Slytherin Merlin

Challenge: Rewrite the BBC Merlin so that he fits in with Harry Potter

Rules: Merlin MUST have been a hand-picked student of Salazar Slytherin and act like a true Slytherin, i.e. cunning, ambitious, manipulative and independent AND willing to sacrifice Uther once he believes Arthur is ready to be king

Must be a Merlin/Arthur pairing with soul bond and Salazar performing the official marriage bonding, while Arthur marries Guinevere for appearances sake only

Arthur MUST learn about Merlin being a wizard by the time of Balinor's death, and he knows about the Dragoon the Great disguise

HP spells and potions MUST be included along with the Celtic magic, including the Patronus Charm-invented by Salazar during Series Two

Salazar CAN NOT be a blood supremacist, he must have a muggleborn wife and mother, he just fears muggles because he was born and raised in Camelot, and his parents were killed by Uther during the Great Purge

Hogwarts was founded circa 500 AD

Suggestions: Cover Merlin's years at the newly founded Hogwarts inside Ravenclaw Castle

Godric Gryffindor uses Merlin's enchantment on Excalibur in The Sword in the Stone as basis for how to get his sword out of the Sorting Hat

Salazar Slytherin is a Dragon Lord

Antioch, Cadmus and Ignotus have graduated Hogwarts, and Merlin uses Resurrection Stone so that Arthur can speak to Ygraine

Merlin does not lie to Arthur about Ygraine's claim that magic was used to conceive Arthur, and Arthur has a strained relationship with Uther from then on