Cat Gonzalez-

Hair: dark brown, layered (emo layers), bangs that hang over her left eye.

Eyes: big, dark brown.

Height: 5"3

Age: 16

Style: edgy, rebellious, confident, sassy.

Likes: animals, ghosts, aliens, legends, myths, folk tales, anything unusual, nature, martial arts, video games, books, music, poetry, bugs, art, sports.

Dislikes: anything harmful to the environment, fake people, people with egos, animal cruelty, drugs, boring stuff, criminals, school, cafeteria food.

Extra info: high metabolism, temper, sad backstory, great intuition, can see ghosts, from Texas.

Skyler Wallis-

Hair: light brown, long.

Eyes: big, ocean blue.

Height: 5"4

Age: 16

Style: preppy, sophisticated, shy.

Likes: books, technology, math, science, history, art, nature, martial arts, music.

Dislikes: same as Cat, minus school and cafeteria food.

Extra info: perfect memory, can't see without her glasses.

Emily Mayflower-

Hair: golden blond, long.

Eyes: big, emerald green.

Height: 5"5

Age: 16

Style: polite, gentle, casual, well behaved.

Likes: animals, music, books, art, martial arts, nature.

Dislikes: same as Cat, minus cafeteria food.

Extra info: never gets in trouble.

Sam Benson-

Hair: red-head, short bob.

Eyes: big, teal.

Height: 5"4

Age: 16

Style: goofball, care-free.

Likes: skateboarding, video games, music, jokes, art.

Dislikes: same as Cat, plus reading.

Extra info: uses comedy as a defense mechanism, playful.

Leonardo Hamato-

Hair: light brown.

Eyes: deep blue.

Height: 5"6

Age: 16

Donatello Hamato-

Hair: dark brown.

Eyes: amber.

Height: 5"6

Age: 16

Raphael Hamato-

Hair: black.

Eyes: dark brown.

Height: 5"6

Age: 16

Michelangelo Hamato-

Hair: light brown.

Eyes: hazel.

Height: 5"6

Age: 16

3rd POV

It was a normal New York night. Everyone was going about their normal business. Completely oblivious to the turtles having a conversation deep in the sewers.

"C'mon, Donnie, pleeaase?" Michelangelo begged.

"Mickey, why do you want to turn into a human, anyway?" Donatello questioned his brother.

"Dude, haven't you ever wanted to see what it's like to be human?" Mickey stated. "I mean, think about it! We would be able to just walk up to someone and say 'hi' without them running away screaming! We'd be able to make tons of friends!"

"Just make 'im da stupid thing ta shut 'im up," Raphael said.

Don sighed. "Fine. But on two conditions. All four of us are gonna do it. And we have to go to school."

The others just groaned in response.

It took three months, but Don finally finished. He made four devices that he designed to look like watches. It could turn them into humans and back to normal with just the push of a button. But, it needed to be tested. When he told his brothers, Leo, Don, and Raph decided that it would be Mickey. After some protesting and complaining, he finally gave in. He tested it and it was a success. They even had time to enroll at the local High School. Sophomores. And it was the beginning of the school year. With Casey and April's help, they were able to get everything they needed.

Cat's POV

I was on the bus, waiting for it to take me to the purgatory called school. It was the first day of the school year. The bus was still loading and finally there were only four seats left: one next to me, two in the next lane, and one next to the kid behind me. I had my backpack next to me, but when I saw the four new guys get on so I brought it up on my lap. They needed a place to sit. The one who sat next to me had black hair and brown eyes, and he wore a black T-shirt, a red hoodie, and some faded blue jeans. The others were dressed the same except for the hoodies. A guy with light brown hair and hazel eyes wore an orange hoodie, a guy with dark brown hair and amber eyes wore a purple one, and a guy with light brown hair and blue eyes wore a blue one. I don't know why, but I felt as if there was something different about them but just couldn't figure out what. I decided to drop it, so I just took out my IPod, put in my earbuds, and listened to Ignorance by Paramore.

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