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I was...bored and in the mood to write some brotherly fluff between Tim and Dick. :D I love Batfam stories, especially ones with Tim and Dick...bonus if Daddybats or Jason is included :D

Tim tugged at his itchy shirt collar, God he hated these functions. They were just an excuse for Gotham's rich and famous to flaunt their money around. He hated everything about them...he hated how he was forced to wear Dick's old itchy suits and even some of Jason's, he hated the snooty people he was constantly surrounded by. But most of all...he hated hearing all of the bad things said about Dick.

Circus freak, Circus brat, Gypsy scum, Gypsy trash, good for nothing...he'd heard them all...and he could see the look in Dick's eyes whenever someone would say it...but his brother never appeared sad...it was almost as if he were used to it.

That part angered Tim, how dare they?

His brother risked his life for these spoiled, little, brats, and then they had the gall to insult him? Granted they didn't know his brother had been Robin, and was now Nightwing but really?

He wondered if the team knew? He smirked inwardly, at the thought of telling Babs, Jason ,Wally and Zatanna especially. Their surrogate sister, adopted brother, his brother's girlfriend, and best friend would've loved to give these people a piece of their minds...especially Jason...

Ok, maybe he wouldn't tell Jason...

Not everyone was like this though, but there were those who, even after ten years, still disagreed with the fact that Bruce adopted his older brother. That thought made Tim's blood boil, they didn't know that if Bruce hadn't adopted him...the Court of Owls would've gotten to him...

The thought of those cruel bastards getting their sick claws on his brother, just thinking of what could've happened to him made him sick. His brother was a good person, who genuinely cared about people, and was always willing to give anyone affection and love. The court would've stomped that right out of him, turning him into a cold, heartless, ruthless, killing machine. He looked up as someone mentioned his name, from what he could tell, it was just some random man talking to Bruce...although he did notice how Bruce looked thoroughly annoyed.

"Guess third time really is the charm, eh Bruce? The first one a filthy circus freak, the second a dirty street rat, Thank God you actually adopted a good one." Said the man, Tim narrowed his eyes. He knew the man was drunk...he could smell the wine from here. He could tell Bruce was actually restraining himself, from attacking the man, either verbally or physically.

"I think you've had a bit too much to drink sir." Said Dick, gently placing a hand on the man's shoulder. He could tell that Bruce and Tim were starting to get angry with the man, and he didn't want any trouble starting. The man turned and glared at him.

"Get your hands off of me you dirty gypsy." He replied...that was when Tim lost it...he lunged at the man, and gave him a few good punches to the face before being pulled off by Bruce and Dick. He struggled to get out of their grasps, when Dick placed a hand on his shoulder, breaking him out of his anger.

"The hell Wayne, your kids are psycho!" Yelled the man, Bruce turned to Dick who nodded and led Tim up the stairs towards the younger boy's room. Tim allowed his brother to lead him by the arm, while Bruce stayed down stairs and did some damage control.

Once they were in Tim's room, the boy wonder yanked off his tie and tossed it carelessly on the floor, along with his jacket and shoes. He sat down on the bed and glared at the articles of clothing, Dick sat down beside him and gently rubbed his back.

"Tim, are you ok?" Asked Dick calmly, Tim scoffed and turned away, obviously still angry.

"No, you heard what he was saying Dick, he was talking bad about you and Jason!" Exclaimed Tim looking up at his brother, his eyes were red, and beginning to burn.

"Jason's alive, but he doesn't know that, so for all he knows he's talking smack about a dead kid! and he was insulting you...and...and...I'm sick and tired of you being insulted! Just because you grew up in a circus doesn't make them better than you!" Dick wrapped his arms around his brother and ran a hand through Tim's hair.

"Its ok Tim, it doesn't bother me anymore, sure it hurts and I know I could just as easily do something about it with one swift punch or telling Bruce. But violence isn't the awnser, and if I did punch them out it would only confirm what they think about me. As for telling Bruce...well I'm kind of old to be running to him and complaining...I have to fight my own battles." Said Dick softly, he didn't know that his little brother felt that way...he wondered how long he'd been harboring those feelings.

Even if it was for a good cause, those feelings of bitterness and resentment weren't healthy...at all.

"Why're you used to it?" Asked Tim sadly. Dick smiled and continued to stroke Tim's hair.

"Because not everyone is like you, Bruce, and Alfred. It stings abit, but not as much as it used to, besides I usually handle it by killing them with kindness." Said Dick, Tim smiled up and wrapped his arms around Dick tightly.

"You would." Said Tim burying his face in Dick's shoulder, unlike those people...he was glad Bruce had taken in Dick, he didn't even want to think what life without his brother would be like.

"Thanks for sticking up for me by the way," said Dick, Tim smiled up at his brother.

"Anytime." Said Tim, Dick smiled and hugged him tighter. He loved Tim, the younger boy was a good, kind person who was the best little brother Dick could ask for.

"I 'm in alot of trouble aren't I?" Asked the current Robin making Dick chuckle and ruffle his hair.

"I don't think so, it looked like Bruce was bout to punch the guy too, so I think you're off the hook." Said Dick, Tim nodded as he laid down, feeling tired.

"You should probably change first." Said Dick when he noticed Tim had already fallen asleep. He smiled and planted a small kiss on Tim's forehead as he tucked him in.