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Chapter III: A Morning After

Jack languidly awakens from his slumber. As his eyes flutter open, looking up at the ceiling, the tall black bed posts in his peripherals. Sunlight brightens the room from behind dark curtains, intended to shield the two lovers from light. Jack's aware of a warm and heavy weight covering him from head to toe. Jack sucks in a struggled breath. With a smile, Jack turns to gaze at Pitch Black, the Nightmare King, frowning in his sleep.

The stark contact of Pitch's naked skin against his feels wonderfully euphoric. After so many years without touch, Jack never imagined he could end up here, held down by someone else. Such a dream was only meant for better spirits, the kind who deserved to be known. Though he is aware that is not really fair, Jack finds solace in these mornings, when Pitch's body anchors Jack; it keeps him solid in a world where others pass through him like a ghost.

Mornings like these make Jack real.

Not wanting to break the moment just yet, Jack gazes around at the huge bed they were laying on. They used to live in a cave together, deep beneath the earth, but as time went on Jack needed a different place that suited his more carefree lifestyle. As a gift, Pitch decided they would take up refuge in an abandoned old fortress within the mountain pass of Romania for the summertime. The great side benefit to taking up residence in an ancient historical home was all the grand antique furniture they could use. It made for some rather fun experiments.

Eventually, the silence wears on him, so Jack shifts to face the man who held him so close. Hesitantly, Jack moves forward to gently kiss Pitch on his pouty lips. It's a soft kiss, barely touching, but it's enough to rouse the Nightmare King from his slumber. Pitch grumbles a little before opening one eye at half-mast. The winter spirit gives his lover a cheeky grin. With a small huff, Pitch moves forward.

Pitch peppers Jack's cool forehead with kisses, and once on the nose. Pitch's large yet elegant hands come up to gently hug at his captive's lithe waist. Jack giggles at the ticklish sensation as he wraps his arms around Pitch's neck.

"Sleep well?" Pitch asks.

Jack nods. "Yes." Because you were here, Jack thinks.

Pitch nuzzles Jack along his sensitive neck that that is spotted with crescent moon love bites. Pitch half-asleep is adorable, but Jack will never say that aloud (he likes living). Pitch licks and kisses Jack's cheek, and then tilts Jack's face to give the other cheek attention.

Jack feels Pitch's hardness against his thigh, throbbing insistently. Jack shivers, wondering if he can survive another round after the three last night. At times, Jack could've sworn Pitch was trying to fill all of Jack's previously lonely nights with overly memorable, multiple tumbles in the dark.

Pitch takes his time, caressing Jack's chest and stomach lazily, exploring the little grooves in Jack's cool, soft skin. Jack brings up his hands to slide along Pitch's arms, leaving little swirls of frost in his wake. Pitch sighs, enjoying the cold touch.

"How do you feel?" Pitch asks, leaning in, his golden eyes soft with concern.

Jack smiles up at him. "Fine. A little sore, but I mean, no big deal." Jack shrugs as he runs his hands over Pitch's chest. "You?"

Pitch chuckles. "I'm quite satisfied." Pitch leans down to kiss Jack, simple and chaste, over and over again.

Jack squirms a little beneath Pitch, wanting more but not wanting to push. Jack knows that after fifty years together he should be more willing to ask for such things. Pitch makes it clear very often that he wants to hear Jack's requests. Still, Jack fears he will somehow push Pitch away with his needy behavior. Jack's grip tightens on Pitch. No one ever wanted him before Pitch, and it scares him that this blessing might get taken away.

Pitch abruptly breaks the kiss to frown down at Jack.

Jack winces as he says, "Sorry." He tries to cover his fear with the warmth of passion, but he knows that's a failed endeavor.

Pitch comes back down to bump their foreheads together. Cupping Jack's face in his large hands, Jack feels surrounded by Pitch, devoured by his focus.

"Jack," Pitch says, rubbing Jack's cheeks with his thumbs, "I am here. I will never let you go. You are mine."

"I know." Jack replies, and he believes it. He knows because Pitch has told him so a thousand times. Still, right alongside that belief is a soul-crushing doubt, feasting on Jack's hope like a parasite feeds on its host. It claws at Jack, demanding that it be called truth, even though Jack knows it's a lie.

Pitch growls low in his throat. "I suppose I we need a lesson review, don't we?"

When a hand wraps around him in a firm grip, Jack cries out in surprise, "Pitch!" Moaning, Jack squirms beneath his lover. "You-!" Jack's words die, becoming half-formed nonsense syllables as Pitch stokes him, twisting a little, thumbing the tip on the upstroke.

Pitch chuckles against Jack's ear. "I'm sorry, what was that, Jack? Something about me?" Pitch rubs his erection against Jack's thigh. "Are you concerned? How sweet."

Pitch nips at Jack's ear. His other hand comes up roam over Jack's chest, pinching Jack's nipples. Jack twitches at the touches, letting out little whimpers that Pitch captures in deep, visceral kisses. Shadows crawl out from under the bed. Pitch chuckles darkly as they gently tie Jack to the four posts of the bed, spread eagle. Jack whimpers, twisting in their hold. Pitch presses a fingertip into Jack's sternum, pinning him still.

"Now, now, Jack." Pitch wills a shadow to slip underneath his captive lover. "You've forgotten that you're mine. I need to remind you. Sear the knowledge into your bones." A shadow tendril slithers away from the main bunch, sliding between Jack and the sheets. Jack arches his back with a cry when it enters him.

It's strange, but not unpleasant. It doesn't stretch him. It simply slides inside without much resistance, going in deep without any pain. Jack moans when it lightly presses into the very core of him, making Jack shudder in immense pleasure.

Pitch grins. "What lovely sounds you make."

"Pitch!" Jack squirms as the shadow slowly thrusts in and out of him.

Jack starts to quiver in time with Pitch's strokes and the shadow's thrusts. Pitch breaks away from kissing. Rising up, Pitch maneuvers his legs to straddle Jack's. Jack watches as he pants for breath, wondering what Pitch is planning to do. Pitch licks his lips before bringing their erections together. Jack arches his back from sudden hot heat against his length.

"Yes," Pitch hisses as he leans over his prey.

Pitch calls the shadows to him, ordering them to caress his lover. The dark shades brush softly against every exposed bit of Jack's skin. Jack cries out, feeling too much at once. There are hot hands on his thighs, cool strokes along his chest, nipples, back, and all the while a shadow continues to pump in and out of him.

Pitch takes both of their shafts in one hand while his other returns to exploring Jack's body. Pitch bows down and inward to lick, suck, and claw at Jack's flesh. The winter sprite beneath him lets out small whimpers with each assault, his thighs shook as he gets closer to release.

Pitch murmurs against Jack's skin, "That's right, Jack, my winter wonder, come for me. Let go. Do you know how lovely you are? Gasping for breath, marked by me, mine."

Jack cries out, flinging his head back as his orgasm rips through him. Pitch feels Jack's release with his hand and cock. It doesn't take long before he follows after Jack, growling out his pleasure. Pitch slams his lips down on Jack's in a kiss, thrusting his tongue inside as they ride out the last of their shared sensations.

When Pitch feels they are both limp, he slides away from Jack. Pushing the shadows back into the depths of the lair, Jack's arms and legs are free. The shadow inside Jack slides out, making Jack tremble since he's over sensitized from coming.

Pitch sits up on his knees to survey his work. Jack lays boneless on the bed, his stomach covered with their combined cum. Jack pants, licking his lips. Pitch smiles with pride down at Jack. "Magnificent."

Jack's cheeks frost over, making Pitch chuckle. "Oh, Jack, you are a treasure."

Jack loves the compliments. In a way, they're just as good as kisses and sex, because when Pitch speaks he acknowledges Jack. Jack knows that every time Pitch speaks to him that he sees Jack, he knows Jack is real, and Jack feels so grateful that Pitch even tries every moment to make him feel wanted.

With a flick of his wrist, Pitch creates a cloth from the shadows. Pitch leisurely wipes Jack's stomach clean. Jack giggles when Pitch gets too close to his navel. Pitch chuckles, wiping over that area again just to cause another round of giggles from Jack.

Pitch tosses the cloth aside when he finished. Crawling back into bed, Pitch wraps his arms around Jack, nuzzling the top of Jack's head as he pulls him in close. Jack sighs, content. Just when Jack thinks nothing could make this moment any better, Pitch shifts to put his lips near Jack's ear.

With a whisper, Pitch tells Jack, "I believe in you."

And that's it. Jack knew he most likely already did, but now it's undeniable. Jack's heart nearly bursts from his chest and all he can think of over and over again is I love you, I love you, I love you...

Out of fear, he doesn't say it. Yet, because he fears, Pitch knows.