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Monday, September 8

"Percy! First day of school! You don't want to be late!" Percy's mom sighed. It was never easy waking up the son of Poseidon, much less on the first day of school.

Percy mumbled something and rolled over in his bed. He'd won the Titan war and the giant war (with some help, of course) so why did getting up for school seem to be the hardest thing ever?

He sat up and ran his hand through his hair. He picked up the picture he kept on his nightstand and looked at it. It was of him, Thalia, Nico, Annabeth, and Grover. They were all bruised, scratched and entirely too sleepy, but they managed to smile for the camera.

It was Percy's favorite picture ever.

He got up, pulled a shirt over his head, and padded over to the bathroom to brush his teeth.

His mom smiled at him as he entered the kitchen, helping himself to blue waffles.

"Good morning honey" she said, smiling at her son.

"Morning mom. Paul" Paul Blofis nodded at his stepson, reading the newspaper and sipping black coffee.

"Ready for your first day of Junior year?" Paul asked.

"Not at all" Even though Percy's stepdad, Paul, would be teaching at Goode Highschool, the only thing that could possibly make this year better would be Annabeth.

Percy missed her so much. She lives in San Francisco with her dad, and Percy wished she could come live here. She was just about the only thing that made math homework easier.

No to mention she was the best girlfriend ever.

Mrs. Blofis checked her watch. "You two are going to be late, get going"

Paul grabbed his car keys, hugged his wife, and nodded at Percy. "See you in class Percy"

Percy grabbed his book bag and his Metro card. He preferred the subway over Paul's car; even if his English teacher was his stepfather, it was still awkward riding in the same car.

He hugged his mom. "See you after school"

"Have a good day honey, no beating up the mortals" She smiled.

"No promises" Her son called over his shoulder, opening the door.

********************************** ***Line Break ***************************************

One week earlier

Chase house, San Francisco

"Dad, I want to talk to you" Annabeth said at dinner. Her dad looked up at her. Oh Gods, she thought. How am I going to say this?

"Yes?" Her dad asked. Annabeth now held the attention of not only her father, but her stepmom Helen and her half-brothers, Matthew and Bobby. Not what she intended.

"I want to move back to New York" There. She said it. Now, their reactions she thought nervously. Though the daughter of Athena always had a plan, this one made her nervous. It wasn't often she held a conversation with her family, much less on about a topic as big as this.

"Annabeth, honey, we can't just move the entire family because you want to be close to your boyfriend." Helen said calmly.

"I wasn't talking about the whole family" She said. That sounded harsher than she intended.

"I know you wanted me to move here because you wanted us to be a family, but I don't think that will work. I need to be in New York. One, because of camp. Two, because California is not a good place for demigods, what with the entrance to the Underworld being in L.A. Three, because it's kind of hard to be the official architect of Olympus when I'm on the opposite side of the country. And four, of course, is to be closer to Percy."

Annabeth glanced around the table, taking in her family's reactions.

"Well…" Her father said, "You've made some excellent points. As much as I hate to let my baby go again, I guess if I don't let you, you'll just run away. Where would you go to school?"

"Goode. Percy's school"

"And where will you stay?" Frederick Chase asked.

"Um… Well Sally offered if I needed to, their guest room is always open." Annabeth said.

Her dad looked nervous, as If the idea of her staying with Percy didn't excite him.

"I suppose… School would start in about a week, so you best call the school"

Annabeth leaped off her seat and ran up to her room to IM Percy and Thalia.

Downstairs, back at the dinner table, her father looked sad. When he said she could go, she looked the happiest she had been in months. Did she really dislike it here that much? He though sadly.

As if reading his mind, Helen said, "I think she just wants to be with her friends, that's all"

"I guess" Was all he said.

Upstairs, back in her room, she decided not to IM Percy. She wanted to make it a surprise. Annabeth began to pack her bag, excited for school for once in her life.

***************************************Line Break *************************************

Somewhere in the Forest, North Dakota

Sunday, September 7

"Thalia" Artemis called her second in command.

"Yes m'lady?" Thalia answered

"I've been thinking. You're very attached to your friends, are you not?"

"Well, yes. Phoebe is a very good healer" Thalia said slowly.

"No, I mean you're demigod friends. Nico. Annabeth. Percy." Artemis said

"Oh! Yes!" Thalia's eyes lit up at the thought to her friends, and her old camp memories.

"Seeing as how you are still about the same age as them, I have been thinking that you should spend some more time with them." Artemis proposed. "I will give you a year to spend with them. You will still be a huntress, but you will not be actively hunting with us, and Phoebe can relieve you as your lieutenant duties."

"That… sounds amazing! I would love to. Are you sure you can manage without me, m'lady?"

"Yes, I have noticed how sad my hunters get when they watch their friends grow up without them. While you are still their age, you should be with them." Artemis smiled.

"Thank you!"

Artemis nodded "You will be going to school with them, in Goode Highschool in New York."

Thalia nodded. "For transportation…"

Artemis looked in the sky. "My twin, Apollo, should be driving the sun chariot in about an hour. Get your things together and be ready by then."

Thalia nodded "Thank you m'lady" She bowed and hastily went to her tent to gather her few belongings.

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