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About Bloody Time!

Enjolras never asked to be leader. He never asked people to follow him. What he wanted was that they unite with their passion. His way of casting off his rich-boy past was to return to basics. He gave most of his clothes to the poor, keeping just a few outfits to hand wash in the stone sink...the other guys did, too but it wasn't something he asked them to do. He got rid of his jewelry, all but his one ring from the university...and the others did too. One of the things he never planned on doing was falling in love with one of the other guys. Enjolras wasn't interested in love with anyone...he felt nothing when he saw men or women. It was like that part of the brain that others get...he didn't get it.

Grantaire drove him CRAZY with his drinking and taking nothing seriously. He started his day hungover and got drunker as it got later. Often he ended his day face down on the table, occasionally so far gone he wet his pants until someone took him home to bed. At least he held it in enough that he never ended up throwing up. Even the most patient of the guys wouldn't have helped him on that.

"Your turn to put Grantaire to bed." Courfeyrac said to Enjolras as he roused Gavroche, who had also fallen asleep at a table, picking him up and slinging him over his shoulder.

"I don't want to go home." Gavroche argued with his last sleepy breath.

"No, you're not going home." Courfeyrac eased his worries. A year ago, he had pulled Gavroche off the street and made room for him in his little flat just a few streets over. Gavroche's father was beginning to notice him - that he could use him the same way as he used Eponine, as lookout or a mole to do dirty work and Courfeyrac hated the thought. The other kids were quite jealous, Gavroche didn't have a lot of friends on the street anymore because of it. Courfeyrac wasn't planning on turning him into a spoiled little rich boy and it would be YEARS before he could give Gavroche anything but the basics but if he could save at least one kid - and especially Thenardier's, then it would be good. He took Gavroche to the cafe every day for almost a year, and he didn't have to go back to the streets or the elephant but he still had dreams about it. "You're going to bed." he said and kissed the side of his head. "Good night Enj." he said and carried the little boy to their house.

Enjolras sat in silence for awhile, staring at Grantaire, sleeping on the table. "Get up before you piss yourself again." he kicked his chair, patted/slapped his face a bit and let him wake up while Enjolras stacked chairs onto tables for the owner to clean the floor when they closed. He helped Grantaire down the stairs and to the little flat he rented. When he opened the door, he stopped. There was no bed, no mattress, just a few blankets on the cold stone floor. He had never seen in Grantaire's room before. "You're kidding...not even a pillow?" he asked under his breath.

"They said you wanted us to give everything up." Grantaire mumbled.

"I didn't ask any such thing, it was just something I did but...I kept a few things."

"Me too." Grantaire argued and pointed to a carpet bag with two pairs of pants and a few shirts. It blew him away - Grantaire was always dressed okay. Rumpled yes and his clothes worn...would come from having to wash them every evening but he was clean. Grantaire started to shiver, probably thinking of pulling his clothes off in the cool empty room. No wonder he preferred to sleep at the table.

"C'mon." he said, pulling Grantaire out of his flat and a few streets up to his own place. It wasn't but a few steps up in luxury but he had furniture and a bit more warmth. He pulled Grantaire into his flat, pulling his clothing off and lying him down, spreading the blankets over him. Now what to do? Enjolras wasn't about to sleep on the floor, nor did the table look comfortable. He had fallen asleep on the cafe table once after a lot of wine and woke up with a funky neck, he wasn't going to do that again. Finally, he sighed, pulling off his clothes. It would be a tight squeeze but he grabbed another blanket, pushed Grantaire over and lay down beside him. At least the cold air wouldn't bother him tonight.

Somehow Enjolras managed to get some sleep. With Grantaire being dead drunk, he was easy to push back on to his side without waking him but because he was dead weight, he gave no regard as to when he rolled back over. The times he started snoring, Enjolras jammed his elbow in Grantaire's back to get him to roll over. He was going to be one tired student the next day. When he woke the next morning, Grantaire was gone so he got a few blessed hours of uninterrupted sleep before having to drag himself to the University. He missed his first class so spent the afternoon tracking down people who had been there to get their notes.

He gave the cafe a rare miss. It felt odd to be going from school to his house but he needed sleep badly. Maybe after an hour or two of good solid sleep he would get up and head there. He undressed to the waist when a quiet knock came to the door. "Can I come in?" Grantaire asked and let himself in, regardless of the answer. Seeing Enjolras there with his shirt off made Grantaire double think his decision. How was he expected to keep his hands off of him now? "I...just wanted to thank you for last night." he said. "I know it was a bother for you but it has been ages since I've actually slept in a bed." he said shyly.

"Yeah." Enjolras said. "Why didn't you tell us, 'Taire?" he asked. "That you're sleeping on the bare floor...we could find you at least a mattress if not a bed."

"Who really cares?" Grantaire shrugged.

"We do." Enjolras promised and went over to him, laying a hand on his shoulder for a moment. "All of us. If you weren't such an asshole, we'd care even more but there's not a single one of us who wants to see you sleep like that."

"Thank you. Whether you do or not, I just want to thank you..." he said, wishing Enjolras had kept his distance as now Grantaire was right next to that throat and chest that he dreamed about day and night. How could someone have such full lips and look so sexy even on stinking hot nights and they were all sweaty and not know it? He kissed one cheek and the other and then, almost like he couldn't help it, quickly took Enjolras' face in his hands and laid his lips on his captain's. They were just what he expected, plump and full, moist but not slippery. He had to make the best of it, he didn't know how Enjolras was going to react. Already he could feel Enjolras starting to pull back, wrestling his hands away from his face and placing his hands on his chest and pushing him away. The kiss broke with a huge smack.

"What are you DOING?!" Enjolras tried to shout but keep his voice down at the same time. He wanted to shout but his voice would carry out the window, he knew that. To emphasize that he didn't appreciate it he gave Grantaire's chest another thump as he pushed him back and wiped off his mouth.

"I'm sorry..." Grantaire held his hands up in front of himself in case Enjolras should come at him again. "I just...got...carried away..." he said. "I...don't know how to..." he struggled with the words. "...I don't know what to do if someone says they care about me. About anything."

"Well, you need to learn how to be loved without doing shit like that." Enjolras said. "Just because someone says they care isn't an invitation to make out with them."

"I'm sorry..." Grantaire said again, this time a tear falling down his cheek. His secret was somewhat out. He had kept himself celibate for so long...not that he was counting on getting a chance with Enjolras but because there was nobody in the world who could compare anyway. It's not like he'd had a great number of lovers - more one night-ers and not until a keg of wine had been consumed. He backed up to the door and hurried through it.

Enjolras had felt bad about his reaction, certainly bad about the tear and it was something he hadn't thought about - Grantaire didn't know how to be loved. But still, did he need to kiss him like that? He reached up to wipe his mouth off again, his fingers stopping to touch his lips. Had he ever imagined that a man's lips could be so tender and caring? He hadn't kissed a man before...had barely kissed a woman either...just enough to know it did nothing for him. No...he hadn't kissed a man...and he didn't kiss him this time. Grantaire kissed HIM. God, the others couldn't find out. He ran his finger tips across his lips again, slightly licking them, tasting just a bit of wine. Had it been so bad? Next time they were alone he would apologize for his reaction and try to explain it again.

He had told the guys that Grantaire had no bed and by the end of the weekend, they had rounded up a mattress and a table so at least he could get himself and his belongings off of the floor. Now, maybe he would be more comfortable than sleeping at the table in the cafe all night but after a few nights they realised that wasn't the case. He slept at the table unless someone physically took him home to bed. At first they just walked him in there and pushed him back on the mattress but gradually they begun to have a little more heart and actually helped him undress and get into bed.

Since the kiss, Enjolras was very cautious about not being alone with Grantaire. It seemed to be common knowledge around the cafe that Grantaire had a crush on him, he was the last to know it and it wasn't exactly easy to forgive his friends for not telling him about it. Then again, they were probably right - he would have avoided Grantaire more all along then and he didn't really deserve that either. Most of the time, it was obvious that Grantaire would just rather be left alone at the bottom of a wine bottle. Enjolras would never in a million years guess that HE was the reason Grantaire drank so much in the first place.

"Your turn." Combeferre said as he was leaving for the night and pointed to Grantaire asleep at the table. "Or you want me to do it?" he asked Enjolras.

"No, I'll get him." Enjolras said. He was the only one left there and he still really hadn't apologised for the way he treated him. He sat at the table and read some more before he began to yawn. The manager began to sweep the floor and again Enjolras stacked chairs onto tables to make the deed easier. "Let's go." he shook Grantaire awake and stood him up. "Sorry 'bout that." he said to the manager, pointing to the spot under the chair Grantaire had been sitting on. The manager was used to it and mopped the floor each night anyway. Grantaire wasn't the only person to get wasted night after night there.

He vowed he wouldn't be so rough on Grantaire as he took him to bed that night, not like last time. He wanted to talk to him about the kiss and wanted him to be awake enough to have it sink in but didn't want to shock him awake. "Just want to talk to you for a sec, 'Taire." he said, going in to the flat that was a bit homier than last time he had looked in the door. "I still feel really bad about how I treated you last time...when...last week..."

"When I kissed you?" Grantaire grinned, his eyes half closed. "You shoulda' seen the look on your face, Enj." he giggled. "You looked as though you'd never been kissed like that before."

"By a man?" Enjolras said. "No, I haven't...hadn't..." he stammered.

"Well...what'd you think?" Grantaire slurred.

"Don't...don't ever do that again." Enjolras said.

"You're gorgeous, Enj." Grantaire said. "You can't help it, may as well get used to it, you're the toast of the town in other circles...it's a challenge..."

"STOP IT!" Enjolras said. "A challenge?" he asked. "And you're taking back the reports, I take it?" he asked. "How many points did you score then?" he asked and because he was out of words, he thumped Grantaire across the head with his open palm.

"Ouch." Grantaire winced. "None...I...didn't tell them." he said, rubbing his head. "I didn't tell anyone."

"Not at the cafe?" he asked. "Anywhere?" Enjolras wasn't sure if he believed him. "You talk a lot when you're drunk...which is often."

"I do NOT." Grantaire said. He was used to being drunk, he was well able to keep his mouth shut about anything. "Not that, anyway. Go then..." he motioned towards the door.

"I just wanted to apologise..." Enjolras said.

"And for this, too?" Grantaire said, referring to the new slap he had received.

"Yeah...for that, too."

"Maybe for this too..." Grantaire grabbed him and kissed him full on the lips again.

Enjolras put his hands up on Grantaire's chest to push him away...but he stopped. He was still taken by surprise, the man sprung like a cobra but...the warmth under Enjolras' hands as they pressed against Grantaire's chest was nice. Even though his breath often stunk of wine, his kiss was just nicely flavoured with it.

Grantaire knew that he was winning - at least for now. He could feel there was less resistance than the first time and feeling Enjolras' plump lips against his once again made him flick his tongue into the blonde man's mouth. He went from holding his face in his hands to wrapping one hand around the back of his head and played with his curls while Enjolras hazarded to do the same.

Tonight's kiss lasted a bit longer than last week's before Enjolras pulled back. "What are you doing?" he asked. "What am *I* doing?" he re-phrased that. "I don't mean to lead you on 'Taire." he said, stepping towards the door. "I'm sorry - maybe it's best that we become somewhat strangers." he said awkwardly.

"Sure." Grantaire said, not trying to stop him. Whatever. There had always been wonder in Grantaire's mind. It would have been just as easy to sit down, tell Enjolras what he thought of him and find out right then and there if there was even a chance between the two of them but instead he decided to wait it out and hold off until temptation just became too much. It just so happened that temptation came in the form of a shirtless version of his beautiful leader and it had almost paralyzed him, left him drained of rational thoughts and starving to feel the man's body against his. But it was a gamble he took...and lost. "Whatever." he said as he closed the door after Enjolras left.

It wasn't going to keep him from the cafe, from visiting the others, from drinking there but he would resist all urges to stare admiringly at Enjolras. There was still work to be done and just watching Enjolras put plans into action was enjoyable enough. If he would just button up the top of his shirt, he wouldn't be so distracting!

To get to his own house, Enjolras walked by the building that Courfeyrac and Gavroche lived. On the main floor was a bakery, which was closed in the evenings but there was living quarters in the back. The owner of the bakery leased it to Courfeyrac in exchange that his store would be undisturbed by hungry people in the night. Enjolras could see a candle burning through a crack in the shutter so he knew that Courfeyrac was still awake, studying so he knocked quietly on the window.

Courfeyrac jumped a bit, unsure if he'd heard the knocking or just imagined it so he cracked open the shutter. "Good evening." he grinned at Enjolras and held a shushing finger to his lips, pointing to the small bed on the other side of the room where a little blonde head slept on the pillow. "Get Grantaire to bed again?" he asked, waving him around to the side door so they could talk without disturbing Gavroche's sleep. He handed him a glass of wine and picked up his own then stepped outside for a nightcap.

"Yeah..." Enjolras said, keeping his voice down.

"You're great for doing that. I can't say that having Gavroche has been easy but made it a damn sight easier to get out of situations like that." he smiled at the fact that he had to be home earlier than he used to. "I hope he appreciates..."

"Oh...he appreciates alright." Enjolras sipped his wine.

"That's good, he..." Courfeyrac started to say.

"He kissed me." Enjolras said quickly.

"Oh that's nice." Courfeyrac.

"No...he kissed me." Enjolras repeated.

"Yes...you need to relax a bit, we all wanna' kiss you." Courfeyrac joked and kissed Enjolras' cheek.

"No..." Enjolras grabbed Courfeyrac's face and pressed his lips tightly to the dark haired man's, kissing him hard. "...I mean KISSED me."

"Oh... Courfeyrac said when the kiss was broken. "Well, you know he was drunk..."

"And he did it again tonight." Enjolras said.

"So...what are you going to do about it?" Courfeyrac asked him.

"I don't know...DON'T tell anyone." Enjolras said blankly.

"Tell anyone what?" Courfeyrac said, took the empty glass out of Enjolras' hand and went back through the door. "Good night Enj."

Enjolras went home to sleep. Well, he went home to bed, what he did wasn't what one would call sleep. He stared at the black ceiling for awhile, pushed covers off, pulled covers back on, sighed, turned and sat up on the edge of the bed with his head in his hands, trying to think of what to do. Finally he lit the candle again, pulled on his clothes and then his jacket. He had to clear this once and for all. He blew out the candle and left his house.

By this hour it was at its darkest and coldest of the evening. The moisture gathered quickly on his hair and in his clothes as he walked along. He hadn't been to Grantaire's house as much in his whole life than he had in the past week. He stood outside of the door, twice he went to knock and then stopped to think a bit about what he was doing. He rehearsed again what he was going to say...what was he going to say? Oh, right...he finally knocked on the door.

He could hear Grantaire shuffle around, coming to the door. "Who is it?" he asked from the other side of the door.

"It's me, 'Taire." he said, leaning closer so he could be heard without shouting as the hour was late...well, early in the morning.

"Did you forget something?" he asked, turning the doorknob and opening the door. He had no clothes on, just a blanket wrapped around him.

"No." Enjolras said. "Well, yes..." he stammered then stepped close and pressed his lips against Grantaire's. He held his face in his hands as he kissed him and as Grantaire went to wrap his arms around Enjolras, the blanket dropped...revealing once and for all just how much he fancied his Captain. "The others..." Enjolras breathed in between kisses "...they can't find out."

"They won't find out." Grantaire murmured as he continued to kiss him.

"They mustn't." Enjolras began to get lost in a haze, feeling Grantaire unbutton the top of his shirt and start to kiss his throat.

"They'll only know what you tell them." Grantaire promised. "Come over here." he said and pulled him over to the bed. Enjolras went willingly, no idea what he was supposed to do next. Up until he got there, he had no intention of sitting on the bed of a naked Grantaire and making out with him. He tilted his head to the side to give Grantaire access to the side of his neck...this was one of the sweetest spots Grantaire always wanted to sample. He licked at the salty sweetness of the sweat mixed with perhaps soap or shaving cream he had used - perhaps gone for a shave earlier on in the day.

Enjolras closed his eyes and enjoyed Grantaire's ministrations, slowly lying back on the bed as Grantaire covered him with kisses. Finally Grantaire left the coveted area of his neck and joined up with Enjolras' lips again. He slid his hand across Enjolras' belly and rubbed around his belly button for a moment, all the while kissing and finally stroking the crotch of Enjolras' trousers, feeling the bump. Before he proceeded with that, he took Enjolras' hand and wrapped it around his own swelling, almost gasping to feel someone other than himself holding onto him and starting to stroke. Grantaire lay down beside him. Having had a huge head start, he was fully, almost painfully erect. "Oh my God, Enj..." he whispered into his lips and began to thrust towards him, needing to feel the head of his cock against something other than clothing. He began rubbing around on Enjolras' belly, unable to hold on any longer he gave a faint gasp and felt himself empty against Enjolras. There was a moment Grantaire couldn't move, just continue to rub against Enjolras until the ecstasy subsided. By that time, Enjolras had unbuttoned his trousers and invited Grantaire's hand to hold him.

"I just have...one thing...I hope you won't be disappointed." Enjolras whispered.

"Hmm?" Grantaire asked. This was not the time for a chat or disappointment!

"I'm not ready for..." he paused "...everything." he admitted.

"Okay." Grantaire gave a low chuckle but would keep his promise. He took Enjolras' swelling in his hand and stroked and pumped him as he kissed his chest, sucking his throat and swirling his tongue around his nipples. He knew Enjolras wouldn't want any sort of hickies or marks on his body because nobody at the cafe would believe that he had been out with a girl. "Roll over..." Grantaire guided Enjolras over onto this side, facing away from him. He spooned around him, for a moment Enjolras was concerned that Grantaire hadn't heard him or meant to honour his request but it was just so he could help him pump, move with him and perhaps enjoy a second sensation as he was plenty excited again. He kissed the back of Enjolras' neck as he reached around and continued to stroke him.

Enjolras' breathing began to come out in breaths that almost sounded painful as he got closer and closer to the edge. Finally, Grantaire felt the wetness on the blanket and through his fingers and Enjolras' gave a hoarse groan out. "So long...Enj." Grantaire whispered into the back of his head, kissing it as he could feel Enjolras start to relax. "I've wanted this for so long." he whispered.

"Can I stay the night?" Enjolras asked as he rolled back over to face Grantaire, kissing his lips again and he could tell by the look on Grantaire's face, it was just fine with him.

A few streets over, Courfeyrac finally had enough of studying. He crossed the room one more time to tuck the covers around Gavroche's shoulders and kissed the side of his head before blowing the candle out and taking his clothes off, climbing into bed. As he looked at the black ceiling, waiting for sleep to overtake him, he rubbed his fingers across his lips. His kiss had been lightly flavoured with the wine. Enjolras so seldomly drank that it was odd to think of him even having wine on his breath. How could a man have such pump, moist, delicious lips and not be aware of it?