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Danielle, thirteen, had to wonder when fate started to hate her. She had famous parents and brother, she had magic, when had life started to be so hard? She was supposed to be one of the heirs to the Potter fortune, just like her brother David, now it was gone.

She shivered as she wrapped herself in her cloak, alone in some woods somewhere in Britain didn't seem like a good place to stay, but she didn't have any choice. Refusing to shed any tears, she just threw some more wood into the fire she had conjured. It might have been summer, but the weather didn't know that.

After finishing her second year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, she had managed to make it to the top of the class. Even beating the resident book worm, Hermione Granger. She had even helped her brother figure out what kind of monster had been attacking the students and had aided him in defeating it. Then she got home.

Her parents, the perfect James and Lily Potter, had gotten their children's grades. She still shivered at the look she had gotten for daring to do better than David, the precious boy-who-lived. It wasn't hard, David was lazy and thought that he was perfect in every possible way. She had always been shoved into the background, forgotten and unloved.

Since she had been beating David ever since first year, her parents had shown their displeasure. Even her godfathers/uncles Sirius and Remus had fallen under David's charm and had ignored her.

She shivered again as she remembered James advancing on her and told her that she was a disgrace on the whole Potter family. She loved reading and spending time alone, James and David loved pranks and parties. Potters went to Gryffindor to become great wizards, they didn't become Hufflepuffs who they thought were essentially lackies.

So it came to pass that she was banished from Potter manor to never darken their doorstep again. That had been a week ago. She had no friends that were willing to help her, she had tried and failed at that one. Now that she was disinherited, she lost access to her trust vault at the bank of Gringotts. She had been forced to sell as many of her things as possible just to afford food; all in all, her life was depressing now.

She had made camp in some woods in Wales, about fifty miles from Potter manor, but honestly didn't want to go back. She couldn't, and to be honest, she didn't want to see them again. It was just lucky that she knew wandless magic or else the Ministry would want to know why a lone witch was camping in the middle of nowhere. She snorted at that, they would just arrest her. She wasn't even a Potter anymore, her parents had even taken her last name in their anger.

Thinking that it was lucky that she had swiped some camping supplies when she had been forced to leave the house, she went back to her tent to wait until morning.

It was about five in the morning when a sudden growl woke her up. Clutching her wand, she opened the tent to find that she was surrounded by what looked like huge black dogs. They were the size of cars, no problem, and were growling at her with angry red eyes.

She had heard of the Grim, but this was ridiculous. The dogs had her cornered, doing a quick count, she found that there seemed to be at least half a dozen of them. Strangely, she got angry. She had been bullied by her brother and his friends for most of her life. She had had to deal with her stupid parents loving her less and less until they finally forgot about her. She had even helped deal with a basilisk in her school dungeons, she was not going to be defeated by a bunch of dogs!

Getting angry, she let out a pulse of magic out of her that knocked all the dogs about ten feet away from her. Putting away her wand, it would only slow her down, she started casting fire spells that set one ablaze. One blasting hex strangely turned one to a gold dust but she shrugged it off. She even used a spell of her own design that conjured an arrow made of light that impaled itself on one of them, causing it to whimper and run off.

She got surprised though when the remaining three attacked her at once. They had all pounced and she couldn't stop them, their fangs and claws about to tear her apart. She mentally groaned, so this was it?

A sudden THAWK came from nowhere and one of the monster dogs turned to dust; a silver arrow where the dog had been. The remaining two stopped and looked, which was stupid as more silver arrows came at them that ripped the dogs to pieces; before exploding into the same golden dust.

Breathing heavily, Danielle got up and looked around, wondering who had saved her. Fingering her deep red hair nervously, a noise in front of her got her attention. She saw the figure of the person that had saved her come closer and got on guard. She smiled, Alastor Moody would be so proud of her.

The figure turned out to be a girl that looked a little older than her, about fourteen or so. She had pure black hair that ran down to her waist and was wearing a silver and black outfit. A tiara adorned her head, like she was a princess or something. Danielle was certainly surprised when the bow she had been holding vanished into thin air.

The girl didn't smile but she seemed at piece in the woods, so Danielle got a relaxed feeling. "Thank you, you saved my life just now."

The mystery girl nodded, a faint silver glow around her, "yes, those hell hounds would have torn thy body to pieces. Luckily I was around."

Danielle nodded, this girl had an old time accent, as evidenced by the use of old English. She found that she liked it though, "I don't suppose you could tell me your name?"

The girl smiled, "very well, my name is Zoe Nightshade, and I am a lieutenant of Artemis, goddess of the hunt."

Danielle had expected a lot of things but that was not one of them. "Artemis? Like the Greek goddess, Artemis? Twin sister of Apollo and one of the Olympians in the old stories?"

Zoe nodded, "the very same, and she is no myth, she is back at our camp ground. Dost thou have any plans around here? I saw thy fight until I stepped in."

Danielle blushed at the memory of her fighting those monsters, hell hounds, and how they had almost killed her. She shook her head, "I don't really have a home right now and I have no plans. I would be honored to meet a goddess."

Zoe laughed, a pleasant sound and Danielle got the feeling that she didn't do that very often. "Very well, take what thou would like from here and we shall leave."

Smiling at the thought that she may have found a friend, Danielle got everything that she needed, which wasn't much. All she took was her wand and a change of clothes that she carried in a backpack. Zoe was waiting for her, completely at peace with the woods around her, and nodded when she saw that Danielle was ready.

"I would like you to meet Lady Artemis as soon as possible. For me alone, it would take about ten minutes."

Danielle frowned, "I'll manage, I'm fast."

Zoe nodded and started running. She wasn't kidding; she was fast. Danielle smiled and ran as well. Danielle had studied magic itself for quite a while and found that a magical focus like a wand wasn't really needed for magic. It helped, but it was more like training wheels. She found she could infuse any part of her body with magic by accident one day.

When she had been eight, David and his friend Ron had pushed her down a steep hill when she had been distracted reading. In panic, she had pushed magic into her feet and legs and managed to stop before she hit the bottom.

Now she was using that same magic to run much faster than the average person and found that she was keeping pace with Zoe pretty well. Zoe herself looked impressed and seemed to enjoy herself as they passed trees and streams.

After about ten minutes of running, where Danielle was panting from the run while Zoe seemed perfectly fine, they reached the outskirts of a large camp. It was much larger and more advanced than Danielle's own. The tents didn't seem like much but she knew they were bigger on the inside than the looked like on the outside were arranged like a crescent moon. A dining pavilion was placed in the center of camp while an archery range was located off to the side.

The camp seemed to consist of eleven or twelve girls that ranged from eight or nine to about sixteen. They seemed pretty lively and content with their lives so someone was doing something right.

Before they could enter the camp however, a large girl that looked about fifteen or sixteen dropped from a nearby tree and in their way. She looked Danielle over for a moment before turning to Zoe, "I thought you were just supposed to look for the hell hounds?"

Zoe sighed, "I did Phoebe, but Danielle here helped me."

The large girl, Phoebe, nodded in approval before turning to the side, "going to get lady Artemis?"

Zoe nodded and walked to the archery range, Danielle following. She was getting nervous, she was about to meet a goddess, someone that could turn her into an ant and step on her if she wanted. Her own magic wouldn't be able to stop that.

She missed what Zoe said to one of the girls by the archery range but the girl nodded and all three of them went to a tent that had a crescent moon on it. All three entered the tent to find that it was indeed, bigger on the inside than on the outside. It was decorated with animal pelts from every animal Danielle could think of, and many she couldn't. Curled up in a ball, was a large wolf, but the girl simply petted her and she relaxed.

Zoe smiled, like she loved doing this, "Danielle, I would like to introduce lady Artemis, goddess of the hunt and moon."

Danielle looked at the girl sitting across from her. She looked about twelve, with rich auburn hair and the same kind of silver and black clothes as the other hunters. Unable to determine if this was a joke or not, Danielle decided to play it safe and bowed low, "it is an honor to meet you."

Artemis smiled, her silver eyes gleaming with laughter, "looks like you brought me someone with manners, Zoe, I like her."

Danielle let out a breath she didn't know she was holding. Artemis seemed to know what she was thinking, "Zoe, why don't you take my place as archery teacher for the day. I'll keep our new friend here occupied."

Danielle gulped as Zoe nodded and left the tent. Alone with a goddess, Danielle waited for her to speak first. Sitting on a bear skin rug with a twelve year old goddess and a wolf was not how she expected her day to go, and it was only six in the morning.

Artemis seemed to examine her for a moment, before her eyes widened for a moment. She looked at her curiously, "I take it you have a story for me?"

Danielle contemplated telling her, but could see no harm in telling a goddess when she could probably pluck it from her head anyway.

Artemis smiled, "I could take it from your head, but I would prefer it if you told me yourself."

Danielle flushed red, she didn't know if it was because she was so transparent or if Artemis was reading her mind. She took a deep breath, "I take it you know that I have magic?"

Artemis nodded, "true, I could sense that. I usually take in demigods, or children of the gods, as my hunters but I'll take in anyone that is willing to join. It has been a while since I had a magic user here but I hold no animosity toward you, now then, tell me your story."

They both got comfortable so Danielle could begin, "my name used to be Danielle Potter. I say 'used to be' as my parents disowned me recently. A while ago, a dark magic user calling himself Lord Voldemort tried to kill myself and my brother when we were about fifteen months old. I don't know what happened, no one does, but the curse he used to kill us didn't work and he was forced out of his body, not dead. My brother David was proclaimed a hero and the boy-who-lived, while I was forced into the background.

"It wasn't too hard to deal with at first, but over time my parents started to ignore me more and more. David and his friends would come over and pick on me while if I tried to defend myself my parents would be on David's side." Danielle stopped for a moment as she got her composure back, reliving these memories were haunting her. Artemis didn't seem to mind and simply let her regain her bearings.

Danielle continued, "I went to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry like my brother and my parents before me and although I was a good student, it was hard for me to make friends. David again used his fame to get everyone against me to increase his own arrogance. Once our first year of school was over my parents berated me for getting better grades than my idiot of a brother.

"Second year was the same, the only difference was that something was attacking the students. I, with the help of David for some reason, managed to find and kill the monster behind the attacks. David once again took all the credit and I was pushed into the background. A little more than a week ago I was confronted by my parents to demand why I dared to become the best in the class and make David feel stupid."

At this, both Danielle and Artemis snorted in disgust. "My parents figured that enough was enough. They banished me from the family manor, disowning me and even taking my last name. They took all the money that I had been using for school supplies and tuition and eventually left me with nothing. Over the last week, I've been looking for help or support and have received none. I was camping a ways away from here the last few days, until I was attacked by some hell hounds. Zoe found me and saved me from the ones I wasn't able to kill myself.

"If it pleases you, lady Artemis, I would like to join your group. I have nothing left in magical Britain and would like a group of friends, or even a family to join again."

The wolf that had been snoozing on Artemis' lap got up and started to lick Danielle's face in an attempt to cheer her up. Both of them lightly laughed at the situation.

When Artemis got her composure back, she looked at Danielle, "I usually take in those that have been wronged by the male race. Those that have suffered heartache or had been betrayed by the men in their lives. In your case however, I think we can make an exception, just be prepared to hear a lot of male bashing from your fellow hunters."

Danielle turned to face the goddess, "I can join then?"

Artemis nodded, "indeed, just repeat after me."

The oath that Danielle took essentially said that she would turn her back on men, follow the hunt and Artemis and live forever unless she fell in combat. Danielle smiled, she couldn't really see any down side to this. She would be going to America soon, the only reason that the hunters were in Britain in the first place was to hunt a nasty monster here that had been killing British demigods.

America was far enough away from her problems for her not to have to worry about it. At the moment she didn't care if all of Magical Britain collapsed to the ground, why would she care? Turn her back on men? She hadn't had any interest in them anyway. Live forever? She wasn't sure about that but decided to give it a try. Who knew, eternity with a goddess and hopefully her new sisters might be good for her.