A/N: A quick fluffly update to make up for the previous oneshot's angsty nature. This snippet in particular also resulted from a request I received on Tumblr.

Title: Celebration

Summary: "You're the coolest partner ever," he said, earnestly, making her breath hitch in her throat. She could only mumble a similar compliment back, burying her face in the crook of his neck. They lingered in this position for a few moments, arms wrapped around each other intimately. A look at Soul and Maka right after they acquire their 100th soul.

"Serial killer Frey D. Sadoko," Maka said, the shaft of Soul's scythe form resting comfortably on her shoulder as she coldly regarded the pre-kishin. "I'll be taking your soul."

"Maka, with this we'll finally…" Soul's voice echoed from the blade, making her smile before she charged at the pre-kishin.

"Yeah, with this, our soul count reaches one hundred," she bellowed, parrying the pre-kishin's attack, and ran forward to swing the scythe in a wide arc, slicing Sadoko cleanly in half. Her body disintegrated into nothing, dark shadows moving in sinewy shapes before those vanished, too, leaving only a pulsing soul of red back.

Soul materialized in front of her with a flickering light of blue and took the soul into a loose grasp.

"This is number 100," he said, turning it around in his hand carefully.

"Yessss, now come on. Eat it!" Maka clapped her hands together, her heart beating faster than it had during the fight, her chest nearly bursting in excitement. They did it. Again! Hundred souls. Soul…Soul was going to be a Deathscythe. Finally! "We did it, Soul," she whispered softly, disbelieving yet happy; she hoped dearly that this wasn't another dream.

But Soul's smile was all too real, his lips stretched wide and his eyes were alight with elation. "Yes, yes we did." He laughed, clutching the soul closer as he turned towards her. "Hell yeah, we're awesome. The best team ever!"

Maka wasn't prepared for the arm he slung around her narrow shoulders, nor was she prepared for his joyous laughter, but his enthusiasm just made sure her heart hammered at a dizzying speed as she returned his half-hug.

"You're the coolest partner ever," he said, earnestly, making her breath hitch in her throat. She could only mumble a similar compliment back, burying her face in the crook of his neck. His laughter made his chest rumble, made her shake, made her grin stupidly as embraced him more tightly. They lingered in this position for a few moments, arms wrapped around each other intimately in a hug that had an entirely new feeling to it. Their previous hugs hadn't caused her throat to clog up with emotion, or her fingers to tingle, or her stomach to flutter as if she was floating in a room without gravity.

Maka was the first one to pull back, her mouth still quirked into a smile, and clasped her hands together behind her back as she watched Soul expectantly. "Go ahead."

"Heh, this is gonna be good," he murmured and closed his eyes, face serene and calm. She sucked in a deep breath, looking at him she had never done before whenever he had eaten a soul. She had usually been indifferent to the soul-eating process as long as it just added one more to their total amount of souls. But this was their hundredth! She couldn't possibly miss this moment, nor the moment when he'd finally devour Arachne's soul.

He opened his mouth, his long tongue darting out to savour the first taste, but Soul had never been patient when it came to his meals, so he swallowed the red glowing orb whole in a second, his Adam's apple bobbing. The moment of silence was broken when he cracked one eye open, his face nearly splitting in two because of his ridiculous grin.

Maka could only laugh as she flung herself back into his arms without a care in the world, giggling like a madwoman as she whispered the words we did it on repeat. Soul's strong arms wrapped around her waist and she shrieked when he decided to spin her around, pressing her tightly against his chest. It occurred to her that they were being more touchy-feely than usual; she could feel the firm muscles of his back under her fingertips, liked how effortlessly he was lifting her up, loved how he chuckled against her ear, carefree and giddy.

She didn't know what possessed her to do it, but it was only natural, nothing felt wrong about it, when she put her hands on his cheeks. Her name was a faint wondrous whisper on his tongue, his eyes wide with surprise as she pulled his face down and aligned their mouths properly, doing what her subconscious had always been trying to tell her.

Soul's lips were soft and warm, if somewhat clumsy as they kissed, but she wasn't any better. She exhaled sharply through her nose, and it took her a split second to realize that her eyes were still open and that she needed to close them. Her senses took in even the smallest details about him: the pleasant weight of his palms on her hips, molding her body against his, the tickling tips of his white fringe against her forehead, and the nervous gulp he made when she unconsciously nibbled on his bottom lip. Whatever he did, her nerve endings were on fire, the sensation of even the smalles of a touch was imprinted on her skin.

They pulled apart after what seemed like hours, and Maka immediately craved his warmth again, but she liked the way he breathed out her name, how it made something flutter in her stomach and made her hands sweaty and her heart leap into her throat.

"We did it," she said, feeling a little foolish, but mostly content. Her cheeks were hot, likely a deep shade of red that rivaled the colour of his eyes, and despite the slight flicker of self-consciousness inside her soul, she was grinning from ear to ear. After a brief moment, which was spent with sizing the other up to see if this was okay, if they were willing to take the leap, she held his hand out to him. It was decided.

She didn't need him to make a grand declaration of love, and he wasn't expecting one from her either. Not yet, and that was okay. Soul took her hand without hesitation, but he surprised her yet again when he unceremoniously tugged her forward, causing her to almost trip over her own feet.

"Soul, what the—mmf─"

Oh, things were certainly going to be interesting if he kept shutting her up by kissing her.