Quick AN: Slendy is ponified. He has Slendy powers- He can travel between any two shadows in Equestria, and can "talk" with his mind." Enjoy!

Slendy- all he ever wanted was a good home, nice friends, maybe some food. He didn't want to hurt anypony- just to talk to them, and if they needed help then to help them out of the Everfree forest. But whenever they saw him, they would always turn and run.

The only friend he had was a pet timber wolf who he called Fluffy. Although Fluffy was a very stereotypical dog name, Slendy felt the name fit the large, overpowered Timber Wolf. He didn't know why; it just felt…right.

Slendy was stalking (because he couldn't really do it any other way) around the forest, near the border of the Old Castle, when he sensed a disturbance.

Quick note: The Old Castle was the original place of rule for Celestia, Luna, and even Discord!

Looking around, Slendy quickly moved into the nearest shadows, which happened to be under the castle wall. Letting himself fall into the shadows, Slendy traveled to the highest shadow- the shadow of the north wall at the tope of the Lost Tower- which wasn't really lost, just very high up, old, and dangerous to get to. When he got there, he saw a sight that he had not seen in a very long time.

The two royal sisters and Discord were flying towards the Castle. The last time he had seen the trio together, they had been locked in mortal combat against one another. This night, however, there were no screams of anguish or bright flashes of light as magic flew, destroying Slendy's hiding places- this time, there was only the quite sound of wings.

Then, as the trio got closer, voices pierced the shroud of the dark and the peace of the shadows.

"He's not going to be here! And even if he was, how would we convince him to come out?" Luna.

"Not only that, sister, he is more powerful and much more ancient all of us- Yes, even you, Discord." Celestia.

"Now, yes, but-" Discord.

"No buts, Discord. I'm still not quite sure why you dragged us all the way out here. This place- it gives me the shivers." Clestia. She shuddered as she said this.

Slendy remembered the way the three had used to bicker like this, before the craziness happened. They had all just been Filly's.

"Discord, no magic! That isn't fair!" Clestia laughed as she flew from Discord, who vainly attempted to catch her. "Well, you're using your wings!" he countered. "But I'M a girl. We musn't get dirty!" Clestia mimicked the voice of an older mare that was currently asleep under a tree. None of the beings noticed Slendy watching from the shadows of a massive tree. "Cece, can you come and pwa wif me?" Luna whined, tired of waiting on the ground next to the old mare, who was supposed to be a guardian and teacher to the two royal sisters. She served more as a nanny, or grandma, then someone who could actually lay down rules of any sort. "Lulu, come on. Let mean ol' Celestia fly around and I'LL show you how to fly like a real Drag- Alicorn." The young Luna laughed and put out her arms. Discord swopped down to pick her up, put Celestia was there first. "No way, Discord! My sister, my teachings!" Discord smirked. "Oh really? Well, how can you teach her when you're in underwater?" Celestia suddenly found herself underneath the surface of a nearby pond. Struggling to the top, she yelled at Discord, "Discord! Now you're in for it!"

The memory faded as the now adult trio flew by the tower for the second time. "Discord, can you explain NOW why you brought us both out here on a chase for a ancient myth when I should be dream-walking?" Luna.

"Well, I was going through you're big library and found a book of ancient Myths. I mean, myths older than equestrian- and us." Discord.

"Yes? And?" Celestia.

"And, if you'll let me get to it-" Discord clearly enjoyed the feeling of power over the two frustrated mares-"I found a myth. It was about a being that was called Slender Man. This being walked through the shadows, watching and stalking all those that dared enter his reign. The myth didn't elaborate, just said that he was created "in the time when the Spaiens created him." I have no idea what that means-"

Slendy blocked out everything else. And thought.

Yes, he could remember a very long time ago, when there where no ponies but horses, ones that couldn't talk. He remembered running- no, being carried by somepo- someone. They were running. There were cracks of- gunfire- overhead, and yells to Stop. Whoever was holding him didn't.

Slendy remembered looking around and briefly seeing several other shapes running into the darkness. Then everything just went black. And he was at peace.

Pulling himself back into the present, Slendy remembered all those millennia ago when a human had carried him out of a laboratory along with several other "specimens"- the origin of ponykind. Those had repopulated, and the humans had killed themselves by that time through other means- he couldn't remember what. It didn't really matter.

Slendy couldn't remember where the Alicorns and Discord had come from…maybe last ditch efforts to re-start the program that had created him and the first of the other ponies? It didn't matter.

And for the first time in almost 10,000 years, Slendy stepped from the shadows.

The reaction from the trio were immediate. "Whos there?" Luna.

"Come out or we will-" Celestia.

"Clestia, what? What would we do?" Discord.

"Shut up, both of you. I feel something." Luna.

The other two shut up.

Slendy spoke for the first time in 10,000 years.

"I am here."

The only thought as the trio rounded on him, gaping, was what he was going to do with Fluffy.

AN: Hope you all enjoyed! I'm going to go to bed now, and dream of Slendy. I hope that I can continue either this story or other stories about Slendy's adventures in Equestria. Please R and R if possible!