Authors Note:

Hello and welcom to Houkie's Big Adventure where Houkie is landed in NYC for a year, there wil be guests but the only ones im sure of are Dipper and mable Pines from Gravity Falls. Im so happy you took your time to read this. This is my first fanfic so please leave a response. THIS IS GOING TO BE SO FUUUUUN ;D.


This was it, Houki Shinonono was going to America for a year. Tabane thought is would be good for her to leave Japan for a while. But what did she know, well according to her everything, but America. 5 doller cheese burger america, foreigners stealing the jobs they don't want America. But worst of all she wouldn't be able to see Ichika and those other guys for a long time. Tabane also took away her IS so she couldn't fly back to Japan. Well it was too late now, unless she got a job raised enough she could fly back to Japan so she could maybe still have that summer romance with Ichika. Now where would a girl with only an education in flying robot who is under 18 find a job. This was gonna be harder than she thought.