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Summary: "The world is only unlimited because we give up before we can list all of the possibilities we can think of."

Tsumiko Sawada is a young, reclusive NEET that hasn't set foot in the outside world for nearly three years now. But what happens when her older twin brother suddenly returns from Italy after nearly nine years of being away, and with a strange and violent hitman in tow? Her once peaceful and secluded life gets thrown into disarray as she soon discovers just what her brother has been up to these past few years, and somehow manages to get herself involved. Can she face her own demons in order to help her brother with his, or will they both crash and burn?



Reclusive Fem!Tsuna!Fanfic ahead, Adult!Arcobaleno.

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She closes her eyes and dreams of hot summer days, and a day she wishes would never end…

Target 0: Strangers Calling?

"Hello world. My name is unimportant, but I have a question to ask you. If I told you that the world was going to end in three days, what would you do?" Honey brown eyes blinked as the question flashed across the screen, having zoned out for all of maybe just a few minutes before she finally realized what she had been doing. It was strange really, the impulses she felt so free to follow through with nowadays. She hadn't set foot in the outside world in nearly three years, give or take a few months or days here and there, and in the quiet that seemed to always be present in her bedroom, only broken by the insistent and near constant tapping created by computer keys being pressed rapidly one after another, she had found a lot more time to just sit down and think than she had originally thought she would. It wasn't as if it would matter after all, the world would continue to move without her, never truly stopping or slowing down for even just a few seconds. It didn't need her in it, so if she so wished to remove herself from the equation that was life, then so be it. The only people who might notice or care would be her family, or rather her mother, but with how little she communicated with said woman, she doubted that it would affect her all that much either.

She faintly remember having a conversation with someone else online that along those same lines. If she remembered correctly, that person had told her she was undervaluing her life or something like that. Maybe she was.

Maybe she wasn't.

She would never be entirely sure.

"Tsu-chan…" She found her eyes turning to face the speaker as the tentative voice cut through her thoughts, her face probably glowing from the flashing lights provided by the screen of her laptop. There was a woman standing in the doorway looking very close to being a nervous wreck. She seemed fragile and open and friendly and scared all at the same time. Clinging to some miniscule hope that the world would turn out okay even though she knew it would not. She almost didn't recognize the once so cheerful and hospitable woman, her own mother who had once jumped at the chance to have guests over to cook for, always so lonely simply because all she had was her daughter, and not also the elder son and husband she so wished would visit more often from whatever place in the world they were. The world that her daughter had, without warning, refused to be a part of so suddenly it almost gave her a heart attack. "Tsu-chan… Um… etto… Mama was just wondering if maybe Tsu-chan would like to come downstairs and talk with Papa, he said he wanted to speak with you." The fourteen year old couldn't help but note the slight rise in the woman's voice as she looked at her with some sort of hope that she would agree.

Honestly, she didn't want to have anything to do with the man that was supposed to be her father, and she knew for a fact that her mother knew that as well, but it seemed that she was grasping at straws so to speak, almost desperate for her to socialize with someone other than her computer.

The laptop closed with a resounding click as she simultaneously pushed the device off of her lap and onto the bed, before she rolled herself over and off the bed, landing squarely on her feet before making to leave the room. She wasn't sure if she really should have encouraged such behavior or not by agreeing to her mother's timid request, what with her smiling at her back like she was, but she guessed if it made her happy, than at least this once, she'd agree to it, but only this once. The world was a stagnant place. Boring, and after what had happened three years ago almost, she wanted no real part in it any longer.

"Ohayo tou-san…"

"Waah! If it isn't my little Tuna-chan!"

"I'm hanging up now. That's not even a proper shortening of my name."

"Ah but-!"

Ah yes, now she remembered why she hated talking this man. He was an idiot of the highest degree.

Name: Sawada Tsumiko

Age: 14

Gender: Female

D.O.B: October 14

Blood Type: A

Height: 157 cm

Weight: 45 kg

School: Namimori Middle

Best Subject:nN/A

Worst Subject: N/A

After-School Activities: N/A

Notes: The younger twin sister of Sawada Natsuyo.

"So this is your twin sister? Not a whole lot of information."

"And that surprises you how? This is the CEDEF we're talking about, specifically their leader. He's not the best source of information considering he's getting it all from our mom, and it' superficial at best."

"True. Guess we'll just have to wait and see."

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