Jane and Maura were sitting at the dinner table in Maura's house discussing the current case.

"I hope Frost can trace that text message to the original source. I hate that there are still these pre-paid phones. Perfect for criminals." Jane spoke as she took a bite of the strawberry salad Maura had made tonight. Jane moved to get up. "Maur, did I leave my Red Sox shirt here?"

Maura finished chewing. "Mm, yes. I washed it for you. It's lying on my bed." Jane got up and grabbed her dishes as well as Maura's and placed them in the sink. "I'm gunna run up and get it. I'm tired of wearing my work clothes." Maura nodded and took a sip of her wine.

Jane began walking to Maura's bedroom as Maura sat at the table when a sudden realization hit. It occurred to Maura that she may have left things slightly out of place in her bedroom. Maura's eyes went wide. Although she does not feel ashamed for satisfying her sexual needs, she knew that Jane would appreciate to not be involved in it. Maura moved to chase Jane to the bedroom.

Too late. Maura caught up to Jane who was now in the room and there lying next to her neatly folded Red Sox shirt was a glass dildo and Maura's panties. Maura stared at Jane who was unaware of Maura's presence. She saw Jane reach out to touch her panties with a slight smirk on her face.

"Find everything you need detective?" Maura asked with a slight teasing in her voice. Jane shot her head back around and was now bright red from having been caught eyeing Maura's lacy underwear.

Jane cleared her throat. "Um, Maura, next time let me know when it is and when it is not safe to enter your bedroom." Jane said quickly as an obvious cover up with small sarcasm in her voice.

"You seemed to have been enjoying what you have found. You were smiling."

"No, I wasn't!"

"Then why were you reaching for my underwear?"

Jane turned a dark crimson. "Why are you leaving dildos on your bed and having me go in my room!"

"Jane, you are deflecting."

"Ugh, Maura. This conversation is over. Next time just make sure your room is free of ….stuff before I go in it. I didn't exactly want to discover this." Jane pushed past Maura and walked out of the room

Maura was puzzled. On one hand, Jane was smiling as though she had enjoyed finding Maura's left over evidence of her fun this morning and on the other, she seemed angry that she had forgotten she had left the evidence out. It may be possible that Jane is uncomfortable with sex toys, seeing how she was touching my underwear but was upset that I had left my dildo out.

Maura walked back out into the living room where Jane was sitting on the couch watching TV with a beer. Maura sat down closely next to her.



"Are you uncomfortable with sex toys?"

Jane nearly choked on her beer. "I thought we were done talking about this?"

"I'm just wondering for scientific purposes."

"Maura, I don't have sex toys and I don't want to talk about them."

"I think you may actually appreciate some sex toys. It can be difficult during times of masturbation to deeply penetrate. The dildo I have on the bed is perfect for me. It can always deeply penetrate and bring me to orgasm quickly especially if I ride it."

Jane turned to look at Maura in utter disbelief. "Why are we talking about this!"

Jane was getting slightly turned on by the visuals in her head of Maura cumming; Especially picturing Maura riding her dildo.

"Well, I was going to offer to lend you some toys."

"Maura, friends do not share sex toys." Jane let out with a slight sigh.

Maura thought for a second and realized that Jane may not be comfortable with sharing these sorts of items seeing how they have been pre-used by herself.

"Oh, I have some new ones still in package!" Maura exclaimed excitedly. Maura ran back to her bedroom as Jane sat on the couch thinking of how to get herself out of this conversation.

Maura returned with two different packages. One was a bright blue glass dildo similar to the one on the bed. The second was a vibrator.

"I have two different kinds. Do you think you would enjoy the dildo or the vibrator more? The vibrator is perfect to help stimulate the clitoris. The dildo is also ridged too and feels nice inside of you."

"Maura, I don't use sex toys."

"I think it would be beneficial to at least try one of them. Over the past week you have been showing signs of sexual frustration; possibly due to the stress of this case. Also, immersion therapy is shown very effective. You do not have to use them right away, but maybe their presence in your bedroom will help with the process of masturbation."

Jane started to feel the effects of the beers she has had. Why is she talking about me masturbating! I should just take a sex toy so she will stop talking about it. Then hopefully I can stop thinking about her with her sex toys…

She knew there was no way to get out of this. Jane answered with a slightly negative tone. "You can decide. Just put one in my gym bag."

The rest of the night was spent relaxing on the couch with a couple more drinks. Eventually Jane decided it was time to go home for work tomorrow morning. Jane and Maura were standing at the door saying goodnight.

"Don't forget your gym bag!" Maura said with a big grin on her face.

Jane slightly blushed. "Thanks. I'll see you tomorrow."

Maura smiled. "Good night."

Jane drove home and eventually made it to her apartment. She threw her gym bag in her bedroom and went to the bathroom to get ready for bed. On her way out, she stopped at her gym bag and glanced inside out of curiosity. I wonder which one she chose. She reached inside…and there were two packages. Both. Of course. Jane's mind flashed back to earlier when Maura was explaining how she got off with her toy. Jane started to get turned on by the thought. She opened up the box of the vibrator and lay in bed. She began to picture what Maura must have been doing earlier that day. She began rubbing herself when suddenly her phone vibrated on her night stand.

She opened it up to see a text message from Maura.

Maura: Well? ;)

How does she always know?

So, I know I stopped "The Bet" pretty early and not in the most favorable way. Again, I apologize. Anyways, I was feeling the need to write again and had something come to mind. I wouldn't call it my best work, but it is a bit of fun. Anyways, I always appreciate the reviews and you ladies are always awesome.