Chapter 1

"Jayfeather!" Dovewing shouted.

"What?" Jayfeather sighed.

"I have a secret!" She whispered.

"And it is…?" Jayfeather flexed his claws. The clan was so annoying, lately.

"I can hear things that are far away, and I can see it, and everything!" Dovewing exclaimed.

"That isn't a secret. The whole clan knows, ever since the battle with the dark forest. I've known is for seasons." Jayfeather felt his patience close to snapping.

"Okay!" Dovewing walked away.

For four moons, the whole clan had acted… weird. The cats only ate berries and leafs now, other than himself. He was the only cat that seemed to be normal. Bramblestar's pelt had changed colors, too. Now he was snow white, and his claws were tiny, as small as brambles. He shouted about everything, too. "'Get catmint', he says. 'I'm hungry', he says. 'Get me a rock', he says, 'I want to throw a rock at Leafpool', he says." Jayfeather mocked Bramblestar under his breath. And, of course, Cloudtail heard him.

"Don't insult our beloved leader!" Cloudtail growled. "He is the best leader any cat could have!" There was a cloudy look in his eyes. Jayfeather knew it was because the sickness had addled Cloudtail's brain, making him completely loyal, and with no will of his own. Jayfeather had only one thing happen to him, probably because of the weird sickness- he could see now. Nothing else had changed, especially his ability to observe another cat.

Whenever Jayfeather used his powers to look in Cloudtail's thoughts, he saw nothing but… nothing. Except his love for Brightheart, which was so strong that nothing could change it.

Speaking of Brightheart, her face had healed completely. Strangely, when her face had the scars from the dog pack, she was feisty and good at fighting. Now she was as lazy as a Kittypet.

"Did you hear me? I said what is small, with feathers, and looks like a cat?" Cinderheart thrust her face in front of Jayfeather.

"Featherpaw." Jayfeather looked sideways at the Thunderclan apprentice. He had been a handsome, large apprentice. Now, with the sickness, he was tiny, and his fur had turned to feathers. He even had wings!

"DING DING DING!" Cinderheart yowled. "Hey, everycat! Jayfeather guessed one of my super- hard riddles right! Hip-hip hooray!"

The cats of Thunderclan cheered. Jayfeather wanted to go hide in a hole, and die. It got worse when his mother, Leafpool, started cheering.

"Go, Jayfeather! Have a leaf! Jayfeather, yay!" Leafpool cried. Leafpool's fur had turned green and blue, like leaves and water.

Jayfeather sighed, and walked out of camp. He headed for the lake. That was a place where he could take a break from his clanmates.

When he arrived at the lake, he was surprised to see Mothwing at the edge of the water, dripping water off her fur. "What are you doing here?" He asked.

"Jayfeather! I'm so glad to see you. For four moons my clan has been acting strange. Leopardstar turned into a giant leopard. I think this is a punishment from Starclan, because I didn't believe in them." Mothwing looked at me with fear in her eyes.

Jayfeather knew that she had never believed in Starclan, not until the Battle with the Dark Forest. She had been surprised that Starclan was actually real, and so she had slept as much as she could for moons, so she could talk to Starclan.

"No, it isn't punishment. Starclan was never mad at you for not believing in them. I've had the same problems in Thunderclan, too." Jayfeather reassured her.

Mothwing looked at him for a moment, then her eyes stretched wide. "Wait. Your eyes look different. Can you see?"

"Yes. It seems to be the only thing that happened to me." Jayfeather replied.

"Something… something happened to me, too. But only one thing." Mothwing said suddenly.

"What is it?" Jayfeather looked at her curiously.

"I have wings!" Mothwing burst out. She turned so Jayfeather could see her side. There was a wing. A moth's wing.

"That's strange. Did anything happen to Willowshine?" Jayfeather asked.

"Yes. Willowshine…" Mothwing trailed off.


"Willowshine changed genders." Mothwing murmured.

"What?! How?" Jayfeather exclaimed.

"How do I know?" Mothwing hissed.

"We need a name for this sickness." Jayfeather mewed, purposely changing the subject.

"What about Weirdcough?" Mothwing suggested.

"No, that doesn't sound right. How about… Headcough? The sickness seems to addle the head, not just the appearance." Jayfeather said.

"That sounds right. I will tell Windclan on my way back to Riverclan." Mothwing turned and raced away.

Jayfeather sat at the edge of the lake, thinking. Then he felt something brush up against him. He turned. Bluestar was standing there.

"I am sorry. We cannot do anything to help the clans. In fact, Starclan is in turmoil. The same things are happening in Starclan. I am one of the few than the sickness hasn't taken hold of, completely." Bluestar meowed with a sad look. Then she disappeared.

How was this happening? Even Starclan was sick. Then he felt a pain in his head. He stumbled and fell to the ground, and everything went dark.