Cat's POV

We were all in the lair when Mikey came in, looking worried.

"Hey, Mikey," Emily said. "I thought you and Sam had a date."

"We did, but she got sick," he said. Sam got sick? That's unusual, considering her strong immune system. I got this feeling there was something more to this.

"What happened?" I asked.

"Well, she looked a little flushed, and her temperature was rising, and then she just collapsed. She seemed drained."

My eyes went wide. "Crap."

"What?" Raph asked. He was sitting next to me on the couch with his arm around me. I explained to them about the whole ghosts-draining-energy-from-the-living-to-make-him self-stronger thing. No one had any kind of reply to that. I grabbed my crutches and got up. I knew what was going on. "Cat, where ya goin?"

"I need to get some stuff, then go see Sam," I simply stated. "I know what's happening." I told them what was happening to Sam

"What?!" Mikey yelped.

"Cat does know a lot about this stuff," Skyler said approvingly.

"Now, there are two possible outcomes," I stated. "Either this spirit is draining her of her energy to make himself stronger, or he might just be the scariest of all in actions and be planing to, um... Okay, none of you guys are gonna like this. This spirit might, just might, be trying to kill her."

"WHAT?!" Everyone shouted in unison.

"I told you ya wouldn't like it."

"Wait, wait, wait, there's something I don't understand," Leo said. "How the heck do you know this stuff?"

I blinked. "Don't you guys ever watch Ghost Adventures or The Dead Files? Those two shows can leave you with chills and, for those with a fascination for the paranormal, excitement and amazement." I sighed. "Look, I could do this all night, but Sam doesn't exactly have all night."

I left to get everything I needed from home.

Raphael's POV

Okay. I just found out that my girlfriend is into ghosts. That's...something. But, strange as it is, I still care for her. A lot. We were at Sam's house, waiting in her room. Mikey was siting at the edge of Sam's bed, holding her hand comfortingly. I've never seen him so worried. Was this how I looked when Cat was stabbed? I quickly shoved the thought away.

Cat finally came in with a different backpack she didn't use for school. She quickly set the bag on the floor, unzipped it, and proceeded to take some stuff outta it. Some candles, a matchbox, a small bottle of water, and something that really surprised me and my bros. A double-edged knife. It looked like stainless steel. I stared at it in shock.

"Whoa, what the shell do you need a knife for?!" Mikey yelled, looking panicked.

"It's an Athamé," Cat corrected. "It's for ceremonial purposes. And it's a good thing I brought the Holy Water, too. You guys most likely don't see it, but I see a demonic-looking black mass. And it's making its way to her heart."

She then set the candle on Sam's bedside table, struck a match, and lit it. Sam started squirming. Mikey just looked scared outta his mind. Cat grabbed the Athamé and Holy Water. After wetting the knife with the Holy Water, she started to flick it around the room, muttering something under her breath. Sam started jerking and writhing and squirming like she was possessed or something. Maybe there's some truth in this, after all. The others were all watching this, eyes wide with disbelief.

What happened next made all of us jump.

Mikey's POV

"STOP IT! STOP IT! STOP IT!" Sam screamed in a weird, distorted voice that was not her own.

Chills went up and down my spine. I felt like I was gonna hurl! But I did my best to keep it down. Sam started thrashing insanely. Cat didn't even flinch! She just kept doing whatever-the-shell she was doing, her face blank. Slowly, the thrashing slowed until it stopped completely. Then, Cat took the Athamé thing and pierced her thumb, creating a small, shallow cut. She winced at the pain but shook it off. I saw Raph flinch. Cat went over to Sam, and, gently, she used her now bleeding thumb to write a cross on Sam's forehead. She stepped back, looking tired. Raph grabbed hold of her before she could lose her footing.

Suddenly, with a scream, Sam jerked up as if she was waking up from a crazy nightmare. She looked terrified. But she was okay.

"Sam!" I shouted, running to her. I threw my arms around her, slightly startling her, and held her tight. After recovering from the surprise, she returned my embrace.