Authors' notes: I do not own the characters of Lilith Sternin (Crane) and Frasier Crane. (Although I wish I did!)

Those eyes:
That melt my heart,
The clearest blue,
It tears me apart,
To think that I'll never,
Fall again,
But if I close my eyes,
I see him then,

Those arms:
Strong and secure,
Wrapped up warm,
In his amour,
To never let go,
Or so I thought,
Why did our passion,
Have to cut short,

Those hands:
Warm and strong,
That comfort me,
When something's wrong,
That help me through,
The bad times and good,
Soft, strong, mine,

That voice:
That trembles through me,
That makes me shiver,
I know he can see,
The way that I melt,
When he speaks,
When all my blood,
Flows to my cheeks,

He was my love:
Father of my son,
My best friend,
But when all's said and done,
Without him for years,
Fine on my own,
Deluding myself,
I feel so alone,

Now when I see him:
My thoughts all concur,
I wish I didn't lose,
My love,
My life,
My darling,