sterek. theres a new guy in school and stiles is fighting for his attention. :) okay I dont know what im doing this is my first story so im kinda nervious.
so bare with me.

Chapter one~ Dreams.

Stiles pov.

I couldn't stop running I could hear the screams of my mother,
she needed me but I couldn't reach her, she needed my help.
Tree limbs smacked and scratched my cheeks as I stumbled through the seemingly never ending forest.

Its all your fault Genim...your not gonna save her in time...she will die because of you...she died because of you!

I shoot up in bed, a cold sweat running down my face and back. I hated dreams like those, they were awful.
The dreams happened ever since mom died. I didn't know why I thought it was my fault. I really didn't. I know mom wasn't dead because of me but I just don't see why she died, she was so happy and she had a great life but she was now gone and that's really the only thing I sort of understood.

I glance at my alarm clock.


I let out a long sigh and throw the covers off of my body, I stretch out and smell my pits...ugh I need a shower.
I peel my sweaty boxer briefs off and throw them on my bedroom floor before slipping into the shower carefully, I quickly clean up and wash the stench from my body. I grab my orange and blue striped shirt, some random jeans and my favorite red hoodie. I literally throw the clothes on and run out the door to my baby...
my blue jeep.

Once I parked my car in the school parking lot and instantly found myself looking for someone.


He was with Allison, of coarse, but why should I care? Allison argent is a great person and even if I hardly get to see Scott anymore at least he isn't hanging around a group of lunatics.
I cared for my best friends safety.

I jump out of my car and shut the door before jogging up to Scott.

"Hey, Dude. We still going to the arcade after school?" I asked, Scott looked at me like he was confused and then his slammed his palm to his forehead.

"Sorry, stiles. I totally forgot! Allison and I are going to go see a movie after school but you can come if you want."

I felt disappointed this was the tenth time Scott has forgotten our plans.

"No, Its okay. Maybe some other time, its no big deal, you have fun with Allison." I smile and pat his shoulder.

"You sure?"

"Yeah, of coarse I am. I gotta get to class, see you later, Scott!" I walk to my class.

Mr. Harris stood in front of the class room and sighed.

"Alright class, before we get started I would like to introduce our new student." he gestured to the desk in the corner of the room where a man with dark hair and sat, looking down at his paper.

"Derek please stand up and introduce yourself."

The man, Derek, stood up. He looked to be only about two or so inches taller than me.
He had short dark hair that was styled perfectly, he also had black stubble on his chin and around his mouth.
He was absolutely gorgeous, the definition of tall, dark and handsome with his tight grayish shirt, his leather jacket, and his tight, dark jeans.
And those lovely green eyes.

"Hello, Im Derek Hale." He smiles slightly and sits back down.

His voice sent chills up my spine.
I tried not to stare at Derek during the whole class period but who wasn't? I saw Danny stealing quick glances at him along with the majority of the rest of the girls in the class.

The bell rings and I get up quickly, ready to leave, I glance at Derek one more time before going to my locker.

The rest of the day was really uneventful and I had nothing to do after school now that scott took a rain check on our earlier plans.
I slide into my jeep and just as Im starting to leave someone knocks on my jeep window with their knuckle.

Derek Hale.

sorry it was short but as I siad, its my first fanfic.
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