Title: The Ultimate Sacrifice

Author: Sivan Shemesh

Beta: Aranel

Disclaimer: Not mine.

Rate: T

Warning: AU, possible of characters death, OC's, angst, friendship/family.

Summary: Post Ring-War. King Thranduil has received a ransom note asking for his crown and King Elessar' head. But what would be the ultimate sacrifice? Would it cost Prince Legolas's life?



The prince was finally returning home after this long journey. He missed his Adar a lot. If he had known, he might not have joined the council. His homeland was under the power of Sauron and the vestiges still remained, and most of all, he did not wish to be that far from his Adar.

Even as the only heir to the throne, he was far too willing to be part of anything, secure in the knowledge that his Adar will be around, for him. Thranduil was the best Adar in Middle Earth, the best anyone could have asked for, even if they had their share of disagreements.

Legolas had always noted how the guards respected his Adar, and how his Adar respected them as well. He was always happy in Mirkwood, like he was a part of larger family, like the guards were the brothers he did not have.

Prince Legolas smiled at that thought, and wondered if he should tell his Adar about his new dwarf friend. That would certainly make for an interesting reaction. But he stopped abruptly. It was too quiet. Where were his guards? He sensed a presence behind him and spun around, only to be greeted by a the hilt of a sword stabbing him in the back.

"You are surrounded, Prince Legolas. One more rash movement, and you will be drowning in your own blood."

Legolas knew at once that the guards were dead and that he would be next. Who were these people? He lowered his blade cautiously. If the guards had given the life for him, he had better not be throwing it away rashly. But those guards... They were his loyal brothers, whom he would not see again. And they had lost their life because of him. The guilt was unbearable.

Legolas felt something sharp in his side, and he crumpled onto the ground in pain.


Was it someone behind him? How could he not have sensed that coming? Or was it a sound from his body? He did not know. His body was giving up far too quickly.

The last thing he saw before the world collapsed in darkness was that figures were pushing him to the cliff edge. He felt himself falling. THUD. He knew he hit something. His head. Yes. And then he knew no more.

End of Chapter 1.