Chapter one

Thousands of people were still cheering and applauding when Harry and Ginny finally pulled apart. Harry caressed Ginny's face, then turned to face everyone and held up a shaky hand.

When everyone fell silent, Harry stared around at all the people smiling up at him. 'I…I,' Harry swallowed and took a deep breath, 'I really don't know what to say,' Harry could feel his voice choke and Ginny sent her feelings of happiness and love. He looked down at her, then looked back at the crowd. 'Thank you, everyone, I really don't deserve any special treatment, but you don't know how having you all here means to me and what you've done for me is just amazing even though it shouldn't have been necessary, so thank you.' Harry's voice started to choke more as tears came to he's eyes. He pulled Ginny into his arms as the sobs escaped him.

Harry pulled himself together, looking Ginny in the eyes, then took her hand and made he's way off stage, down to his parents, and brother and sister.

'I sorry for everything I've put you through the last couple of days.'

James and Lily handed their son and daughter to Harry's in-laws and pulled him into their arms, holding him tight. 'You never have to be sorry Harry, not after everything you've gone through in your life. Now you can have a happy life with your wife, you're family and friends.' James said putting his hands to Harry's face. 'We love you son, and we'll always be here for you.'

'Thanks dad.'

'You're father is right Harry, you can have the life you deserve. We love you very much and we feel so happy to be able to share that life with you. You're my son Harry, and I just want you to be happy, but you are loved, and not just by your family and friends, but by everyone.' Lily kissed Harry as tears came to her eyes.

'Thanks mum.'

The crowd started cheering and chanting Harry's name again, wanting him to sing again.

'Everyone wants you Harry, and they want you to be happy. Go sing for them.' Ginny said putting her hands to his face again. 'I love you Harry, and nothing will come between us ever again.' she kissed him tenderly. 'Now go.'

Harry nodded, kissed Ginny again, and made his way back on stage. 'Harry, let's do you'll never walk alone.' Liam said smiling at him.

'Alright, Nicky can take the piano.' Harry said and he decided he'd just stand and sing for everyone. He felt the tears fall down he's face as he was singing, but he let them fall. He stared out at everyone and saw the caring looks on all their faces and felt his voice choke a bit but pulled it together to finish the song for everyone. When he finished the crowd erupted in applause, shaking the walls of the atrium.

'Thank you, and I can't tell you how much it's meant to me that you were all here to support me.' he stepped back down off the stage and put his arm around Ginny. 'Let's go home sweetheart.'

'Yes, Harry, let's go home.' Ginny kissed him and they made their way through the crowd, everyone parting to let them through. They made it to the fireplace and Harry turned around once more and looked at everyone. He nodded, and stepped into the fire with his wife and went home.

Harry stepped out of the fire with Ginny and he looked around. 'I really thought I'd never see our home again Gin. I never wanted any special treatment, I wanted to be treated like everyone else.' he looked back down at Ginny kissing her fiercely. He never noticed he's parents, Sirius and Nicky, all the Weasley's, Kingsley, and Minerva had all stepped out of the fire not long after them.

'You're not like everyone else Harry, you are special and everyone knows it that's why they came to support you. After reading what a hard life you had and you were still willing to die to let everyone live in peace, then everything that's happened since, they wanted to do anything they could to help you for a change.' Kingsley said putting a hand on Harry's shoulder.

'What do you mean after reading what a hard life I've had, how did they read about that?'

He's father walked over to Harry and handed him the copy of the Daily Prophet that told the story of Harry's life.

Everyone noticed how badly he's hands were shaking as he held the paper. Harry sat down reading he's life story, with tears falling down he's face. At the bottom he saw that it was written by James Potter.

Harry looked up at his father, 'You wrote this, I don't understand, why did you do this?'

'Son, just like Ginny, we will do anything to protect and help you in any way we can. When Kingsley asked me to put together a story of your life for people to read, we knew that it would make everyone stop and think about what you had to put up with all your life and we also knew they'd want to help because if it wasn't for you, they knew a lot of them wouldn't be here, or they'd be living under Voldemort. None of us, not one person in this room or that was there today was going to let them send you away and was willing to do anything to stop it.'

Harry stood up and faced everyone, 'I appreciate that you all care, I really do…' Harry looked down, shaking his hands out. 'I just need to be alone for a while.' he walked off into the studio, leaving everyone in the sitting room.

'He's still thinks he should have been locked up for what happened. I don't know how to get through to him, I really don't.' James said as he sat down putting he's head in his hands.

'I'm going to go see if he's alright.' Ginny said.

'Gin, let me go. You saw how badly he's hands were shaking, let me talk to him.' Charlie said putting a hand to his sisters shoulder.

'Alright Charlie,' Ginny gave her brother a small smile before sitting down.

'I think we should all leave, give him time.' Arthur said as he looked around at everyone.

'Yes, I think that is a good idea Arthur. Ginny if you need anything, please let me know. I've got to get back to the ministry and talk to the Wizengamot.' Kingsley went over to her and gave her a kiss and a hug. 'We just need to give him time Ginny.'

'I know Kingsley.'

Everyone came over and kissed Ginny goodbye, then Katie sat down next to her. 'He'll be alright Ginny.'

'I hope so Katie,' she looked over at her sister in-law. 'Let me take Harry,' Katie nodded and handed her son to Ginny. Little Harry touched her face, and Ginny giggled. 'You're getting so big, aren't you Harry.'

'Well, there almost 1 now, just over a month to go.'

'Merlin that's gone fast, I remember being there when they were born, it seemed like only yesterday.' Ginny kissed little Harry's cheek and he tried to grab her nose making her laugh.

Charlie walked into the studio and saw Harry leaning against the back of the couch, he's back to Charlie. He walked slowly over and instantly saw a drink in Harry's hand.

'Harry, what are you doing?' Charlie went to take the class from Harry but he pulled it away and took another drink. 'Harry, don't do this.'

'I shouldn't have gotten off just because I'm Harry Potter. I just can't handle this at the moment, because I know something else is going to go wrong, something bad will happen, just like every other time I've finally started to put my life together. Something comes along and fucks it up. But this is my fourth class I've downed Charlie and it doesn't seem to have any effect on me anymore.' Harry poured another one and downed it.

'Harry mate, you need to stop this, let's just talk please.' Charlie put his hand on Harry's shoulder turning him to face him and he saw Harry's face looked resigned.

'This is my life Charlie, there's always going to be something bad happening to me, so I've decided to just live and let it happen but I'm going to do it drinking.' Harry moved away and sat down and the couch, downing another drink. 'It's not having any effect on me and I really wish it did right now.'

'Harry, please, think about this. You know what you'll be like, you said you never wanted to put Ginny through that again.'

'Charlie, I just think everyone should just leave me alone before anyone else gets hurt or killed. Someone always does you know, whenever they get close to me.'

'That's not true Harry, you know the deaths during the battle was not your fault.'

'Maybe, but all the others were, my parents, Sirius, Dumbledore, Cedric, Hedwig, Dobby, Mad-Eye, that woman, there all my fault, everyone single one of them.'

'No, they weren't Harry. They were Voldemorts fault, not yours, except maybe the woman's, but Harry, she tried to kill Ginny. You did what you did because of your love for her.'

'You really don't know how I'm feeling do you Charlie,' Harry said downing another drink. 'I can't live with what I've done, I always knew I was capable of doing something like that, like killing. Do you remember when you got me of the drink the first time, do you remember what I said to you about what I'd do for Ginny?'

'Well, you always said you'd do anything for her, and you always have.' Charlie said puzzled at where Harry was going.

'I said I would probably kill to keep her safe, well I've proven that I will, haven't I. What sort of person does that make me, how am I different from Voldemort. He killed to gain power or just because he wanted to, because he liked it, I killed for Ginny. I killed, not to protect, not because of a war, because I was angry that she hurt Ginny.'

'I know Harry, I know how you feel…'

'No you don't,' Harry yelled, 'No one can,' Harry got up and walked back over to the back of the couch, leaning against it. 'Have you killed anyone Charlie?' Harry voice was quiet again as he turned and looked at him. 'I'm not talking during the battle, just killed, taken someone's life because you could?' Harry saw the look on Charlie's face, 'See, how could you know how I feel?' Harry shook his head. 'Just leave me alone Charlie, please.' Harry turned back away from Charlie and downed another drink.

'I might not have killed anyone Harry, but I am here for you, remember that. When you decide you want to talk, I'll be here.' Charlie looked at Harry's back but he never responded, just downed another drink. 'I'll leave you alone Harry, for now.' Charlie knew he could tell Harry something that might help him, but now was not the time. He walked out of the studio and back into the sitting room.

'Charlie, how is he, I heard him yell?' Ginny asked looking worried.

'He's drinking, that's how he is Gin. I tried to get through to him but he won't listen.' Charlie said sitting down looking at everyone. 'One thing though, the alcohol doesn't seem to have any effect on him this time. He downed nine large drinks while I was in there and nothing.'

'I'm going to go talk to him, see if I can get through to him,' Ginny handed little Harry to his mother and walked into the studio. She saw Harry leaned against the couch. 'Harry, can I talk to you please?'

'Sure Gin, you can talk to me anytime.' Harry said but didn't turn around, just down another drink. 'It's not working, you know. I've finished off this bottle and I'm not feeling anything. I was hoping it would numb me for a while.'

Ginny walked over and stood in front of him and saw the pain on his face. 'Why are you doing this again?' Ginny put her hands to Harry's face.

Harry pressed his hand over Ginny's and looked into her eyes. 'I want to forget what I did,' he put his glass down on the lounge and put his other hand to Ginny's face. 'I love you Gin, but I don't want to feel this way anymore. Knowing that something is going to go wrong again, and it always does. That's what my life is, pain, death and sorrow.' Harry picked up his glass, poured another drink, downing it. 'But this isn't even going to help stop me remembering, even for a while.'

'Come sit with me Harry.' Ginny said taking Harry's hand.

'Alright,' Harry followed Ginny around the couch and sat down, pulling Ginny onto his lap, putting his arms around her. 'I know your worried sweetheart, I can't help that at the moment. I just don't know how I'm going to get through this, to stop feeling this way. And I keep wondering what's going to happen next.' Harry kissed Ginny's neck.

Ginny could hear how down Harry sounded, 'Nothing is going to happen Harry,' Ginny kissed him tenderly.

'Something always does sweetheart, and I can't stop it. I haven't been able to stop everything else from happening. I might be powerful Gin, but it means nothing, not if I can't stop whatever comes next. Listen, I'm tired, I'm going to go up to bed and sleep. Do you want to come with me?'

'Alright Harry,' Ginny got up off Harry's lap and held her hand out to him. 'Come on sweetheart.' Harry took Ginny's hand, put it to he's face and walked out of the room with her. Ginny saw everyone look at them, she shook her head and just kept walking up the stairs with Harry, into their room.

'I just want to hold you,' Harry stripped his clothes off, and got into bed with his wife, wrapping his arms around her, pulling her tight against him. 'This feels nice.'

'Yes it does,' Ginny held Harry's hands tight to her body. 'Harry, everything will be alright, it'll work out.' he didn't answer her so she looked over her shoulder and saw he was asleep. 'Sleep my love, I'll always be here with you, no matter what.' Ginny waited for a while, then gently slipped out of bed, got dressed and went back down stairs.

Lily, James, Sirius, Nicky, Charlie and Katie were still sitting there, talking quietly. 'How is he Ginny?' James asked as she walked back in and sat down next to Charlie.

'He's depressed, talking about how he's life is all about pain, death and sorrow and wondering what bad thing is going to happen next.'

'Yeah, he pretty much said the same thing to me. He said he was just going to live he's life and let whatever bad thing comes along but he was going to do it drinking this time.'

'I think it's going to take some time for him to come to terms with everything. He's not going to listen to anyone at the moment.' Ginny felt the tears come to her eyes and put her head on Charlie's chest. 'I don't know what to do Charlie.'

'I know Gin, we'll all just have to be here for him and hope to get through to him, because let's think about this, none of us really does knows how he's feeling, we can't. That's basically what he said to me, because I'd never killed anyone just because I could, I couldn't know what he was feeling.'

'No, none of us can know.' Sirius said looking over at his friends and wishing he could tell Harry about something he knew would help him through this, but he knew he wouldn't listen at the moment.

Everyone sat around thinking of ways to help Harry, as they watched little Ginny and little Harry crawl around the floor.

'I know he's blocking he's feelings from me at the moment, because he doesn't want me to worry, but that just makes me worry more.'

'Yeah, that's something he would do.' Charlie held he's sister close to him. 'We'll help him, somehow, I just don't know how at the moment.'

'Ginny, do you mind if I go up and see him?' Lily asked her daughter-in-law.

'I don't mind Lily,' Ginny gave her a small smile.

Lily walked up the stairs and into her son's room and over to the bed. She looked down at him before sitting down and taking he's hand.

'I wish there was something I could do to help with the pain you're in Harry.'

Harry opened he's eyes and looked at his mother. 'I know mum,' Harry put his mother's hand to his face. 'I just need time.'

'I thought you were asleep.' she gave him a smile.

'No, just didn't want to worry Ginny anymore.'

'Why don't you come down and have some lunch Harry, you didn't eat breakfast.'

'I might come down, but I'm not hungry. I need to get some clothes on, you go down, I'll be down in a moment.'

'Alright Harry,' Lily leaned over and kissed him. 'We're all here for you and we all love you. Let us all help you for a change.' Lily stood up and waited for Harry to say something but he didn't. 'You need to let your family help you Harry.'

'I don't think anyone can help me. Go down and eat mum, I'll be there in a minute.' Harry looked down and waited for his mother to leave.

'Alright Harry, don't take too long.' she leaned over and kissed him on the top of the head then left the room, walking back downstairs. 'He said he's coming down.'

'I thought he was asleep,' Ginny said looking at her mother-in-law.

'No, he said he just didn't want to worry you anymore.'

Harry got up put some clothes on, and walked over to the large windows. He looked out at the beautiful scenery in front of him with snow covering all the trees. He turned on the spot and a few seconds later, was walking through the snow and stood looking down at the ice covered water, letting the snow fall on him.

'Look,' James said pointing out the windows. Everyone turned and saw Harry walking through the snow towards the water.

'I didn't think you could apparate or disapparate from inside the wards here.' Katie said looking at Ginny.

'You can't, that's one of the things Harry made sure of when he did the wards. You have to go outside them to apparate.'

'It's he's power Ginny,' Dumbledore said from he's portrait. 'He's just like me there. I was the only person who could apparate or disapparate from inside the Hogwarts grounds. If Harry can do it here, he could apparate inside Hogwarts.'

Ginny stood up and walked to the windows, looking out at her husband. She could tell by the way he was standing that he was still down. She closed her eyes, concentrating on sending her love to him and also that she wanted to help him through this. She saw Harry turned and look at her, giving her a small smile before turning back to the water.

'Why don't we all have lunch, he'll come in soon.' Ginny looked at everyone and they all nodded, making their way to the kitchen.

Everyone sat quietly eating lunch, all still lost in their own thoughts of how to help Harry, when he made he's way back inside.

'You want something to eat Harry?' Ginny looked over at him.

'Not hungry, thanks Gin,' Harry went straight over and sat on the couch.

They all heard how down Harry was and how depressed he looked. They kept watching him when little Harry crawled over and pulled himself up on Harry's legs.

'Hey there little man, look at you.' Harry lifted his godson up into his arms. 'You're getting around really good now aren't you?' Harry gave the little boy a cuddle, and everyone saw how Harry held onto him, when little Ginny made her way over and pulled herself up. 'You want up too, do you?' Harry leaned over and picked little Ginny up into his other arm and she put her hand to he's face. 'You're just like your aunt Ginny you are.'

Everyone could hear how Harry's voice choked up before putting both the children back down. Ginny got up and made her way over to him. She knelt in front of Harry and saw the pain on his face as he's tears flowed down.

Harry looked at Ginny and wrapped he's arms around her, sobbing hard into her shoulder. Both little Harry and little Ginny kept putting their hands on Harry's legs.

'Shhh, baby, everything's going to be alright.' Ginny could feel her own voice choke as she held onto her husband.

Harry pulled back, 'It's not going to be alright Gin, not this time.' Harry moved he's niece and nephew off he's legs and stood up. 'Nothing going to be alright, not anymore,' Harry walked away and into the library.

Ginny stood looking towards the library as she broke down completely. Charlie came over and pulled her into his arms.

'Give him time Ginny, it's only been a couple of days.'

'He looks so heartbroken Charlie, like he's lost everything.'

'We just have to be here for him, try and get him over this depression he's sunk into.'

'I'm going to keep trying to get through to him.' Ginny moved away from Charlie and walked down to the library. She turned the handle but it wouldn't open. 'Harry, please let me in.' she got no answer. 'Please sweetheart, talk to me.' she waited but he still wouldn't open the door or show any sign he'd heard her at all. Ginny thumped on the door and yelled, 'Harry open the door.' Ginny sank to the floor, leaning against the door. 'Please,' she said as her voice got quiet.

Charlie, Katie, James, Lily, Sirius and Nicky all stood watching Ginny sitting on the floor outside the library and they all hurt for her and for Harry.

'If you don't want to let me in Harry, at least let me know what you're feeling, stop blocking me, please.' she put her head to the door, 'Oooohhhhhhhhhh,' Ginny gripped her chest and lay down, crying hard.

'Gin,' Charlie raced over and pulled her into his arms. 'What is it Gin?'

'It's….it's Harry, he's in so much pain. He stopped blocking me, and I can feel it Charlie. He's hurting so much, what are we going to do? How can we help him?' before Charlie could answer the door opened.

Harry stood looking down at Ginny, 'I told you, nothing can help me, and now you know how I'm feeling, that's why I blocked you, so you wouldn't be hurt.' he turned away and went back into the library, looking out the window and not bothering to close the door. 'You deserve someone who won't cause you pain and that's all I seem to do Gin, cause pain to everyone around me.'

Charlie helped Ginny up off the floor and watched as she walked into the room. 'Harry, please don't say that.' she stood in front of him, seeing the anguish on he's face. 'I love you Harry, we all love you. Please, just let us help.'

'You felt what I'm feeling Ginny,' Harry yelled. 'Nothing can help me, I killed and I'm not sorry.' Harry's voice softened, 'Do you how that makes me feel, knowing I can kill someone and not care. She was someone's daughter, might have had sisters, or brothers, maybe she was even a mother, and I don't care. I always knew I'd turn out like him, evil, cold, kill because I could, because I wanted to kill.' Harry turned to walk away but Ginny gripped his arm.

'You're nothing like him, how could you even think that.' Ginny put her arms around Harry and held him tight, not letting him move, She put her head on he's chest. 'You could never be like him Harry.'

Charlie, Katie, Lily, James, Sirius and Nicky all stood watching Ginny try to get through to Harry. Little Harry and little Ginny crawled to the door and started to move towards them when Katie went to pick them up.

'No Katie, let them go, let's see what they do.' Charlie said taking his wife's hands and watching his children crawl towards their uncle.

The twins stopped on either side of Harry and pulled themselves up on he's legs. They kept grabbing up high on his leg trying to get Harry to pick them up. Ginny looked down at her niece and nephew and she moved back slightly to let them get closer to Harry.

Harry looked at his godchildren, seeing that they both wanted him to pick them up. He reached down, put an arm under each of them and pulled them into his arms and they both wrapped their arms around his neck and cuddled into him. Harry let a sob escape him as he sat down holding the little boy and girl.

'If you were like him Harry, why would your niece and nephew want to hold you like that? Their innocent children and the innocent can usually sense evil and they don't. If you don't want to believe me, believe what their telling you,' Ginny said looking down at Harry then turned and looked back at everyone still standing at the door. She saw Katie and Charlie both crying as their children comforted their uncle.

James, Lily, Sirius, Nicki, Charlie and Katie all had tears falling down their faces as they watched little Harry and little Ginny comfort their uncle. Harry held them tight as he cried into the two baby's shoulders.

Ginny sat next to Harry, 'You see Harry, Ginny and Harry can sense how much love you have inside you, and they can sense your pain and they want to help, just like we all want to help. Let your family help you for once Harry. We understand that none of us can know how you're feeling Harry, not really, but we do want to help you get through this. Yes it will probably take time, a lot of time, but you can't do it alone. This time, you are going to need help, so please, let us help you.'

Harry moved his head back and looked at his niece and nephew, 'ary,' little Ginny said patting his face. Harry sobbed quietly upon hearing he's niece say he's name.

Katie gasped as she looked at her daughter. 'Her first word,' Katie couldn't stop more tears falling down her face and Charlie put an arm around his wife and they moved slowly into the room with the others following.

'Ginny's right Harry, they can tell you're a good person.' Charlie said looking down at his children. 'They love you Harry, just like the rest of us loves you.'

Harry kissed his niece and nephew, then looked at Ginny, leaning over and kissing her tenderly. 'I…' Harry took a deep breath trying to get he's voice to work. 'I…' he shook his head when he couldn't speak.

'It's alright sweetheart, you don't need to say anything. Just know we're here for you, and when you're ready to talk, we'll be here to listen to whatever you have to say and to help in any way we can.'

Harry nodded to he's wife, then looked back at the two little children he was holding as they both kept touching he's face then they put their heads back on Harry's shoulder at the exact same time and fell asleep. Harry leaned back against the lounge, letting the twins sleep in he's arms.

'Let's leave them alone for a while.' Charlie said to everyone. They all nodded and went back into the sitting room and sat down.

Lily knelt down in front of Charlie and Katie. 'I think your children has just saved Harry a lot of pain and given him a lot to think about.' she put her arms around both of them, kissing each on the cheek before standing back up then sat with her husband.

'I just can't believe what I saw, the way they were comforting him.' Charlie said looking around at everyone.

Ginny sat watching Harry hold he's niece and nephew as they slept in he's arms and noticed Harry falling asleep as well. She stood up and waved her hand and the back of the lounge slowly lowered then expanded until it was like a bed. She walked out of the library to the sitting room.

'Come have a look at this,' Ginny said quietly.

Everyone followed Ginny to the door of the library and saw Harry asleep with he's arms around the two sleeping babies. Little Harry and little Ginny each had a hand over Harry's chest, sleeping peacefully.

'Oh, that's so beautiful,' Lily said look at her son.

'Yeah, it is.' James said putting an arm around he's wife.

'Let's leave them sleep for a bit.' Charlie said and they all walked back into the sitting room.

'I think my twins are awake, probably hungry.' Lily said and walked into the nursery. 'Hello my sweet babies,' Lily picked both her children up and took them both back into the sitting room. 'James, you take Holly, I'll feed Hayden.' he nodded and took he's daughter from his wife's arms.

'Do you think he'll be alright Ginny?' Sirius asked her.

'I don't know Sirius, I hope so. The feelings I'm getting from Harry now are peaceful, healing, calm, helpful and it's strange. Those four feelings are all jumbled together. It's not like the feelings I usually get from Harry.' she sat there concentrating, then gasped and looked up at everyone. 'Those feelings aren't from Harry, there from the twins.'

'What do you mean there from the twins Ginny, how can they be from them?' Charlie asked.

Tears started to fall down Ginny's face. 'There sending those feelings to Harry, their trying to help him.' Ginny said looking over at her brother and he's wife. 'Their trying to heal the pain in he's heart.'

'But how can they do that, and how do you know it's from them?' Katie asked as she sat up looking at her sister-in-law.'

'Because I can also feel Harry,' she concentrated, 'There's pain, hopelessness, but…those…feelings…seems to be getting…weaker as the peaceful, healing, calm and helpful feelings are getting stronger. It's Harry and Ginny, their doing it.'

'But I still don't understand how they could be doing that and how you can feel it. You feel Harry because of your bond, but how can you feel the twins?'

Ginny shook her head, 'I don't know, I just can,' Ginny stood up, 'I'm going to watch them for a while, see if the feelings change, if the pain feelings gets weaker and the others get stronger.' they all nodded and she walked back into the library and sat gently down at the end of the makeshift bed and watched.

The twins hands were both moving very gently over Harry's chest, but they were still asleep. Ginny watched for a long time, until the twins started to wake.

'I see their waking up Ginny,' Katie said from the doorway, 'They have never slept that long before.'

'How long was it? I never took any notice.'

'Just over four hours Ginny, the most they usually sleep through the day is about an hour or two.' Katie walked into the room watching her children stir. 'What are you feeling from Harry now Ginny?'

Ginny closed her eyes and concentrated. 'Acceptance, there's still pain, but it's a little weaker. Nothing like before and there's also a calmness as well.' she opened her eyes and looked down at Harry and the twins. Harry was still asleep but the twins were finally awake. They were both looking at Harry, touching he's face before they turned to face their mother.

Katie walked over and picked them both up, 'I bet you are both hungry,' she kissed them both, 'I'll go get them something to eat Ginny, it's past dinner time. Do you want to come out and get something?'

'No, I'll wait until Harry wakes up, hopefully I might be able to talk him into eating.'

'Alright, I'll leave you alone with Harry.' she smiled then turned and walked out of the room.

Ginny moved closer to Harry and very gently put her head down on he's chest, listening to his gentle, even breathing.

'Hey sweetheart,' Harry said looking down at Ginny.

Ginny sat up and looked at Harry and saw instantly he looked a little better. She moved up and kissed him fiercely and felt he's arms wrap around her, caressing her body as he kissed her back. Ginny finally pulled back, and looked into Harry's eyes.

'How are you feeling sweetheart?'

'Better, how long was I asleep for?'

'You and the twins slept for four hours, they just woke and Katie took them in to get them something to eat.'

Harry lifted himself up, and saw the couch has been changed. 'Who did this?'

'I did, when I saw you had fallen asleep with the twins in your arms.'

'I don't understand why I fell asleep, I wasn't even tired.'

'I think it had something to do with the twins Harry.'

'Why would the twins have anything to do with me falling asleep?'

'Well, there's something I need to tell you, but it's going to be hard to understand.'

Harry looked at Ginny, concentrating on her. 'By your feelings it's not bad news, so tell me.'

'We should fix the couch first, and sit properly, don't you think?'

Harry looked at Ginny, then the couch and he looked a little anxious, 'Why don't you do it?'

Ginny had seen the look on Harry's face but decided to ignore it. 'Alright, hold still,' she waved her hand and the couch went back to its original condition. 'There.'

Harry pulled Ginny into his arms and lay down, pulling her with him until she was lying on top of him, kissing her fiercely. He's hands roamed all over her body, moving them under her top.

'Can we talk later Gin?' Harry looked at her and he's breathing was heavy.

'Oh yeah, why don't you seal the door?' Ginny said and saw the scared look come to Harry's face, 'Unless you want me to do it for a change?'

'Good idea,' Harry smiled at her, 'why don't you give it a go.'

Ginny noticed Harry relaxed instantly, 'Alright,' Ginny waved her hand at the door and it closed and sealed. 'Now, where were we,' Ginny grinned as she started kissing Harry again and felt him trying to get her top off. 'Why don't we take these off?' Ginny stood up and Harry did as well and stripped their clothes off then Harry pulled Ginny back to him, kissing her fiercely.

'Merlin, I need you Gin,' Harry moved he's mouth down and over her breast as he slipped a hand down between her legs and started to feel her then slipped a finger inside, moving it around.

'Oh Harry, that feels good,' Ginny groaned loudly.

'Sit for me,' Harry said and waited until Ginny sat on the edge of the couch and opened her legs wide, knowing that's what he wanted. Harry knelt in front of her, moving he's hands up the inside of her legs but stopped just before he reached her. 'I love you sweetheart.'

'I love you too Harry,' Ginny said as she panted in anticipation.

Harry moved closer and put his mouth over her, pushing his tongue inside, thrusting it back and forth. Ginny's groans were getting louder the longer he went. He started to flick his tongue against her, holding her hips tight to control her movements as her climax hit, but he kept going until Ginny screamed he's name over and over, trying to pull him up.

Harry sat down, and pulled Ginny over him, making her straddle him. Ginny looked into he's eyes as she slowly lowered herself onto him and Harry groaned loudly. Ginny started to move over him, getting faster and harder until she saw Harry's face and knew he was very close. She kept moving fast until she felt herself about to cum, and saw Harry was about to as well. She moved even faster, until she groaned loudly just as Harry groaned.

Ginny put her head on Harry's chest, 'I've missed you Harry,' she kissed he's chest.

'I've missed you too, but it has only been a day.' Harry ran he's hand down Ginny hair, looking at the way it covered he's chest.

'I know, but it felt longer.' Ginny concentrated on Harry's feelings, he was still in pain, but not like before. 'I need you to tell me Harry, how you're really feeling?'

Harry felt how worried Ginny was, 'Confused, guilty because I shouldn't have gotten away with what I did. I'm still not sorry and that frightens me, wondering how much farther I will go if I'm pushed. I'm scared of my power and how I'll use it, and I hurt.'

Ginny heard Harry's voice choke at the last bit. She sat up and put her hands to his face. 'It will take time Harry, but please don't push me or anyone away. Let's us help you get through this, please.'

Harry caressed her face and kissed her tenderly, 'I won't push you away, but I just don't know how I'm going to be for a while. I can feel how depressed I am, but the pain in my heart is the worse. I don't know if it will heal, if I'll ever heal.' Harry kissed Ginny tenderly. 'If I can't get through this, I'll understand you know, it'll probably kill me, but I'd understand.'

'Understand what Harry?' Ginny felt nervous.

'If you can't love me anymore, if you can't put up with everything anymore and leave me.' Harry kept caressing Ginny's face sending all his love to her.

'Harry potter,' Ginny said loudly, 'don't you ever think that, how could you think I would do that. I'll always love you and I will be here with you always.' Ginny pulled him into a fierce kiss, holding him tight. 'Believe me Harry, I'm not going anywhere and I don't care how long it takes for you to get over this or even if you never do, I will be here for you.'

'I hope so sweetheart, because I think you are the only one that can help me. I wouldn't survive if I didn't have you.'

'I'm not going anywhere without you, now, I want you to do something for me.'

'You know I'll do anything for you Gin.'

'Sing for me.'

Harry looked at his wife, 'Alright, let's get dressed.' Harry kissed Ginny tenderly and helped her up. They both dressed and Harry sat at the piano, 'Why don't you unseal the door now.' Ginny nodded and waved her hand at the door and it also opened. 'You're getting good at that.' Harry started to play, then looked at Ginny as he sang. He got near the end and felt he's voice choke. He finished and sat with he's hands on the keys, looking down.

Ginny sat down next to him, 'It's going to take time Harry.'

Harry looked at her, 'I know sweetheart.' Harry put his head on Ginny's shoulder and they both sat there.

Lily, James, Sirius, Nicky, Charlie holding Ginny, and Katie holding Harry stood there listening and watching Harry and they could hear the sadness in he's voice.

'ary,' little Harry said looking over at him and he was wiggling to get out of his mother's arms.

Harry looked up and saw them all standing there as Katie put Harry down and he crawled over to him. 'Hey little man,' Harry picked he's nephew up and hugged him. 'You're starting to talk as well I see.' little Harry touched Harry's face, 'Why is it every time you or your sister touch me I instantly feel better.' Harry gave his nephew a kiss on the cheek.

'That's what I wanted to talk to you about before we got…ah…distracted.'

'Oh, yeah, I forgot about that,' Harry said and he gave Ginny a small smile before he looked back down at little Harry.

'Why don't I take Harry from you, so you can talk?' Katie asked.

'Before you do Katie,' Ginny said to her, then looked back at Harry. 'This is going to sound strange, but I'm getting two lots of feelings from you at the moment Harry and I think only one is actually from you, the other is from little Harry.'

Harry looked at Ginny with a puzzled expression, 'What you do mean from Harry, how can you feel anything from him?'

'Before I explain, I want you to concentrate on Harry for a moment. See if you can feel anything.'

'Okay,' Harry looked down at little Harry still touching his face and felt a peaceful, healing feeling and he widened he's eyes and looked back at Ginny.

'How is that possible?'

'I have a theory, but first,' she looked over at her brother, 'Charlie, bring Ginny over here for a moment.' Charlie walked over and Ginny took her niece from him then looked back at Harry. 'Tell me if you can feel anything from Ginny?'

Harry concentrated but felt nothing, 'No, nothing.'

'Here, take Ginny, and give me Harry.' Harry nodded and took he's niece as he handed he's nephew to Ginny. Little Ginny instantly put a hand to Harry's face. 'Now can you feel anything from Ginny?'

Harry looked down at Ginny and it happened again, he's eyes widened and he looked back at his wife. 'I felt the same from Harry before, now I feel it from Ginny.'

'Tell me what you felt from them?'

Harry concentrated again, 'Healing, peaceful. I don't see how that is possible.'

'I think when you are holding them, there trying to heal you Harry, heal your heart, heal the pain inside you. I felt it when you all fell asleep. They both had their hands over your chest, and they both were moving their hands, just a little. But when they did your feelings changed. Your pain got less, and you said just now, that you instantly felt better when you picked up Harry.'

Harry looked back down at his niece and felt it again. Tears started to fall from Harry's eyes as he watched Ginny.

'ary,' little Ginny said again, and put her hand over he's chest again and Harry gasped.

'I felt it, the pain eased.

'Ginny, I still don't understand how their doing it and how you and Harry are able to feel it?' Charlie asked her.

'One thing is, I can feel Ginny at the moment, but not Harry, even though I'm holding him. Harry and I can only feel them when Harry is holding one or both of them. And I think it's because Harry healed Katie and made it possible for her to get pregnant with them.' Ginny looked at Katie, 'You fell pregnant not long after. I think that has formed a bond between them.' Ginny looked back at Harry.

'How…how did you work this out Gin?' Harry looked astonished as he stared between he's wife and he's niece and nephew.

'It's just a theory and I'd like to talk to Baily about it as he knows about the bond between us and knows you healed Katie.'

'Ginny, Harry,' Albus Dumbledore called from he's portrait in the sitting room. Everyone made their way out of the library and looked up at the portrait. 'I think you're theory is right Ginny. You and Harry shared you're bond the moment he saved your life in the chamber of secrets. Then Harry saved Katie, healed her and made it possible to have these two precious little beings.' Albus smiled at Ginny then looked at Harry, 'So, yes I think they have formed their own bond and are trying to heal you Harry.'

Harry looked from the portrait back to he's niece, 'Gin, can you hand me Harry.' Ginny placed little Harry in her husband's arms and he went and sat down with them. They both put a hand over Harry's chest and started to rub it. 'They are, it's stronger now that I'm holding both of them.' Harry sat back, keeping he's arms around he's godchildren, watching their faces as the tears flowed down he's face.

Ginny pulled Charlie and Katie away, she didn't want Harry to overhear. 'I was hoping that you might help Harry by bringing the twins over once a day, or we can go over to your place. It just might be what Harry needs right now. Every time he's holding them, he's pain eases, the heartache I feel from him, is a lot less. It does come back when he's not holding them, but it's always a little weaker. So it's still going to take time.'

'I don't mind Ginny, after everything Harry has done for us, I just want to see him happy and healthy again and I'd do anything to help with that.' Katie said smiling as she watched her children with their uncle.

'You know we will Gin, and you can see it. Harry's face has less pain on it when he's holding them. I saw that the instant he stopped playing. The pain on his face was very visible, but the moment he picked up Harry, it eased. So whatever we can do to help sis.'

Ginny put her arms around her brother and sister-in-law and held them tight. 'Thank you.'

James walked over and sat beside Harry, 'How you feeling son?'

'Okay at the moment, it eased a bit. I still feel guilty that I never got any punishment for what I did. That's what I told Ginny, I shouldn't have gotten away with that even if I'm not sorry for what I did.'

James could see there was more to it. 'And what else Harry, I know there's more.'

'I'm…I'm frightened of how far I could go, if I could do it again if I got angry enough.' Harry looked back down at his godchildren and saw they put their hands back on he's chest and he couldn't help smiling. 'Your both so precious, and I hope you can help.' Harry kissed both he's godchildren before turning back to he's father. 'I'm sorry for putting you and mum through everything, but that seems to be what my life is like. There always seems to be something bad happening around me.'

'Harry, you never have to be sorry, we've told you that, and you have to stop thinking like that.'

'But it's true, you and mum have only seen a small part of what's happened in my life. Not including what the Dursleys did to me, but every year from the moment I turned eleven, something has happened. And even though I finished Voldemort off there's still bad things happening and I don't know how to stop it from happening again, and…I'm…scared of…what it…will be next time.'

'I know we've only seen or heard a small amount of what has happened in your life Harry. But you've had some good times as well, and you've got lots of people that care about you, so it's not all bad.'

'It doesn't even out, nowhere near it. There has always been more bad than good.' Harry looked back down at his godchildren again. 'Let's put you both down for a while.' Harry lowered them so they were standing on their feet and he stood up, walking over to the window, staring out at the darkness.

'Gin, we might head home, but we will be back tomorrow. Let you and Harry be alone for a while.' Charlie said and kissed his sister.

'Alright Charlie, and thanks again.'

'No need sis, I'll see you tomorrow.'

'Tomorrow Ginny, and for how long it's needed.' Katie hugged her sister-in-law.

Charlie and Katie each picked up one of their children and walked over to Harry. 'Harry, we're off. We'll see you tomorrow.'

Harry turned, 'Yeah, okay.' Harry kissed Katie, then the twins and gave Charlie a hug. 'See you tomorrow.'

'Give it time Harry, it'll get better.' Charlie said smiling at his friend.

'Yeah,' Harry turned back to look out the window.

Charlie and Katie made their way to the fireplace saying goodbye to everyone and flooed home with their children.

'Well, it's been a long day, I might head to bed.' James said and walked over to he's son. 'Harry, we're here for you, all of us.'

Harry turned back around, 'I know dad, now go to bed.'

'I love you son, never forget that.' James pulled Harry into his arms and held him for a moment wishing it was the right time to explain to Harry that there was something that could help him, but he knew it wasn't.

'I won't, and I love you too.' Harry gave his father a small smile as he's mother walked up holding the twins.

'I love you Harry, we'll see you in the morning.' Lily leaned over and kissed Harry.

'I love you too mum,' Harry leaned down and kissed he's brother and sister. 'I love you both as well. I'll see you all in the morning.' he gave a small smile and turned back to the window.

James and Lily looked at their son, then walked over to Ginny saying goodnight, then went into their rooms.

'Harry, see you in the morning mate,' Sirius came up to him and hugged him. 'Love you Harry.'

'I love you to Sirius, go, take your lady to bed.' Harry looked at Nicky, 'Night Nicky.'

'Night Harry,' Nicky took Sirius' hand and they made their way upstairs.

Ginny walked back over to Harry and put her arms around him. 'You need to eat Harry, you haven't eaten all day.'

'I'm not really hungry sweetheart,' he could feel how worried she was about him. 'But I might have a little.'

Ginny took Harry's hand and led him over to sit down at the table and Kreacher brought them over some food. Ginny watched as Harry picked at he's food, hardly eating any of it.

'I can't eat anymore, I'll be in the studio.' Harry leaned over and kissed Ginny. 'I love you Gin, just give me time.'

'You can have as much time as you want, go and I might have a shower and head to bed.' Harry nodded and walked into the studio. Ginny got up and walked over to the portrait of Albus Dumbledore. 'I'm worried about him Albus, and I think he's scared to use magic.'

'Why do you think that Ginny?' he looked down at her.

'In the library before, when I asked him to seal the room, he looked scared, so I offered to do it and he instantly relaxed. Apart from when he healed me, the last bit of magic he did was when he…when he…'

'Yes, you might be right Ginny. You might have to keep an eye on him, see if he does any magic if he doesn't then we'll have to work on that.'

'Thank you Albus, good night.'

'Good night Mrs. Potter.' Albus smiled down at Harry's wife and watched as she walked up stairs. 'We'll get Harry back, some way. But it's going to take a long time before he will be able to come to terms with what he's done.' Albus closed he's eyes and fell asleep.