My name is Metal Mario. Don't confuse me with that colorful plumber, please, or his form from his Nintendo 64 game, and it's remake. I suppose I should start from the beginning? I was born from a forgery, crafted by Bowser's minions. See, the Dragon-Koopa's logic was that if he can't beat Mario, make Mario fight himself but stronger.

The principle was a nice one. I didn't go insane and turn on him or anything like you'd see in the movies after I was created, I went to participate in the Super Smash Bros Tournament- my first chance to brawl with the flesh me.

I was gifted my own special stage, and I admit, I trounced my opponents quite a few times, I was no pushover, that was for certain. I even beat Mario a few times by luck, though If I have to be entirely honest, I was still somewhat the lesser him in skill.

It was no matter though, I still had time to improve. I didn't entirely hate the other me, even if my purpose was to fight him- which I did. Bowser's attempt to make a true anti-Mario had failed, in that aspect. It grew into something ofa rivalry.

I was soon swinging golf with him, and his friends and foes. It was fun, but it didn't last long, after all, I was forged from metal to fight, not to play casual sports.

I was soon invited back to the Smash Bros scene, two years later, dubbed Melee. I was a mid-boss, and like before, I won many times, and was defeated just as much as I won. I was a little tougher from experience, which I was thankful for. Yes, good times. I also had a larger variety of foes to fight, the Smasher roster had grown.

Around that time, I participated as the final boss of a game called Dr. Mario 64. Short days, for the Nintendo 64 was dying around the time the Gamecube was released and I'd moved on to Melee.

Afterwards, I was... forgotten. It angered me, I had nothing to do but wait in a metaphorical storage. The gamers of this century had no idea I existed, and only a few older players could recognize me. In short, I sat by, with little to do for ten years. I wasn't even invited back to the next Smasher Tournament, Brawl. It was an insult.

Soon, however, Nintendo realized I wasn't dead, only deprived of sleep. I soon forgot my anger when they invited me to the next Mario Kart- let me tell you, it felt great. It was my first time racing, so I might've been a little unexperienced compared to Mario and his immediate friends who'd been at this since the 90's, though I soon caught up and became a true racer.

Everyone was mildly surprised to see me, though I faced no hatred.

Any worries that I might be forgotten for another decade were soon evaporated, for the next year I was swinging my tennis racket with the others.

So it seems that I might be revived after all...

I wouldn't be so sure about the Koopalings, however. I hear they've been disowned, according to an announcement made by Nintendo...