Chapter 12


I bolted off, so that I could investigate, well I tried to anyway, the girl who looked sorta like Seira grabbed my arm.

"What is going on, Kii-chan, are you okay?" She seemed really worried for me, so I don't struggle.

"I don't know, you give off the same feel as Seira, and you sorta look like her too, but you also look different then I remember. Where's your pink hair?" Just then I see two people, even though I heard Aoi's voice, I still was not prepared for who ran by us, so I followed, this time this Seira followed me but did not stop me.


Otome-chan takes off and I follow, she doesn't know it's not our Aoi, as we run by a girl with yellow balloon hair, who is talking to an orangy brown haired girl, looks at us and follows us, her friend seems to follow her. We seem to break out of the crowd who had backed away from my group of friend look a likes, everyone starts giving us weird looks.

"Aoi-tan?" She looks at the blonde Aoi, I really don't know what to make of her face. She then clobbers Aoi in a hug. "Love you!" She then notices the rest of the group hugging them all to death confusing all of them, that's when I turn to look at the little blonde behind me, she seems really shocked.

"Are you okay?" She turns to me shock on her face.

"Ichigo-chan? Hoshiymiya Ichigo-chan?" I nod my head, now I am really confused, Everyone, except for Otome, thinks my name is Suzukawa Ichigo, is she from the same place Otome and I are, she is also wearing a school uniform in red, black and white, it's actually really cute, though the orangy brown haired girl behind her, who seems to be her friend is wearing a school uniform that I have never seen either, but I don't think she knows who I am and is really confused that her friend does.

"Kii-chan, I know you like to research idols, but Hoshimiya Ichigo was an idol from back on Earth, before it was destroyed, this girl cannot possibly be that Ichigo, she may look similar to her but I don't think that is her, actually she could be related to that Ichigo, just like I am related to Otoshiro Seira, I am even named for her, and your related to Saegusa Kii, but you're not her, you do resemble her a lot though. Actually I think the whole group in front of me is related to an Idol from both Starlight Academy and Dream Academy, this is actually kind of awesome!" Dream academy, what was that?

"That, what is going on!" Kii seemed to shrink with every word that Seira was saying. She then took off, I followed her, and Otome followed me, lots of girls get out of our way, though Seira didn't follow, even though she seemed to be Kii-chan's friend. Soon we found ourselves lost.

"So, I was wrong?" Kii looked at us, she looked so sad.

"Wrong about what? I am Hoshimiya Ichigo, but everyone's been calling me Suzukawa…." That was really confusing me, though this whole situation has been confusing.

"And I'm Arisugawa Otome that has not changed, though Mariko-tan has been calling me Rainbow-chan!" Otome was giggling.

"But you two don't know me, could it be that we have yet to meet?" She pushed her glasses on her nose; she looked like Aoi does when she is studying something. "Oh, dear, um what's your mother's name?"

"Hoshimiya Ringo, my father's name is Taichi, and my little brother's name is Raichi!" and yet for some reason, everyone keeps telling me differently. She then looked both Otome and I up and down.

"You are wearing Starlight Academy Uniforms, and nobody else is wearing them…" She turned away.

"So you are from the past it seems as well!" Otome seemed really excited so she hugged Kii-chan which seemed to surprise her.

"We-we-we are in the future!" ah-oh, Otome maybe you should not have said that, we just nod our heads.

"We don't know how or why we are here, and we don't know how to get back…" I look away and Kii-chan gets even more panicky.

"Calm down, Kii-chan I don't know what's going on, but you do need to calm down." Seira I guess had followed us. "I'm sorry but I don't have Brain Thunder with me and I don't know where to get it, but maybe we can get something else, come on!" She grabbed Kii-chan's hand, Otome was still stuck to her and I followed, I didn't want to be left behind. "Eh, I'm lost." Seira looks around; we then all giggle even the panicky Kii-chan. A blue haired girl, I think her name was Cheiri, but I am not sure, comes around a corner. "Um, Cheiri-Sama? Can you tell us how to get to the cafeteria?"

"Right this way." She turned and we followed, Kii-chan had a funny look on her face.

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