Hey guys! So...

Sorry for discontinuing the story. My heart just wasn't (and still isn't) into it anymore.

And if your heart isn't into something, then what's the point of doing it?

Life goes on, you know? I'm starting school again tomorrow, so definitely won't have time anymore.

I just wanted to thank you guys soooooooo much. Seriously. I love you guys for giving me 33,787 views of my story, and 170+ reviews.

I may not be actively writing this story anymore, but I can still brag to my friend about how my amazing story has over 30 THOUSAND views and hers has like 30 :P

It really is amazing that I wrote about some characters in a book I really liked, threw in some of my own ideas and life experiences, and BAM, 30k people read it c;

And also, thanks for the dedicated fans who kept sending me pm's about the story long after I decided to quit writing it. *~*

You guys are awesome.

So really... Sorry.

But thank you :*