Chapter 3

Courfeyrac was exhausted when he got home. It had been an intense and exhilarating experience with Grantaire. He wasn't sure there would be another one but at least he knew it was possible if the urge hit again and there was no other way for satisfaction. For now though it was confusion.

He would have to come to terms with it tomorrow because he could barely hold a conversation with Gavroche and couldn't wait to get him to bed before falling into his own. He woke briefly a few hours later to pull his clothes off and heap them on the floor but otherwise just jumped awake when he noticed the crack of light coming through the shutters. Thank God it was a fairly light day at school.

Grantaire had awoken something that Courfeyrac had no idea he had inside of him. No, Enjolras did...with his kiss...didn't he? Had it not been for the kiss and for Enjolras letting on the Grantaire was..."willing", he wouldn't have gone and...oh God just "helped himself." He knew that Grantaire said it was alright but there was a feeling in him that it hadn't been Grantaire's consent. Courfeyrac was disgusted with himself. Of all the girls he had dated, while some of them were mighty hot, he would never have taken advantage like that. Was it just because there was a risk of getting her in trouble? Would he figure he had the go-ahead if he knew there was no risk? No! Maybe if she were his wife but not unless and, needless to say, Grantaire was NOT his wife. And even if he was, why was the thought of Enjolras' throat sticking in his mind? And why did he feel like he was cheating on Grantaire because of that?

Gavroche usually did his own thing on the streets during the day so Courfeyrac didn't have to look for him on the way home from school, he would show up at the cafe when he was hungry, cold or being chased by the police. Courfeyrac scratched at his chin. He needed a shave so he stopped at the barber for a shave and trim. The talk of the revolution was rife at the barber shop. "You're with the students' group, aren't you?" someone asked and Courfeyrac did the best to answer and not get his nose sliced off with the razor. "I'm replacing my small press and want to sell you my old one cheap."

Courfeyrac just about jumped out of the chair with glee. "Merci, Monsieur." he said when the razor was safely away from any major arteries. "I will send Enjolras by, where is your shop?" he asked and got the directions. He didn't know how 'cheap' it would be but between all of them, it was no doubt affordable. He closed his eyes and thought about just how many more people they could reach with literature if they could print it themselves. The local printers weren't always anxious to do up a package of leaflets and propaganda, it could get them in trouble. This shave seemed to take forever but finally he paid the barber and headed towards the cafe. He had never cut through the back before. It was filthy and dangerous, dark and deserted but the wagon was just leaving there when Courfeyrac came by the entrance to the alley, that meant that all of the garbage and filth had been freshly shoveled off the alleyway so it was safe to go up there and he wouldn't have to go all the way around the block.

The back of Cafe Musain had many nooks and crannies. Along with the backhouse, there were other sheds and storage houses, fences and an area that the men would use if they just had to pass water. In his enthusiasm, Courfeyrac bolted through the back yard of the cafe, his eyes resting for a second on two men he figured were just relieving themselves. It took another second to process that it had been Feuilly leaning forward against the wall, hands up on it to keep himself upright, almost like he was being frisked. Beside him, with one hand on his back and the other reaching to his front midsection was another man, green waistcoat, messy hair...Grantaire had ahold of Feuilly's manhood, pumping to relieve him of more than just the day's stress. Courfeyrac took the steps up to the cafe two at a time. "Did I just see that for real?" he asked inside his head as he looked around the cafe for Enjolras.

"Enj." he said, sitting in the chair next to him, moving his books away, which was sometimes the only way to get Enjolras' attention. "Great news..." he said and shared the info he had heard at the barber shop.

"Who is it?" Enjolras asked. He knew all the print shops in the area and was glad to hear that it was someone he knew but wasn't brave enough to print pamphlets for them. This way he knew that he would get a good deal on it. He pulled his jacket back on and closed his books. "Come on." he said and waved Courfeyrac to follow him. He stepped aside as Grantaire came back up the stairs and staggered back to his seat at the corner table. Grantaire looked at Enjolras, then at Courfeyrac as he walked by them as if to say "I'm keeping my mouth shut, it's up to you."

After settling on a price and picking the press up, they went back to Enjolras' place to pull it from the box in pieces and assemble it. Enjolras took his jacket off so that he wouldn't get ink on it. It wasn't like he'd had it buttoned up before but the moment he hung the jacket on the hook by the door, Courfeyrac's eyes flew right to Enjolras' bare throat. Before he realised, he was licking his lips and when he DID realise it, he hoped to hell Enjolras hadn't noticed before he flicked his eyes over and looked at the printing press. He took his jacket off, too and rolled up his sleeves so he could help set it up. They were only setting it up to see what it looked like, it would actually live at the cafe.

"Yes!" Enjolras hissed and grinned when they slipped the first piece of paper in and pressed the plates together. He peeled it off and blew on the page, holding it up for Courfeyrac to see.

"Beautiful." his warm brown eyes twinkled. "This is going to get us miles ahead!" he said and sat back in his chair, stretching and smiling.

"God his eyes twinkle when he smiles." Enjolras said to himself, watching Courfeyrac get as enthused as he was. "No wonder all the girls on campus are smitten." he thought of a few of the girls (and guys) in school who came to meetings in hopes to spend time with Courfeyrac only to see that for the most of it, he was all business there. It wasn't just a bunch of angry students sitting around pouting. They never came back, they just stalked and entertained him on campus.

"Enj..." Courfeyrac said. "You're smiling." he smiled back at the bright blue eyes on his captain. Just for an instant before he went back to his sweaty throat. "You should smile more." he told him. Enjolras' eyes weren't as bright as Grantaire's but still blue and exciting. While his face was handsome, a smile really softened it.

Enjolras looked down shyly when Courfeyrac said that. He was right, he SHOULD smile more but he didn't always have much the smile about. "Why did he have to say that?" he asked himself. He hadn't totally forgotten about how it felt to kiss him. Knowing now that he could show a bit of love with more than just a pat on the back or casual hug, he almost felt like it was wasted on Grantaire, even though it was Grantaire who told him there were no strings attached.

"Did you know..." Courfeyrac said as they started putting the press back in the box to take to the cafe "...that Grantaire gives hand jobs out back?"

"I heard." Enjolras laughed a bit and shook his head, wondering Grantaire had told anyone about the hand job HE had given him.

"Had one?" Courfeyrac asked.

"Awkward..." "No." Enjolras said, then something said to put it on the table. "Not out back." he said softly.

"Enj?" Courfeyrac asked.

"It was the night he kissed me..." Enjolras told his second in command. "I don't know, it was like such a...tease...maybe you wouldn't understand - you get it all the time on campus..."

"I understand." Courfeyrac nodded quickly.

"You too?" Enjolras asked. "What's wrong?" he asked when he saw Courfeyrac's eyes glisten, on the verge of crying.

"It went...a bit further..." Courfeyrac said, a tear running out of the corner of his eye.

"Courf!" Enjolras said.

"Are you sickened?" Courfeyrac asked.

It wasn't sick that Enjolras felt. Not for that, at least but he was the only one who knew about what had happened to Grantaire at the end of high school. "What..." he couldn't speak.

"He said I didn't hurt him..." Courfeyrac cried "...but I know I did. And Gavroche...if anyone knows, I'm sure they'll taake him away but it's not like that..." he almost begged. "It wasn't an attraction or conscious thing..." he stammered.

"Gavroche is safe, Courf." Enjolras promised. "Nobody is going to know and I understand." he said. "Worst case scenario, if anyone has a problem, I'll take Gavroche. He'll be safe, it will be alright."

"I feel..." Courfeyrac couldn't define his feelings. "...I didn't mean to."

"I know..." Enjolras said, reaching out and putting his arms around him, drawing him close and rubbing his back. "...and I'm sure he knows it, too. You know, you're only human, Courf." he said and kissed the side of his head. He felt Courfeyrac nod against his shoulder. He shushed him and rubbed his back a bit more, closing his eyes and breathing deep as he buried his face into the dark haired man's lush curls. They were sort of like Grantaire's but softer...and smelled better. He nuzzled his face into the side of Courfeyrac's head and held him tightly, he was taking this very bad. "Courf!" he said and pulled back from him. "It's okay." he held his face in his hands, thumbing away the tears that were still falling from his big brown eyes. "Don't cry." he said, kissing his forehead then holding him to his chest again.

"Enj..." Courfeyrac said as he settle down. It was a bit hard to do that when he was face first in Enjolras' throat and wet with tears. He reached a hand up and stroked his cheek. "That night...when you kissed me..." he said.

"Yes!" Enjolras said, almost in relief.

"Yes what?" Courfeyrac asked.

"What were you going to say?" Enjolras asked. "Did you feel..."

"Yes!" Courfeyrac said.

"Yes what?" Enjolras smiled and held him tighter. "What did you feel?"

"Something...I didn't know I felt." Courfeyrac said.

"Me too." Enjolras pulled back and looked at Courfeyrac's face, giving him a bit of a smile. "Me too." he pressed his lips against Courfeyrac's for the first time since the 'demo' outside of Courfeyrac's one lasted longer, was softer and Enjolras felt the tip of Courfeyrac's tongue against his own before opening his mouth a bit wider and inviting him in. When they finally broke the kiss, they looked at each other for a moment, just guessing if they should continue with this or not.

"I told should smile more." Courfeyrac said softly and stroked Enjolras' face, prompting a few more looks at his dimples. He cupped his hand around the blonde man's face and Enjolras tilted his head to fit in the hollow of Courfeyrac's hand, giving a soft sigh before kissing his palm. "Know what I felt?" he asked. "I felt this..." he took Enjolras' hand and cupped it over the bulge in the front of his trousers. "That's how you made me feel." he smiled.

Enjolras was caught. The kissing was already out there and it was no mystery between the two that there had been a lot more than friendship that they had both denied. He felt a throbbing, too but being as Courfeyrac 'couldn't help himself' with Grantaire, was he going to do the same with him?

"I won't hurt you." Courfeyrac promised.

"You didn't meant to hurt Grantaire either." Enjolras pointed out but still feasting on the dark haired man's lips and tongue.

"I didn't mean to..." Courfeyrac said ' won't happen again with anyone...ever..." he kissed his lips softly, drawing Enjolras' tongue into his own mouth and sucking on it for a moment and Enjolras drew his body closer. Courfeyrac reached around and rubbed Enjolras' ass, squeezing it a bit and pulled him so close that their bulges met.

"I'm not one of your mistresses." Enjolras said, knowing his reputation around the campus with the high class ladies.

"I know." Courfeyrac smiled. He couldn't explain it. He wouldn't have said it that morning or even as recently as when he was having a shave but now, he just wanted to make love to him. It didn't have to involve sex, he didn't care how it ended, he just wanted the man in his arms for awhile. He broke the kiss for a moment. "Enj...I know, I understand and I promise." he said, smoothing his hair back. They left the area of the kitchen table and went over to the bed to take the weight off of their legs - both of which were wobbly. They sat down on the bed and kissed until Courfeyrac laid Enjolras back on the bed. "Take it easy..." he said softly, feeling Enjolras tense up. "...I just want to get comfy." he said as he licked Enjolras' neck then blew on the wet spot.

Enjolras gasped...needless to say nobody had ever done that to him before and the few more times Courfeyrac did that made his trousers most uncomfortable. He lightly moaned before fumbling with the buttons, undoing them to get some of the pressure and tightness off of himself. As he reached into his trousers, Courfeyrac's hand brushed his away. He had already undone his own trousers and pulled them down to expose his midsection and now he pulled Enjolras' down that far. He unbuttoned Enjolras' white shirt and rolled over onto him, kissing his chest as their erections rubbed on each other. "Don't hurt him, Courf, don't hurt him..." Courfeyrac said to himself. "I promise I won't." he whispered and kissed his chest, licking his nipples and blowing on them. He reached and massaged Enjolras' chest and upper arms.

"Oh my GOD, Courf!" Enjolras shrieked, jumping.

"What?" Courfeyrac jumped back. "What? I'm sorry! I didn't..."

"No..." Enjolras smiled and actually started chuckling, reaching out for him to join him again. "...I'm sorry." he wrapped his arms around Courfeyrac - who had stopped to take his own shirt off and pulled him back to him. "You give a mean massage..."

"You scared the hell out of me!" Courfeyrac breathed a sigh of relief then straddled his upper legs and pressed the heels of his hands onto Enjolras' abdomen, slowly leaning forward as his hands moved up his chest. By the time his hands finished at his shoulders, Courfeyrac was pretty much lying chest down on HIS chest. Enjolras closed his eyes and sighed as he felt Courfeyrac's hands work on his chest.

"Mmmmthat's good." he said. He couldn't decide if the pressure massage on his chest felt better or the point that he was really turned on felt better. Courfeyrac continued to massage up and down on Enjolras' chest while straddling his lap. If there was going to be a chance of sex, Courfeyrac was the one most likely to be penetrated. Not something he wanted but if it happened, at least he wouldn't be hurting Enjolras. Courfeyrac slid his hands back up towards Enjolras' shoulders again, stopping to kiss him as he massaged his shoulders and upper arms. Again, Enjolras gasped. This time he didn't alarm Courfeyrac or cry out but the man's touch had just the perfect amount of pressure and his hands had just the perfect amount of heat. He'd never had any kind of massage before but this would definitely be one of the best. Courfeyrac placed his hands on Enjolras' pectorals and began swirling his thumbs around his nipples, leaning forward every now and again to suck on one, then blow cool air on it before giving the other one the same treatment.

How did he know to do all this? Well, he'd gotten down with women before and he was just applying everything the women did to him...but there was one thing that he wasn't sure about...did he want to go all the way through with it? Enjolras was hard as a rock and a pretty good size. VERY good, actually and Courfeyrac didn't want to waste it but what could he do? The next time he lay chest to chest with Enjolras, he rolled them both onto their side, facing each other. Courfeyrac kissed Enjolras' chest and throat as he stroked his member, while at the time time Enjolras was pleasing him with his own hand. He felt Enjolras start to thrust. This was where it turned with Grantaire, would Enjolras expect him to yield to him? He let go of Enjolras' cock and slipped his leg over Enjolras' hips. He felt the burning, stretching feeling...good God was this what he did to Grantaire? He pulled closer to Enjolras and buried his face in his chest so he wouldn't see him biting his lip and the tears slipping out. They knew nothing about the glycerin that should have been used, or the prepping but by the time Enjolras was finished, Courfeyrac hadn't let go of his own load.

"I know I hurt you." Enjolras panted after he returned to consciousness. He knew he would see blood on the bedding.

"Enj..." Courfeyrac whimpered. Even though he was in excruciating pain, he hadn't felt anything tear and once Enjolras withdrew, the worst of the pain was the memory. "Touch me..." he begged and took Enjolras' hand back to his cock while he swirled his tongue around in the blonde man's mouth. He began to thrust but not into Enjolras, just against him until he emptied then lay there limp in his arms.

Enjolras kissed his hair and head, rubbed his back and held him. He figured that some day he would be expected to yield to the dark haired man but what he didn't know what that Courfeyrac was content to lie like that forever in his arms. Until there was a way for it to be painless...he couldn't imagine...he had now payed penance for what he had done to Grantaire. "Next time..." he spoke and picked his head off Enjolras' chest to look up at him. "Can we...just...stop before that part?" he asked.

"I think that can be arranged." Enjolras smiled at him. "I'm sorry..." he kissed his nose until Courfeyrac opened his mouth for another kiss. "Just make sure you never EVER massage me in public." he bargained.

A/N: okay this is the last chapter. I really didn't plan on going any further than part 1 but got such an overwhelming request to continue it LOL.