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Episode 356 (Kaitou KID's miraculous midair walk)

Kaito: Are you sure that this is safe? *looks down from helicopter*

Director from a far away safe building: Yea completely!

Kaito: *inhales* Alright


Kaito: *dangles over crowd* Yes!

Director: Ok now that you trust us, walk along with the helicopter. He's a trained professional since we don't have to show Jii-san.

Kaito: alright *walks along*

*finishes scene*

Director: Great! Now we have to film it!

Kaito: What?!

Episode 700 (the shadow approaching Haibara's secret part 2)

Ayumi: *Cough cough cough*

Mistuhiko: Oh no Ayumi-chan!

Genta: Hang in there Ayumi!

Ayumi: *Faints*


Assistant: *fans away smoke* Its so stupid that we're using real smoke, it can honestly kill these kids. Why did I choose to work with this crazy studio anyway. I could we partying with Totoro at studio Ghibi right now, but I'm here with a chibi detective of death.

Everyone: *clamps hand on assistant's shoulder* I feel you man.

Can you just imagine an entire line of characters behind an assistant like "yesssss"

Vacation pt 2

Shinichi: What are you doing Conan-kun?

Conan: These glasses aren't just props, they are real functioning gadgets. Plus I cant see in real life.

Shinichi: Ohhhh

Conan: Now I just zooooom

Hakuba: You guys are real perverts

Shinichi: If we are the perverts, then why are you hiding in this bush along with us?

Hakuba: Ca-cause *blushes*

Cpnan: SHHHH, they're looking our way, we gotta hide.

Boys: *goes down*

Ran: did you guys see anything?

Aoko: What are you talking about?

Ran: Its nothing, I just felt like the boys were staring at us.

Kazuha: that can't be because I beat up Kuroba and Heiji REAL GOOD! The rest of them need to complete idiots if they're even gonna think about coming out.

Boys: -_- Sorry for being idiots

Aoko: That's right, you know Aikaido? How did you audition?

Kazuha: Well I beat up 2 of their best body guards after my audition because they said that I didn't "look strong enough" It really pissed me off at the time. *Awkward laugh*

Aoko: yea… what about you Ran-chan?

Ran: I really wanted the role for a long time since I read the manga so as an amateur actress I auditioned and got the part. I had to study martial arts for a little while. But since my role really just involved breaking stuff in the beginning, we used fake props.

Aoko: So that scene in episode 1 was fake? (Episode one: Ran punches the pole cause Shinichi was being a pervert and it breaks)

Ran: Yea… *laughs* sorry to ruin the magic. I'm more on the girly side.

Kazuha: What about you Aoko-chan?

Aoko: My audition was big, Everyone who wanted the part participated in the Aoko- Olympics

Ran and Kazuha: Aoko Olympics?

Aoko: It was held in a huge stadium where we all competed in running, screaming, fencing, skiing and gymnastics.

Ran: Woah, that many people wanted your part? Magic Kaito doesn't even get aired that much.

Aoko: I think everyone just wanted to meet Kaito since he's a famous star and all. He's in a lot of other animes.

Kazuha: Maybe we should invite the boys out. I mean it's also their vacation

Ran: Oh right, it seems to be the right thing to do

Aoko: and if they're perverts we'll beat the hell out of them *giggle*

Girls: *laughs*

Boys: …. Yea…

Kazuha: I'll go fetch them. *goes off*

Shinichi: It seems they'll let us on the beach after all

Hakuba: That's a relief, I thought I came here for nothing.

Conan: wait a minute, we have to go NOW

Shinichi: What's up?

Conan: If WE aren't in the room, they'll be suspicious, then they'll find us and get the wrong idea, then they'll KILL us!

Hakuba: Actually they won't get the wrong idea, they will be right on the mark.

Shinichi: You don't have to get smart with us now, We HAVE TO GO!

Boys: *RUNS*

To be continued on the summer of 2015 JK but I know I haven't updated for awhile *please forgive me smile*

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