"Its the beast that resides in all vampires. Its what the Cullen's suppress and what we the Volturi gain power from" I frown slightly.

"Beast?"Jane sighs and rolls her eyes a bit.

"What the hell have those Cullen's been telling.."Shaking her head and not really expecting a reply Jane continues.

"The beast is what takes over during our first year of this life. Vampire instinct and drive at its purest form. Over time we learn to harness and control it. Even use it to strengthen our gifts."

"Strengthen your gifts?" I look at her curiously. "How?" Jane gave me a wicked smirk.

"By giving into it". My mind immediately became full of blood and mayhem. Images of Jane vamped out completely with black eyes as she hunted down her victims both human and vampire. A part of me recoiled from the thought .While deep inside another part felt tempted and slightly jealous that I couldn't join her in the hunt.I immediately berated my self for even being tempted by such thoughts and looked at Jane hoping she didn't feel my underlying emotions. Her expression gave nothing away. But her eyes...I sucked in a deep breath... Her eyes...They were almost completely black barely even the whites showing. They seemed to look deep into my soul. Seeing everything hidden and unspoken. Looking into her eyes I could feel as well as see something ancient and almost primal looking back at me but then she blinked releasing me from the darkness of her eyes, that for a moment I felt myself slipping into. I looked away taking a shaky breath. Jane continued on. As if nothing was wrong. Even pulling me down beside her to lay in her arms so she could stroke my hair as she spoke.

"When we give in .We give in enough just to allow the beast a bit of room to roam. In the Volturi the Guards are taught how to control your beast enough that we can still remain civilized instead of Barbaric like the Romanians". When she sees me frown once more she rolls her eyes once more.

"I see the Cullen's run there mouth about somethings but not of things of importance."Shaking her head she kisses the top of my head before continuing to run her fingers through my hair. "The Romanians are story for another time... As I was saying . When you release your beast from time to time it has a way of rewarding you. Allowing you to tap into your full potential. Enhancing and strengthening the Vampire .If your not careful when it takes over it can wipe away your humanity as well. Which is why when vampires are turned its better to turn them in a controlled stable environment while constantly reminding them of their humanity.

If they don't hold on to that side you ended up with vampires who either have no memory of who they once were or vampires that are more animalistic in nature. Simply living for the hunt like that animal James" When she mentioned James with such sinister tone I looked up at her again to see the blackness slowly creeping out from her pupil and expand to cover the red of her eyes.

The rage and protectiveness I felt building inside from the bond was anything to go by I needed to calm Jane down and quick. I cupped her cheek in one hand and pulled her close to me.

The moment my hand connected to her cool skin. Images filtered threw to me uncontrolled and all consuming. Continuous images of James dismembered in the most painfullest ways. As well as various ways Victoria would suffer untold tortures if Jane got a hold of her.

So many gruesome scenarios that had me queasy and trying to pull away but sometimes during the barrage of images I was seeing Jane had locked her arms around my waist.


That one word ricocheted throughout my body and straight into my bones and my soul. Jane's voice had turned into a primal snarl that sent shivers down my spine. Even as murderous images filtered into my head .Images of Jane Protecting me, Holding me, Loving me filled my head as well. In these images I could see us happy together. And expressing our love and various not so PG ways.

My eyes shut tightly trying to block out the images to no avail.


Jane's voice snarled louder as her head ducked to my shoulder.I felt her tongue lick over my shoulder and the tips of her fangs press gently against my skin. Not biting but almost in a teasing manner making a needy moan escape from my lips. Jane's scent started to fill the room as more images hit now they had become less about revenge and more about us. Intertwined and naked in various pleasurable positions .

Jane's beast was in control. Making its thoughts and desires known.

I couldn't pull back. I couldn't block it out. I could feel Jane inside me in a way I never felt before. Its was like every one her most primal and dark desires were being broadcast. It was too much and not enough. Pushing me to a pleasure pain aspect I never knew existed.I whimpered as I felt Jane's fangs sink into my throat. The sensation shooting pain into my neck while Sending a startling amount of pleasure straight to my groin. My panties dampened instantly and I found myself clutching Jane to me. Feeling myself being so connected to her in this moment was painful but I couldn't let her go. I knew then.I felt it. My body. My mind. My soul. Was hers completely. I knew I should be scared but I couldn't be in this moment. I was consumed by my mate at her truest form. All I could do was submit.

Jane felt me relax my arms as she bit down deeper but this time low purrs began to rumble throughout her chest. Causing me to relax more. In that moment the room shifted and I felt my self being laid on my back with Jane nestled between my legs fangs still embedded in my neck. As Jane started to take stronger pulls of my blood. Her voice toke on a possessive yet promising tone.


The Images changed and I saw myself as a vampire threw Jane's eyes. I saw us hunting and fighting together side by side as equals. I saw us feeding together . And sinking fangs into each others skin. Bonding our selves in a way that went beyond what I thought I knew of love or what being mated meant.

These images were accompanied by an heartbreaking amount of yearning.I could see it in her heart. Jane's beast wanted an equal a true mate. I could feel its pain and loneliness that had surrounded it for so many centuries.I could see almost clearly how it searched... how it longed … for me.

My breath came in pants as my eyes misted over. Her emotions were taking over me. Surrounding me consuming me. An ache started in my chest at the thought of my mate suffering for so long without me. How could she have survived so long alone with this pain I couldn't understand. All I knew then was I was hers and I would never let her suffer like that again. I could feel our connection strengthening with that conviction.

My vision started to darken.

The images slowed and Jane relaxed. My body weak from blood loss and the barrage of emotions it endured. The feeling of our connection comforted me making me feel cherished. Like Gold. That even as Jane was feeding from me ,she was gentle. Sipping slowly not really biting me out of hunger but more out of feeling connected. As well as a substitute to the bonding Jane's beast really wanted to enact.

Jane pulled away from my neck to lick her stained lips. Her eyes completely black locked on mine. I looked back at her and saw all of her . Her essence and I wasn't scared. So when she growled out her next words I didn't hesitate in my response. Now that I understood what she wanted.


I smiled gently and turned my neck before whispering.

"Yours Forever."I felt Jane tremble against me and an I odd sense of peace overtook me

She closed her eyes .Seeming to bask in the feeling she was undoubtedly sharing. When she opened her eyes again and saw my offered neck. She gave me a pleased smirk causing me to see a flash of sharp fangs.

Jane watched me closely for a second before finally landing on my neck once again. In a flash her teeth sunk into my neck .My eyes closed and I gave In to the darkness. While softy whispering.