A/N: I thought of this while watching Year's End. Please enjoy.

The Starling City vigilante was chasing a pair of drug dealing thugs down at the docks. The glades had been flooded with a drug called Starlight. It was even more addictive than vertigo. He had already taken out three in the past week.

"Run, man! It's the hood guy." One of the dealers yelled to the other.

"I'm trying, man!" the second replied. They stopped to catch their breath and looked around. "You think we lost him?"

"I think we lost him."

"Think again." The dark and booming voice of the city's savior echoed through the otherwise quiet rows of warehouses. They looked up to see him perched on the roof of a storage house, aiming two arrows at once, one for each of them. "Pedro and Carlos Garcia, YOU HAVE FAILED THIS CITY!" Filled with fear and unable to move, they surrendered.

"I told you the hood guy would get us. Yesterday he got Fernando."

"What kind of a name is 'The Hood Guy'?"

"I don't know. He should choose something more intimidating."

"Stay focused! Who is your supplier?" Oliver was losing his patience.

"I don't know his name, but I bet it is better than 'The hood guy'"

Oliver jumped from the top of the building to about six feet in front of them. "You are trying my patience... and when people try my patience, they get an arrow through the heart..."

"Man, I told you, I don't know his name."

"One..." he walked about a foot closer.

"We are telling you the truth."

"Two..." Oliver drew his bow and aimed at the both of them.

"Man, I am serious!"

"Three..." Oliver took a shooting stance.

"OKAY, OKAY! I heard his name was Riko Elores."

Oliver lowered his bow. One of the brothers drew a gun but Oliver was faster and shot him in the chest before he could fire. The second brother looked wide eyed at him and Oliver said, "If I catch you dealing again, you won't go to prison." He ran off and Starling City's guardian angel disappeared.

(Later that night, in the foundry)

Diggle and Oliver sat in the Arrowcave. "I need a cool nickname."

"What? You getting tired of 'The Hood Guy'?"

"I mean, that guy in Gotham is Batman. It strikes fear into someone. That is so badass."

"What about Arsenal? That sounds badass."


"I got it, what about The Hooded Avenger?"

"Ehhh, I could do better.."

"How about Sagittarius?"

"That sounds like a winged horse, or a mermaid."

Diggle ran his eyes up and down Oliver and gave him a mmmmhhhhhh look.

"No, just... no."

"Wait, what about Green Arrow?"

"I think I would like The Hood Guy better."