Chapter forty nine

Over the next few days, Harry had gotten used to the fact that his parents were both going to be parents again, and he was about to add five more siblings to the one's he's already has.

Charlie walked into the kitchen and saw Harry was preoccupied as he never noticed him as he sat down. 'Harry, mate.' Charlie said putting a hand on his shoulder.

'Sorry Charlie, my mind was miles away.'

'Yeah, I noticed. Nothing wrong is there?'

'No, just thinking about the size of the family we're about to be. I always thought it'd be just me, no siblings at all, even though I thought of all you Weasley's as siblings. Then I bring mum and dad back, then twins, Hayden and Holly. Then you're with mum having triplets, and dad's with Katie with another set of twins, plus Harry and Ginny. I still can't get my head around it Charlie.'

'Yeah, I thought our news was enough shock for you, but to hear your dad say their expecting as well. You're face Harry, I don't think I've ever seen you look so shocked, scared and speechless before all at the same time.'

'That's about the size of it Charlie. When did you and mum decide, if you don't mind me asking that is?'

'It's not like I could hide anything from you Harry, so I don't mind telling you. We decided about six months ago. We both wanted more kids. I come from a large family and some of the best times I ever had were with my family. Lily said she always wanted to have a heap of kids as well. So since everything was finally safe and peaceful now, we thought, why not. Wasn't expecting triplets though, if you think you looked shocked, you should have seen me when Baily told us.'

'I'm trying not to read anyone's thought is I can help it, it's just hard though. Anyway, it was just that you both wanted kids now, nothing else?'

'I see where you're going with this Harry. When Lily and I spoke about having kids, your name did come up and we talking about it might get you to finally see it's safe so you can have your own. But it wasn't the reason, we just thought it was time, so Hayden, Holly, Ginny and Harry could grow up closer in age with their new siblings.'

'I get that Charlie, because I don't see mum as my mother when I look at her, it gets hard to think the same about Hayden and Holly because of how much older I am to them. I know they are, I don't know, I can't seem to think straight about anything at the moment. I might just go play for a while.' Harry said and he went to get up but Charlie grabbed his hand and led him up to the spare room.

The moment the door was close, he turned Harry to face him. 'Why do that when I'm still here Harry?' Charlie asked looking a little angry.

'I don't know Charlie, it's just everything. You're easing and I know I've still got a while to go. I know I won't be long after you but I just thought…' Harry hesitated and turned away.

'Thought what, I'd finish with someone else, instead of you.' Charlie said and Harry spun back around.

'How did you know I was thinking that?'

'Because I know you Harry. You were thinking it might make it easier on both of us if I finished with Brian, instead of you. But I told you, that's not what I want. I want to finish with you Harry. I started with you, I want to finish with you. Now will you get that through that thick, stubborn head of yours and get your clothes off, or I'll take them off for you.'

Harry grinned as he looked at Charlie, then stepped closer to him. 'How long do you think?'

'If we went a couple of times today, another day at most.'

'Then let's not waste it,' Harry said and he concentrated and had them both stripped in seconds and he pushed Charlie hard down onto the bed.

Then they kept going for a few hours until they were both exhausted. Harry looked down at Charlie, 'So that's five times, now how many do you think Charlie?' Harry said even though he knew the answer already and he leaned down and kissed him softly.

'Do I have to answer that because you really want me to say it, or you never read me?'

'I read you, couldn't help myself, but I want you to tell me Charlie.'

'Alright, then I've finished, I can really feel how free I am right now.' Charlie knew this was hard on Harry, so he kissed him fiercely. 'So are you alright Harry?'

'I'm fine Charlie, you don't need to worry. I'll have Brian a couple more times, then go back to Baily and John.'

'So how about you, how many more?'

'Not many, if I do Brian a couple more times, I'd say six, seven maybe. At least it won't be too long after you. Why don't you get dressed Charlie, you're not going to want to be naked with me for much longer.'

'Soon Harry, I've got a bit of time before I won't want to.' Charlie said and pulled Harry into his arms and they held each other for a while, then Charlie let him go and got up and dressed. He leaned down and kissed him tenderly. 'Last one Harry.' Charlie smiled and left the room.

'Yeah, last one.' Harry said, 'but not for me, not for a long time and now Charlie's finished and he wasn't sure what he was going to do now. He'll just do what he decided and let everything think he was finishing as well. He slowly got up and dressed and decided to have a shower and see if Brian wanted to finish off now. If he did, then he could see Baily and John, so everyone would think he was finished. Harry walked up the stairs and stripped off and stepped into a shower. When he finished he walked into the bedroom and saw Ginny waiting for him. 'Hi sweetheart.'

'Hey you, you felt a bit down before, everything alright?'

'Yeah, Charlie finished. So I was thinking if I can get Brian to go the last couple of times, then go see Baily and John, I might just be able to pull off finishing as well.'

'If that's what you want to do Harry, but how many times do you think?'

'Six, seven maybe, like I told Charlie, so if Brian's twice, then Baily and John five more times. So if their all up for it, I might be a bit late tonight.'

'Alright sweetheart if you want to do it this way, then I won't wait up. But if it works, from tomorrow, you're all mine again, for good.' Ginny smiled and wrapped her arms around her husband.

'Yes I will love, forever.' Harry kissed Ginny fiercely, then let her go and apparated to Brian's house. 'Brian, can I come in?'

'Sure Harry, you don't need to ask.' Brain said and he instantly kissed Harry. 'I was actually thinking of coming over and seeing you later.'

'You were thinking the same thing I was,' Harry said smiling. Brian never said anything just grabbed Harry's hand and led him into the spare room, where they spent a wonderful two hours making love and finishing Brian off, 'So all done Brian?'

'Yeah, and I can't believe how I feel at the moment. It's been since right after the war, and now it's gone. I feel so free and peaceful. Thanks for everything Harry, I don't think I could have gotten through this without you.'

'I'm glad I could help.' Harry leaned down and kissed him once more and got dressed. 'Now you can get on with a normal life with this new girl you've got. I'll see you at the wedding Brian.,' Harry smiled and apparated straight to Baily and John's place, 'Baily, John, you home?'

Baily and John walked out from the kitchen, 'No problem Harry, what can we do for you?'

'Well Charlie and Brian finished. I did them today and I thought I might be able to finish as well, that is if you're up for a few times.'

'You really want to finish in one go Harry?' John asked walked over to him.

'Yeah, I would. It's almost over now anyway and I'd say only about five more times should do it. So what do you say, help me out here?'

'How could we say no to you Harry, come on let's get into the bedroom.' Baily said and took his hand, 'I've got to say, being the last time we're going to have you, we are sure going to miss it, but we know what it's like.' Baily saw the look on Harry's face and thought he might know what Harry was doing, but just needed to make sure.

The three of them stripped off and started to make love over the next four hours, adding their toys in one more time. When they were all laying there panting heavily Baily leaned up on his elbow and looked down at Harry.

'So, is it finished Harry?' Baily asked studying Harry.

'Yeah it's finished baily, now I know what the others were going on about. It's so indescribable what I'm feeling right now. Thanks you two, you have basically saved my life with this the last two years. If you never took me that first time, I think I'd still be torturing Charlie or blowing up my house all the time.'

'You're welcome Harry, so now I just go back to being your healer and John just goes back to being a member of your band.'

'Yeah, I suppose you do. If everyone is right about nothing happening, you're going to be so bored.' Harry laughed loudly.

'I could live with that Harry, but I'm still training Susan and have the odd day at St Mungos.'

'I think it's time to go,' Harry got up off the bed and so did the other two. They got dressed and walked out into the sitting room. Harry kissed Baily once more and hugged him tight. 'Thanks baily, for everything you've done for me over the last nearly five years.'

'You're welcome Harry, and I'll keep doing things for you, no matter what it is.' Baily kissed him and let him go.

Harry hugged John, and kissed him for the last time. 'Thanks John, for all you've done as well. Like Baily said, just rehearsals and concerts from now on.'

'You're welcome Harry, and I'll see you at the wedding.' John hugged Harry, kissed him once more and stepped back, putting his arm around Baily.

Harry looked at the two men that had meant so much to him over the last few years, knowing they would always be there for each other as friends and no more and hoped they never realised that he was still going. He smiled at them and turned on the spot, apparating straight into his sitting room. He knew it was late, so he didn't want to wake Ginny.

'Harry, I've been waiting for you to come home.' Charlie said as he walked out. 'So, did you finish?'

'Yeah, all finished Charlie. Our lives can go back to being normal for all of us now.'

Charlie hugged him, 'I'm happy for you Harry, so now, go cuddle your wife and I'll see you in the morning.'

'Yeah, that's exactly what I'm going to do Charlie, night.' Harry smiled and walked upstairs, stripped off, had a quick shower then climbed into bed next to his sleeping wife and put his arms around her. He kept thinking of peaceful, fun loving days, with family and friends. Especially his own children now he knew his life was relatively safe and extremely happy even if he still had to go through this and had to work out with who.

Over the next year, Harry Potter had realised his dream of a safe, peaceful and happy life for himself and everyone around him and he knew it was time. His mother and Charlie had with Harry's blessing, moved into their own large home to accommodate five children, plus visits from Charlie's two other children. Lily had given birth to two ginger haired girls, and one dark red haired boy. James and Katie had their twins as well. Another boy and girl that looked a lot like Harry, and everyone said that Harry looked like James, so now the new twins did as well. The band had a lot of concerts and decided to record but take a break for a year or two from doing concerts, except the occasional benefit fund raising concert.

Harry was disguising himself a lot and going out to see strange men and knew this was making him last longer but didn't know what else to do. He knew if he still had Charlie, he probably would have finished by now, and just hoped that he didn't change. He couldn't live without Ginny in his life, but he knew Ginny would never survive without him, so he made a decision.

Harry woke and saw Ginny asleep on her stomach and he ran his fingers lightly down her back, then kissed it. He sat back up when he felt her stir, knowing he woke her but also knowing he wanted to talk to her about something very important.

'Morning love, sorry to wake you.' Harry said as he leaned down and kissed his wife.

'That's okay Harry, but was there a reason that you did, because you feel ecstatically happy right now.'

'Yes, I am. There's something I want to discuss with you love.'

Ginny sat up and looked at Harry, 'Okay, I'm listening.'

'I know everyone has been saying for the last two years that it's safe and I don't need to worry about something happening anymore and it's taken me this long to realise everyone was right. But you know me, Gin, I wanted to be really certain first and you've been so patient with me over that time.'

'I understand Harry, more than anyone else could. So that's why you're happy, you have finally realise that we are safe and we have that peaceful live you've always wanted for us?'

'Yes, that, but there something else I want.'

'And what's that sweetheart?' Ginny leaned in and kissed him softly. 'I'll do anything you want, you know that.'

'Yeah I do, I want us to start our family, I want to get my wife pregnant. What do you say love, interested?' Harry watched Ginny as his words sank in and saw the tears fall instantly from her eyes.

'You mean it Harry, you want kids?'

'I mean it sweetheart, and as many as you want to give me.'

'Oh Harry,' Ginny said and she threw her arms around him, knocking him back onto the bed and kissing him passionately. 'You want to start now?' Ginny grinned at him.

'Definitely,' Harry pulled Ginny back to him and kissed her fiercely while running his hands down her naked body.

Over the next couple of months, everyone noticed that Harry and Ginny were always taking off to the bedroom, no matter who was there, or what they were doing. This was normal for the pair, but the way there were going now, it was like their potions stopped working and no one knew why.

Harry was sitting at the table eating breakfast when Ginny walked down and sat on his lap and kissed him fiercely.

'I want to call Baily Harry.' she grinned hugely at him.

'You think Gin?' Harry smiled.

'Yeah, I do, but I'd like Baily to tell us for sure.'

Harry hugged Ginny tight, then eased his hold. 'I can't believe this sweetheart, we're going to be parents. Man am I nervous now.' Harry said and Ginny broke into laughter. 'Do you want me to talk to his mind, ask him to come straight over?'

'Yeah, tell him it's important and to come straight away.'

'Okay, I'll do it now. "Baily, Ginny and I need to see you straight away, it's important." There, hopefully, he's not in the middle of John, or something else,' Harry said and started laughing. 'Oh, I hope you're right love, I really do.'

'I am Harry, but I just want it confirmed,' Ginny kissed Harry passionately for the longest time.

'You said it was important, but you both look fine. So what's going on?' Baily said as he sat down next to them.

'I want you to examine me Baily.' Ginny grinned hugely at the healer.

Baily saw the happy looks on both Harry and Ginny's face. 'So you think you're pregnant Ginny, well let's hope your right. Come on, upstairs.' Baily said and he couldn't stop smiling himself as the three of them walked upstairs and Ginny automatically lay down. Baily waved his wand over her a few times and saw Harry was very impatient, like always. Baily never said anything just thought what he needed to.

'Thank you baily. Gin we're going to have a baby.' Harry said and pulled her into his arms lifting her off her feet and they both cried happy tears. Then they both turned back to Baily and hugged him as well.

'Alright you two, you are both very strong.' they both let the healer go and he grinned at them. 'Now, you're two months along already Ginny, it's a wonder you never called me before.'

'Two months, I haven't had any symptoms apart from not having a period, you sure Baily, two months?'

'Positive, so I can tell you the sex if you want to know?' Baily smiled and saw instantly Harry was nodding. 'Looks like Harry does, what about you Ginny?'

'Yes, definitely.'

'Okay, lay down again.' Baily said and couldn't help laughing. He waved his wand three times over Ginny's stomach. 'Okay, you can sit up.'

'Well come on Baily, tell us.' Ginny said, then looked at Harry. 'Harry, what is he's thoughts saying?'

'A son Gin, we're having a boy.' Harry said and the tears flowed down his face and he couldn't stop them. 'And you're having my protection charm around you at all times.' Harry said fiercely, Ginny couldn't help but laugh which made Baily laugh, then Harry did as well. 'Please don't tell anyone yet Baily, I want us to just know for now.'

'Anything Harry, and congratulations.' Baily said and he hugged Ginny, then Harry. 'I'll go get the potions made for you and leave them on the table. Then I'm going so you two can be alone to enjoy your happy news.'

'Thanks again Baily, for everything.' Harry smiled at the healer then turned back to Ginny and didn't see the worried look Baily gave him before he walked out of the room. 'A son, Gin, we're having a son.'

'Yeah, we are Harry. So when do you want to tell everyone, because being two months along, I'm going to start showing soon.'

'Give it another week and we'll get everyone here for dinner, how's that sound?'

'Sounds perfect, now why don't you have a shower, and then we'll get some breakfast?'

'Yeah, I will. I can't believe how happy I am right now, you've made me happy Gin, just like you've always done.' Harry kissed Ginny fiercely, then walked in to have a shower. Ginny smiled and walked down stairs to a very quiet house knowing that in seven months' time, there will be a baby here, hers and Harry's baby.

Harry stood under the showing knowing he needed to do something to get this wanting to finish. He considered talking to Baily as it was his thoughts that made Harry really think about how he was going to stop it from happening to him, like it did to Baily. A thought invaded his mind that has invaded his mind a few times and he really didn't want to consider doing that to someone he cared about, but he also knew he had to get this to finish before he changed. He finished in the shower, got dressed and headed downstairs to try and enjoy everything with his wife knowing he was sending her false feelings and hoped she never found out.

A couple of days after Baily told them about the baby, Harry was starting to panic and decided he had no choice or he could lose his wife and son for good.

"Charlie, I need to talk to you about something important, can you meet me down at my parent's house. Send me your thoughts if you can, it's really important." Harry said all this in his mind and waited for a few minutes when Charlie's thoughts came back at him. "Thanks, I'll see you soon." He walked over to sit next to his wife, 'Gin, I've been so cooped up lately, I'm going to go for a walk. Because once you start getting bigger my love, you won't be out of my sight.'

Ginny smiled. 'Alright Harry, and I've been expecting you to get a little overprotective. Go, I'll see you later.' she leaned over and kissed Harry fiercely, 'I love you Harry, and you're son loves you.'

'I love you both as well, I won't be too long.' Harry smiled, keepings his thoughts on being happy as he walked out of the house and through the wards, he walked down to his parent's house, unsealed it and stepped in to the living room. He knew what he was thinking about doing was wrong, but he finally realised he had no choice.

'Harry, you said you needed to talk to me about something important.' Charlie said and noticed Harry looked agitated.

'Yeah, I do Charlie.' Harry looked at his friend, feeling terrible about what he was about to do, but couldn't stop himself. He concentrated and saw Charlie's eyes go out of focus. 'I'm sorry Charlie.' Harry took Charlie's hand, turned and sealed the house again and walked up stairs. 'If I don't do this with you I'll end up gay Charlie, and I can't do that, I can't lose Ginny, not now that we've finally going to have a baby.' Harry could feel the tears in his eyes as he stripped Charlie. 'Do it Charlie, do me.' Harry said and knowing Charlie couldn't fight the imperius curse.

'I'm sorry U had to do this to you, but you'll never remember any of it. Now you can get dressed.' Harry said and Charlie instantly got dressed as Harry dressed as well and they walked back downstairs. Harry concentrated on Charlie, removing his memory, placing it in a vial, the placed a new memory inside Charlie's mind. He concentrated again, and lifted the imperius curse of his friend. 'Thanks for everything Charlie, it was always good talking things over with you. You give great advice, but I should get back to Ginny.'

'Oh, alright Harry, I'm glad to have helped. We've always told each other we'll be there for each other whenever either of us needed it.'

'I know and I'm just glad we still can. I'll walk you out.' Harry put a hand on Charlie's shoulder, and Harry unsealed the house and walked outside and sealed it again. 'I'll talk to you later Charlie.'

'Yeah, I'll see you soon Harry.' Charlie hugged him and apparated away.

Harry stood there knowing what he'd done was wrong, but it was the only way to finish this.

'Harry, what are you doing?' Baily asked walking over to him, 'Why did you tell me you'd finished and what were you doing with Charlie?'

Harry looked up and saw Baily. 'What are you doing here Baily?' Harry said turning and started walking away.

Baily grabbed his arm, 'Answer me Harry, why did you tell me you'd finished when you haven't?'

'I don't want to talk about this.' Harry said trying to yank his arm around of the healers hand.

'What did you do to Charlie?' Baily asked looking at him.

Harry saw the look on Baily's face and he knew what he had done with Charlie. 'Let's get inside.' Harry said and unsealed the house again. 'How did you know?'

'I know the signs remember Harry, I've been watching you for a while. I knew it was too soon for you to finished, but I needed proof.'

'I wanted everyone to think I'd finish so they wouldn't worry about me. Everyone else finished, I was the last one. I've been going out disguised so no one would recognise me.'

'Why didn't you come to me and john, you know we would have kept helping you. We both care about you.'

'I know, but it wouldn't have helped.' Harry said feeling himself choke up. 'I know what's going to happen if this goes on too long Baily and I can't let that happen.'

'What do you know?' Baily said quietly.

'About you and Albus, why you're both gay,' Harry sat down heavily and put his head in his hands and felt Baily sit beside him. 'I was doing some research on the wanting and I happened to read your thoughts one day. I've been trying not to do that anymore, but once I read about it happening to some men, I just couldn't help myself.'

'I'm sorry Harry, I wanted to tell you but wasn't sure how.' Baily said putting a hand on Harry's shoulder.

'I can't live without Ginny Baily, she's my life. She won't survive without me and I need this to finish before it happens to me. I have to make it finish.' Harry said and he started crying as Baily pulled him into his arms.

'I know Harry, that's why I spoke to Charlie about it ages ago. I knew if you changed, you wouldn't survive without Ginny, because of your bond. Now, tell me what you did to Charlie?'

Harry sat back and pulled a vial out of his pocket. 'He's memory of what I did to him, I replaced it with another. He has no idea and you can't tell him Baily, he can never know.'

'But why Harry, what did you imperius Charlie and make him do that?'

'Because I know if had Charlie I would finish. I can feel it Baily, that's why I knew it wouldn't work with you and John. Every time I looked at Charlie I could feel it.' Harry said and saw the look on Baily's face. 'Do you think I wanted to do this to Charlie? I don't want to do this to anyone, but I've got no choice. I've got six months to make this finish, I know it. It's not just the baby either, I can feel it, I will change if it goes on much longer.'

'How do you know you've got that long, I never knew?'

'My power, it lets me feels things that others can't. Are you going to tell Charlie what I did?'

'No, but you have to Harry and you can't do this again, it's completely wrong Harry. Let me and John help you.'

Harry stood up and started pacing. 'It won't work Baily, it has to be Charlie and I know it's wrong. If he ever found out, he'll never forgive me for this and I could lose my whole family, but it was a risk I was willing to take to stay with Ginny, and not just for me Baily, Ginny wouldn't survive if we couldn't be together.'

'I know she wouldn't Harry, we've all seen it remember. When you were taken to the department of mysteries, she was losing Harry. She was giving up, we all saw it, and I know you won't like to hear this, but if it wasn't for Sirius, she might not have survived until you came home.'

'I know that, I read it all in Ginny and Sirius that night. Why do you think I'm doing this, it's for Ginny, not me. I don't care if I die Baily, but I won't let anyone else, especially Ginny.' Harry said fiercely. 'I keep thinking if I died when I was a baby no one would have had to put up with all of this, especially Ginny.'

'Harry, don't say that. You don't know what would have happened if you weren't around. One thing was that we'd all be living under Voldemort if it wasn't for you. But we're getting of the subject Harry, you can't do that to Charlie again. Please come with me and let us help you.'

'It won't work Baily, don't you think I would if there was the slightest chance you could stop this I would come to you, but it won't. I'm desperate Baily and I've got no choice, so I need to know if you are going to say anything to Charlie about what I'm doing.' Harry looked intensely at Baily.

'Don't Harry, don't do anything to me. I won't tell him, but I'm not happy about this. But you have my word I won't say anything. But do me one favour.'


'Talk to Albus, tell him what you're doing, he might know something that might help now.' Baily saw that Harry wasn't going to do it. 'Please Harry, do this for me. For all we've been through these last few years. Talk to him for me before you do that to Charlie again.'

Harry looked at Baily and realised what he was about to do. 'I'm sorry Baily, I know what you thought I was going to do to you, and I don't know why I thought that. Yes, I need to speak with Albus about why I was going to remove your memory and about Charlie.' Harry pulled Baily into his arms. 'I'm sorry.'

'It's fine Harry, but please, give me your word you will talk to Albus, and do it today.'

'Alright, you have my word Baily, I'll go talk to him, I need to find out why I'm doing these things when I wouldn't normally. The jinx is gone, if I still had it in me that would make sense.'

'I think you are just desperate Harry and are doing everything you can to stop yourself changing, and I hope you can stop it, I really do, but not this way, I can't agree with the way you're going about it. Think about coming back to me and john, please.'

'Yeah, I am desperate and I will think about it, but I don't think it will help.'

'Let's go then, you go speak with Albus and if you need me I'll be home, alright?'

'Yeah, alright baily,' Harry hugged him again and they both walked out of the house. 'I'll let you know what he says.' Harry gave him a small smiled, turned on the spot and vanished. Baily looked at the spot where Harry was standing before he apparated home.

Harry arrived in the living room, he couldn't see Ginny anywhere so he walked up the stairs and saw her asleep on the top of the covers. He leaned over and kissed her softly, then walked back downstairs.

'Albus, I need to talk to you.'

'What can I do for you Harry?'

'Let's go into the studio, I don't want to be overheard.' Harry concentrated and floated the portrait into the studio and hung it back up. 'I know you would have heard that I finished, but I haven't and I know what's going to happen to me if I don't finish soon. So I did something I'm not proud of, but I really don't think I have a choice.'

'What's going to happen if it doesn't finish Harry?'

Harry looked intensely at Albus. 'That I'll be like you and Baily, gay, it's not me I'm worried about, it's Ginny. If that happens to me, and I can't have Ginny in my life, Ginny won't survive if we're not together.'

'No, she won't, neither would you. I'm sorry I never told you, but I thought after everything I just didn't want to put anything more on you, you've had enough.'

'Yes, I have. I thought once I knew the jinx was gone, my life would be fine. But it's still not, it's like I wasn't meant to have a peaceful, happy life. I wasn't meant to live, that's why everything keeps going wrong. I love Ginny with everything I have Albus, and now we're having a son. I need to do something to stop this.'

'You said you did something you're not proud of, what did you do Harry?'

'Two things, one, I was going to remove Baily's memory because he found out what I did, but I didn't. I couldn't do that to him after everything he's done for me. He wants me to go back to him and john, but it won't help, I feel it.' Harry said looked down before he looked back at Albus and saw him watching intensely. 'I know I would stop in time if I was able to be with Charlie, I can feel that too.'

'What did you do Harry?' Albus asked sadly.

'I imperius Charlie and made him do me.' Harry said and saw the disappointed look on Albus' face. 'I'm not proud of it Albus, but what can I do, let Ginny die, I won't do that. I can't let anything happen to her or my son, not again.' Harry said feeling he's voice choke up as he said it.

'I understand Harry,' Charlie said from the doorway.

Harry spun around and looked at Charlie in complete shock, then turned away, not being able to look at him. 'I'm so sorry Charlie.' Harry said and he couldn't stop the sobs from escaping. Harry stood there crying when Charlie pulled him into his arms and let him cry. 'How…how did you know?'

'I can fight the imperius curse Harry, always have. I've known for a while you never finished. Did you forget what I can do?' Charlie pulled back and took Harry over and sat him down.

'Yeah I did forget, I've had a lot on my mind. Why aren't you angry with me Charlie and why did you do it, pretend?'

'Because I never finished either, I just told you I did. I was hoping you'd go back to Baily and John for a while, we were getting too close, we both felt it.'

Harry looked up at Charlie in surprise, 'But that changes Charlie, when it's all done, it changes back to just friendship.'

'I'm not so sure it does, that's what I pretended. I wasn't going to lose Lily and I was afraid I was getting in too deep with you and it scared me.'

'It doesn't work that way Charlie, yes I'm close to you, very close. But it does change the moment it's finished. I've been doing a lot of research since I started. Not once has it mentioned anything about it not going back to friendship between two friends. Please Charlie, help me stop this from happening, help me so I don't end up gay, please. I don't care if I end up gay, but it's not for me Charlie, it's for Ginny. You know what will happen if we have to be apart, she won't survive, please, save Ginny and my son.'

Charlie saw the desperation on Harry's face, 'Alright, I'll help. But we're going to have to tell Ginny and Lily what's going on. I'm not going to lie to Lily about this.'

Harry sighed in relief, 'Thank you Charlie. But can you tell me how long you think it will be, for real this time?'

'Six months to a year, it's too hard to tell at the moment, but I think because I'm still going through it and trying to hide it from you has made me stress a lot more than I normally would. So I just don't know right now.' Charlie smiled at Harry, 'Ginny's pregnant Harry, really?'

'Yeah, she is, two months. We were going to get everyone over in a week to tell them.'

'I'm happy for you and I bet you've put your protection charm around her, haven't you?' Charlie grinned at him.

'Yeah, I did, I wasn't taking any chances this time. But there's one thing I need to know, fine, you can fight the imperius curse, but I took the memory of what I did to you. So how do you know about it and how to do it?'

'It wasn't the real memory. The moment you asked me to go to your parent's house, I knew what you were going to do. So I placed in a fake memory for you to take. I've learnt a lot from you over the years Harry.' Charlie smiled, then laughed and the shocked look on Harry's face. 'Let's go tell my sister what's going on.' Charlie stood up and took Harry's hand and they walked back towards Albus. 'Thanks Albus.' Charlie smile and saw Harry looked at him intensely.

'He told you how to fight the imperius curse, didn't he?' Harry asked looking from Charlie to Albus.

'Yes, he did, a long time ago. He had a feeling you might decide to do that if I stopped before you. So he told me what you were going to do.' Charlie said then noticed the look Harry gave Albus. 'He did it for both of us Harry, he didn't want you doing that to me, because he knew you would feel guilty later.'

'I was feeling guilty, and still am, but I didn't think I had a choice. I was thinking of Ginny, not myself. I hope you know that, both of you. I could adapt if I changed, but Ginny wouldn't.'

'I know Harry, that's why I told Charlie what you were planning. You would let yourself die, but never let anyone else get hurt. We all know that, but if you died, Ginny would have as well. So I thought it was best for Charlie to know, especially since I knew why he was hiding the fact he was still going through the wanting.'

'I had a feeling you knew that Albus, can't seem to get anything past you, even if you are a picture.'

'Listen, as soon as we talk to Ginny, can you please give me some time, I'm getting very desperate here?'

'We only just did it Harry and you need more already?' Charlie grinned.

'Well, yeah, I'm feeling so guilty at the moment and it's making me stress big time.'

'Alright, I am too.' Charlie said then looked back at Albus. 'Is what Harry said true, will we go back to just friends when it finishes?'

'Yes Charlie, there has never been a case when two friends who helped each other, didn't go back to friends. You and Harry will just be like you use to be before all this started. You have nothing to worry about.'

'Well, after all the help you've given me, I might just start to forgive you Albus, thanks.' Charlie smiled at him.

'You're welcome and I do hope you can forgive me someday, both of you.' Albus gave them both a small smile.

'Just before we go in, I need to tell Baily everything's alright, give me a moment.' Harry said then spoke in through his mind. "Baily, I'm really sorry mate, and everything is alright. Charlie knew all along, he never finished either, just was getting worried that we wouldn't go back to friends after. So I would really like to see you tomorrow, if that's alright, send me some thoughts to let me know if you forgive me." Harry waited and felt Baily's thoughts and he smiled. 'Alright, let's go talk to Ginny.' Harry gripped Charlie's hand tight and they left the studio and saw her in the sitting room. 'Sweetheart, you okay?' Harry said as he walked over and sat next to her.

'I'm fine Harry, how was your walk sweetheart?' Ginny grinned at him as she saw Charlie.

'Don't tell me you knew as well?' Harry said looking at his wife.

'Of course I did Harry, you might have been trying to send me false feelings but I felt the real ones underneath, I've gotten good at reading you over the years Harry. I have been hoping you would talk to me or talk to Charlie about it. But why didn't you tell me you were still going through it Harry? We can usually tell each other anything.'

'You need to tell her Harry, it shouldn't be a problem anymore.' Charlie said as he sat down opposite them.

Harry looked between Ginny and Charlie, then looked back at Ginny. 'Alright, I've been trying everything to make sure it didn't happen.' Harry saw that Ginny looked a little puzzled. 'Okay, when I was researching the wanting, I read something that really scared me Gin. So I read Baily once when he was here and found out it was true.'

'What was true sweetheart?' Ginny looked puzzled.

'Albus and Baily, they weren't gay when the wanting started, it just went on too long for both of them and that's why they changed. I knew I was going to go for a while and I was worried that would happen to me. It wasn't for me I was worried about Gin, it was you.'

'But I don't understand Harry, why would you be worried about me if that happened to you?'

'Because we wouldn't have been able to stay together sweetheart, and you know we both wouldn't have survived that. It changes you completely.'

'Oh, so that's why you've been feeling scared lately?'

'Yeah, that's why I told everyone I finished so they wouldn't worry. I knew if Charlie was still with me I will finish in time, before I changed. I've tried others and I knew it wasn't going to work.'

'That's where you've been going of a night?' Ginny asked as she touched Harry's face and he leaned into it.

'Yeah, I've been disguising myself and picking up different men, nothing worked. Baily even asked me to go back to him, but I knew it wouldn't work with him either.'

'So what are we going to do Harry, I can't live without you, I couldn't.' Ginny said as tears started to fall down her face and Harry pulled her into his arms.

'I staying with Harry Gin, I never finished either. I just told everyone that.' Charlie said smiling at his sister.

'But why did you do that Charlie, if you never finished?' Ginny looked at her brother.

'I was worried that Harry and me were getting to close and wouldn't be able to go back to just friends. I thought if I told Harry I'd finished, he just go back to Baily and John.'

'Please don't worry love, you don't need that kind of stress right now.' Harry said caressing her face.

'I know Harry, but are you still worried about that, not being able to be friends again?'

'It doesn't work that way. Once it's finished you go back to the way you were. Ron felt it when he finished, he was worried as well. But the moment he was done, he told me, he felt how it does go back and I researched it. There has never been two men that haven't been able to go back to their original friendship once they finished and Albus just told Charlie that.'

'So you're both going to keep helping each other?' Ginny looked between Harry and Charlie.

'Yes we are, now please don't worry. You don't need to, especially in your condition.' Charlie smiled at her.

'You know about the baby Charlie?'

'Yeah, Harry mentioned it before. I don't think he really meant to.' Charlie got up and sat next to his sister and pulled her into his arms. 'I couldn't be more happy, for you both.'

'Thanks Charlie.' Ginny kissed his cheek and moved back. 'So, I take it you need some time now?'

'I know I do.' Harry said grinning at his wife. 'But are you alright love?' Harry said and put a hand down on Ginny's stomach.

'We…are perfectly fine sweetheart. So go, get some stress relief.' Ginny grinned.

'I love you so much sweetheart, now if you need me at all. Just send me your thoughts and I'll be right back.' Harry kissed her passionately, the stood and grabbed Charlie's hand and walk upstairs to the spare room.

After a few hours, Charlie turned to Harry, 'I still need to tell Lily about this.'

'Yeah, you do, but I think mum will be fine with it Charlie.' Harry leaned up on his elbow looking down at Charlie. 'So what do you think, could you keep going for about six months?'

'I know I can, since I haven't been doing it, it's pretty strong right now. So there's no problem. But how do you know it will be six months Harry?'

'I can just feel it.' Harry said as he ran his fingers over Charlie chest. 'It's hard to explain, but my power lets me feel it. That's why I was so worried. I knew if I went to anyone else it would keep going. But every time I looked at you, I felt it. I knew it would be no more than six months if we kept going. I'm really sorry for doing that to you Charlie, I didn't think I had a choice.'

Charlie pulled Harry down and kissed him fiercely. 'It's fine, really. I can understand it you know. I've seen the way you and Ginny are. You both wouldn't have survived. When baily first told me, I wanted to do anything I could to help. I even considered staying with you after I finished. But we knew it wouldn't have been possible. Do you remember the day you thought I was doing James and Sirius?'

'Yeah, of course I do. You said you went there to see if they could talk me into doing the interview about being blind.'

'Well, that wasn't it, I spoke with Albus at Hogwarts that morning, that's where I was coming from. Then when you were singing to Teddy, I snuck back to speak with James and Sirius. We were all trying to work out how to help you. We all knew you and Ginny would never survive if you couldn't be together. Baily thought I was the only hope you had to stop it, but only if I could stay with you as long as possible. But I was just so worried about how close we've become.' Charlie ran his finger along Harry's lip then pulled him back down and kissed him fiercely for a long time.

'Why didn't you tell me you knew Charlie?'

'We weren't sure how you'd take it Harry. After everything you'd been through, we were worried what you would do to stop it from happening.'

'Yeah, I probably would have destroyed the house again, but why didn't you tell me what you were worried about, with us being close. I could have told you ages ago that we'd just go back to the way we were.'

'I was worried you would just say that to keep me with you. When you really want something Harry, you are determined to get it.'

'Yeah, I suppose I proved that today, didn't I?' Harry put his head down on Charlie's chest and felt Charlie brush his hand down his hair. 'I was so worried about what would happen to Ginny, especially now she's pregnant. I didn't think she could take it once she found out, and especially if we couldn't be together.'

'We spoke about that. We thought you could probably adapt if you had to, but with your bond, we knew it would have been too hard on Ginny, and on you. But like you've said so many times Harry, you're used to suffering, so you would have put up with anything, but there's no way Ginny would have survived, which means you wouldn't have survived. You've both proven that many times over the years.'

'Yeah, I know. I don't like to think that Ginny would die if I weren't around, but I feel the same way. Now, no more about this now, I really need more, so you up for some more Charlie.' Harry said as he leaned back up and Charlie grabbed him and kissed him as he rolled them over. They stayed in the room, making love for many hours, before Charlie decided he needed to go tell Lily and Harry wanted to check on his pregnant wife. But there were going to get together the next day and every day until they both finished.

The following morning Harry woke and looked down at his pregnant wife and he couldn't believe how happy he was. He gently kissed her and walked into the bathroom, stripped off and had a shower, letting the water run down over him for the longest time before getting out. After dressing he walked downstairs and sat at the table.

'Would master Harry like breakfast now?' Kreacher asked.

'Thanks Kreacher, oh and Kreacher, I wanted to tell you that Ginny and I are having a baby. So will you be good at helping?'

'Mistress and master is having a baby, I will protect the child with my life master.' the elf bowed.

'Thanks Kreacher.' Harry smiled at the elf and watched as he placed some food on the table and Harry started to dish himself up a huge amount.

'Harry,' Baily said as he and john sat down at the table. 'You said everything's fine with Charlie.'

'Yeah, I was talking to Albus, just like I promised you I would. Charlie was there listening, but he already knew what I was going to do it. He wasn't really imperiused, just pretended.'

'Why would he pretend to do that Harry if he was finished?'

'He never finished, just like me. He was worried about how close we've become and thought we wouldn't have been able to go back to the way we were. But I explained to him it doesn't work like that, so did Albus. It was Albus that told him what I was going to do. He knew how desperate I was going to get and he knew that Ginny wouldn't have survived if that happened. Like I told both of them, I would have adapted, but with our bond, it wouldn't have worked and we both would have died in the end.'

'Yes you wouldn't have Harry, you and Ginny would never have been able to live like that and yes, if it wasn't for your bond, you would have adapted to the change. So is Charlie going to stay and help you now?'

'I already am Baily.' Charlie said as he walked up behind them. He leaned over and kissed Harry fiercely, then sat down. 'Has Harry been explaining things Baily?'

'Yes, when I figured out that he was still going through it, I decided to follow him. Saw him go into the house and not long after you followed. I didn't know you were still going through it though. But what about the memory Harry took from you?'

'It was a fake memory. Like I told Harry, I've learned a lot from him over the years. Once Albus explained everything to me I practiced for a while until I was able to fake the imperius curse and put a fake memory in place.'

'So you really were worried that you and Harry were too close and couldn't go back to just friends once it finished?'

'Yeah, I was. That's why I told him I'd finished, hoping he'd just go back to you and john. Plus I thought he was finishing anyway, so it never occurred to me that he was still going strong and I knew what you said, that I could be the one that could help Harry not change but I was still scared to stay with him any longer.' Charlie looked at Harry and he gave him another kiss. 'But like Harry and Albus said, it doesn't work that way, we'll just go back to being friends once it's finished.'

'Yes, it does Charlie. I wish you would have mentioned it to me though, I could have told you a long time ago about that.'

'That's what I told him,' Harry said smiling at Charlie.

'I know, and after everything I've told you about talking things out and I never did it.' Charlie smiled, then a thought came to him. 'Ah Baily, we've been talking about how Harry could have changed,' he raised his eyebrows and looked at John.

'I told John everything, I thought if Harry changed then he might get suspicious about me. He knew I went through it for a long time, so eventually he would have worked it out.' Baily smiled at his partner.

'I was shocked at first, then wondered if that's how a lot of men become gay. Me, well I've always been gay, but others might have been like Baily and Albus.'

'It's an interesting theory, but do you think you will finish with Charlie, Harry?'

'Yeah I will, like I told you yesterday ,six months, maybe shorter if we do it more.'

'What about you Charlie, will you finish around the same time as Harry?'

'I think we'll finish together, I don't know why that is, but I just feel it. So no matter how long, we'll do the last one together. Albus told me when we first got together, that Harry and I formed our own bond in a way. That's probably why I know we'll finish together.'

'And that's why you were worried as well, wasn't it?' Harry said looking at Charlie.

'Yeah, that's why, especially after what you told Albus that night,' Charlie saw the puzzled looks on Baily and John's faces. 'Harry told Albus that he thought of me as he's male partner. Ginny was his wife and female partner, and I was his male partner, but only in the wanting. Albus believed that's why we have this bond and that's the main reason I was worried. I thought if we had this bond, and when it finished we just couldn't go back to just being friends.'

'I wish you would have told me Charlie, then I could have explained that it just doesn't work that way once it's finished. We'll probably always be close, but it will just be as good friends.' Harry said as he kissed Charlie again.

'Yeah, I know that now Harry, but then I wasn't so sure.'

'There is just one thing I want to know though Harry.'

'What's that Baily?'

'I know Ginny wouldn't have fallen pregnant without you saying it was alright, so why? If you were so worried about changing, why would you let her fall pregnant Harry?'

'Now, that's a good question Baily, why would you let Ginny fall if you were so worried about changing?'

'I was trying to think of anything I could so she'd survive if I did change. I kept getting the thought of making you stay with me Charlie, like yesterday, but I wanted to try anything else first. Even though I couldn't be happier about being a father and I've wanted that for so long. I thought it might just make Ginny not give up if she had our child, she might have been able to handle it better knowing she had to survive for him.'

'But that wouldn't have helped you Harry, I still believe you would have given up without Ginny in your life.' Charlie said.

'Probably, but I wasn't worried about me. All I could think about was Ginny and I wanted to do anything I could so she could live and have a life. I was supposed to die as a baby anyway, so to me, if I died, but Ginny could live with our son, then I was willing to do that if I had no other choice. I didn't want to leave them, I want to stay with Ginny and our son forever, but I was going to do anything I could to make sure she lived.' Harry heard a sniff from behind him and saw Ginny standing there with tears falling down her face. He got up and pulled her into his arms, holding her tight. 'Shh Gin, it's alright.' Harry lead her over to sit down, and pulled her onto his lap.

'You have to stop doing that Harry, willing to sacrifice yourself for others, even me,' Ginny buried her head in Harry's shoulder. Once she got herself under control, she looked into his eyes. 'You did still want to have a baby though, didn't you Harry, not just to help me.'

'I wanted to start a family sweetheart, I have for a while now, don't think I didn't love. You know how long I've wanted this.' Harry put his hand down on Ginny's stomach. He could still feel Ginny's worry. 'Gin, I want this baby more than anything, you know that, so please don't worry about this. You don't need the stress in your condition, please.' Harry leaned in and kissed Ginny tenderly, caressing her face. 'I want our son Gin, and I want to stay with you both forever, and hopefully more later on.'

'Okay Harry, but no more talk about sacrificing yourself. You've got Charlie to help you now, so please do that for me, for us.' Ginny took Harry's hand and placed it back on her stomach.

'Don't worry sweetheart, with Charlie's help, I'll be here for both of you forever.' Harry and Ginny kept looking into each other's eyes, with both their hands on her stomach and never noticed Baily, John and Charlie leave. Charlie thought he'd just come back later, knowing that Harry and himself would need it.

The following week Harry and Ginny were waiting for everyone to arrive, James, Katie with the four children, Harry, Ginny, Jimmy and Kathy. Lily, Charlie with their five children, Hayden, Holly, Heaven, Harmony, and Heath. Sirius, Nicky and Nicole, the whole Weasley family, the band and partners, and their closest friends, along with Hagrid and Minerva, one by one they started to arriving and sat around down under the large tree at the bottom of the property. Baily gave them a nod and sat down with John as everyone looked at Harry and Ginny wondering what was going on and why they had called everyone there, because all they kept doing was snogging.

'Harry, son, did you want us all here to watch you snog you're wife or was there another reason to have everyone here?' James asked watching his son.

Harry and Ginny pulled apart and looked around at everyone. 'You could say that dad, there's something we wanted to tell everyone.' Harry grinned and looked at Ginny again and she nodded. 'We're having a baby.' Harry said loudly.

Everyone got up and hugged them, cheering loudly, and most had tears in their eyes, knowing Harry had finally come to terms with his past and realised his future was safe and they couldn't be happier for him.

'Hey Charlie, Katie, do you realise that when our son is born, you are both going to be grandparents.' Harry said loudly and everyone broke into laughter and the look on Charlie's face.

'Hey, no you don't Harry, I'm not going to be call pop, granddad or any other things you come up with. I'll be Uncle Charlie, thank you very much.'

'Sorry Charlie, you're married to my mother, that makes you my step-father and my children's grandfather, along with dad and Arthur.' Harry said and he couldn't stop himself from laughing. Everyone all looked at Harry, realising they haven't seen him like that, well since their wedding and they knew both Harry and Ginny would be fantastic if not overprotective parent's especially Harry.

Six months later, Harry and Charlie were laying together in the spare room at Harry's place when he leaned up on his elbow and looked down at Charlie.

'it's been six months Charlie, what are you feeling right now?' Harry said as he looked intensely at him. 'I won't read you, I just want to know.'

'I think once more will do it Harry, it's hardly there anymore, but what about you, are you the same?'

'Yeah, I am.' Harry said smiling hugely. 'I am so relieved right now. So do you want to go again, finish this, or wait until later, or tomorrow?' Harry said hoping he'd want to go now, then both of them could finally go back to their normal lives with their wives.

'Let's finish it Harry, let's have one more and then we can finally go back to normal. What do you say?' Charlie pulled Harry down and kissed him fiercely, then let him go.

'I was hoping you'd say that.' Harry turned himself around and they both took each other into their mouths.

Then they both held each other, kissed a few times very fiercely and passionately. 'It's time Charlie, I can feel it.'

'I can to Harry,' Charlie stood up and pulled Harry to his feet. They both dressed, then Charlie hugged Harry tight, kissed him. 'Last one, for real this time.' he kissed him once more, touched his face and left the room.

Harry sat down on the bed feeling free and complete for the first time in years. He owed Charlie a lot, but he also owed everyone else he's life and the life of his wife and son. He walked over to the door, looked at the room that had helped him for so long. Concentrated and it was stripped bare and redone with all new carpet, wallpaper, in baby patters. It was bright and cheerful, just like he felt. He opened the door and walked out to find his wife. He found her asleep on the couch so he gently sat down next to her, touching her huge stomach.

'You going to be a quidditch player when you're older son?' Harry said smiling as he felt his baby moving inside his wife.

'That's what it feels like to me sweetheart, he never stops moving.' Ginny looked at Harry and felt how peaceful and free he was. 'I can feel you Harry, is it over, for real?'

'It's over my love, for real. Same with Charlie, he just left. Now we can finally be a normal married couple and have our son with us very soon.'

'I'm so happy for you Harry, you feel so content and free right now. But can you help me upstairs, this couch isn't doing my back any good at the moment.'

Harry gently helped his wife up and walked her slowly up the stairs and over to the bed, then helped her lay down.

'How's that feel sweetheart, more comfortable?'

'Yes, thank you. I might have a nap for a while, I couldn't sleep properly before and I can't sleep properly of a night either, I'm just so huge.'

'You're beautiful my love and it won't be long. I'll let you sleep for a while and I'll be in the studio if you need me.' Ginny nodded and Harry leant down and kissed her tenderly. 'Sleep my love.' Harry smiled and walked back down stairs and into the studio and wrote some knew songs, and played a few tunes for a while, feeling happier than he'd ever thought he could possibly be.

Ginny walked slowly down the stairs to find Harry. 'Harry, sweetheart.' she called and Harry walked out of the studio. 'I think I'm in labour Harry, call Baily.' Ginny said panting heavily and she sat down on the couch.

'Oh merlin, um, okay Gin, I'll call him now.' Harry said starting to panic. "Baily, come quick, Ginny's in labour." Okay, I've called him.' Harry said as he sat down next to his wife. 'How close are the contractions Ginny?'

'Ten minutes, they just started coming quickly Harry. Oh merlin, Harry, Ow,' Ginny said panting heavily.

'Alright Ginny, let's get you back upstairs and look at you.' Baily said as he stepped out of the fireplace and saw Ginny was definitely in labour. Harry and Baily took an arm each and slowly walked up the stairs and into the bedroom.

'Aaahhhh, Harry.' Ginny screamed loudly as her legs gave out and Harry picked her up and lay her down on the bed and helped her to undress.

Baily instantly checked Ginny over. 'Alright, Ginny you're ready, you should have called me earlier. So on the next contraction, push. Harry get a cloth and wipe her down.' Baily looked at Harry and he never moved. 'Harry, listen, get a cloth and wipe her down, it'll help.'

'Aaaaaahhhhhh,' Ginny screamed loudly.

'Push Ginny, push.' Baily said as he saw Harry really started to panic. 'Harry' she's fine, just let her hold your hand.' Harry sat next to Ginny, taking her hand and she squeezed it tight as she kept screaming. For a few hours Ginny kept screaming as Harry sat beside her, never taking his eyes off his wife. 'Keep going Gin, I see the head, so next contraction, push as hard as you can.' Baily said as he waited, then Ginny screamed again loudly as she pushed and the baby boy slipped out. Baily quickly check him over and then placed him in his mother's arms. 'Perfectly healthy baby boy,' Baily said and he couldn't stop the tears falling and he sniffed trying to control himself as he finished with Ginny.

'Our son Harry,' Ginny said and placed him in his father's arms, as tears fell from her eyes.

Harry gazed down at his son lying in his arms, and he put a finger near his mouth and his baby instantly wanted to suck it. Which made Harry's eyes start to tear up, then he looked at Baily.

'How's Ginny Baily?' Harry said and both Ginny and Baily could hear how choked up Harry's voice was.

'She's fine Harry, she'll be a little sore, but fine. Congratulations, both of you.'

'Thanks Baily.' Ginny said smiling at him as her eyelids drooped and she fell asleep.

'It took a lot out of her Harry, why don't you clean up your son and get him dressed.' Baily said smiling as he watched Harry touching every part of his son.

'Yeah, yeah, good idea Baily. I'll go into the nursery and get it set up.' Harry walked into his son's room and got everything together and filled the baby's bath with warm water and placed his son into it. 'He likes it Baily.' Harry laughed as he washed his son, he let him lie there for a while, gently moving the water over his son's tiny body. He washed him down, then got him out, drying and dressed him. 'I should let everyone know I suppose.'

'Yes, you should and it's easy for you to do. Just talk to everyone's mind at once.' Baily smiled knowing that Harry wasn't ready to share his son with the very large, Potter/Weasley family.

They both walked down stairs and Harry turned to Baily. 'Here, hold him Baily, you deserve to be the first one.' Harry placed his son into his friends arms and watched as Baily sat down looking at the tiny baby.

'He's got a good mixture of you and Ginny.' Baily smiled as the baby wrapped his hand around Baily's little finger. After a few minutes he looked up and saw Harry watching him and he placed Harry's son back into his arms.

Harry sat down with his son, and decided he should tell everyone. But just couldn't bring himself to do it. 'I'll tell them later, I just want some time with James before I let them know, because then I'll never see him.'

'James?' Baily asked sitting down next to him.

'Yeah, I always wanted to call my son James Sirius Potter and Ginny agreed.' Harry said never taking his eyes from his son. "John, come to my place, will you." Harry said in his mind and a few minutes later John stepped out and sat down next to Harry. 'My son John,' Harry said as more tears fell from his eyes, then handed him to John.

'He's so tiny Harry.' john said as he looked down at the little baby boy, 'How's Ginny?'

'She's fine love, asleep, took a lot out of her,' Baily smiled as he watched his partner holding the baby. 'Harry, there's something John and I have been wanting to tell you for a while, but decided to wait until you son was here.'

'What's that Baily.' Harry said never taking his eyes off his son as John handed him back and he concentrated and all three felt the shiver.'

'I was wondering how long it would take you to put the charm around him Harry?' Baily grinned. 'Anyway, we've decided to adopt a child.'

'Oh, that's wonderful, you will both make great parents.' Harry leaned over and kissed Baily, then John before looking back at his son. 'It's still so hard to believe, I'm a father.' Harry laughed softly.

'Yes you are Harry and an overprotective one, just like you have been with everyone you care about.' John grinned. 'When are you going to tell everyone else Harry?'

'Soon, I just wanted some time alone with him. I might tell mum and Charlie first, then dad, Katie, Sirius and Nicky, then everyone else.'

'Why don't you do that now Harry, while I check on Ginny again?' Baily grinned and walked up the stairs.

"Mum, Charlie, can you come over straight away, its important." Harry said not wanting to say too much, because they should know. After a few minutes, Lily, Charlie and the five children stepped out of the fire and Lily instantly sat down next to her son. 'Mum, hold your grandson.' Harry said and placed his son into his mother's arms, then looked up at Charlie and saw him grinning as tears fell from his eyes. Harry looked at his five siblings. 'This is your nephew, his name is James.' Harry smiled at them and gave them all hugs.

'I always thought you'd call your son James Harry, even after you brought them back.' Charlie said as he sat down. 'Have you told him yet?'

'No, I wanted to do a couple at a time, you and mum first. So Charlie, what do you want him to call you?' Harry smirked at his brother-in-law.

'Uncle Charlie Harry, I keep telling you that, now how's Ginny?' Charlie shook his head at Harry.

'She's fine Charlie, just finished checking on her. She still asleep at the moment though.' Baily said as he sat down with John.

'That's good, you should let your father know Harry?' Lily smiled at her son, then looked back down at her grandson. 'It's still hard to believe, I'm a grandmother, this is my grandson.'

'Yeah, look at that, I'm shagging a grandmother.' Charlie grinned as Lily elbowed him hard. 'Ow.'

Harry laughed loudly as Lily placed Harry's son back into his arms. "Dad, come straight to my place please, my son has arrived." Harry kept looking down at his son when he father crouched down in front of him. 'Hey dad, say hello to your grandson, James Sirius Potter.' Harry said and placed his son into his father's arms. "Sirius, my son's here, get over here now."

'You're calling him after me Harry?' James said as he stood up, holding his grandson.

'I always planned to call my son James. Ginny agreed with me. You were a constant source of comfort for me over the years dad, even though you were never here.' Siruis and Nicky stepped out of the fire holding Nicole and walked over to them.

'Harry's he's beautiful.' Nicky said as she looked at Harry's son. 'What are you calling him?'

'James Sirius Potter.' Harry said grinning at his godfather.

'Really Harry?' Sirius said and pulled him into his arms, holding him tight for a few minutes, then let him go and stood next to James. 'So pop, how's it feel?' Sirius said and everyone laughed at the look on James' face.

'Oh, Ginny's awake and wants to see her son.' Harry said as James placed the baby back into Harry's arms. 'You want to come see her?' he asked and they all nodded and walked up the stairs. 'Hey sweetheart, I've just been introducing James to his grandparents. I have to let everyone else know now.'

'Yes, you better Harry, mum and dad will kill you if you don't tell them.' Ginny said then looked down at her son. 'I think he looks like you Harry.'

'How you feeling Ginny?' Charlie said sitting down next to his sister and taking her hand.

'Sore, but okay. So Charlie, are you a granddad, or an uncle?' Ginny said and everyone laughed again.

"Molly, Arthur, you're new grandson has arrived." 'I just let your mum and dad know, I'll tell the others soon.' within a few minutes, Molly and Arthur raced up the stairs and Charlie moved to let his parents get close to their daughter and grandson.

'He's beautiful Ginny dear,' Molly said as tears leaked from her eyes and Ginny placed her son into her mother's arms. Arthur hugged Harry hard, then gave Ginny a gently hug and kiss.

'So, what are you calling him, you never mentioned it?' Arthur asked looking at Harry then at Ginny.

Harry looked at his father, 'Why don't you tell them dad.' Harry grinned.

'His name is James Sirius Potter.' James said with a huge smile on his face.

'I always had a feeling you were going to name your son James, Harry.' Molly smiled at her son-in-law. 'Have you told everyone else yet?'

'Not yet, I wanted some time alone with him first. The size of our family, I thought I'd never see him or hold him again.' Harry laughed. 'I suppose I should let the rest know. "Everyone, our son is here." Harry said simply and waited as Molly placed Harry's son back into his arms. Harry never took his eyes off his son as he waited for everyone else to arrive. Hermione and Ron were the first, then everyone else started to arrive. Harry and Ginny got congratulations off everyone and they all looked down at the baby, but they also noticed that Harry wasn't going to let him go and knew that this baby and any more Harry and Ginny had, would be very protected, kept safe and loved by their parents.

Almost one year to the day, Harry and Ginny's second son arrived. Albus Severus Potter and everyone knew why Harry wanted those names for his second son. Two years later, their daughter arrived, Lily Luna Potter and everyone knew that Harry would be the most overprotective father with all his children, but more with his daughter. Ginny and Harry would love each other and continue to share their bond until they day they died. They would love, cherish and protect their children until the day they would have to protect themselves and knew the three Potter children would forever love and protect each other just like their father done for everyone he ever cared about.

The end.