"Attack Names"

The sun was just peeking out over the horizon as the redheaded kitsunes alarm began to scream out in it's serenade of horrible agony. Kurama opens his emerald eyes and with a raised hand he wiped away the remaining sleep in his eyes before he promptly silenced the infernal device. Kurama pulls the covers off his body and swings his legs over the side of the bed where he takes a moment to gaze around his current living quarters. As his eyes look around the room he sees various pots which contained the various different plants he chose to bring along with him on this mission, the species of the plants was quite diverse as they came from both the human and demon worlds just so he would be prepared for just about any situation he could dream up and then some. As he looks upward he smiles as he sees the sky through the large skylight that covered his entire ceiling which had been a special request of his that the headmaster was only too kind to grant. Just across the room from the side of his bed was a small kitchen that looked just like any other except that it had a couple of herbs along the counter top while across from the front of the bed was the restroom which was the same as any other. Now other than the skylight ceiling, Kuramas room was different from the other students in one other aspect. That difference was that it had an additional door which led to the adjoining room which was Yusukes since it only made sense that they should have quick and easy access to one another in case something were to happen or if they needed to discuss something related to the mission.

Now while that would be main reason for the door separating the pairs rooms, a simple reason that Keiko had told Kurama the more important purpose of the easy access between the two. The simple fact that Yusuke wouldn't get up for school unless someone dragged the lazy boy out of bed!

Not wanting to waste the morning, Kurama was quick in getting dressed in his school uniform before he got started on preparing his breakfast and figured it would probably be for the best to make enough for Yusuke as well otherwise the brunette would probably starve before he got to school...that is if he even bothered to go anyways since old habits die hard.

It didn't take Kurama long to finish the food preparations which consisted of cooking about six eggs, two dozen sizzling bacon strips as well as some toast. Now all that was left to do was to wake a certain ex-detective so they could eat then Kurama could head to the school early to get some work out of the way.

Kurama quickly crossed the room and opened the adjoining door and saw Yusuke laying on top of his blankets wearing only his boxers and a weird grin plastered across his face. The kitsune quickly dashed over to the ex-detective once he saw his hand had begun a descent down his body and Kurama certainly didn't want to witness whatever that hand had planned. With his speed he was easily able to get to the side of the bed and he grabbed the hand before it managed to go any lower, Kurama quickly pulls on Yusukes arm and flings him out of the bed and across the room.

"AHH WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT FOR YOU BASTARD!" Yusuke yells out as he angerly waves a fist in Kuramas direction as his own body was upside down leaving him to glare at the kitsune between his legs.

"Glad to see that your up Yusuke. It would seem that Keikos wake-up call was quite sufficient." Kurama says with a smile as he looks on at the upside down mazaku. "Now that your up you might as well get dressed and come over for breakfast since it's already been prepared."

Kurama quickly exits the room, leaving Yusuke to call out various curses along with other colourfull language mainly involving what he planned on doing to the kitsune once he got ahold of him. However it would seem that as soon as Yusuke entered Kuramas room, the scent of the delicious food made him completely forget about about his previous anger since it would appear that his empty stomach had overpowered his anger. Yusuke diverts his attention away from the now amused fox and instead chooses to focus on the food before him which he eagerly digs into.

Before long the two of them were fully fed and ready to begin their second day and of course Kurama was the first to leave, but just as he had a single foot out the door he momentarily pauses and looks back at Yusuke whom was finishing off his umpteenth serving.

"I'm off now Yusuke So do you mind locking up?" Kurama asks and Yusuke simply raises a hand in conformation. "Also Keiko did ask me to remind you to attend class, especially mine since it is the first class our schedule for the day. And no I don't intend to giving you any special treatment in my class even though we are friends...just a friendly warning..." With that being said Kurama quickly exits the room leaving Yusuke to clench his hand tightly onto his fork. "Ya ya I know that already...although maybe I should just skip..."


"How are you feeling today Moka-chan?" Tsukune asks with a worried expression as he sits in his desk beside the pink haired vampire who had a downhearted look on her face.

Moka hesitantly looks over to Tsukune and forces a weak smile. "I'm doing better now Tsukune-kun."

It wasn't hard for Tsukune to notice the pain hidden under Mokas smile, but for her sake he chose to pretend to believe it. "Well...that's good to hear at least. But don't forget I'm here for you if you want to talk."

The pink haired vampire was of course grateful that he was sincerely worried for her but at the same time her pride couldn't allow herself to be pitied so she instead chose to try and change the subject. "So...Do you have any idea who our new history teacher is supposed to be?" She asks as she watches their fellow classmates walk into the classroom.

Tsukune slowly shakes his head without letting his eyes off Moka. Although she was doing her best to hide it, Tsukune happened to notice that she was slightly trembling, and although he wasn't completely sure as of why he could at least figure out who was responsible. "Sorry but I haven't a clue. Although I did overhear someone say that Nekonome-san would be coming here before class starts to introduce our new teacher."


"Yes. Well that is if the rumours I've been hearing since yesterday are true." Tsukune tells her and as he finishes his sentence he notices Mokas Rosary twitching back and forth. 'I guess whatever happened seems to have upset Inner Moka as well...'

"Good morning everyone! I hope you all had a good nights sleep and are now ready for an exciting second day!" Shizuka exclaims to the class with a happy cheer which the class returns but not with quite as much enthusiasm. "Now I'm sure that most of you have already heard, but I'm here to introduce you all to your new history teacher. Although...amusingly enough you've all already met him." This statement caused a great deal of confusion among the class as they begun to make wild assumptions as to the mysterious teachers identity as they look amongst themselves.

With a good natured chuckle Shizuka raises a hand to the class, motioning them to quiet down which they eventually do. "Now as I told you before, your new teacher just so happens to be someone you've all met before. Although it was only for a day since he does still count as one of your fellow students. Your new teacher actually has a great deal of knowledge surrounding the history of the three different worlds which you should all be able to recognize as Ningenkai, Reikai and Makai. Now here's your newest teacher...Suichi Minamito!"

The entire class went dead silent before everyone turned almost as if they were a single unit they were all facing Kurama whom was until that moment was calmly sitting in his chair and looking mildly amused at his classmates expressions.

Kurama slowly stands up and walks toward the front of the class until he was standing at Shizukas side, at which point he turns around. "Yes what Nekonome-sensei says is true. But rest assured I am quite knowledgeable about the history of each of the three worlds."

"Just how can you possibly know much about all three worlds? I mean...aren't you from Makai?" One of the students calls out.

"Hey ya...He and his brother are from Maki aren't they? Then shouldn't they know about the tournament that was held there earlier this year? I haven't been able to hear about who won although I'm pretty sure it had to be Mukuro-sama."

"No way! It had to be Yomi-sama!"

Now at this point a fair portion of the class erupted into a dispute about who it was that won the tournament as well as who the current ruler was, leaving Kurama and Shizuka standing at the front of the class shaking their heads in mild annoyance. However once someone uttered a certain comment Kurama knew he had to put a stop to the current situation.

"Couldn't the winner be the descendent of Raizen-sama? What was his name again...Urame-"

"Ok that's more than enough of that." Kurama calls out as he loudly claps his hands to bring the classes attention back to him. "The current ruler of Makai is a man named Enki-sama. Apparently he was an old acquaintance of Raizen-sama. And if you all would like to learn about it more in depth...then you will have to patiently wait for when it's time for me to teach you about it."

A number of the class murmur to themselves about how Kurama didn't really tell them much about the tournament itself other than who the winner was. But they eventually quiet down for the time being in the hopes that Kurama would divulge the information they wanted.

"Well it looks like you seem to have everything under control Minamito-san so I will take my leave for the time being. I will be back just as soon as class is over." Shizuka says with a cheerful smile as she bids the class farewell as she leaves.

Kurama looks over the class and sees that a certain desk in the back was still empty. 'It would seem that Yusuke didn't come to my class. I can only hope he's at least staying out of trouble.'

"Well since you should already know my name then introductions are unnecessary so we might as well get right into our first lesson. Please open your textbooks on the world history for Ningenkai and go to page-" Just as Kurama was about to announce the page number, the door to the classroom suddenly opens.

The sound of the door opening catches the attention of the entire class and they all simultaneously look towards the open door with a bored looking Yusuke who just walked in. With a hand placed on his opposite shoulder Yusuke cracks his neck and lets out a yawn. "I'm here..." Is all Yusuke says as he walks toward his desk and ends up walking right between the desks of Tsukune and Moka, with the latter one letting out a small squeak as she shuffles towards the opposite side Yusuke was on. Such an unusual act for her drew the attention of those immediately around her...including, much to her great dismay...Yusuke. He pauses for a moment and looks at her with a raised eyebrow before continuing on his way to his desk at the back of the room.

"Glad you finally got around to joining us Yusuke. Now as I was saying, can everyone please turn to page-"


The remainder of the class went of without a hitch minus for the moments when Moka would occasionally glance backward at Yusuke only for her to quickly return her gaze to the front of the room whenever she thought he had noticed. Needless to say Yusuke had indeed noticed and yet he was trying his best to ignore her gaze whenever it drifted towards him, although Yusuke wasn't the most patient person in the world and currently his patience was wearing quite thin. But luckily for both parties the school bell chose that very moment to ring.

The students were quite quick to grab their stuff as well as glare at Kurama whom had just given them all several pages to read as homework. Now the majority of the class had already left leaving only the newspaper club as well as Yusuke and Kurama with the latter two waiting for Shizuka to return.

"Moka-chan? Are you ok?" Tsukune once again asks and once again looking quite worried about her.

"...I'm fine Tsukune-kun..." She meekly replies as she quickly gathers up her stuff and prepares to leave but Kurumu was now standing in her path. "Just what's up with you anyways Moka? Ever since yesterday you've been acting really meek and pathetic. So what's up with that?" She demands as she places her hands beneath her well endowed chest.

The vampire starts to fidget a little and try as she might she can't help but peek back towards Yusuke whom was leaning back in his seat with his feet on the desk. But that last look was what broke the proverbial camels back. By now Yusuke had just about enough and he sent a glare right back at the vampire causing her to noticeably flinch under his gaze.

Yusuke then stands up and stomps over towards Moka and stops once he's right in front of her. "Ok seriously what the hell is wrong with you girl? First you pick a fight with me and get your little vampire ass handed to you on a silver platter and now you can't stop looking at me with that damn expression! It's seriously starting to piss me off." Yusuke says in a loud voice as he leans forward until he's practically right in Mokas face. "One moment your acting all high and mighty as your talking down to me, and now your acting so pathetic I almost feel like I'm going to be sick just looking at you..."

Silence fills the room as the few remaining students look on at the situation with wide eyes and gaping mouths, although the other students were quick to exit just as soon as Yusukes piercing gaze falls on them. Yusuke looks back at Moka for a moment before he takes a couple deep breaths in an attempt to calm himself down. "...If the reason your acting so damn timid right now is because you think I'm just going to beat your ass for no reason then you can relax... As long as you don't try and attack me again then you can be sure I won't have a reason to defend myself." With that being said Yusuke goes back to his desk and grabs his stuff and leaves the room, pausing only long enough at the door to growl at a couple students who were until that moment listening in.

The red-headed Kurama just shakes his head in disbelief at the situation, however he had to admit to himself it was somewhat surprising that Yusuke managed to hold back his temper enough to avoid causing a much bigger scene. Although Kurama did have the feeling that those few moments would certainly cause a fair bit of a commotion in the long run. But right here and now the kitsune figured he might as well see how the young pink-haired vampire was doing.

"I'm sorry about that Moka-san. Yusuke does have quite the temper...although he did bring up a good point. Mind if I ask about your 180 change in your personality yesterday?" Kurama calmly asks as he stands an adequate distance away from Moka who was now on her knees with Tsukune rubbing her back as he crouched down beside her.

After a few moments of silence Yukari walks over towards Kurama and gestures for him to come down to her level, which he does. "It's because of the rosary Moka-chan wears around her neck. It seals away her true power as well as a dormant personality which we refer to as Inner Moka." She starts to explain causing Kurama eyes to slightly widen as he takes in that little tidbit of information. "Ah so that explains what happened yesterday..." Kurama quietly says but before he could say anymore a certain blue-haired succubus had him by the collar and now had him slightly elevated from the ground.

"Just what did he mean by that? Did he really kick Mokas ass yesterday after we had to get that first year away?"

After a moment of deliberation Kurama responds. "Yes...but the only reason he did so was because after Tsukune-san here chose to remove her rosary, did she attack him. What he did was in self defence...however I do admit that little spirit gun blast took it a little too far. Now I must ask you to release me." Kurama looks Kurumu straight in the eyes as she lets him down and releases him.

"Now Moka-san. Once again I do apologize for Yusukes actions, but it's as he said. As long as you don't attack him again then you have nothing to worry about. And under the odd chance that he does... then I myself will have to restrain him." Kurama offers Moka a small bow of apology before he departs so that he might find Yusuke before he can get himself into anymore trouble.


As Kurama walked through the halls as he followed Yusukes scent, he was listening intently so that he might overhead any possible conversations that might involve either Yusuke or himself, and much to his dismay all he could hear was people talking about how they heard that Yusuke had managed to defeat the unstoppable and undefeated Moka, thus immediately putting him at the top of the schools hierarchy for most powerful...which was one of the many things that Kurama certainly didn't want to overhear. But at the very least he was certainly closing in on Yusuke, who seems to have ended up litterally running into Shizuka Nekonome.

"Oh Yusuke...can't you managed to walk through even a couple halls without knocking someone over?" Kurama asks as he quickly helps the two of them up. "Are you ok Nekonome-sensei?"

"Huh? Oh Kura- I mean Suichi-san. And don't worry, I'm fine. It'll take far more than being knocked over to ruin my day." Shizuka says with a smile as she dusts herself off. "Oh and before I forget. The headmaster asked me to inform the two of you about the clubs of this school and the fact that every student is required to attend one."

Yusuke lets out a low groan of annoyance at the fact that he was being forced to join a club. "Now now Yusuke-san, we'll be having none of that now. After school today in the courtyard all the different clubs will be having various stands being set up in order to promote their clubs in the hopes that new students will be joining them. I myself am in charge of the Newspaper club and I'd be more than happy to sign the two of you up right away!" Shizuka happily states as a sheet of paper and a pen seem to almost magically appear in her hands.

Yusuke quickly shakes his head and waves his hands in front of him. "No way am I joining a club like that...no offence but any club that has to do with writing is a club I have no interest in whatsoever. So no thanks teach." He says as he starts to walk away. "Oh and sorry about knocking you over... I got no idea why that keeps happening." Shizukas face quickly grows solemn and somewhat dejected as she looks down at the ground.

Upon feeling a comforting hand on her shoulder she turns and looks up. "Nekonome-sensei. Like Yusuke I'm unsure about which club would be the most suitable, however at the very least I will check out the booth for your club." Kurama tells her before he removes his hand from her shoulder and proceeds to his next class.

Once both Kurama and Yusuke were gone she suddenly remembers something that she forgot to tell them. 'Oh dear. I seem to have forgotten to tell Yusuke-san and Kurama-san that next Friday is parents day!' She looks back towards her classroom for a moment and then back to the hall the two went down as she wonders whether she should chase after them to tell them or to just wait until later to tell them. As it would seem the latter choice won out since the next class was about to start and she had to get back to her classroom. "I guess I'll just have to tell them about it later then, meow!"


The rest of the day went by painfully slowly for Yusuke, especially since he had a lot on his mind at the moment. Especially since he chose to sneak off during the second last class of the day which so happened to be gym and in Yusukes expert opinion that was certainly one class he had no reason to attend since he wouldn't benefit from it in the slightest. Now as for what was on his mind had alot to do with what he had chosen to do instead of going to class. He had instead chosen to go another route entirely...one of which brought upon a revelation he never would have ever expected...

XxX Flashback XxX

As Yusuke was currently following the rest of his male classmates to their separate gym class he decided to just slow down to the point where he was trailing a ways behind the others so he could make a break for it. And luckily enough for him he succeeded.

So now that he had a free period so to speak, he now had to find something to do...in fact anything would be better than being forced to run boring laps around the field and since the class was separated between the guys and the girls there wouldn't be anything worthwhile for him to rest his eyes on.

Now the first idea that comes to mind would be to find a comfortable place to take a nap however he soon remembered an important fact that had somehow escaped him until that very moment. He remembered that he had yet to call Keiko yesterday to tell her how his first day went, along with the fact that he still had to enquire about her current state of health which for the past couple weeks had shown that he had appeared to be overly exhausted as well as the fact that she had been spending quite a bit of time in the washroom, and he couldn't be completely certain but Yusuke could almost swear that he could hear the sounds of her throwing up, even though she always denied the fact whenever he asked.

"Well part one of my master plan to escape gym class is done! Now what to do in the meantime... Hmm...I guess I could give Keiko a call since she hasn't been feeling good for the past week." Yusuke quietly mumbles to himself as he quietly makes his way through the halls until he reaches his destination. He quickly picks up one of the many public phones that were partially separated into their own small booths to allow the students to make personal calls back home if they were so inclined.

'Lets see, what was her number again...' Yusuke wonders as he picks up the phone, then after staring blankly at the receiver for about a minute he finally remembers and promptly starts to input the various numbers.

After a couple of rings Yusuke hears the very voice he had been looking forward to hearing. "Hello?"

"Hey Keiko it's me, Yusuke!"

"Yusuke? Aren't you supposed to be in class right now?"

Yusuke nearly trips when he hears her say those words. "Uh...no I actually have a free class right now... a study period...ya that's it a study period!" He bluffs as he runs his fingers through his hair.

"...really? Is that the truth Yusuke..."

'Damn it! I swear she must have freaking ESP or something!' He grits his teeth for a moment before making an attempt at changing the subject. "Uh...more or less...but anyways, the reason I'm calling is because I was a little worried about you since you've been sick for like two weeks now. Did you go to the doctor after I left like you promised you would?"

"...Don't change the subject Yusuke. Let me guess...is it Gym your skipping?"

'Fuck!' "...Ya. But like I need it. I'm already fitter than practically everyone else here anyways. But seriously, have you gone to the doctor?"

"...Yes...I went yesterday afternoon."

"Well? What did they say? Wait don't tell me...you had to get your stomach pumped. I told you that chinese place was out to get me! But you just had to steal my damn egg rolls." Yusuke asks with a cocky grin plastered all over his face.

"...No you idiot! And that wasn't even your egg roll, it was mine! You already had five that night remember." She irritably replies before taking on a softer, yet more cautious tone. "The doctor says I'm perfectly fine, although... Ok how do I put this...Your going to be a father Yusuke..."

At that very moment Yusukes body goes completely rigid and leaves his mind to go black, thus leaving him unable to utter even a single coherent word.

"...Are you still there? Yusuke?"

"...Uh...Ya I'm still here. I think I just misheard you. I mean I actually thought you just said I was going to be a dad, can you believe that?" Yusuke says with a hint of forced laughter.

"I did say that... Yusuke your really going to be a father..."

XxX End Flashback XxX

With gym class nearly over Yusuke was waiting for perhaps the only person he could possibly talk to at the moment. And luckily for him he didn't have to wait long since Kurama was one of the first ones out of the locker room.

"Yusuke? Just where have you been, Kotsubo-sensei was fairly annoyed when he realized you were skipping his class." Kurama says but stops speaking when he notices the disturbed look on Yusukes face. "Are you alright?"

"Ya of course I'm alr- oh fuck it! Just shut the hell up and come with me." Yusuke grabs Kurama by his tie and begins to drag him off once he notices the rest of the class starting to walk out of the locker room. Of the few students that so happened to notice, only one of them was paying enough attention and noticed the distraught look on Yusukes face and decided to follow them, and was soon accompanied by another young man after a ways.

Soon enough Yusuke and Kurama were back on the roof of the school and were now sitting with their legs hanging off the edge. The kitsune stares off into the distance as he sits quietly waiting for Yusuke to feel comfortable enough to say whats on his mind.

"...I just got off the phone with Keiko..." Yusuke quietly says before turning to Kurama as a big grin covers his entire face. "She told me that I'm gonna be a dad! How awesome is that!"

A faint smile crosses Kuramas face for a moment as he was quite happy for his friend, although unlike Yusuke, Kurama knew that this single moment of happiness for him can't last for long. Much to the kitsunes dismay he knows what must he must do for his friend. No matter how much he knew the knowledge he was about to impart to his friend would obviously hurt him, yet fully aware that it must be done, and done soon.

"...Just how much have you thought about the future Yusuke? How will you provide for your family? How will you and Keiko raise your child? Have you put any thought to how Reikai will take the news concerning your child?" Kurama calmly states as he looks directly at Yusuke and all the while hoping that he listens intently to what he has to say and heeds his warnings. "I do hope you remember that they've even tried to assassinate you a number of times. And chances are they might even make an attempt on your child if they think that there's even a slight chance he/she might inherited the strength of you and Raizen. And not just the Reikai, chances are any enemy you've made up until now may try to harm either Keiko of your child especially since not all of them have the strength to beat you directly!"

Yusukes eyes grow wide as he slowly starts to realize the problems that can arise from such a blessing, as well as the dangers that will close in on his loved ones, all because of the blood that flows through his veins. The ex-detective clenches his hand into a fist as his smile fades into a frown that barely covers his gritted teeth. Those fleeting moments of pure bliss had been cruely snatched away by his own friend, and as much as Yusuke wanted to hate him for it, deep down he understood just why Kurama said what he did. As hard as it was all Yusuke could do was swallow a few times in a vain attempt at clearing his throat before he could turn and send a small glare at his friend.

"Then what the hell am I supposed to do then? Reikai should know damn well that if they try anything to either my friends, family and especially Keiko then I would do everything in my power to blast them all into oblivion!" Yusuke angerly states.

The red-head nods in understanding. "Well as hard as it is, you need to calm down for starters. You'll accomplish nothing in this case unless you carefully think things through."

Knowing that Kurama was right yet again Yusuke does his best in trying to calm down, although that certainly wasn't easy in the slightest. But after a couple of minutes of taking deep breaths, Yusuke was as calm as he was going to get so Kurama decides it was about time for the two of them to start going over the various options currently available.

Although I'm pretty sure you all know these by now I figured I might as well just include them for the sake of those you either don't know or can't remember.

Ningenkai – Human World

Makai – Demon World

Reikai – Spirit World

Now before anyone says anything overly negative about the fact that I had Yusuke knock Keiko up. I do have my reasons for it which won't be revealed for quite some time so I ask you all to please remain patient about that matter. And yes I know this may not be my best chapter but regretfully I've been quite busy with work, even to the point that I haven't had much time to myself and sadly my days are only going to get more busy over the next month or two. So ya I was lucky to have been able to write even this much of a chapter, and the fact that I wanted to at least get some of it out there since it's been awhile since my last update.