"We need to figure out who did this. Alex was our guy." I could hear Batista's voice as we walked closer with Nathan. We had left the park knowing we couldn't do anything there as it was. So we chased down Nathan. Driving past his house the only place we know for sure he could be at was at his store getting ready to open for the day. Low and behold there he was unlocking the doors. Jacob made me stay in the car. I could only watch as everything went down. A few punches were thrown as Nathan tried to get away, but Jacob over powered him and had him on the ground in cuffs in a matter of seconds.

"What the fuck are you doing here? You fucking quit." I ignored Deb walking to where Batista stood a file in hand.

"Scout you can't be here." Batista spoke looking at us. "Who is he?"

"The guy who killed Alex. The guy that's been behind this whole thing. Nathan." I replied holding my own even though Dexter was hovering close by. I kept my focus on Batista as Jacob stood protectively close to me. I handed the pictures over letting him see for himself.

"Quinn." Batista yelled. I turned to Jacob giving him a look he needed to cool it. I could feel the tension building within him over Dexter.

"I'll be downstairs." Jacob told me. I nodded turning back to Batista as Quinn took Nathan from me.

"I can't thank you enough Scout." Batista spoke a smile on his face.

"No need, I was only doing my job. Everything you need to charge him with out his confession is in that file." I told him wracking my brain to make sure I wasn't forgetting anything else. Once I was sure I had everything covered I went to make my exist trying to avoid Dexter. Like every other time there he stood waiting in the elevator for me.

"So this thing between us is over now that you got the hots for your boss?" He asked with a slight smirk on his face.

"What thing did we have? You kill for the fun of it. I killed for self-defense. And animals when I can but there's nothing wrong with that." I hissed in a hushed tone.

"You don't really believe that. Our souls are one." I looked at him with disbelief.

"No your soul is a killer and my soul was lost but now it's found thanks to Jacob. I wont tell anyone, you can trust me on that." I seethed. "I wont speak of what I know and you'll leave me alone." I hissed turning to walk off, feeling his fingers dig into my arm getting me to wince. I'd just have to talk to Elway about this and everything would be good again in my life. I cringed seeing Elway's fist fly at Dexter's face.

All I could do was watch in horror as they fought. Fists were flying in every direction. I couldn't tell who was winning. But did anyone ever win in a fist fight? I tried to yell at them but that didn't help any. After a few minutes some officers stepped in separating the two of them. I took Jacob going to his car. We drove to Nathan's house to inform his wife what we found out. The tension winning the fight within the car.

"Why?" I asked bluntly.

"I didn't like the way he was looking at you. There is something off about that guy and I'm gonna figure it out." I couldn't let myself panic over this. There had to be something I could say to get him off Dexter. Think Scout, think.

"Why waste your time following him around for. Do you really wanna spend your time following Dexter around for nothing when you now have me?" I asked with a small pout.

"Don't start Scout." He glanced my way a look I've never seen on his face, and jealousy didn't suit him.

"Are you jealous?" I kidded, he gave me a death look. "You put so much into your work because you didn't have that special someone and now you do. You can't push me way to keep working all hours of the night Jake. If that's the case then nothing is ever gonna happen between us." I put it all out there. Now he had to figure out what it was he wanted to do. He didn't even answer, just kept on driving. This is why I never put myself out there to him. I'd have to get past it and not let my work suffer because of it.

"You're right. I poured myself into my work because I didn't have you." That took me by surprise. "But you gotta understand I don't want our work relationship to change. That's what works for us." He finally spoke after pulling into Mrs. Cramer's driveway.

"I know that's what works for us Jake, I don't want that to change either but we need to be able to have a separate personal life as well." I turned to look at him. We had to have a compromise.

"I know we do Scout." He replied turning to look at me. "Ok fine I wont do anything about Dexter. Unless he wont leave you alone." I smiled kissing him quickly making my way outta the car and to the front door.

I let Jacob do all the talking. He was a smooth talker and the only one she had any intentions of listening to was him. It worked out better that way. I hated to be the one to tell them news like this. But she hired us for answers and now she got them. I would rather my husband was cheating on me then becoming a serial killer. But with Dexter outta my life and everything I knew about the signs of cheaters I didn't have to worry about any of that with Jacob. My dark abyss was supposed to keep me down and out. The only help from escape was Dexter, but I was looking in the wrong direction. Jacob was my savior all along.

Thank you to everyone that has been apart of this story. Like I said in the first chapter this wasn't going to be very long and on chapter 10 it comes to an end.