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Summary: A good supervillain always has a Plan B, Simon has learned this from various movies and comics. Still, little does he know that when Sebastian threatens Isabelle, this IS such a plan... | Sets in the middle of City of Lost Souls (Chapter "The Stuff of Heaven") after Simon bit Izzy, taking a very different direction from there.
A/N Sebastian took the ring a bit sooner from Clary than he did in the books.

chapter one: Sebastian's threat

It's Simon, isn't it?

Simon awoke with a shock. If he'd still be alive he probably would have gotten a heart attack. He knew that voice... and it was inside his head! It wasn't just the shock of hearing his voice, it was the fact that the only voice he should be able to hear inside is head was Clary's!

Sebastian, he replied in his head and got out of the bed. Simon really didn't want to talk with Sebastian with Isabelle lying next to him. As a matter of fact he didn't want to talk to him at all.

Very good. And people say teenage boys don't pay attention to anything that doesn't have breasts.

Well, technically you do have breasts. They're just not very big.

There was laughing inside his head but it was cold and without any emotion.

Simon reached the window and looked out of it as he tried really hard not to trow some insults towards Sebastian. Instead he managed to ask: Where's Clary?

She's alright. She's a good actress you know. If I didn't know her better I may have even believed her in wanting to join us. Oh and of course if I hadn't seen the ring she thought I didn't recognize.

You don't know her at all. Simon said angrily and started to play with the ring on his finger. And if she's fine how come you have the ring?

Believe it or not, you can get a ring from someone without killing the one who wears it. But 101 ways to steal a ring isn't exactly what I wanted to talk to you about. Neither is Clary.

Then why did you wake me up in the middle of the night?

Sebastian snorted. Do you even listen to yourself? You're a disgrace of your entire race. You're a Vampire for crying out loud. You should be up all night anyway, sleep during the day and kill – not drink someone's blood as some sort of very repulsive foreplay.

Simon swallowed hard. But-

These rings do more than just enable you to communicate with my sister. They're capable of so much more, but only if you know how. I do. Of course I wasn't expecting a softcore film...

What the hell do you want? Simon wasn't able to say or think the name of-... but he was able to speak of hell, which was more suitable for Sebastian anyway.

You helped my sister lying to me. I do not permit that. Clary will receive her punishment soon enough, there's nothing you can do about that... but there might me something you can do about your punishment.

He got mad but tried not to let his emotions take over. What are you going to do to Clary?

Nothing that concerns you. You're very interesting, though. I just told you there was a punishment for you as well and all you care about is Clary?

Because I am what is called a good person. Let me explain the concept of selflessness to you, since you may not be familiar to it: I care more about others than I care about myself. Besides, you can't hurt me and you damn well know it.

I can't hurt you physically, that's true, but that doesn't mean I can't hurt your heart. Figurative speaking of course.

Hurt my heart? Who are you trying to be now, Shakespear? But joking didn't help the feeling that Sebastian just shoved something down is throat which got stuck.

But Sebastian didn't elaborate on that and went right to his threat: What would you do, to save your beloved Isabelle?

Simon froze but managed to turn around to Isabelle right after he felt like he had control over his body again. She was still asleep in the bed. His hands turned to fists. Leave her out of this.

Oh, I wish I could.

Now it was on Simon to snort. No you don't.

Maybe not. But that's really not the issue here. See, I will hurt her and you will have only your naughty-actions to blame for this... unless you do something for me.

Simon was silent for a while, clenching his theeth, before he replied with: What could I possibly do for you? That bastard had a brainwashed Jace and Clary, what more could he want?

I heard you approached Azazel. I want you to convince your friends to take him up on his offer.

Why would you want that? If he keeps his word he will take you down to hell.

That's right. If. Let's just say I have a feeling he won't. And I want him free.


That's my business. Think about it, Lewis. You do that I won't harm your precious little Isabelle. If you don't, she will suffer. Think about it. Oh and just to be clear: If you tell anyone about our conversation, she'll suffer anyway.

And then Sebastian was gone.

Simon leaned against the wall and sunk on the floor, looking at the ring on his finger before he suddenly took it off any layed it on the floor. Sebastian couldn't follow his actions if he didn't have the ring on him, right? He wish he knew if that was true. If he did he could talk to anyone about this and ask for advice...

He got up, put the ring on the windowsill and went back to the bed but he just stood in front of it at first, thinking about leaving. Not because he wanted to run away but because he suddenly felt that his feelings for Isabelle where the reason why she might get hurt. But even if he left, that wouldn't help anyone. Especially not her. Sebastian would just hurt Isabelle when Simon didn't do as he was told, no matter if he was here or, let's say, Mexico. So he just got back into the bed.

As if Isabelle could feel he was back she turned and clinged to him. Her head now lying on his chest Simon couldn't help but to place a soft kiss on the top of her head and putting an arm around her. To his surprise she moaned and woke up.

"Simon?" she was still drowsy but managed to hold her head up so she could look at him.

"Sorry, did I wake you?"

"Well, squeezing someone as hard as if he was a squeez toy wakes even a Shadowhunter up." she said matter-of-factly.

"Oh", he took his arm away. "Sorry. I still haven't gotten used to the Vampire strenght." To be honest he was getting better at that, but his anger must have triggered his strengh subconsciously.

But Isabelle wasn't this easy to fool. She sat up and used one hand to brush over is cheek."Is something wrong? You look worried."

Oh, no. Sebastian just threatened to hurt you if we don't unleash Azazel upon the world but aside from that everything's peachy. Mentally he sighted.

If he said that Izzy would get hurt for sure. But – assuming he even could talk the others into unleashing Azazel, which he wasn't even convinced of – could he do it? Could he set a great demon free to protect a Shadowhunter from getting hurt? All they did was fighting anyway. Iz would choose going up against Sebastian instead of unleashing Azazel, Simon knew that. But this knownledge didn't make his decision easier. If it were her choice to get hurt it would be bad enough, but the thought of him being the one responsible for it - he couldn't live with that. Or, in his case, he couldn't be undead with that.

And of course there was also Clary on his mind, who would get a punishment no matter what he did. This was just all so bad. He'd known these rings had been a bad idea from the start!

"Nothing, just... I just haven't heard from Clary in a while. I'm worried Sebastian found out about the rings and did something to her." That was as close to the truth as he could get without telling her too much.

Isabelle was silent for a moment before she responded. "You're a good friend, Simon. But Clary's a big girl. Actually scratch that: She's a Shadowhunter. She chose to go there by herself and I probably would have done the same if I was her."

"Yes but you've been a Shadowhunter since forever and Clary is new with this."

"Everyone is new at something at some point. Do you have any idea how often I almost died? Besides... think about it. If someone you loved as much as she loves Jace were in danger – wouldn't you also risk your life?"

"My life. Yes." And suddenly they weren't talking about Clary anymore. Or at least he wasn't. "But what if you had to risk the life of others as well?"

Isabelle frowned. "Clary's not doing that."

"No. But what if someone you loved was in danger and the only way to keep them from getting hurt would be to risk many lifes. Would you do it?"

She was silent for a while, thinking. "Do you know the very definition of being a Shadowhunter?"

He tried hard to remember what Clary had once explained to him but the exact words had slipped his mind. "It's... your duty to protect humans. Mundanes."

"Well, there's your answer." Isabelle said before placing a soft kiss on his lips and then put her head on his chest again, trying to fall back to sleep.

Simon didn't think he was able to sleep anymore. And while thinking about what Isabelle had said and what he should do, there was one thing he realized: Isabelle hand't answered his question. He been absolutely sure that she'd have sacrifized her loved one instead of many innocent lifes. After all that was her job. But she hadn't said it. Did that mean she'd chose the person she loved over everyone else? Should he, too?

I'll leave you with this question. What do you think Simon should do?

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