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"Attack Names"

The Makai Tournament that was recently held to decide the new ruler of the entire realm had just been decided with Enki becoming the king. The first decree he made as the ruler was that there would be no further mischief in the human ruler however not every demon would agree and there would be a few groups who would inevitably do what they wish with Ningenkai the human realm. This was knowledge that King Enki was well aware of and was currently trying to figure out the best way of dealing with the issue at hand. As he sat in front of his new desk he was going over some papers which held information on several powerful demons. As he sits there scratching his head as thinks about the problem at hand. A knock at the door catches his attention and he looks up. "Come in." He says out loud so the person on the opposite side could hear him. The door opens to reveal a messenger with a letter in hand. The messenger bows before entering and places the letter on Enkis desk before being dismissed with Enki thanking him.

King Enki opens the letter to find it was from an old acquaintance of his who dwelled in Ningenkai behind a protective barrier. As he read the letter which started out with simple the writer congratulating Enki on his win as well as his decision regarding the human world. "Heh heh it would seem that Tenmei hasn't changed too much from the good old days." Enki says to himself after letting out a happy chuckle before he continues to read. By the time he's almost finished reading the lengthy letter he comes to an abrupt halt and clenches onto the arm of the chair he was currently sitting on so hard that it shatters in his hand. At this time he gets to his feet. "WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON IN THAT DAMN ACADEMY HE SET UP!" He roars.

At the sound of his loud and booming voice the door bursts open and a few people rush in. One woman in particular with lime green hair tied into a ponytail whom was wearing blue skintight pants under a dark purple leotard with a orange sash wrapped around her waist and she had a large bottle of sake in her hand as she walks forward towards the desk. "Oh what's the matter now you lummox?" She asks Enki who was walking towards the window with the letter in hand and doesn't seem to have noticed the newcomers in his office.

After a few minutes of Enki ignoring her, the young looking woman walks up to Enki and bashes the bottle over his head causing the large demon to fall over. "DON'T YOU FUCKING DARE IGNORE ME YOU BASTARD!" She screams at him and then grabs him by the collar of his shirt pulling him towards her.

"Huh?" Enki asks in momentary confusion before he notices the furious look on the womans face. "Oh I'm sorry about that Kokou. I didn't mean to ignore you my darling but I recently got this letter and well..." He starts to say as he holds the mentioned letter up to Kokou who snatches it away from him. She begins reading the letter and once it was done she down at Enki. "So it would seem that Tenmei has information on some organization that plans to destroy the human world? Just how is this a problem? You have all this authority now so why don't you just set up a group to annihilate this organization and just be done with it?" Kokou states before throwing the letter back an Enki who had just finished standing up.

"One problem with that my dear. Reikai the Spirit World wouldn't like it if I sent a group of A or S class demons into the human world to start a fight. Even if the reason is to stop the destruction of the human world so I can't do least I can't yet. Especially since the relationship between our worlds has always been shaky at best." Enki tells her as he starts making his way back to his desk and grabs several papers. "One thing I can do at the moment is send someone to attend Tenmeis Academy and work with them in gathering more information about the group mentioned in the letter. And once we get enough information we can then do something about it...but until then our hands are tied..."

One of the other people who entered the office with dark hair and was wearing a dark sleeveless shirt with matching pants steps forward. "If that's the case there is a certain demon that participated in the tournament who may be able to assist you with that. Especially since he is quite intelligent and at the peak of his strength is an Upper S Class. The best part about that is the fact that he has recently returned to the human world so it wouldn't take too much effort for him to go to this Academy." He informs Enki who looks at him in slight confusion. "Just who might that be Kujo?" The muscular demon with a beer-belly asks.

"Heh heh heh the demon I'm talking about goes by the name of Kurama, and he does seem to be good friends with Raizens son Yusuke...You know what why don't you just have the two of them go? It shouldn't be too hard to convince them especially since they lost in the tournament and are supposed to do that community service so to speak..." Kujo says with a smirk on his face at the thought of that pair attending that school.

Enki looks up with and hand under his chin as he thinks for a moment. "Hmm...that does sound like a good idea! Good work Kujo!" Enki tells him which brings a satisfied smirk on Kujos face for a moment. "And since it was your idea I guess that makes you the one who was to inform the pair." Enki adds. Kujos smirk instantly disappears and is replaced with that of shock which both Enki and Kokou then proceed to laugh at. Kujo turns around and places a hand at the back of his head as he walks off and all the while he mutters something about how he should keep his mouth shut more often.


A pair of young men were sitting down in a lounge in the same city that the ruler of Makai was stationed in. The black haired youth was leaning back with his feet resting on the table of their corner booth. The other young man had a head of long vibrant red hair was currently reading a book and glances towards his friend. "Yusuke it's not polite to be sitting in such a manner."

"Oh come off it Kurama! I'll sit in whatever way I feel like." Yusuke retorts.

"Do as you must then. But it would appear that we have some company." Kurama says as a figure enters his field of vision.

"Hello Kurama. Yusuke. May I have a seat?" Kujo asks and Kurama nods. Kujo smiles as he takes a seat opposite of the pair. "Thanks."

"Not a problem, however we already ordered our drinks so you may have to wait for the waitress to return before you get the chance to order yours." Kurama tells him and Kujo nods. "That's fine but I don't plan on staying too long. A problem has come up and Enki has asked me to ask if the two of you mind helping to solve it."

"A problem? Geeze I'm always having to solve problems even though I've been fired as a Spirit Detective." Yusuke says as he groans and slaps himself in the face. "Alright spit it out. Whats the problem?"

"Well..." Kujo then proceeds to tell Yusuke and Kurama all the needed details about the problem at hand as well as the roles they were expected to play. After a short chat between the two they both agree to their roles. Since Kujo was finished with his task he bids the pair farewell and takes his leave.

"Well at least Enki will be supplying us a way back home and we can do whatever the hell we want for the next few months before we have to get to work. Who know it could be somewhat fun." Yusuke says to himself.

Kurama nods at Yusuke. "By the sounds of it, at least it won't be boring. Also you can keep your promise to Keiko and even spend some extra time with her before we have to get to work." Kurama says and Yusuke smiles at the thought. Once their drinks arrive the pair quickly down them and pay so they can immediately be on their way.

XxX Back in the Human World XxX

Not too long after Yusuke had left to go to Makai, the brown haired woman known as Keiko had moved out and got her own apartment closer to the school she was now attending. She had just finished her homework for the day and was now curled up on the couch and was reading a book as she tried to relax. "It's already been a year since he left...Now just two more agonizingly long years to go before he says he'll return." She quietly says to herself.

After awhile she hears a knock at her door. She looks up from her book and towards the clock. "Huh? It's already 7:45pm just who would be coming here at this hour?" She says as she gets up and starts walking towards the door and hears another series of knocks. "Ya ya I'm coming so hold your horses."

Just as her hand grasps the doorknob does she hear yet another series of knocking and at this point she's getting a little annoyed. She swings the door open. "Ok I'm here already! Just stop with the damn knocking!" She yells out in anger at the person at the door but stops once she sees who was there.

Kurama smiles at Keiko. "Sorry about coming here so late but I had a surprise for you that I knew you'd want to see." He tells her getting a look of confusion from Keiko. Kurama then steps to the side to show her that Yusuke was waiting directly behind him. "Hey what's up Keiko. If it's too late then we'll just come back tomo-" He starts to say but is cut off as Keiko body slams him and knocking him over with her on top of him. Once they land on the ground Keiko wastes no time in kissing him.

After about a minute or so of the two kissing Kurama interrupts them with an awkward cough. "I'm sorry to interrupt your reunion but this isn't exactly the best place for such a reunion..." Kurama says as he looks away. Keiko looks at him in confusion for a moment before looking down at Yusuke and realizes that she was now practically straddling him. "Oh!" She states before she quickly stands up and tries to hide her growing blush. "Umm...have either of you eaten yet? If not then why don't we all go inside and I'll make you guys something." She says as she tries to hide her embarrassment.

Kurama nods with a smile and walks in. "That would be greatly appreciated. Thank you Keiko." He says.

Once Keiko helps Yusuke up the pair walk in. As soon as they get inside Keiko makes a beeline towards the kitchen to make something for them to eat and all the while she was whistling a happy tune.

"Well By the looks of it Keiko was quite happy to see you...Although if that was her reaction after about one year apart I dare not imagine what it would've been after the full three..." Kurama says to Yusuke who smirks at the thought. "Hmm...maybe I should have waited the full three years in that case then?"

At that very moment Keiko slams down a plate of food in front of Yusuke. "Whatever your thinking of wouldn't happen Yusuke. Even if you made me wait the full three years all you would've gotten is just a kiss...and you should be happy with getting that much!" She states to him before going back to the kitchen to grab Kuramas plate.

"Aww man that sucks...oh well a guy can dream can't he?" Yusuke says with a chuckle.

Once Keiko gives Kurama a plate both he and Yusuke eagerly eat the food although Kurama ate slower that Yusuke and showed far better table manners. It doesn't take the pair very long to eat the food she made for them and once they were done Keiko insisted on a full explanation on what they went through back in Makai. Kurama decides to just give her a quick run down of the important facts up to but not including the request made by Enki.

A loud crashing sound catches the groups attention. "What the hell was that?" Yusuke asks as he rushes to the door. Without wasting a moment he opens the door and notices a pair of girls fighting as they raced past the door towards the park across the street, but what caught his attention was the face that the blue haired girl appeared to have what resembled bat wings sticking out of her back as well as a black tail with a triangle shaped tip sticking out from under her skirt, the other girl had purple hair and sharp ice claws were sticking out of her sleeves.

The group watches the girls fight practically just outside their door completely oblivious of the fact that they've just been seen. Yusuke growls a little as he scratches the back of his head as he wonders what's going on. As they try to figure out what's going on a younger girl with black hair who was was also wearing a similar school outfit as the blue haired girl was but with a cape and a witches had on top of her head races around the corner and swings what looked to be a wand. A moment later a pair of washtubs appear above the girls heads and then proceed to fall onto of said heads.

Yusuke and the group race after them and stop just at the edge of the park and by the time they arrive they notice yet another newcomer. This young man however appeared to be human unlike the trio of girls they already noticed. And like the girls he hadn't noticed the other group standing not too far away.

Having had just about enough of the racket Yusuke steps forward and calls out to the girls. "Hey what the hell do you girls think your doing fighting here?" He tells them and at the sound of his voice the girls stop fighting for a moment and realize that they've been seen. Keiko smiles at Yusuke happy to see that he seems against the young women fighting. Yusuke starts walking over to the girls but comes to a stop about at the halfway point. "If you guys insist on fighting then do so somewhere else where nobody else will see. I suggest the abandoned construction site a couple blocks south of here." Yusuke tells them and within seconds Keiko races up behind him and promptly strikes the back of his head. "What the heck Yusuke! For a moment I seriously thought you were trying to reason with them to cease their fighting. If you don't intend to help then shut up!" Keiko screams at Yusuke who just rubs the back of his head sheepishly.

The other youth slowly walks towards the trio of girls. "Kurumu. Mizore. Yukari...what the heck are you doing! Not only have you guys used your powers but you've even been spotted by humans! We could all be in a lot of trouble for this!" He tells them before turning towards the other group.

Kurama watches the guy talk to the young woman for a moment before walking towards them. He comes to a stop in front of the young man and looks at him for a moment before turning to the girls who were still transformed. "Ladies I would advise returning to your human forms immediately before anyone else living in the surrounding area discovers that there's now a succubus, snow woman and a witch in their midst. And once your done please follow us." Kurama tells them and after a few moments of the girls glaring at him they revert back to their human forms. The blue haired woman now known as Kurumu steps in between Kurama and the other guy she turns to the young man and whispers into his ear. "Tsukune I don't trust this guy. We should be able to escape since I doubt this frail looking guy would be able to keep up."

"Oh so your name is Tsukune-san? It's a pleasure to meet you. Also succubus-san appearances can be deceiving. Don't forget that." Kurama says with a smile and Kurumu jumps at the sound of his voice as she realizes that he heard everything she just said. "Huh? How the hell could you hear me? I was sure I was talking quietly enough." Kurumu states as she glares at Kurama again.

At this time Yusuke has walked over to them. "You guys better listen to Kurama, because if you think that either of us could loose to a bunch of kids then your out of your minds!" He tells them with a serious grin. The young witch Yukari cringes for a moment. 'Yusuke...Kurama...they couldn't be. But if they are then we're in serious trouble...' She thinks to herself for a moment before slowly walking over to Tsukune and pulls on his arm to get his attention. "Umm...Tsukune. I hate to be the one to say it but we should listen to them...especially if they're who I think they are." She carefully says as she starts to quiver a little. "Huh? You know who they are Yukari? Just who they hell are they then?" Kurumu says as she bends over and looks at the little girl.

As she bends over Kurama quickly averts his eyes but Yusuke on the other-hand just grins. "Those are some pretty adult panties for a kid like you to be wearing...although yellow seems to be your colour!" Yusuke says before he starts laughing. Upon hearing his comment Kurumu quickly stands up straight and places her hands behind her in an attempt to make sure her panties couldn't be seen. Unless it was Tsukune that saw them of course. Kurumu turns around and her nails on her hand grows longer but before she can stab in Yusukes direction Tsukune places a hand on her arm. "Enough of that Kurumu." He tells her before he looks towards the pair. "May I ask why you want us to come with you?" He politely asks.

Kurama smiles at him. "Well for one reason it's because I get the feeling that it's going to rain quite soon and secondly we have to talk. But rest assured the only thing that will happen is a conversation and nothing more. And once we're done talking your all free to leave." Kurama tells him before turning around and starts making his way back towards Keikos place. With a cocky grin Yusuke follows him but keeps an eye on the girls. Tsukune and the girls reluctantly follow them back to a nearby house and just as they're about to enter another young woman wearing yet another identical outfit but had pink hair runs towards the group and waves at them. "Oh Tsukune! I'm happy you managed to calm them down before they cause any trouble." She happily says but as she gets closer she notices the expressions on her friends faces. "Umm...did something happen?"

"That's an understatement Moka." Tsukune says before he sighs and starts walking into the house. Although confused about what's happening she follows them in. Once everyone was seated Keiko walks towards the kitchen. "I'll make some tea for everyone." She calls out.

On one side of the room sat Tsukune and the girls he was with and on the other sat Yusuke and Kurama. "Well first off would you mind explaining it to me as to why you girls were fighting, as well as where you all are from." Kurama politely asks them. "Well we're from Yokai Academy but since it's currently undergoing repairs we had to leave until it's rebuilt. And they were fighting because...well I guess you could call it a disagreement." Tsukune says but is quite careful not to reveal too much since as far are he knew Kurama and his group were all humans.

Kurama nods. "But that's not everything is it now Tsukune-san?" Kurama says as he looks at him with a serious look on his face. Yusuke nods. "Of course you picked up on that Kurama. Also didn't Enki decree that all demons and monsters were suppose to cease all trouble making in the human world? If so then these girls would be in a hell of a lot of trouble." Yusuke says as he leans back.

The trio of girls flinch for a moment but the first to recover was Kurumu who stands up and points at Yusuke and Kurama. "Wait a sec just who the hell is this Enki you mentioned? Also ya I understand that the fact we caused a minor disturbance means we'll be in some trouble but not THAT much!" Kurumu defiantly says. Yukari reaches up and grabs Kurumu by the skirt and manages to pull her back onto the couch by kicking the back of her legs causing her to loose her balance and fall back. "WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT FOR YUKARI?" Kurumu yells out but Yukari ignores her. The young witch looks at Kurama with a cautious look. "Umm...Kurama-san? Enki, the guy you just mentioned. Is it the same Enki that I'm thinking of? As in the new ruler of Makai?" Yukari quietly asks which causes Kurumu to momentarily shut up. Kurama nods to the little witch and smiles at her in a vain attempt to reassure her.

Yukari once again flinches upon hearing that as it was making more and more and more sense as to the identities of both Kurama and Yusuke. 'Please relax Yukari-san. I promise you that we mean you and your friends no harm at all.' Yukari hears the voice of Kurama from inside her mind and momentarily panics since she was starting to think that he was about to takeover her mind. 'Calm yourself young one. If your worried about the implications about you and your friends previous actions I will ensure that none of you will get in any serious trouble. The only thing I ask is that you keep quiet about myself and Yusuke since I assume you've already figured out who we are. If you agree then all you have to do is nod.' The voice of Kurama tells her and after a moment to calm herself, a small smile crosses her face and she nods.

For the rest of the Yukaris friends they notice that she went dead silent since that was quite unusual for her, in addition to the fact that she seemed scared. But after a couple minutes go by they notice that the look in Yukaris eyes hand changed after she nods at Kurama. "Uh...are you ok Yukari?" Tsukune asks her. The child witch smiles at Tsukune. "Of course I am!" She cheerfully says which confuses her friends at her 180 change in personality.

"Tsukune-san. Since you seem to be one of the more level-headed in your group do you mind telling me more about your school? Its obviously not a school for regular humans so that brings a question to mind...just why are you a human going there?" Kurama asks causing the young man to start to nervously sweat. "Well...uh..."

"Rest assured, nothing any of you say will leave this room. Besides, Tsukune-san isn't the only human here. In fact there would probably be more of us born as humans in this room than demons."

This comment in particular causes Tsukune and the girls to recoil in confusion. "Huh? What do you mean by that Kurama-san?" Tsukune asks but Kurama raises a hand implying him to stop. "It's just as I said and Yukari-san herself is well aware and can confirm if needed. But back to the subject. Please tell me everything you know about Yokai Academy and don't leave out any details.

Tsukune and the others tell Kurama and Yusuke everything they know about the Academy as well as what happened within the past year they were there. The entire conversation takes about two hours. Once Kurama was satisfied he thanks them for answering his questions and at this time someone knocks on the front door. Keiko walks towards the door and opens it revealing a woman with blonde hair and styled so it looks as if there were cat ears on the side of her head. She was wearing a white blouse and an orange skirt, a set of red glasses were set on the bridge of her nose. The woman smiles at Keiko. "Hello there I'm Shizuka Nekonome and I was wondering if you've seen..." She starts to say but notices Tsukune and the others sitting on the couch. "Oh there they are! Moka, Yukari, Kurumu and Mizore just what have you girls been up to?!"

Realizing that the woman was looking for Tsukune and the others so she decides to invite her in. "Why don't you come in Nekonome-san. I can put on another pot of tea if you like." Keiko politely tells her.

"Meow really? Thank you but the tea is unnecessary but still appreciated." Shizuka tells her with a smile. She then walks in and heads towards the girls whom she knew for a fact were in trouble. "Girls I'm quite disappointed in you. You should all know better than to behave like this!" She begins to scold them.

"Nekonome-san was it? I assure you they haven't caused that much trouble. At least not enough to get into any serious trouble for." Kurama tells her from his chair that was positioned a short ways behind her. Shizuka turns around towards the source of the voice. "I'm sorry but they are my students and such I am responsible for their actions and unfortunately they have broken the ru-" She begins to say before cutting herself off as she takes in the sight of Kurama.

Moka stands up and walks towards her teacher. "Nekonome-san. Kurama-san here came and stopped the fight before it had any chance of escalating so-." Moka starts to say but stops when Shizuka raises a hand in front of her. "Kurama-san...that name sounds quite familiar...just a couple years ago my younger sister wouldn't shut up about someone with a name like that."

"Don't tell me...her name is Koto right?" Yusuke asks from his spot. Shizuka looks at him in confusion. "Yes that's her name but how did you...wait..." She says as the gears started spinning in her head until they come to an abrupt halt as she realizes who the people are that she's talking to. "Oh my god are you seriously Yoko?" She squeals in girlish delight as she starts jumping up and down in front of Kurama.

"Loko? Is she calling Kurama-san crazy?" Kurumu leans over and asks Yukari who just shakes her head in disbelief. "Seriously the only thing you have going for you is your damn boobs especially since your so stupid!" Yukari says and quickly hops away before Kurumu can attack her out of frustration.

An uneasy look crosses Kuramas face. "Yes I am however I usually go by Kurama so if possible please refer to me by that. Shizuka smiles and nods in agreement. "Ok Kurama-san! Also I really hate to ask but umm...I don't suppose you have a copy of the Dark Tournament that took place a few years back? I haven't been able to find a copy..." She asks and places her hands in front of her as if she was praying.

"Yes I do have a couple copies of it...however only up to the semi-finals since the cameras stopped functioning at the time of the finals. Now back to your students, I'm sure we can have a compromise since they didn't cause any serious damage. How about this incident is forgotten about in exchange for a copy? You can make it look as if they were punished so your superiors won't get angry with you." Kurama tells her and after a moment of hesitation she agrees.

Once Kurama hands her a copy of the Tournament she and her students all begin to leave but just as she reaches the door she stops and looks back. "Oh before I forget Kurama-san. Did you decide to accept the Chairmans request?" She asks.

"Yes I did. Both myself and Yusuke will be going to Yokai Academy at the start of the new term...and it was actually Enki-san who make the request to us." Kurama says and raises a single finger to his lips to ask her to remain quiet about that fact to the girls since he wanted it to be a surprise.

Shizuka giggle a little and waves goodbye to Kurama and the others as her group leaves. Once they were gone Keiko walks over to Yusuke and gives him a light punch on his shoulder. "And just when were you going to tell me that you would be leaving so soon?" Keiko asks Yusuke who notices she has fire in her eyes.

"Uh...I was going to tell you in the morning! ME and Kurama don't have to go there for another few months..." Yusuke tells her in an attempt to calm his angry girlfriend. "It's true Keiko. I know for a fact that Yusuke was going to tell you tomorrow. Also I thought that you'd be happy he would be attending a High School." Kurama tells her in a relaxed manner causing Keiko to recoil in shock. "Seriously? Our little delinquent will actually be attending a High School?" She shrieks with happiness and leans over the chair and hugs Yusuke.

Kurama chuckles a little at her reaction as it was just as he figured it would be. "And of course I will do what I have to in order to keep him in line."

"Wait a sec Kurama. Your going to the school with me. So won't you have to worry about your own studies instead of mine?" Yusuke asks his red haired friend and ally.

"Heh. The thing about that Yusuke..."