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My breathing was shallow from running to my fullest. I needed to get back to the base before he accessed any information. Whether it be past records or current ones he read, I didn't care. He didn't need to know any of it!

I felt like I could hear a clock's ticks in my head as I rushed towards the base, taking more time to get there than I had leaving.

My mind was racing with too many thoughts for me to process. Had he already figured out how to hack onto my laptop? If so, had he already looked through all my files? Which ones - the current or past records? Had he tried to contact anyone and pretended to be me? And, if he had, what information from others was he getting?

The possibilities seemed absolutely endless!

I arrived at the fence surrounding our base and began climbing it. Once atop of it, I hopped down without any care, and plummeted to the ground. My teeth gnashed together, and I glanced down my at legs. My left pant leg was sliced through, into my upper thigh, and bleeding. It didn't hurt that much - at least not yet - I had too much adrenaline flowing through my veins.

"Argh!" I exclaimed, holding my leg. I elevated my left leg, placed my head against my knee, closed my eyes and released a sigh.

I needed to get up.

And, so I did.

I stood carefully and attempted to ignore the pain. I lightly jogged towards the front doors of the base and entered through them. I looked around frantically for early-risers - they didn't need to know their assassin was wounded, as they would only be filled with worry and fear. When I was satisfied nobody was around, I began running to Bulma's lab.

Moments passed, and I was sitting in Bulma's lab chair in front of her computer. My petite fingers flew over the keyboard keys, and my eyes locked with the screen. I looked through my secretive documents I shared with Bulma whenever I connected my laptop with her computer. I searched file after file for what seemed like hours but translated only to mere minutes.

Then, there it was - a new video under a file I never put onto my computer - it was labeled: "Message To You".

My breath got caught in my throat, and I looked at video file hesitantly. I turned to my left, grabbed the headphones and connected them to the computer. I placed my hand onto the mouse and dragged the cursor slowly across the screen, hovering over the name of the file. I was reluctant to click on it, but I did so anyways.

His handsome face appeared on the screen; upon it there was a smirk.

"Well," he began, "by now you are watching this, which is very good for me, and very bad for you - considering it sends a couple red flags your way." He released a snicker, his eyes closing while he did then reopening them looking back into the camera. "It doesn't take me long to learn things, especially technology, which is such a pity for some people - especially you. Anyways, I have gone through all of your files, and not much has interested me except for a few key things, such as your friends. But, the most interesting of all was everything I read about you."

I chewed on my lower lip, waiting in anticipation for the recorded video to continue.

"You have quite an interesting past and reputation. I think I'll enjoy fighting against you. Who knows?"

"I'll be encountering you again,soon. Whether you find me firstor I find you will vary but count on seeing me soon, nonetheless. But, for now, if you'd like to have what you people nowadays call a friendly chat, I suppose we can on your private chat rooms where you goto speak with your other captains and such," he stated with a smirk.

My mouth hung slightly open in amazement. It couldn't have been anymore than forty minutes since I encountered him, and he already knew most of my secrets! I had a voice inside my head telling me this was a trap, and I shouldn't go to the private chat rooms. But, curiosity got the better of me.

With a few clicks of the mouse, I entered one of my private chat rooms. Seconds later, I received an alert to join a conference call with him, and with trepidation, I accepted it.

I decided not to type anything right away, and it seemed his intentions were the same. I sat, waiting for something to be sent, but there was nothing. I was formulating what to say, when I received a message, and my eyes shot towards it.

Him: "Well, well, well. Look who decided to join me."

My fingers flew across the keys, and I pressed enter quickly.

Me: "Only to figure out what you're up to, you monster."

Him: "Ah, name calling isn't polite. I believe you just verbally threw one of your nine blades to my heart."

I gasped. That information was on my computer?! Damn.

Me: "Trust me, a real one will be there soon."

Him: "Ah, whatever you believe, sweetheart."

Me: "I WILL find you."

Him: "Tsk. That's what they all say. Why not call me through the phone operation on the computer? You might take a lucky guess on where I am, then."

My eyes narrowed. His suggestion could work.


I dragged my cursor over the small video-recorder in the corner of the private chat and began a call with him.

His face appeared onto my screen, and he chuckled. "That was quite fast. It almost seems I didn't have to ask."

I saw my face in the corner of the screen, alerting me that he could see me. I rolled my eyes at his statement. "Oh yes, but don't get too excited now." My eyes narrowed; it was time to get on with more important matters. "Where are you? And, what the hell do you know?"

"I know enough to keep me satisfied, Mau," he remarked, putting emphasis on my last name. I sighed with frustration - there was nothing I could do - he had more information on me than I had on him because of my carelessness.

He chortled at my reaction. It was evident on his face the he also knew he had the upper hand in the situation, so far.

"Ah, I have you backed into a corner, don't I?" he asked.

I didn't answer.

"Tsk. No reply? Not even a smart-aleck remark? Such a pity. I thought you were full of fire!"

I growled lowly and ground my teeth together.

"Ah, there we have, a growler!" he exclaimed.

"What are you up to One?" I asked him lowly.

He smirked at me. "Just having a good ole' chat with the lovely Vampire Assassin."

"Oh yeah." I snorted. "Just what I want - a good talk with someone like you!"

"I'm sure you enjoy it. You just won't admit it!"

"Enjoy it? How could I enjoy this? I'm talking to the worst vampire out there?! How can I possible enjoy it?!" she asked with disgust.

"Because, you think I'm handsome," he declared bluntly.

My face fell.

He had to be kidding me.

"And, that's a reason to enjoy talking to you?"

"Of course it is!" he said smugly.

"Ugh!" I said, disgusted. "You're revolting!"

The lab door bursted open, and Bulma came rushing into the room. "CHI-CHI!" she screeched, "YOU IDIOT! YOU COULD HAVE DIED!"

My eyes locked onto the screen quickly, and I panicked. I grabbed the mouse and quickly clicked to end the call, but before I ended it, he flashed me a smirk and waved at me.


I rolled my eyes, glad he was gone.

I swiveled the large chair in which I was sitting towards Bulma. She was still dressed in her night attire, and I raised a questioning eyebrow.

"Yeah, I got up at this ungodly hour for you, because my spidy-friend-senses told me you were back."

"I'm sure they did," I stated with a chuckle. "I'm fine." I stretched my arms in front of me and released a loud yawn. "I think I'm going to bed!" I exclaimed while standing.

"You're not going anywhere until you tell me what happened!"

I attempted to walk towards the door, but she blocked my way. I tried to bypass her, but she copied my footsteps, standing in front of me whichever way I went. I released a frustrated growl.

"Fine," I ground out. "I saw him, but he didn't kill me. We had what you can call a heart-to-heart."

"He didn't kill you... that's surprising."

I chuckled slightly. "I suppose it is. Now, may I go to sleep?"

Bulma nodded. "Yes, you may. But, you have to tell me the rest later!"

"Yes mother!" I quickly trekked out of the lab, not wanting to be questioned any further, and headed to my room. I began thinking of the last twenty-four hours' events.

What did he want? He said he wanted to be normal, but what did that mean? What was he trying to accomplish by taking my computer? He got tons of information of course, but none of it concerned him! What were his plans? Did he want to actually kill me like he said he would? Or, was he just bluffing?

But, worst of all: what was he going to do?

I didn't know.

I exhaled loudly, opening the door to my quarters. I stepped into my bedroom and face planted onto my bed.

It felt so good to be home.


In the early hours of the next morning, I was awakened by Deborsha. "I don't want to get up!" I muttered, placing a pillow over my head. I took a quick glance at the alarm clock, six thirty.

"It's too early!" I whined. "Leave me be!"

"You need to wake up! Your friends are waiting for you in the cafeteria!"

I sat up and looked at her with a frown. "At six-thirty?" I asked, unconvinced.

"Yes!" she replied curtly, pulling my blankets from me. "Get up child! I have your attire ready, and bath drawn. Though, you shouldn't need me to baby you so much!"

"Ugh!" I said loudly before getting up and stomping into my bathroom. I sighed, took off my clothes, and quickly got into the tub. I smiled with contentment as I sat in the steaming water for a few moments before I began cleaning my hair.

It took me about five minutes to remove all the knots and grime in my hair with shampoo. I bent over slightly, dunking my shampoo lathered hair in the tub to remove all the suds from my hair. A few moments later, I lifted my head and twisted my hair to rid of excess water.

I reached for the bar of soap laying on the edge of the tub and began to scrub my body with it. Dirt and all sorts of other things came off me, but what I noticed were the blood stains.

My eyes widened; I had about my gashed leg.

I stood in the tub, removed my handmade bandage from my leg, and I cursed. It hurt more now than it did last night. I reached for the towel on the towel rack and gently dried my upper body before stepping onto my rug.

"Ow," I muttered, drying off the rest of my body. There was no way I could hide this from Deborsha - or was there?

I hobbled over quickly to the kitchen sink and opened the medicine cabinet.

"Come on," I mumbled, "there has to be something!" I rummaged through tons of old prescription pills, bandages and vitamins. I puffed my cheeks in frustration and opened the other door of the medicine cabinet. Maybe there was something in here? I moved a few things around, and I smiled.

Gauze and Neosporin!

I grabbed the two items and quickly began working on my leg. I opened the Neosporin and placed some in my hand, smearing it on my wound. I bit my lip to keep from screaming from the sting. I grabbed the gauze and wrapped it around my cut, tying it together to keep it in place.

It may have not looked the greatest - but it would work for now.

I readjusted my towel, making sure it covered the gauze. I quickly threw the Neosporin back into the medicine cabinet and shut the doors. I turned off the lights and exited the bathroom.

"Ah! You took a little longer than usual! Are you okay?" Deborsha questioned, looking me in the eye.

"Yes, I'm fine. Thank-you." I replied with a smile. "Where are my clothes?"

"They're on your bed. I'll be waiting right here for you to finish," the old woman replied with a small smile. I nodded before entering my bedroom, closing the door behind me.

I dropped my towel from my body and went to my bed, eyeing the clothes she had picked. I chuckled. She knew exactly what I liked to wear after long outings against vampires: a simple black shirt and loose-fitting sweats. I quickly put on my clothes and slipped my feet into some slippers. I took a quick glance in the mirror and nodded before exiting the room.

I began speaking; "You didn't have to do this Debor-" I stopped in the middle of my sentence, and stared at the woman who held a bouquet of red roses - my favorite flower.

She raised a questioning eyebrow at me. "The base's florist just delivered these." A small grin came onto her face. "Are you seeing someone?" she questioned.

My mouth gaped at her question. "Wha-... of course not! Is there a note?!" I asked frantically, taking the bouquet from her. Her long slender fingers reached out, holding a small pink envelope.

"This," she began as I grabbed it from her, "came with it," she finished.

"Hmm…" I said quietly, placing the bouquet in the crook of my right elbow, as I opened the envelope. I pulled out the small note, skimming over it. The handwriting was small and neat.

It read:

I also know your favorite flowers are red roses.

I also know where you are, and where you're going to be.

See you there.

I dropped the note and bouquet in shock. "NO!" I exclaimed, running to my room, ripping through my closet for my normal attire.

I undressed once more and redressed myself in a speed I didn't know I possessed. I ran to my sitting room, almost ramming into Deborsha, and grabbed my daggers and blades, and frankly, this time, I grabbed my long archer's bow and my quiver of arrows. I placed them over my back hurriedly and ran back to where Deborsha was, grabbing the letter from the ground.

"We have a problem," I whispered lowly with wide eyes. "I think he's here. Don't tell anyone."

With that said, I ran out of my room and to the cafeteria.


I burst through the cafeteria doors as calmly as I could manage.

I faked a smile to all the onlookers who witnessed me coming in frantically. I quickly stormed to the table where all my friends currently sat and I joined them.

The One.

He was here.

I could feel it.

Scanning around the cafeteria slowly, I tapped my fingers on the table.

"Woah!" Yamcha exclaimed. "Has something gotten your thong twisted up? Or is it just that time of the month?" he asked with a chuckle.

I shot up from the table, leaning over, grabbing the neck of his shirt, pulling him up slightly. "No. Bullshit. Today," I ground out, releasing his shirt and sitting back down.

The mood of the group went from chipper, to tense.

"What happened?" Bulma's concerned blue eyes caught mine, and I shook my head.

"I'll explain later," I said with a wave of my hand, as I continued to observe the early-bird crowd, hoping not to have any more disturbances from my friends.

"But Chi-Chi," Krillin began nervously, "you never wear your, uh, outing attire in the base unless something important is happening, or people are in danger."

Glaring at him, I responded, "Then wouldn't you assume something's wrong?"

He nodded, swallowing slowly. "Yeah, uh, I guess."

He stopped talking.

Again, I turned my attention back to all the tables, hoping to find him.

My nostrils flared as I came to the end of the tables with no luck - was he bluffing? Or, was he really here?

I scanned the whole cafeteria two more times and then slammed my fist down onto the table as I stood, unable to sit motionless any longer.

"Ugh!" I exclaimed. "Damn it!" I muttered. I could feel my friends' eyes on me{,} and I shrugged, not caring what they thought.

How dare The One lie to me!

That was an insult!

I scanned, one last time and finally came across him.

He was sitting three tables away, smirking at me.

I pushed my chair away sped over to him and sat down. I threw the letter at him. Leaning over the table towards him, I began questioning him.

"Who the helldo you think you are coming into my home?" I asked dangerously.

"I think I'm the man trying to hunt you down," he replied, leaning closer to me.

"Get out of here!" I hissed.

"No," he replied with a smirk, one of his canines peeking from beneath his lip and gleaming. "Want you computer back sweetheart? I'll gladly keep it if not," he whispered.

My nose crinkled in frustration - I had to risk this.

"Ah, aren't you adorable? Crinkling your nose suits you," he teased with a roll of his eyes.

"My quarters. We discuss this there." My eyes narrowed at him,{.} "No tricks, or I will kill you right here, right now."

His eyes gleamed victoriously, sending a dagger to my heart. He stood from the table, and I followed shortly thereafter. "Do I need to show you? Or do you already know where to go?" I asked, irritated.

"If it makes you feel better that I don't know, then lead the way," he said, picking up the letter and placing it in his pant pocket.

I rolled my eyes and began walking, I paused in front of my friends and turned toward them. "Not now. Ask your questions later. I'll be back." I left them and began a fast pace towards my room.


We entered my room, and I slammed the door behind me.

"You're disgusting!" I exclaimed, but he didn't acknowledge me. Instead, he walked into my living room and looked down at a small table where a vase with the roses sat.

"Ah," he said placing a hand over where his heart should be."I'm touched; you actually put them in a vase!"

"Damn it, Deborsha!" I thought, before unsheathing a blade, hurling it towards him. He smirked before phasing from my sight and plopping down onto the couch lazily.

My blade hit the wall with a sickening thud.

I glared at him.

"Now that's not very welcoming for your guest!" he stated with a chuckle. I walked towards him and stood in front of his relaxed form.

I snarled at him. "Who you think you are?!" I exclaimed.

He looked up at me, locking his eyes with mine. "I believe, I'm your worst nightmare, but the fun has only begun. This will be played as a game for awhile remaining as it is now, but, in the end, someone will have to die, and I know it won't be me." He stated, a smirk forming onto his face.

"Fuck you!" I spat.

"Gladly!" he offered, grabbing me by the waist and speedily placing me under him, his weight and massive height trapping me.

"You wouldn't," I glowered.

"Hm. I would," he said with a dark chuckle, making my eyes widen slightly. His face near mine, our lips in close proximity, he inhaled deeply and stopped progressing towards me. His head snapped up, and he began sniffing the air. He jumped off me, inhaled deeply, and his eyes narrowed.

"Hmm..." he mumbled, before entering my bathroom. I growled, popping up from the couch and followed him. He looked in the tub, and my eyes widened.

It was blood-stained water.

Oh, shit.

His back was towards me, and I could see his body tense up, as a low rumble emanated from his chest.

He snapped towards me and with incredible speed, slammed me up against the wall, his body pressed against mine. His canines peeked between his lips, and he gave me a toothy smile.

"You smell delightful," he murmured, hiking me up, placing my legs around his waist. He pressed his mouth against my neck and began suckling on it.

I whimpered, trying to fake that I was fearful of him, as I slowly slid my hand across my chest, unsheathing a blade. I swiftly moved my hand away from my chest, attempting to stab him in his shoulder blade, but he gripped my arm, stopping me.

He pulled his head away from my neck, and a wicked grin crept onto his lips.

"Silver alloy? Too bad you'll end up hating it." He placed his head back to my neck, his canines grazing the area he was suckling.

"Goodnight, Mau." He released a nefarious laugh, before sinking his canines into my neck.

I gasped, my hips buckling forward. I began thrashing in his arms, but he was far too strong for me. Just as I was about to scream, he covered my mouth with his large, calloused hand. I tried biting it, to make him move it, but the attempt was unsuccessful. Instead, my screams were muffled and worthless.

I could tell I was beginning to lose too much blood.

My thrashing started to slow and soon ended and I laid limply in his arms.

My vision became hazy; and my eyelids threatened to flutter shut.

Time seemed to stand still.

His laugh replayed in my mind, over and over again, until the last thing I heard before blacking out was the swallowing of my blood as it traveled down his throat.


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