Peter Parker sat in his dorm room at Empire State University, counting the money he had just been given by his new employer, J. Jonah Jameson, for his surprisingly good quality photographs of Spider-Man. He had just put down his last $100 bill when his new roommate, Edward Brock Jr., walked into the room.

"Hey, Pete," he said as he sat on his bed, "just sell more photos of Spidey?"

"Yes," Peter replied, "I sure am glad I took that freelance job."

"So," Eddie began, "how are things going with Aunt May?"

"She's doing fine," said Peter, "especially with how much rent money I'm sending." Then Eddie asked something that really got to Peter,

"What happened to your parents, again?"

Peter sighed and began, "I was 4 years old, [my father's study had been broken into. My parents were very secretive about what the intruder wanted. But they dropped me off at my aunt and uncle's house and just left. A couple months later, I heard that something got caught up in the engine of the plane my parents were flying in, and the turbines couldn't turn and oxidize the fuel. The plane crashed.] All I have left to remember them by is this," Peter held up a shard of glass, "I grabbed it from the crash site." Eddie had a surprised look on his face.

"Where and when was the crash?" he asked.

Peter replied "May 4, 1996, over Omaha, Nebraska, why?"

"Because my parents died in the same crash." Eddie said. "I was 4 years old, like you were, [My dad had received a phone call. He said he had to leave, he didn't say why. Unlike you, I had no aunts or uncles, so they sent me to a local orphanage. Then a couple moths later, I heard the same thing you did, about my parents and the plane crash.]"

"Did your dad by any chance work for OsCorp?" said Peter in response to the story.

"I don't know," said Eddie, "why?"

"Because my dad worked there." said Peter.

"Hey, didn't you say your girlfriend works at OsCorp?" Eddie asked.

"Are you thinking what I think your thinking?" said Peter.

Gwen Stacy searched the OsCorp database for Edward Brock Sr. and sure enough, she found Brock's OsCorp profile.

"Peter," she said over the phone, "I found it."

"What does it say about him?" Peter said, "Anything related to my dad?"

"Yes, it says here they were partners on a different project than the cross-species genetics." said Gwen.

"What other project?" Peter asked.

"I can't find that," she said, "the firewalls are too thick."

"Gwen may not be able to get that info," Spider-Man said as he stood on one of the points on Lady Liberty's crown, "But Spider-Man can!" He jumped off the crown and started swinging through Manhattan until he reached OsCorp tower.

Then he climbed in through an open window, saying "You'd think the janitorial staff would close the window to keep the spiders out." He made his way to the computer and opened the back panel. He took a small spider-shaped device out and planted it on the internal circuitry. He closed the computer and took off.

On his way back to ESU he saw police cars driving to the 1st National Bank. He naturally followed. At the bank he saw a man covered with armor that was clearly designed to be a rhino. He swung at his opponent with a flying kick but ended uphurting his foot.

"Okay," he said, "who are you? And why are you dressed like a hippo?"

"It's a rhino!" said the man, "And the name's Sytsevich, Aleksei Sytsevich, but you can just call me Rhino. This armor was bonded to my skin in an experiment for the Big Man, I've been trying to get it off ever since."

"Wow," Spider-Man said, "To have yourself upgraded and instantly hate the upgrade must be bad."

"The mafia gave me an opportunity to remove it if I did a lot of stuff for them." said the Rhino.

"Is that what this is for?" Spidey said.

"No," said Sytsevich, "I gave up on them long ago." Spider-Man was confused.

"Then why are you robbing a bank now?" he said.

"My boss told me to do this so you'd show up." said the Rhino.

"Okay," said Spider-Man, "Why?"

"So I could do this!" Then the Rhino charged at Spider-Man, razor-sharp horn first, but Spider-Man managed to jump out of the way. Then he webbed up Sytsevich and threw him at a wall. The wall crumbled upon contact with his impenetrable hide. Spider-Man was about to hand him over to the cops but suddenly he broke free of the webs and ran off into the night. Spider-Man, knowing the battle was over, swung away.