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Episode: ?

Kaito flew on his white wing carrying his prize, which was a certain detective.

The wind flew through their hair, the moon was at shine


"CUT!" The director screamed

Conan brushed himself off. "Why did you drop me!"

"Sorry you're kind of heavy."

"You are so lucky that we used a green screen for this scene or I would have died!"


"OK CUT! Time for Shinichi to come in!"

Conan walked of screen and into his dressing room

Kaito on the other hand fixed up his hair while grumbling "Stupid tight budget." and a few curses

Episode: 651

"CUT! Where's Kazuha and Heiji!"

Heiji ran in in full speed "Sorry sorry, I got lost on set. I was stuck listing to tat duck face inspector's life story."

"What about Kazuha?" asked the director

"She's probably still stuck on the Nagano or Gunma set with some keijis"

"I guess we'll shoot without her for now, Action!"



"Why do we have to stick around when it's not even our part?" Gin crushed his coffee cup and threw it in the trash

"It's not that bad 'Aniki'." Vodka nudged him

"I told you not while we're on set." He started blushing

"Sorry, it won't ever happen again." Vodka started blushing too

They both stared into each others eyes in a heaveningly glace

"Can you please please please please please find a Shinichi" begged Kaito to the director

"What why?"

"Well Ran and Aoko keep fighting over me for one thing."

~~"He's mine!" yelled Ran pulling on Kaito's left arm "no he's mine!" shouted Aoko ripping Kaito's right arm~~

Kaito chuckled at the memory then felt his hurt arms and groaned.

"I need more evidence." the director said

"Another reason is that I technically have 2 different organizations shooting me down."

"No. The D.C black org thinks you're dead"

"Then why do i keep getting stares everytime i pass by the black org members. I swear during that dark knight case i felt Gin drill holes into me."

"Alright alright. i'll thing about it." he sighed

"Thank you." Kaito left the room

~~Later, much much later~~

"Cut! Ok, that's enough for today! We'll continue this tomorrow!" the director hopped off his chair following the crowd of exhausted workers.

"Good job Kudo." Heiji winked

"Uggh, I forgot to change back my hairstyle." Kaito messed up his hair again. "It's not Kudo anymore, its Kuroba."

"Whatever." Heiji place his hands behind his head

"Man, you're so lucky that you don't have to play three characters." Kaito continued ranting under his breath

"I am aren't I" Heiji snickered a bit before Kaito hit him on the head

"Well see you tomorrow great detective of the west!" Kaito waved goodbye as he hopped into his limo

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