Chapter 1 Restart: A Naruto Time Travel FanFiction5:

Chapter One – Prologue

The blond haired baby's big blue eyes, full of innocence, looked into his scared father's eyes as he was placed into a crib which was situated in the middle of a sealing bed. The tiny boy could hear the screams of pain, fear and power; all from different places. He could see the bright colours of the night, the moon glowed eerie red, the sky – deepest of purples – and the green of the beautiful nature. The boy could see the raw strength – now free – that he was so accustomed to, from in the dark and dreary womb, light up the sky with scarlet power that would eventually be known as chakra. The chakra was from a ginormous blood red fox like monster with nine tails, its size could easily be comparable to a mountain if not bigger. His mother was kneeled on the ground, holding off the giant red beast with chakra chains. The beast was stronger than anything the baby had ever felt in his 15 minutes of life, though the beast's power was the same as the chakra he had been familiarised to in the dark, colourless – black – world he was freed from. His mother suddenly lost control of her chains and the beast used this chance to finally kill the cursed family.


The big blue eyes of the young man widened in fear as his fiancée was stabbed in the stomach; then expanded even more, as if his heart was tearing into two as the sword was pulled up with such force that it ripped out of the young woman's should, cutting her into two. The man started shaking at the sight, his mind shutting down; yet he could only dream of stopping what he was doing to mourn for her death, if he did, he would soon be following her in a much more painful way.

Unfortunately, he did flinch. He looked away from his own fight even if it was only for less than a second; it sealed his fate.

His once upon a time best friend used this distraction to finally take down the blue eyed young man.


The man turned back just in time to see the bright glow of blue of the raiton (lightning) Jutsu only millimetres from his golden chest coming from the hand of his best friend who was covered in his illusionary blue and red body of Susano'o. Time slowed down for the man, he could hear the chirping of a thousand birds over the sounds of war and was glad that at least he wasn't going to die with fighting in his ears and the copper scent of blood in his own; Chidori would numb that all out with its specific noise and scent.

The baby with the big blue eyes could see it happening before it even started; his mother lost control of the scarlet beast that light up the sky with pain and fear by its roar as it realised what his parents were planning for the monster. Its clawed hand came swinging towards the boy, aiming for his heart. His father was in the middle of the odd hand signs for a seal that would eventually be known to all as the Dead Demon Seal that would end his life when he saw the murderous attack aimed for his newborn son. His mother was breathing heavily with exhortation on her hands and knees facing the ground; her body was tense and muscles were being readied to jump if needed again despite her fatigue. It was now when she saw the scarlet nine tailed beast's daggered hands aiming for her son.

Visions of his parents jumping into the way of the claw and being stabbed in the their stomachs, their life's blood exploding from their bodies, only stopping it centimetres from his neck went past his big blue eyes before the event could even happen.

His parents were only just up to jumping…





The young man's big blue eyes glazed over as he entered his mindscape for the last time. Now he was seeing the sewer lines and the mysterious waters that had always depicted his landscape. He could hear the rush of the water going through the pipes rather well for a dying person, or perhaps he was just imagining it.

"Kurama, I guess this is good bye."

The almighty red beast no longer scared the young man as it had when he first met the beast that had taken away his parents by its claws. The young man no longer knew how to live without the nine tailed beast; his constant companion even though they didn't always get along.

"This could be a good bye, but it could also be a new start."

The man openly showed his confusion on his pained face. He didn't have much time; his peripheral vision was already fading into a white even in his mindscape but the ringing of the water from the pipes was getting as loud as the beast's voice.

"Do you want to go out in a big bang and restart from the beginning?'

"Being hit in the heart by Chidori without a counter attack ready is really kind of lame." The young man replied to the beast, thinking back to the sharp blue lightning attack – realising that the sound of the water pipes was not the water pipes but the ringing left from the attack. "I don't know what you mean by new start and restart, but there is no way that I'm going to die from a simple lighting strike to the heart."

'I must avenge Hinata's death,' the man thought to himself, remembering her love filled lavender eyes looking into his all those nights ago, 'She can't just die for no reason…' He bit his lip.

"Release the seal. Release the Sage of Six Paths."

Big blue eyes widened, starting at the red beast with disbelief; he was shocked that he even suggested that. However the ever increasing tunnel vision scared him, surprisingly, more that the order that the beast gave. "But everyone-"

"-is dead.' The red beast finished, "All your comrades and friends are dead; I have a plan and it just happens to have a consequence of a big bang.'

The man hesitated before his hand, rather quickly for a dying person, unzipped his jacket. "Since when does the Kyuubi ever have a plan?" His fingers placed themselves around the seal.

Kurama chuckled at Naruto's remark as he was given back his chakra and the Yondaime's seal was put back into place as a safeguard… "I always have a plan; just most of them can't be done alone…"

The strong wind that came up from behind the young man had no effect as the two stared each other off; time slowed down as the man's fingers made a twisting motion on his stomach. The water became a raging ocean with large waves crashing into the walls of the sewer and the wind howled over their ears. Whatever the beast was planning was the man's last resort.


A white light blinded the blue eyed babe which was soon replaced by black splodges and the sight of his parents still jumping into the way of the oncoming beast's claws. The boy knew what was going to happen; his parents would die after his father seal half the beast's power inside of the boy before bringing the rest of it with himself to the afterlife. He saw it in his vision along with his mother not able to survive the stab to the stomach and that he would become a Jinchuriki; though he had no idea as to how he knew the word.

But the beast stopped.

The howling wind froze.

His parents were not stabbed.

But fell back to the ground with no more damage than they had before the jump.

And he felt his mind slowly become part of another, stronger, older one. And at the same time, the last thing he saw was the beast suddenly fading at the same pace his mind was.

The young man stared around at the sewer as more resent memories were sent to his head of the night he was born as if a shadow clone from that time just dispelled and only now gave the memories to the original. But the odd thing was that it was as if he was there, technically, he was but he was too young to remember it; he only knew what he was told by his parents' spirits, and it was in their point of views. He could remember the emotions in his father's eyes as the man put his young self into the sealing crib and the loving but fearful face of his mother as she cried next to him. He could remember the felling of exiting the darkness only to be taken into the hands of Obito in his mask and robes then being thrown up high into the air, death before his early eyes, then being saved by his – obviously by scent – father and the horrid feeling in his stomach due to Hiraijin. His big blue eyes narrowed in realisation, he could see again and his mindscape was the same as before – from what he could see, the sewer's corridors were in the same place, the water pipes on the wall were all the right sizes and…


He ran down the never ending tunnels towards where the Yondaime's seal was to find the blood coloured beast, now three times bigger than normal, laying down with his front legs crossed to make a rest for his head. The beast's eyes were closed.

"The Yondaime Hokage's seal won't last forever with my new body and extra chakra reserves."

"What? What did you do…?" The man finally found his voice.

"We merged together with our past selves." The beast didn't even open his eyes.

"Ehh…?" The young man screwed his face up in confusion, "What are you talking about?"

"The stronger of the two, ourselves, took over the weaker of the two, our past selves, and became one." The beast explained. "My younger self's chakra has been added to my current one, the same with you."

The beast started to explain the basics of why he was so much bigger and what had happened. He explained that when the masked Obito had made him attack the village, half his chakra was sealed away with the Shinigami by the Fourth Hokage, meaning that he was originally twice as big as the young man was used to. The Jutsu took the stronger mentalities – the young man and the smaller beast – and made them take over the weaker – the man when he was younger and the original mountain sized beast – but at the same time added the two's chakra's together – the younger and older mans' chakra were added together to form one man and the larger and smaller beasts' chakra were added together to form one beast. The beast explained that since he was a bijuu – chakra monster – then his physical body was made out of chakra; therefore his full power plus half his power made him one and a half time stronger that when he was originally. Meaning he was three times stronger than what the man was used to.


"Naruto," The beast sighed, looking the man right in the eye, hoping not to repeat himself. "Look outside."

So the young man did; and saw what he least was expecting.

The baby's big blue eyes, full of knowledge and experience, looked past the crib he was currently in, past the setting for the Eight Trigrams Seal and onto his parents who were lying on top of each other, staring at the place above a giant footprint as if something as big as a mountain just disappeared before their eyes.

It was only now that the older mind of the baby understood the beast's message and his new memories from when he was born.

'Oh. By restart, you meant time travel…'