The Maiden


Arisugawa Otome

Chapter 1 Otome

Everything is dark, I don't like it, and not something I can love. Don't know how I got here, but I want to go home. Please let me go home.

It was a day like any day, of course things here at Starlight Academy, can be surprising, but hey that was the life of an idol.

"Otome-chan, your headed to an audition?" This was asked by a girl with blonde hair, a red bow tied in it, with strawberry colored eyes.

"Ichigo-tan, Ichigo-tan, yes, yes, yes! Love you!" My names Otome, I have bunny ear shaped brown blonde buns, with reddish brown eyes, I then proceeded to form a heart with my hands, then went to go tackle hug Ichigo, following that I then tackled both Aoi and Ran.

"Well, I have a meeting for Naughty Detectives, so sorry Otome, I won't be there." Said a girl with blue hair tied into a side ponytail and blue eyes, this was Aoi.

"Sorry, I can't make it either, modeling practice." Ran stated, she was a brunette and her hair hung to her knees, sometimes she would put it in a ponytail, with violet eyes.

"The great Yurika-sama, will not attend." A very, very light blonde in two high ponytails on either side of her head that hung in curls with green eyes and an umbrella, in the shade of black, who had just been walking by, felt she needed to say what she said.

"Love you! Bye bye." And off I go.

"I'm so glad you're here, a little early I see!"

A little nervous, I just nods, I really don't want to forget the lyrics or steps. The lady just smiles and I go to the audition room, with the cord I picked out, not really important right now.

I walk through the middle door and approach the big red and gold wardrobe looking device, just like any audition. Then why am I so nervous. I place my student ID and aikatsu cards into their respective slots on the diamond shaped thing on the front, it then started to go up. I then proceeded to run through the curtain.

AN: I know I have not finished my other story, but this one decided it wanted to come out and was not going to let me go. Otome is my favorite character from this anime, Yurika is also my favorite, so she may be a little out of character because she is harder to write about then I thought. This story came about when I finished watching the 2 seasons of AKB0048, and I thought, "What if I took a character from aikatsu, and put her in a world where idols are banned?" So this is the starting of it. I am open to co-writing, or even a beta reader. Love You! 3 as Otome would say. J