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Chapter 1


Edward held me in his arms as we shared a kiss full of passion. My heart was hammering in my chest; tears shimmered in my eyes as I thought of how close I came to losing him. Pulling back I looked into his butterscotch eyes I felt slightly dazzled even as my heart screamed at me not to trust him again. He smiled that crooked smile unaware of my internal turmoil. Just when I was about to pull away from him, Edward moved me behind him. I looked at him confused, until I looked over his shoulder to the two male vampires that he seemed to be having a silent conversation with. I was about to demand what was going on when Alice walked in, talking about not making a scene. I look at Alice questioningly and she gave a slight smile that I think was meant to be comforting, but came out as a grimace.

Then the most beautiful voice rang out, "Enough!" A petite female vampire, who appeared to be around 15 or 16 when she was turned, glared at Edward. Her blonde hair was put in a tight bun and her facial expression showed boredom and annoyance.

"Jane." Edward nodded to the blonde.

"Aro sent me to see what was taking so long." My mouth was still hanging open in awe of her beauty, but when she spoke my heart sped up and I shivered slightly with longing. Of course, this didn't escape the vampire's notice and I immediately hid my face behind my hair as a blush colored me cheeks. Edward, taking my shiver as sign of me being afraid, wrapped his arm around me and brought me closer to his body.

Edward pulled me along with him through the winding halls, my head still cast down in mortification. My mind was filled with the image of the red-eyed angel. She was so beautiful and I felt so drawn to her. I just want to hold her and...I shake my head trying to clear it of my thoughts. I just got my Edward back, and already I'm longing for someone I don't even know. And what's worse is that she's a girl someone! WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME! I tightened my hold on Edward's waist, hoping that touching him will dispel these feelings.

We reach huge double doors and Jane pushes them open before gliding to the side of a young male. I felt a confusing spike of jealousy at the thought of her belonging to him. My jealousy seemed to be unfounded as he speaks the next words.

"Sister, sent you out to get one and you bring back two. And a half. Such a clever girl." The young male says this with a slight smirk playing on his lips. I briefly glance his way, noticing he looks a lot like Jane, before turning my attention to the three ancients sitting on their thrones. One of the kings, with his black hair tied back, walks towards us with a creepily cheery smile. I mean seriously, he acts like we're just old friends becoming reacquainted. Stupid vampires and their false sense of normalcy.

Aro walks up to Edward taking his hand. As he does this, Edward explains about his ability to read everyone's thoughts they have ever had with a single touch. "La Tua Cantante. Her blood appeals to you so much...it makes me thirsty. How can you stand to be so close to her?"

Edward answers in a strained voice, "It's not without difficulty."

"Yes, I can see that." For some reason, I get the feeling that Aro finds this amusing. "You're quite a soul reader yourself, Edward. Though...you can't read Bella's thoughts. Fascinating! I would love to see if...you are an exception to my gifts, as well. Would you do me the honor?" I hesitate for a moment. Knowing that even when he makes it sound like a request it is actually a command.

Biting my lip nervously, I slip my hand into his and after a moment of silence he lifts his head up. "Interesting. I see nothing. I wonder if...Let's see if she is immune to all our powers. Jane?" With those words, all hell breaks loose. Edward's in front of me one moment then writhing on the ground in pain the next. I look at Jane as she glares down at Edward with such hatred. That look alone encouraged me to shut down any feelings I had for her. I scream no. And Edward is released from her hold.

She turns her hate filled gaze to me, and when our eyes lock, I feel myself falling into her gaze. The need I felt before is nothing like what I'm feeling now. It's overwhelming, all consuming, and never ending. It's like a rope is tied around my heart binding me forever to her. The urge to submit and lay down my devotion to her is overpowering and I find myself taking a step towards her. Her eyes seem to soften for a moment and a look of shock passes over her face, but she quickly masks it with anger. A low growl trickles from her lips as she takes a step towards me.

Suddenly, Aro laughs causing me to break my gaze from hers. Embarrassed, I look down at the ground blushing bright red.

Aro's next words cause me to look at him in confusion. "Remarkable! She confounds us all. So, what do we do with you now?" He studies me for a moment until Marcus steps from his throne and walks towards us with a small smile on his face. This seems to stun everyone, but Marcus seems unfazed as he stands in front of us. His eyes never move away from my face as he places his hand within Aro's.

I study Marcus's face for a moment. When we first walked in his eyes looked like they held so much pain, but now they seem to sparkle with some hidden meaning. I find myself relaxing as I look at him almost as if I know he will protect me. The feeling is confusing and doesn't make sense, but then again, nothing seems to be making sense since I've been here.

After what seems like minutes, but in reality was only seconds, Aro's eyes snap to mine, wide with shock. He looks from me, to Marcus, then lingers for a second on Jane who is now staring at me. Feeling uncomfortable with being the center of attention, I move closer to Alice. This action causes a low growl, but before I can see where it came from Caius is in front of us.

"What is going on Brothers?" Without taking his eyes off of me, Aro places his hands in Caius'. For a moment, it seems they are having a hidden discussion. I look to Edward to find him frowning, and then turn to Alice who holds a very confused expression on her face .What the hell is going on? I frown. Aro breaks the silence.

"Well, it seems we have much to discuss brothers." Aro looks at me with a small, amused smile playing on his lips as he looks from Jane to Edward. He releases his brother's hands and the three kings return to their thrones. Edward and Alice seem to relax for a moment, but immediately I tense up at Aro's next words. "Bella would you do us the honor of staying the night here while we decide your fate?" Before I can respond, Edward steps in front of me and speaks with a barely restrained voice.

"No, I will not leave her here with you monsters." This causes the room to fill with hisses and growls. Alice puts a hand on Edward.

"She will be fine Edward, they won't hurt her".

Aro ignores their exchange and his eyes bore down on mine. "Bella?" I look at Jane who gives me a smug look, then to Edward who looks pained, then Alice who nods in agreement. I take a deep breath and look back at Aro.

"Fine". He smiles.

"Excellent, Demetri escort Miss Swan to her guest room while we decide if she is truly trustworthy. And tomorrow night, if all is well, the Cullen's will take you back home. If you still want to that is." Edward growls beside me and I look at Aro confused .Why wouldn't I want to leave? Before I can ponder it further, Alice wraps me in a tight hug and gives me a reassuring pat on the back before handing me over to Edward. He wraps his arms around me and gives me a chaste kiss on the lips and whispers softly that he loves me. Before I can respond, Demetri clears his throat behind me. I give Edward a soft smile and pull away from him. I turn and nod to Demetri, signaling that I'm ready, before following him out of the throne room.

I follow Demetri in silence. My thoughts and feelings are all over the place. Why was I drawn to Jane? Why was Marcus smiling at me? What the hell were the kings thinking about that made Edward frown and Alice confused? And why the fuck does this damn castle have to be so damn big!?

Finally, just when my feet were starting to ache, we stop at a door. Demetri opens it and steps aside. I walk in and when I turn to tell Demetri thank you I find the door closed behind me and locked. Great, so there's no chance of me escaping. Not that I would get far with a castle full of vampires. Sighing, I look around the room. It's the size of my house in Forks. The room is done in red and gold. The canopy bed is so massive it must be king-sized and it dominates the room. There are two doors that must lead to the bathroom and closet. There's a fireplace that hasn't been lit, which leaves the room slightly chilled. Shivering, I rub my arms, but tense up when I hear the door open. A tall beautiful woman who looks like she should be a runway model walks in carrying a tray of food causing my stomach to growl and me to blush in embarrassment.

"Hi. I'm Heidi. Aro thought you would be hungry," She sets the tray on the bed and walks out the door. Before I can call her back, she is returns in a flash with some toiletries and what appears to be a blue night gown. "Here you go. Since you're going to be staying the night here, we thought you would like to shower and rest."

"Thank you. This is very kind of you. By the way, I'm Bella." I smile at her, taking the toiletries and gown from her outstretched hands. She smiles and gives me a knowing smirk.

"Oh I know...Eat up. I have a feeling you're going to need the energy." She winks at me, and with that she leaves the room, locking me inside. Stupid vampires and their odd behavior.

I walk over to the bed eat the meal that turns out to be chicken alfredo. Really good chicken alfredo. Damn, for vampires they sure know how to cook.

Grabbing my night gown and toiletries, I head to the bathroom. I walk into my personal spa. There's a Jacuzzi, a huge shower with multiple shower heads, as well as a bathtub that looks like it was made for two. Slipping into the shower, I try to relax. I can't help but feel as if something big is about to happen that will change me. Whether it's good or bad, I don't know.