# The Games Of The Star-Crossed Singers: The 1st Hunger Games. #
# The Games Of The Star-Crossed Singers: The 1st Hunger Games. #

Hey, so, what if The Hunger Games started in the twenty-first century? What if Austin and Ally were chosen for it? What if Austin had volunteered to save his friend, while Ally was chosen because of something horrible she did?

This is the story of the very first Hunger Games; One that was erased and, later on, a new one was made, which should've been called the 2nd Hunger Games, but wasn't.

This is Austin and Ally's Hunger Games, which has almost been forgotten. My grandmother told it to me, and I had to write it down. District 13 wrote it down, and remembered. And District 11 and 10 passed the story on in secret. That's how I kow about it.

It's the Games that, when brought up, has been reffered to as, The Games Of The Star-Crossed Singers. Enjoy, I don't own.

. . .
. . . . . .

~The Day Of The Reaping~

Ally's mother ties a blue bow in her brown hair, and Ally smooths out the dress she's wearing. She hugs her mother, "Don't worry, Mom." She says.

Her mother smiles, tears in her eyes, "The very first Hunger Games...our country destroyed...but you're still so strong. Oh, that's my little Ally-gator."

Ally smiles, walking out of the shack they live in (Every house was ripped down, every store: destroyed.), joining the children making their way to the square. Ally doesn't live in Florida anymore; it was flooded. All Floridians were transported to District 11, the District of Agriculture.

Ally spots a head of blond hair in the crowd just as a short girl and tall red-haired boy fall in step beside her. Dez has lost all of his humor. Trish refuses to speak. The three make their way towards Austin, who smiles at them, "The Reaping." He says sadly.

Ally nods, "You guys won't be chosen," she assures.

"Neither will you," Austin says.

"Don't be so sure," Ally replies, for she has done something very wrong. She's disgraced herself and her family by doing what she's done.

The Peacekeepers take the blood from each child, and soon they are wisked away to different seats. The crowd becomes silent as Marie Slenvie-a 'Capitol,' as people are beginning to call them-walks on stage.

"Welcom, welcome!" She smiles, and Ally feels like throwing up. "This is a very big event. The *first Hunger Games!* My, my! Well, then, Ladies first, I suppose!" She smiles, and says the line that has been repeated for generations, "And, *may the odds be* ever *in your favor!"*

She sticks her hand into the bowl, and everyone holds their breaths. Finally, the small peice of paper is in her hand in she holds it up, "Ah, here it is! And our *lucky* Tribute is... *Allyson Dawson!* Oh, such a *pretty* name! Come on up, *Allyson!"*

For Ally, this isn't a big surprise. But she's still scared. Trish-who's two steats away-whispers, "Ally!"

It's the first word she's said since the Games were announced, a month ago. Trish has never gone this long without speaking, and hearing her voice floods Ally with small relief.

Ally takes a breath, daring not to look Trish in the eye. That would make her cry, and Allyson Dawson cannot afford to cry.

She raises her chin, walking up towards the stage, brushing past Dez and Austin, whispering a, "Love y'all" as she passes, although she refuses to turn her head to acknowledge them properly.

"Oh! Darling! Such a pretty girl." Marie says, a mock sympathy in her eyes. Ally smiles, "It's such a shame I'm not as pretty as you." She says in fake honesty, loud enough for all to hear.

This makes everyone laugh. Marie's expression shows that she did not pick up on Ally's sarcasm. Even back then, it seems that the Capitol's people were very ... shallow.

Ally stands next to Marie and the mayor-named Diablin-as the woman picks out the name, "Dez McDelusion!"

Dez stands, shouting angrily, "It's pronounced McDēlusīón! And, why are you calling my-Oh." He hangs his head, and begins walking up to join Ally.

But he doesn't make it, because Austin stands, "I volunteer! I-I volunteer as T-tribute."

Stunned silence.

Some people are wondering if this is even possible. Finally, after Marie has looked at the Rule Book (which no one knew existed) and had a lengthy discussion with the President, she says, "Austin Moon. Our Male Tribute, everyone!"

Most girls cry, for Austin Monica Moon was the heartthrob of all of District 11.

But seeing the two best friends up there, it seems to represent something to all of District 11. A symbol, of some kind.

The commoners of the District hold three fingers up in a sign that will one day come to say, "We will remember you, we will respect you, we will pray for you." In every District, though mostly Eleven and Twelve.

Mayor Diablin pats both Austin and Ally on the shoulder, saying aloud, "Never thought I'd have the *honour* to meet *the Austin MONICA Moon amd ALLYSON Dawson!*" He says, very well knowing that Ally has stage fright and that Austin hates his middle name.

His plan works, people lower their fingers and are silent, under the Capitol's control once more.

Marie says, "Shake hands, you two." While checking her nails.

So Austin and Ally turn to each other, and they nod to each other,

They shake hands, and in this handshake lies a hug that was never given, a friendship which never finished, a rivalry that would now have to become full hatred...

...and a love that was never written, shown, sung, or said.

. . .
. . . . . .

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