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Lowlight came out of the motor pool and saw a few Joes watching the PT course from a distance. It looked busier then he had ever seen it. He walked up and stopped just to

the right of Spirit.

"Welcome back, Lowlight. Did your mission go well?" asked Spirit.

"As well as expected," said Lowlight. "Why are there three PT instructors running around? Is there something wrong with Beach?"

"No. Ghost woke up yesterday and was released from the infirmary. She was supposed to go rest, but went to the kitchen instead. She caused a riot with cookies."

"A ... riot. For cookies?" Lowlight asked incredulously.

"Yes, they were delicious. Even Freedom thought so."

"You fed a cookie to an eagle."

"I let him have a nibble, he was curious."

"So," Lowlight shifted. "Why are there three instructors?"

"Beachhead threatened the rioters with push ups until arms fell off and was ignored."

"Seriously? Who's that stupid?"

"Hawk had to come down himself."


"No one knows who exactly was in the riot, so Beachhead has decided everyone who was here yesterday is guilty, with a few exceptions."

"So that's why he's over there with the grass kissers."


"Were they worth it? I assume you already did yours and Lifeline or Doc reattached your arms."

"They are both quite busy today, but I have not seen them. I had an alibi." He crossed his arms.

Lowlight snorted. "I'm sure everyone has one. How did you get out of it?"

"Law, Order, Junkyard, and Mutt were in the kennels with me."

Lowlight chuckled. "Niiicce. So why is Sgt. Slaughter running Storm Shadow's ass off on the track instead of running the obstacle course?"

"The official reason is he was insubordinate to Beachhead."

"Like that is anything new. Seriously, when isn't Storm Shadow pissing Beachhead off? The unofficial reason?"

"Rumor has it that Beachhead is mad Storm Shadow got three bags of cookies and he only got one."

"Wait, what?"

"Storm Shadow got three bags of cookies-"

"Storm Shadow... Cookies? Are we talking about the same person here? The 'My food is holier then thou because it's not full of crap' Storm Shadow?"


"... Are we sure its Storm Shadow and not Zartan or someone else?"

"Hawk thought of that. Had Order and Junkyard check him out and Doc run a blood test after they watched him eat one and then ask for a bag."

"HE DID WHAT?" Lowlight shouted. The other Joes looked over at him. "Damn, who won the bet?"

"I did," Spirit smiled.

"Lucky sonova-"

"So I have been told," Spirit interrupted.

"Alright, so that leaves Stalker to run the obstacle course."

"Pretty much."

"Three bags. What the hell is he going to do with three bags?" Lowlight muttered.

Spirit glanced over. "Ninja."


"How much do you want to bet at least two of those bags will go for bribery?"

"Good point. I wonder what I need to do to get some?"

"Go to the source. Good luck, though. I heard she gave him the last three bags."

"Hell, I have the shitiest luck sometimes," Lowlight said as he stalked off.

Author's Note: Cookie Madness was a one shot, but it was suggested that Beachhead shouldn't be ignored. I do agree with that, but couldn't fit it in there any way that I

liked. Thus, the aftermath was born.