

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