The silence between them felt comfortable again. Both uncertain though how to start the conversation that both of their thoughts shared.

"Um, let's eat then." Jane motioned over to the cooling pizza.

The doctor slowly moved over to the chairs where they were originally sitting. Jane walked over to the pizza and took out her pizza cutter that she had used only once but had for over seven years. Something about being Italian and not owning certain culinary items, such as said pizza cutter, was off-putting to the detective's mother. Angela took it upon herself to supply Jane with the majority of her kitchen items. Jane continued to cut the pizza into eighths. They were smaller slices, but she figured it would help it cool quicker if it's still hot which it seemed to be.

The ME watched from her chair as Jane concentrated on making the cuts as straight as possible. Maura couldn't help but smirk at how focused Jane was at such a menial task. She placed two slices on each plate and placed a plate in front of Maura. The dough was a little flimsy and it was obvious that holding the pizza would be an annoying way to eat it, unlike most pizza. Jane brought out some silverware to help with the process. She sat down next to the doctor and took a swig off her beer. Maura glanced over at Jane to see that they were ready to start eating. Each of them cut a piece and took their first bite. Maura's face turned sour and then quickly fixed itself to blank. She glanced over at Jane. Jane's face hid nothing. Jane spit her food into her napkin and folded it up. It tasted like soggy, cheesy, oily bread.

"God, that's horrible!" Jane whined.

Maura was able to swallow her piece. She began laughing.

"Yes, it really is bad. I don't understand how we made bad pizza."

Jane smiled because Maura found humor in it.

"Jesus, that was disgusting. I'm going to call Tony's pizza. Yuck. That was gross." Jane got up and tossed the whole pizza into the trash, she knew Joe Friday wouldn't even want a bite. Maura moved to the living room and put on the TV. She flipped through the channels until it landed on the first movie she found. "The Sweetest Thing" was now playing on the TV. The two women in the movie were continuing their road trip. Jane moved over to the couch with Maura's wine glass and her beer in hand.

"It's going to be like an hour before they get here. Apparently they're slammed tonight." Jane announced.

"That's okay. We can just watch this until then." They watched in silence. Maura eventually moved closer and closer to Jane. The detective noticed the obvious attempt at cuddling Maura was ensuing. She smiled, and lifted her arm to place it around Maura. She glanced down at the doctor to only see a smile spread across her face. Maura lifted her hand and left it in Jane's thigh.

"I.." Jane cleared her throat. "I like this."

"Yes." Maura smiled wider and they kept the silence between them.

They continued to watch the movie in silence. Then a scene popped up. Christina Applegate's character dropped her lip gloss cap to the bottom of the car floor. Cameron Diaz's character decided to retrieve it by placing her head between Applegate's legs, allowing a motorist to drive by and think that Diaz was going down on Applegate's character. It was a silly, goofy scene, but it couldn't help but bring some ideas to Maura's head. Although they had spent the night exploring each other's bodies, neither of them had gone down on the other. Maura's mind began to race, and she absentmindedly began tracing her fingers along Jane's thigh. It is funny how easily your mind can turn to sex when you're in the company of the right person. Even silly or small implications can get your body going within seconds. Jane's head turned to Maura's hand and smiled down to the mischievous doctor.

"Something I can help you with, doctor?" Jane asked unknowingly of what was truly on Maura's mind.

Maura straightened up. She grabbed Jane's beer out of her hand.

"Jane, take off your pants."

"Hmm, why?" Jane asked still oblivious to what Maura was thinking.

"Please, I just want to do something…"

Jane now realized the look in Maura's eye because she had seen it plenty of times that night. She began to wonder where that came from. Jane let out a small giggle.

"Doctor Isles, did that scene actually get you going?" Jane began to tease.

"Mmm, Jane." Maura began to tug onto Jane's pants, undoing the top button. Jane couldn't defy it anymore. She slipped off her pants.

Maura pulled Jane's legs on to the couch and climbed on top of her. Jane lay in her underwear now with the doctor kissing her neck. She felt Maura grind her hips into her own. Her body felt like it was on fire. It was absurd how quick Jane's body reacted to Maura. As if the doctor could read thought, she whispered into the detective's ear.

"Jane, are you wet for me?"

"Yes." She husked.

"I'd love to taste you."

"Oh, god." It was as if Jane got struck by lightning. Little sayings like that, made her body feel a surge of energy shoot down her to where she needed attention the most.

Maura continued to kiss her way down Jane's body, through the clothes, and pushing her way underneath them as well. She made it to between Jane's legs and slid her underwear off, throwing them to the side. She took Jane's leg and pushed one off the side of the couch. The doctor began kissing the inside of Jane's thighs. She lay on her stomach, with her feet crossed in the air, as if she were reading a magazine in bed. She glanced up at Jane to gauge her reaction. Maura smiled sexily up to her before she took her tongue and slid it through Jane. Jane's chest was heaving. Jane heard a low guttural moan from Maura.

It sounded as if Maura was enjoying her favorite dessert. She began to kiss Jane's thighs again before taking her tongue and playing in her folds once more. She began to circle Jane's clit with her tongue. Jane's hands reached into Maura's hair holding her there gently, just wanting to feel closer to her. Jane began breathing heavy, and couldn't help the small whimpers coming from her throat. It was obvious that the whole point of this wasn't so Jane could get off; rather that Maura could enjoy every ounce of what she set out to do. She continued to build Jane up only to bring her down again, multiple times. When she built her up once more, she decided to try something different; she stuck her tongue inside of Jane and pushed it in hard, moving around ever so slightly. Jane grabbed onto Maura's head hard while a deep moan escaped her chest. Maura moved her tongue back up to Jane's clit, only to circle it a few more times, until she felt the rhythms of Jane's body finally release. Maura took her tongue one last time and took one long lick of Jane after she had cum. She crawled her way back up Jane's body to see the exhausted face Jane held. Maura smiled and pecked Jane's lips, and collapsed into Jane, only to feel her arms tightened around her.

Jane's breathing slowly subsided. Her mind played with small thoughts. God, that was incredible. I don't know how she is so good at that. It seemed like she enjoyed doing it to. I could get used to that…Only if I could return the favor tenfold. Jane's eyes searched down to Maura's face to see her with her eyes shut, smiling contently. Something felt incredibly right in this moment for Jane.



"I do love you, ya know."

Maura shifted, and readjusted to glance at Jane's face. She was searching to understand what exactly Jane meant by this.

Jane could nearly read Maura's thoughts.

"I mean, I don't have everything figured out or anything like that. But, I mean, I do know that I love you more than a friend and everything. I kinda always had known that, I just. I am still lost with us. I know that's not exactly what you want to hear, because you've kind have already figured out everything."

"Jane, there's no rush. It took me awhile to come to realization that I am in love with you. If you're not in love with me, that's okay. I just want to be with you and you can take your time figuring out what it is that-

"Maur, I, you know I'm falling for you. I've been falling for you since day one. I don't think I've ever stopped falling for you, because I feel like, I feel like every day I fall for you. I just, it's a lot all at once, to realize everything, is all. "

Maura's eyes got slightly watery from the words, she held them back though, and pushed one hard kiss into Jane's lips.

"I love you."

"I love you too."

It wasn't that everything was settled. It wasn't as if everything was figured out between the two of them. However, for once in their lives, there was that understanding of how the other felt. They loved each other, and that's all that truly mattered in the end. The rest they could take their time with. Thankfully though, both of their hearts and souls were now at peace with with each other. It was as if they had exchanged hearts, and both of them were responsible of looking after the other. They both held the other's heart and there was something so serene about that, that nothing else mattered.

D'awee. I'm thinking our story is ending here now. The only thing I can think to touch up on after this is where they will be in the future, to be honest. I'm not thrilled to write "come out" stories, because they're just…boring to me. Sorry. Anywho, I hope you enjoyed it. Thank you everyone. Oh, on another note, I have been writing a story, completely unrelated to Rizzles, if you're interested, PM me.