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Chapter 12

The next morning I was up earlier than usual at 7am. I spent most of the night tossing and turning in my sleep. The constant nightmares forced me to give up any hope of a restful night.. After showering I looked my body over in the mirror. I avoided a full body check up when I got back from Volterra by simply pointing out the visible bruises and reassuring everyone that it was the only damage done. However with Edwards actions lately I don't think he will let it go that easily until every ounce of me is looked over in search of any 'illness'.That cant happen. Although the bruises from having sex with a vampire has vanished . The bites on my inner thigh and breast still remained. They looked faded but I know with vampire vision it would be seen clearly. No one could see these marks.

So as I got ready for the day ahead I thought about my options. I couldn't say my dad needed me at home this weekend-which would keep me from staying the night at the Cullen's- because Charlie was on another fishing trip with Billy. I couldn't avoid the check up all together since that would look even more suspicious to Edward. The only person that I could even possibly ask is Alice. Maybe she could come up with a way to tell Carlisle the check up wasn't even needed . But how...

"Whatever you're trying to decide is giving me a headache."I jump up in surprise.

"Alice!"She stares at me from my bedroom door. Her eyes focused in concentration. Even though I'm fully dress in a t-shirt and jeans I can't help but wrap my arms around myself self-consciously. Then her words wash over me like a bucket of cold water.

"W-what do you mean.I thought you couldn't see into my future anymore" She lets out a huff and pouts slightly.

"Oh no you don't missy .You are not going to distract me.I only have a few hours to shop as it is. So lets go" I sigh in frustration knowing I wouldn't be getting anything out of her until after the shopping trip from hell.

"Damn Shopaholic"I mutter under my breath..Her bell like laughter is my only answer.

By the time we stopped at the food court I was exhausted.I thought by putting a time limit on our shopping trip it would cut down how much stuff we bought. How could I be so foolish. The Tasmanian devil known as Alice took it upon herself to speed shop while towing along a clumsy human like me. Somehow she managed to get more clothes than we normally get on these trips .Looking the piles of bags surrounding our booth I couldn't help but think of what shopping with Jane would be like. With her mini mall of a closest I wouldn't be surprised if she made Alice's shopping trip look like a walk in the park. Just when I was getting lost in morose thoughts of Jane, Alice sits across from me in the booth, after putting a tray of food in front of me. Some of my emotions must have been playing on my face because her hand reached across the table to encompass mine.

"Bella what's going on?"I shrug absentmindedly picking at the fries on the tray.

"Shouldn't you know. You are the psychic".She pulls back from me with a frustrated sound.

"You're right I should know. But I don't' know. I haven't been able to see your future since we got back..."She looks at me expectantly and I try to keep face passive. "That is until this morning".Oh shit what did she see!?

"Really...thats good right?"She watches me curiously.

"Yea it is. Edward told me he talked to you last night .I'm guessing whatever he talked to you about must have taken off that layer of armor that's been surrounding you since we got back".A shiver of fear coursed down my spine and something kept nudging the back of my thoughts. It felt like Alice's words should mean something to me but I couldn't grasp why. Seemingly unaware of my thoughts she continues. "The thing is though. I still can't get a clear read on you. Everything concerning you is foggy or

fragmented."I frown.

"What do you mean?"

"Well before your future was black. Now I can barely see you. Usually I can see everyone's decisions and the outcome of said decision. With you all I can see is foggy fragmented outcomes and nothing of the choices you made to reach that outcome. Its like there are important pieces missing and the harder I look the foggier it gets. That's how I knew you needed me. But when I tried to understand what for all I got was fog".Hmm so my shield is still working for the most part. But what I can't figure out is why she can suddenly see anything at all foggy or not. Maybe Marcus would know.

"So Bella what's been on your mind?"

"I thought you said you wouldn't be questioning me on this trip". She gives me a sly smile.

"Well... technically you were the one who was asking for help in my vision of you. So technically I'm not asking just voicing your unspoken question". She full on grins now at her cleverness and I can't stop myself from laughing. When I sober up I notice Alice looking at me with a sad smile.


"Its nothing...just this is the first time I heard you laugh since we got back that's all."I look down at the plate of fry's. Trying to avoid going where I think this talk is heading.

"Oh Bella" Alice reaches over and pulls my hand in hers. Its then I notice how my body doesn't recoil from her touch like it did with Edward. However there is still a small warning growl going off in my head. Though its not strong enough to make me want to pull away. For some reason the growl reminds me vaguely of Jane. Its almost as if she knows what I'm doing.

"I'm worried for you Bella. You've gotten so pale .You're hardly eating and its starting to show".I let my hair fall in my face. Trying to use it to hide from her venom filled eyes. I know shes scared for me but what am I to do ? If I told her the truth she would most likely try to do everything in her power to keep me from the Volturi. That wouldn't help since I would still suffer from being away from Jane. If I told her and Edward somehow read it in her thoughts he would make my nightmares come to fruition. After yesterday there isn't any doubt in my mind that he meant everything he said. I can't allow that to happen.

Not even to clear the worries from Alice's eyes.

"I know you havent been sleeping the rate you're going you're going to burn yourself out".I sigh pinching the bridge of my nose before looking back up at Alice.

"Alice...what's going on with me. No one can fix but me. I can't talk to you about it because I don't want you involved-"

"But-"I hold up my hand stopping her words.

"Just know that I can take care of myself."I look at her pleading with my eyes. "Please trust me Alice. If it gets to much for me to handle you will be the first person I turn to."She stares at me for a long moment, thinking over my words ,before finally nodding her head.

"Okay, but that still doesn't explain why you need my help. In my vision you asked me to cover for you..."She frowns while trying to make sense of the vision. I , however have already figured it out. She must have had a vision of helping me. Since she couldn't see me make the choice to ask all she saw was herself helping me as the end result. Which if I was going to ask for help she would be the only person I would ever ask since even Marcus trusts her bonds to me.

"I need away to avoid Carlisle giving me a full body search for some sickness that doesn't exist" She gives a curious look.

"Why would you need my help with that? I know if you tell Carlisle its not needed he won't force you"I look down for a moment before looking back at her.

"I don't think Edward would give me a choice in the matter. Edward told me that I would be getting a checkup and his tone made it sound like I had no room to disagree". She smiles slightly.

"Well Bella, he is only doing that because he's worried for you . He is your mate after all . It's his job."

My vision glazes over and my mind fills with the sound of a vicious roar and for a moment I see flashes of broken wood and assorted broken furniture. A possessive growl fills my ears and I tremble slightly. He is not your mate! The snarl is so loud it echos in my head.

The pain in my head and chest intensifies and I feel like apart of me is being yanked towards something. I scream and try to reach out for something to ground me from the rush of pain i'm feeling. I hear a panicked voice screaming for me but all I can see is the face that haunts my dreams. Her eyes are filled with such sorrow that I find myself trying to reach for her. My vision of her fades the moment cold arms surround me. Alice's voice fills my ears pulling me back into reality.

"Bella?! What's wrong? You're scaring me!" I gasp for breath trying to figure out if what I saw was reality or some mind trick. I hold onto Alice tightly panting softly as I try to calm my racing heart. Around us I can hear people asking if I'm alright and wondering if they should call an ambulance . Alice tells them no and that she needs everyone one to give us space.

"Alice"My voice comes out in bare whisper. The pain in my chest is worse than before the bond was completed.I find it painful to even breath deeply.

"Shhh its okay Bella I've got you. Edwards on his way .He will know what to do."I jerk out of her arms when she says Edwards name.

"No Alice..You can't! . He can't see me like this . He will make Carlisle examine me. Please you have to help!". My voice comes out frantic . Alice looks at me dumbfounded.

"Bella you were just screaming and shaking as if you were in pain. I can't keep this from him. There could be something seriously wrong with you and-"

"No Alice please. Don't let him see me naked .Please no matter what!".By now I've worked my self it to a full on panic attack and I can't stop gasping for breath. But I try to make my voice sound firm.

"Calm down Bella. I'll make sure no one sees you naked if you will just calm down."My vision starts to cloud over again but this time black spots start to fill my mind. I hear a strange ringing in my ear but before I can lose consciences Alice smacked me across the face bringing me back to earth. My eyes focus on her and I can't keep the scowl off my face.

"What the Fuck!"She looks at me sheepishly .

"What? Its always works in the movies!"I roll my eyes and take a deep breath..Slowly the pain in my chest ebbs and instead I feel a homey feeling surrounding me. I look around the crowded food court and my eyes land on Marcus standing in the far corner surrounded by a mosh pit of women . I would be laughing at the site if the situation wasn't so dire. He locks eyes with me for a moment before making his way to the nearest exit. My eyes follow him confused until a voice makes my head turn away from him.

"Bella!"I turn to the entrance and there stands Edward.

His dark eyes locked on me. Alice rubs my back comfortingly then whispers in my ear as Edward fights his way threw the crowd towards us. "No matter what Bella I will protect you. You have my word."She looks me dead in the eyes. I could see how serious she was. It was in this moment that I knew no matter how badly my life may turn out she would always be by my side.

"What did you do?"Edward scowled down at Alice. We were crouched down by the booth with shopping bags surrounding us. The crowd had begun to to disperse but Alice still had her arms protectively around me.

"I didn't do anything. She just started shaking and screaming. But you already should know that." Edwards glare darkened. His features scrunched up in a scowl.

"Actually no I don't. I can't hear any of your thoughts."Alice looked up at him in surprise and I had to fight to keep the smug smile off my face. Edward kneeled down next to me and began check me over for injuries . I rolled my eyes at this and sighed.

"Edward I'm fine can we just go . We don't want to make an even bigger scene then we already have"He nodded and turned to Alice.

"Alice take the bags to your car and head home. I'll take Bella home in my car"She looked like she was going to argue. So I stepped in. I didn't want them to fight with so many curious humans about . Plus Edward looked as if Alice spoke further he would rip her head off.

"Alice I'm fine now. Just head on home and we will be right behind you."She hesitated for a moment before gathering our bags and heading out of the mall. Edward grab my arm and yanked me to my feet.I turn to look at him and tried to pull away when I saw his eyes were pitch black and full of anger.

"Do you have any idea how worried I've been!?"When I don't reply he yanks me forward his grip on my arm tightening painfully. "Do you?" I whimper softly and loosens his grip.

"I'm sorry Edward I didn't mean to worry you". He pulls me towards the exit without another word.

As soon as I'm buckled up and in his car he speeds out of the parking lot. His hand grips the steering wheel so tightly that I thought it may crumble in his hand. I huddled against the car door afraid to move or even breathe.

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