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Potter Manor

When Dumbledore died, what was left of the Order of the Phoenix didn't just vanish. While some thought that hope was lost without their glorious leader and decided to wait out the war in their homes. The others, who had any intelligence at all, joined up at Potter manor to help with what was left of the only real resistence movement left.

The Ministry had their own problems and they didn't exactly have an elite fighting force. The Aurors and hit wizards around were the best of the best and they could stand against Death Eaters but there were too few of them to do any real damage.

Danielle was calmly taking everything in as she watched everyone argue over what to do next. Some wanted to launch a full scale attack on Voldemort now that all the horcruxes were gone, others claimed that they should take out a few more Death Eater bases to reduce their numbers first while a couple thought they could sneak in some poison to kill Voldemort with.

The very few that had joined them after Dumbledore's death that had agreed with his policies were still bleating that they couldn't use excessive force but they were mostly ignored.

Danielle was vaguely aware that the youngest Weasley, Ginny, was glaring at her for some reason while Ronald was ignoring her very existence. She had heard a little of what Thalia had done a few days ago and found the whole thing fairly hilarious. Ginny had been allowed to attend the meeting despite it being late November now and she was in her seventh year at Hogwarts. Molly was mostly dead to the world nowadays so she hadn't argued and it wasn't like Ginny wouldn't have found out everything later anyway.

"We need to strike now!" said James angrily. "His horcruxes are gone. He's vulnerable! Just bring him out in the open and we can take him down!"

"How can we even get to him?" asked Sturgis Podmore. "No one knows where he is. Severus isn't the secret keeper and can't lead us there. What's your plan for that?"

The arguing continued for a long time, just going back and forth with no side gaining ground. The whole thing was starting to give Danielle a headache as they weren't doing anything constructive. Thalia had mentally checked out a while ago and was staring off into space and Elizabeth was making just her finger burst into a tiny flame every few seconds.

When the meeting was starting to get violent, Danielle had figured that enough was enough.

"SHUT UP!" When everyone looked at her, she glared at them all. " Now then, I have a plan to get Voldemort into the open and face me. That's not a problem. The problem is that you all are fighting each other instead of focusing on the Death Eaters. You know what, do what you want but I plan on fighting Voldemort in exactly two weeks. I guarantee that he will show up and I will win."

"What makes you think you can win against him now?" Ginny snarled at her. "He kicked your arse and he'll do it again." She was sure that Danielle and Voldemort were working together to bring down David's fame. Everything was set up ahead of time, it made total sense…to her.

The temperature of the room went down ten degrees as Danielle glared at her. Taking a calming breath, she looked at the youngest Weasley. "He took me by surprise but this time, I have a few surprises of my own. Besides, how did it go when you were facing against him, Ginervra?"

Ginny paled a little as memories of the Chamber of Secrets started to resurface. She remembered the hopeless and terrifying sensation of losing control of her body all throughout her first year at Hogwarts. All thanks to Tom Riddle.

Danielle continued to the room. "I don't know what Dumbledore taught you about warfare but the fact is that if the head is cut, the body follows. Take down Voldemort, and the rest of the Death Eaters won't be able to focus enough to make a coherent fighting force. I'm giving Tom two weeks and when the time comes, he's dead. In the meantime, take down his forces and his resources to make the final battle easier.

"Dumbledore didn't think big enough. He wasn't a general in World War two-"

"The what?" asked Ron, totally confused. He wasn't the only one as most of the purebloods in the room looked blank at that term.

Danielle sighed. "The war that started in 1939 and ended in 1945." She was really starting to hate magical society again when a lot of the purebloods still had blank looks on their faces. "You would call it the Grindelwald war. He orchestrated Adolf Hitler's rise to power as a smokescreen to cover his own reign of terror. It was one, if not the biggest war, in the history of the world. It covered most of Europe, Asia and even America got involved.

"Dumbledore took down Grindelwald but that was all he did. He didn't fight in the army. He didn't suffer for years in constant battle for his life. All he did was show up, defeat Grindelwald, and left. How that qualifies him as a general in this army against Voldemort I have no idea but Dumbledore didn't kill anyone. He wasn't in combat.

"James. You and Sirius come up with strategies against the Death Eaters and any other tactics you can think of while I prepare for the final battle. Be the generals that Dumbledore wasn't and treat this as a real war."

With that said, Danielle left the meeting to go back to her room, Thalia and Elizabeth following.

Two weeks, Voldemort. Two weeks.

When they were out of earshot, Thalia and Elizabeth looked at each other and burst out laughing. Not getting the joke, Danielle turned to face them, waiting for them to finish.

"May I ask, what is so funny?"

Thalia managed to calm herself long enough to look at her. "You! They were all arguing about what plan to use and you just step in and take charge of the whole thing!"

"I thought some of them wet themselves," Elizabeth added with a smirk. She then grew serious. "Are you really ready to face Tom again?"

Danielle nodded, smirking herself. "I have everything I need. Just a bit of practice of a few things and I'll be ready. Tom and I are true equals now but I'm positive that I'm better. Tom's been training in swordsmanship recently and he might have the Elder Wand but I've been using my knives and bow for years. And recently…my magic seems stronger."

She wasn't sure why, it could be a multitude of reasons, but her magic had just been responding to her a lot easier recently. She felt stronger and with her budding Occlumency, her mind was much clearer. What she really wanted to practice was her still novice flying skills. She could achieve liftoff and fly a little but only for a short time.

Thalia put a hand on her shoulder. "You'll beat him."

Elizabeth nodded, "totally."

Danielle smiled and hugged them both. They were still getting used to her being more clingly than she had been in the past but neither saw it as a bad thing at all.

Their moment was interrupted by Ginny bursting in on them. She completely ignored Thalia and Elizabeth and faced to face down Danielle. This being somewhat comical as Ginny was in her seventh year at Hogwarts and while Danielle was mentally older than the other red head, still had to look up at the youngest Weasley.

"I know what you are up to," Ginny hissed, poking Danielle in the chest. "You might have fooled everyone else, even David, but you won't fool me. You are nothing more than a filthy liar who is trying to tarnish David's fame with your so called stories of fighting monsters or whatever. Get it through your head that you're not welcome here and you will always be the girl that was banished by her own parents."

Ginny was breathing heavily after her rant, glaring at her with fury. Elizabeth had to hold Thalia back before the daughter of Zeus killed this girl. Danielle however was staring at Ginny, her head tilted the side slightly, trying to figure her out.

"You hate that I'm taking fame away from David by fighting Voldemort myself?" Danielle asked rhetorically. "You hate that Tom attacked me that night instead of your precious boy-who-lived and gave me the fate to kill an arrogant dark lord?

"Ginny, you should know by now that I want to get away from this world. I have a life and my real family waiting for me after I defeat Tom. Why would I do something stupid as to make myself famous in the magical world when I want to go home after I'm done?"

When it looked like Ginny still didn't believe her, Thalia glared at Ginny. "Danielle, you could always use that truth potion you threatened Umbridge with. That would work."

Danielle unexpectantly burst out laughing. "Thalia! That wasn't really veritiserum! That was water!"


The magical Hunter just snickered. "You think I would waste perfectly good truth potion on someone like Umbridge? Nope. Since veritiserum is colorless and looks just like water, I just threatened her with it to make her talk. It doesn't help that that potion takes a month to make and I didn't have that kind of time."

She turned to Ginny. "Look Ginevera. We don't have to hate each other. I have no interest whatsoever in becoming famous, taking fame from someone else, or in anything other than defeating Voldemort. Believe me, don't, I couldn't care less. I only ask that you don't attack me before I take down Tom. Have a nice seventh year Ginevera."

Ginny watched in confusion as the three Hunters left her to her thoughts. She hadn't acted like she had thought she would have if she was determined to take all of David's fame for herself. This needed more thinking about.

Danielle didn't really know what Ginny's problem with her was but she wasn't going to let it get to her. What Arthur and Molly were thinking of naming their daughter Ginevera was beyond her. The name Ginevera was taken from the much older name Guinevere, or the wife of King Arthur in the old legends. Before his final battle, King Arthur had found that his wife had cheated on him with Lancelot and she was banished to a convent for the rest of her life.

So naming a modern kid Ginevera…that had to hurt.

"Now that that is taken care of," Danielle commented. "I think a visit to a certain bug is in order."

Jumping out the nearby open window on the second floor and gliding down, she made her way to the end of the ward line. She was really starting to like the new ability to fly without a broom and gliding was a great start. She would have to thank Hecate for giving her that spell book.

Reaching the end the ward line, she disaperated with a pop.


The Daily Prophet's number one reporter, Rita Skeeter, was probably the biggest snoop in all of Britain. She had the talent of being able to learn secrets of just about anybody and that was before she became an unregistered animagus. Single handedly destroying the reputation of many lives in magical Britain, she felt that she was doing her job of giving the public the information they needed to make informed decisions.

That and selling newspapers, which was the most important part of her job as anyone would say. Why bother telling the truth when an exaggeration here and there could turn a normally boring story into a work of art.

Sadly, her most powerful weapon of learning of people's dirty laundry had been exposed years ago. When that blasted Granger girl figured out that she was a beetle animagus, James Potter had found out and had personally brought her in.

While bad, the only punishment she had to suffer through was a large fine and being forced to register. Normally such an offense would equal time in Azkaban but she had dirt on most of the Wizengamot. During her trial, she had let them know that if she was sent to prison, that their darkest secrets would be front page news. It was amazing what having underlings in the Daily Prophet who would do anything she said did for her. Having them run the stories if she was sent to Azkaban was one of them.

Back to her games afterwards, she had hit a jackpot when it was revealed that David Potter wasn't actually the boy-who-lived. Afterall, Dumbledore hadn't been there that night You-Know-Who had been defeated, how would he have known what had happened?

Hearing about Dumbledore's death recently, she had spent no time in sending her biography about the late headmaster for publishing. She had written it years ago and was waiting for the old man to kick the bucket to release it to the public. 'The Life and Lies of Albus Dumbledore' would be a best seller, she knew it and her instincts rarely let her down.

She was just relaxing in her home, away from the war, when she suddenly found herself stuck to the ceiling. Facing down into her living room, her back was completely stuck with a sticking charm. And of course, her wand was in her coat pocket in the hall; no help whatsoever.

"Ah, Rita Skeeter. At last we meet."

Rita looked around and saw the dark red hair and black and silver clothes of Danielle Peverell.

"The former Miss Potter, I presume," said Rita, playing her game for now. "What can I do for you?"

Danielle grinned. "Well, I was just making a plan to take down Voldemort when I realized that I would need to drag him out into the open. That's where you come in Rita." Danielle sat down on one of Rita's armchairs, still smirking at her. "What would it take for you to print an article in the Daily Prophet directly intended for Voldemort and to set a time and place for our epic final battle?"

Rita thought about it for about three seconds. "I would say that you're mad and the Prophet would never run an article like that." She wasn't going to let this little girl get one up on her. She was a hardened reporter.

Danielle put a hand on her chin, thinking about what Rita had told her. "Interesting. I'm sure you have figured out that my friends and I were the ones destroying Death Eater manors. It would be a shame if the Daily Prophet building in Diagon Ally was the next target by mistake."

That got Rita's attention. The threat against her beloved newspaper was almost enough for to agree to anything this girl said. Almost.

"So what," said Rita, sounding bored. "I already got them to publish several of my new books. Magic could duplicate them easily. I don't need the Prophet anymore."

The red headed girl sighed dramatically. "Oh well. I guess I will have to use plan B. Turn you into your animagus animal, prevent you from turning back with this spell I found, and release you into the forbidden forest. I got it on a very reliable source that there's an acromantula colony in there."

Rita's eyes widened in horror at the implication. She knew the spell that the girl had referred to and she knew she was helpless against it at the moment. A beetle wouldn't last a minute against an army of swarming giant spiders.

"Fine. What do you want me to print?" Every word that Rita spoke seemed like acid but if it kept her alive and away from a giant spider, than she would have to swallow some pride and get it over with.

Danielle's smirk grew wider as she let Rita down from the ceiling. "I was thinking along the lines of…"


Danielle Peverell calls out Dark Lord!

Yes readers, it seems that a certain Lady Peverell has decided to take matters into her own hands. Meeting with the self proclaimed Hunter last night, I had the opportunity to interview her and her interesting choice of ending this war against He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. It appears that she is back with avengence and wanting to get this over with. We at the Daily Prophet have a copied speech that Ms Peverell gave to us to print (please note that it does state You-Know-Who's name but it was the only way for us to agree to publish it).

"Alright Voldemort, I'm back and I'm ready to take you down." Said Danielle, age 13. "You got lucky last time but that's worn off. You will show up on the Hogwarts grounds at exactly noon on December 12, 2009 for our final battle. Bring as many Death Eaters as you want as I know you will bring them anyway. It ends here, Voldemort, you and me. The so called 'chosen-one' against the self proclaimed 'Dark Lord.'"

After she gave me that speech to print, she allowed me to ask a few questions.

The first being where she had been hiding since she left the magical world.

"I did some traveling and spent most of my time in America. Canada as well but I've been learning as many different skills as I could."

"Do you plan on going back after the battle?"

"You bet. I've just got to take care of this Voldemort business and I'll get the heck out of here."

"Rumor has it that he defeated you about three weeks ago. Is there any truth to that story?"

"Sadly yes. If it wasn't for some help that came at the right time, I would be dead right now. But now I'm back and better than ever."

"Do you honestly expect to match him in power?"

"Well, I do know that I'm as least as powerful as Tom is. If there is anything I've learned here is that magic is like any other muscle. The more it is used, the stronger it gets. I wasn't using too much magic in my travels but now that I'm here, it's getting stronger all the time. It's amazing what a little hard work will get you."

"You called someone 'Tom'? Who is that?"

"Ah, that would be Voldemort. His real name is Tom Marvolo Riddle. rearrange the letters in his name and it spells 'I am Lord Voldemort.' Tom is actually a half-blood that pretends to be a pureblood. He is the last descendent of Salazar Slytherin, true, but his father didn't have a drop of magic."

"Are you saying that You-Know-Who is actually a half-blood and that this whole war is based on a lie?"

"That's exactly what I'm saying. Yes, many of Tom's followers won't care that he's not a pureblood but I have the proof to back it up. I have here with me Tom's file at the Hall of Records that details his birth, parents, and that it stopped updating anything about him about thirty years ago; when he changed his name and started the first war."

"You have the files from the Ministry? So it was you who broke in there a couple of months ago."

"I freely admit that I broke into the Ministry but it was needed at the time. I got the information I needed and did it under Fudge's administration. Minister Bones and I agreed that she won't charge anything against me as long as I give back the files after I defeat Voldemort."

"Sneaky, is there anything else you would like to say?"

"Yes. I would just like to say that everyone in Magical Britain needs to man up and take responsibility for their actions. Staying in their homes and cowering under the bed, waiting for me to finish Voldemort off is not helping. If the entire magical population of Britain got involved in this war, Voldemort and his Death Eaters wouldn't have stood a chance. All I am saying is, how can one be the next Dumbledore and the greatest wizard of all time, if they are too scared to do anything?"

Well, there you have it. The epic battle between these two will be held on Saturday December 12 at Hogwarts. We at the Daily Prophet hereby urge the Ministry and our Aurors to keep the public away from the battle. We will tell you more when we find out.

Death Eater Headquarters

Voldemort allowed himself to laugh as he read the paper. Danielle Peverell was still alive. Well, that wasn't that hard to believe as she was the only one in Britain with the power to match him. She had better be strong enough to stand against him.

He did have to wonder what the brat threatened Skeeter with to put that in the Prophet but figured that it didn't matter. He now had a time and place to kill not only the girl, but also the entire resistance against him. The big question was if the girl was ready for him.

"My lord," said a voice, bringing him out of his thoughts. Looking, he saw that Lucius Malfoy was in front of him, head bowed. "Forgive me, but I must know if it is true."

"Is what true, Lucius," said Voldemort, knowing what the man in front of him was going to ask.

"Is, is it true about your past?" asked Lucius carefully. "About your parentage? Everything?"

Voldemort gave a lipless smile and moved closer to the elder Malfoy. Grabbing the man's arm, he pressed the Elder Wand into his dark mark, summoning all of his followers. Ignoring Malfoy's scream of pain, he watched as his throne room was filled with Death Eaters. The number of his followers had shrunk in the past month but it was still an impressive fighting force.

"Welcome, all those that follow me," Voldemort started, already noting those in the crowd that seemed less than happy about being in his presence again. "I see that there are those that have read the Daily Prophet here today. I am here to relieve you all of your fears."

He looked everyone in the eyes before continuing. "It is true."

That was all that needed to be said. He could instantly tell that there were quite a few that rejected the idea of having a leader that was not a pureblood. He smirked, "of course, that does not stop me from killing anyone who disagrees with me. But I am a fair Dark Lord. Anyone that thinks that they can take over can take their best shot at me now."

Those that were watching him with contempt before were now averting their gaze. Pureblood or halfblood, Lord Voldemort was still more powerful than any of them, even combined.

"I have in my veins the blood of Salazar Slytherin," Voldemort continued. "Yes, my father was a Muggle but as you can see, that did not diminish my power in the slightest. Now, we can continue arguing about my heritage or we can purge this world of Mudbloods and blood traitors once and for all! I might not have been born a pureblood but I will follow through with my ancestor's goals of purging this world of all those unfit to practice magic. Who is with me?"

There were still some shifty glances being thrown in his direction but they were mostly overshadowed by the much larger number of people cheering for their Dark Lord.

"In two weeks, December 12, we shall march on Hogwarts and attack. We shall destroy the last group against us and bring us total conquest here in Britain. We shall bring to these British Isles a new age for witches and wizards!"

Say what one wanted about Lord Voldemort, but he really knew how to fire up a crowd.

Potter Manor


Danielle groaned as Thalia yelled at her to get into the air again. Flying was extremely enjoyable when one got the hang of it but it was tiring physically and magically. Taking a deep breath, she started running at top speed for a few moments before jumping, allowing her magic to direct her movements in the air. She was building more and more magical stamina so she could use magic for longer periods of time but it was still exhausting.

"And now, work on speed!"

The red head tried as hard she could and managed to fly around the backyard, trying to get to her top speed. Reaching her limits, she lowered herself close to the ground before almost crashing into a landing. Falling onto her back, she just tried to get her breath back.

"Not bad," said Sirius, who was nearby and watching the whole thing with Thalia. "I clocked you at sixty miles an hour at your fastest. That's pretty good without a broom."

"Yes, but she can't keep it up for long," said Thalia. "Come on Danielle, one more time!"

Now Danielle was really groaning before staggering to her feet, swaying slightly. A wise man once said 'no pain, no gain' but this was pushing it. If it wasn't for her recent power boost, she doubted she could have done this much.

Deciding to finally look up the so called 'Deathly Hallows' in her spell book, she found what made them so special, at least for her. Thantos and Hecate worked together on those three objects but they were never meant for children or even teenagers. Technically she was underage and had a magical core of a thirteen year old but the Hallows changed a lot.

Being the true owner of one while underage boosted her magic slightly so she had the magical core of a fifteen year old. Now that she had both the Cloak of Invisibility and the Resurection Stone, it gave her the magical core she would have had if she had aged to seventeen normally. It was like the Hallows were giving her the power needed to wield them properly.

If she got her hands on the wand as well, well, that would put her at a whole other power level. It was a bit strange that she had so much more magic now than she had started this quest on but she wasn't complaining.

She still had no idea if the 'mark them as his equal' part of the prophecy also meant that she had to equal Tom in power before they faced against each other for the last time but she hoped it did now. Combined with her bracelet and all of her other skills and she was confident that she had a good chance of defeating Voldemort.

Of course, she wouldn't mind if someone else offed him before she could but she had a feeling that it was ultimately down between her and Tom.

She was forced to fly in a series of complex acrobatics several times before Thalia decided she was good enough for the moment. Danielle wasted no time in almost hitting the ground face first and was in desperate need of a good nap.

"So Sirius," said the red headed Hunter as she managed to get to her feet. "What's going on in the outside world?"

Sirius shook his head. "Not great but could be worse. Severus revealed that Voldemort got your message. He seems to be preparing for the confrontation now. All of the Death Eaters, even the remaining inner circle, are all in training. It seems that he's taking you seriously."

Danielle managed to crack a smile. "Well, that's better than nothing. Now if you excuse me, I think I'll sleep until noon tomorrow." With that, she managed to make it up the stairs to her old room to crash and regain at least some energy for the training session the next day. Thalia was really taking this seriously.


"Okay, everyone ready?" James asked his squad. It was rapidly approaching the date for the Hogwarts battle and the head of the Potter family was determined to make it easier if he could. He had gathered together his group, split them into two squads, and were getting ready to attack.

It was a simple Death Eater training base. They had taken out a few of them already but this was the biggest by far. It was estimated that over fifty Voldemort followers were there for basic training but if they could take it out; it would be fifty less for the final battle.

James was the head of his group that included Remus, Ted Tonks and his wife Andromeda, Emmaline Vance, Hestia Jones, David, and a few members of the International Confederation of Wizards. Sirius was the leader of his squad with Bill and Fleur, Fred and George, Mad-Eye Moody, Nymphadora, and the rest from the ICW.

Danielle had been the one to ask them to join in the battle with some help from Minister Bones. The Minister had simply asked the ICW if there was anyone around the world that wouldn't mind helping ending this war and there was a long line of takers.

The Hunters weren't there since Danielle was busy getting ready for her battle with Voldemort. That, and James wanted to do his part without her help. He had failed as a father enough times already, it was time for him to man up and do his part. Besides, his daughter did tell him and Sirius to wipe out Death Eaters.

James nodded to an American wizard named Rogers, who was the leader of his small group, and they got into position. Rogers was roughly the American equivalent of Moody and about as paranoid but he had fought in quite a few battles against some dark magicals in his time and knew his stuff.

Waiting until midnight and ensuring that the Death Eaters were asleep, Bill worked his magic and took down the wards protecting the compound in about ten minutes. The wards going down was the signal for them to quietly march into the camp.

Once they were in, all of them nodded and in unison, everyone from both squads shot out flame curses at all the barracks, setting them on fire instantly. Screams could be heard from inside all the buildings but James and Sirius quickly used a little invention of Danielle's.

She had apparently gotten the idea from all the power capsules from various utility belts superheros tended to have. Every capsule they had was a charged rune stone that held runes for anti-apperition and anti-portkey wards. Charging them ahead of time, they could be used to instantly put up the wards in question when they exploded in the area. Every stone only had a certain radius but several of them overlapping each other could easily encompass the camp.

With the new wards up, the Death Eaters quickly realized that not only they were under attack, but they couldn't escape via magic. Wearing fire resistant clothes Fred and George had come up with, they didn't have to worry like the Death Eaters had to about the fire and they rained spell fire on the Death Eaters.

Most of the Voldemort supporters were still half asleep at this point and couldn't come up with a good counter attack.

"It's not supposed to be this easy, is it?" Rogers yelled over the fire.

"Not really," James responded as he used a cutting hex to cut a Death Eater off at the kneecaps. "Either these are rookies or they are really sloppy."

Two roars got their attention and they all looked over to see why the defenses were so minimal. Two giants had appeared and took great pleasure in running toward them as fast as they could, not affected at all by the fire.

"Uh oh."

With the distraction of the giants, the Death Eaters had the opportunity to rally a counterattack.

"Sirius," James yelled. "You focus on the giants. The rest of us, with me!"

The head of the house of Black nodded and the giants were under an onslaught of bone breakers and blasting curses in an instant. The giants, highly magical resistant, shrugged off many of the attacks but a few managed to push through and caused some damage.

Turning into his grim animagus form, Sirius tried a physical attack and managed to rip out one of the giant's throats. The giant yelled in pain and tried to grab the large dog but Sirius had already moved out of the way. He couldn't dodge the other giant however who attacked him from behind.

The large dog was thrown across the camp and skidded to a stop, back in human form, completely out cold and bleeding.

The still rampaging giant was brought down under a series of heavy curses but the wizards took some damage in the process. Nothing worse than a broken bone or two, but it could have been much worse.

An hour later, Sirius had been found and patched up enough where his injuries weren't life threatening anymore. The camp site had been mostly burned down with a few fires still burning slightly.

Rogers and Moody met up and grinned. "That was fun, what about you Mad-Eye?"

Moody gave a twisted kind of grin. "I could have done without the giants, but I think we managed to wipe out a few dozen rookies. That should make things easier. What about you?"

Rogers snorted. "Piece of cake. I've handled large armies before and I've mastered how to make the most of the fewest number of spells. Of course, magic isn't everything." He gestured to the large machete in his belt.

Moody nodded in approval. He didn't have a blade on him, but he had a few in case of emergencies and he knew how to use them. Let's hope all the carnage would be worth it for the final battle next week.

Hogwarts (one week later)

Standing in front of Hogwarts castle, Danielle just wanted this over and done with. She had made preparations, she had made alliances, she had argued with Professor McGonagall for the last two weeks about using the castle grounds as a battle field, she had even maxed out the amount of magic she had put into her bracelet, which was a lot.

She felt like throwing up.

How does one ever feel completely ready when they were about to take on an army of terrorists and their leader? She was confident that she and Voldemort were at least close in power, or at least fighting ability, and she had no idea if it was enough. Here she was, in mid December, ready to fight Voldemort. At least the new Headmistress McGonagall had managed to remove all the snow from the grounds using the Hogwarts wards.

She was standing about twenty feet from the lake, her 'army' standing around her preparing for the battle. James and his group were talking in urgent whispers, likely going over tactics. Agent Rogers of the ICW was going over all of his weapons and comparing them with the ones Moody had brought. Remus and Sirius were talking in low voices, the magical werewolf was likely apologizing for something with the younger Tonks hovering in the background. Tonk's mother Andromeda was checking her stash of various potions with Lily and the new potions master Professor Slughorn, who she had never seen before. David, Hermione and the Weasleys that Molly had allowed to fight were off to the side, looking grim. Molly herself looked something fierce, like the death of Arthur had unlocked something inside of her that called for blood.

All of that was in addition to just about every Gryffindor student that was of age, seventeen or older, and many underage students that managed to sneak in. About half of the Hufflepuff students, fewer Ravenclaws and a couple scattered Slytherins.

All in all, they had about seventy fighters all ready to take down the Death Eaters.

She was just glad that they had evacuated Hogwarts for the battle. This would be hard enough without random students running around or trying to play hero. It was one thing to attack the Death Eaters, another to actually know what one was doing without getting killed.

A shimmer in the air got her attention and Thalia and Elizabeth took off her cloak of invisibility, looking grim. They had acted as a scouting group to watch for the enemy and it didn't look like they had good news.

"They just got here," said Thalia. "Voldemort is bringing what looks like his whole army but knowing him, he might be hiding some just in case."

"Counting dementors, giants, empousi, and Death Eaters, we're probably outnumbered two, maybe three, to one," said Elizabeth.

"A walk in the park then," said Danielle, smiling grimly. She took a deep breath and turned to everyone. "Alright, listen up! We need to focus on the important tasks we all assigned. Minerva, activate the castle defenses. James, you and Sirius get your guys to focus on the Death Eaters. Agent Rogers, if you can, try to concentrate on the giants. Thalia and Elizabeth, you need to handle the empousi as you have the most experience with them. The rest of you help the others that need it. When the battle starts, everyone that can cast a patronus needs to fire as soon as possible. Without the dementors, they lose at least one weapon. For Hogwarts! For Magical Britain!"

Her cries managed to get everyone else pumped and they shouted out their support. One way or another, the war was going to end this day.

Loud crashes got their attention and they turned to see that Professor McGonagall had activated the stone guardians of Hogwarts. Every statue, suit of armor, and gargoyle in the castle had been brought to life and had formed ranks next to them, weapons drawn.

Minerva smirked, "I've always wanted to use that spell."

They didn't have to wait long for Voldemort and his army to appear. Striding forward like he had all the time in the world, the Dark Lord himself was standing in front. Thalia and Elizabeth hadn't been kidding, it did look like they were outnumbered at least two to one, possibly more.

The two armies stopped and stared at each other, leaving about twenty feet between them. One being led by a snake faced Dark lord, the other by a magical thirteen year old Hunter.

Since the tension was so thick that it could be cut with a knife, Danielle used a Sonorus spell to increase the volume of her voice. "Hey Tom! Glad you could get my invite!"

Honestly, compared to Kronos's army, Tom's was almost laughable. The Titan lord of time had had hundreds of thousands of monsters and had invaded all of Manhattan. Tom had a large force, true, but it was nowhere near as large and only just big enough to invade a castle. Not exactly the scariest thing she had ever seen.

Tom glared at her before addressing the battlefield. "Men, women, and children of magical Britain. As you can see, I have the greater army, this fight is futile. I will give you all this one chance to surrender and join me as we create our new world together. I do not want to see magical blood spilled as much as you do, it is a waste of potential. Let us band together and destroy the traitors against magical rule!"

Predictably, no one abandoned their ranks to join the Dark Lord. All he got were death glares, and a few choice curse words aimed at him.

Danielle sighed and spoke up again. "Tom, you know you don't have to do this." She ignored all the incredulous looks she got as she continued. "I know your daddy didn't love you but what will you gain by taking over the magical world? Even if you did succeed, you would just try to take over country after country until someone would come to put you down. You're fighting a losing battle, Tom. If you win, that will just make people fight you harder. If you lose, you will be known as the Dark Lord that couldn't kill a thirteen year old girl. Just give up now, Tom."

Tom said nothing, just gave her a murderous look. Around him, the Death Eaters, giants, empousi and his other followers were preparing themselves for battle.

Tom just said two words to start the battle.

"Kill them."

That was all the prompting needed for everyone to either open fire or charge at their opponents.

"Expecto Patronum!"

While half of the defenders of Hogwarts raised shields to deflect the spells raining on them, the other half shot out bursts of silver light that took the forms of a person's spirit animal. One moment, a multitude of animals were in the air; horses, dogs, an otter, a couple of stags, a swan, a hare and one very angry hunting wolf patronus. The next, they were all charging at the now swarming dementors who were gliding away as fast as they could from the positive light magic.

Danielle was now on autopilot. As good at magic as she was, she was still better in close combat situations and used her Hunter speed to her advantage. The two armies roared at each other and charged, spells and rocks flying everywhere. Slicing through a Death Eater's neck with her knife, Danielle ducked under a spell and shot a couple of arrows at the offending man. Vanishing her bow after she was sure he was dead, she stabbed an empousi in the gut before shooting a wandless blasting hex at a giant to distract it before it could kill an ICW wizard.

Thalia and Elizabeth were focusing on the monsters and were having great fun of scaring them with Aegis before they were beheaded with a flaming sword.


Elizabeth leveled her sword and watched as a stream of fire shot out of the sword tip and set a line of Greek vampires on fire, Thalia trying to bounce spells aimed at her off her shield, smirking as the Medusa head on the shield was sending everyone near her running.

Danielle, not seeing Voldemort anywhere, killed a few more Death Eaters before she found him dueling Professors McGonagall and Flitwick. Smirking, she kicked a female Death Eater out of the way, grabbed her, and threw her at the preoccupied Dark Lord.

Distracted as he was, Voldemort seemed to know when he was under attack and turned just in time to move out the way from the flying Death Eater. The two Hogwarts Professors didn't have time to rest as there was a huge roar from the trees of the Forbidden Forest.

Everyone watched as several huge giants came bursting through the trees, clubs raised. The dangerous part however was that they had disturbed the spider colony in the forest and the arachnids were now swarming the castle grounds.

Mentally cursing Hagrid and Dumbledore for putting a huge spider colony near a school full of children in the first place, Danielle glanced at Elizabeth who nodded. The dryad daughter of Hermes focused on her sword and shot out a stream of fire around the spiders, caging them off from the rest of the battle.

In that moment of distraction however, Danielle was almost hit by a killing curse. Dodging the jet of green light at the last moment, she turned to see Voldemort barring down on her. He was wielding the Elder Wand in his silver hand and looked more annoyed than anything else that he had missed.

Danielle glared at him and time seemed to slow between them. Both of them seemed to have tunnel vision as they stared each other down, the world having shrunk to only include them.

In unison, they both charged each other.

Voldemort flung spells at the the red head with much faster reflexes than the last time they fought with Danielle managing to weave in and out of the bright flashes of light. Both increasing their speed with magic, Danielle got in close and slashed with her knives, only for Tom to dodge repeatedly.

With a clang, Danielle found her knives blocked by the large broadsword that Voldemort had summoned, the emeralds gleaming in the weak sunlight of the overcast sky above. Jumping back, she glared at him.

"I see you have the sword of Slytherin and the Elder Wand."

Voldemort eyed her dangerously. "The sword is my birth right and the wand belongs to me. Dumbledore was easy to kill to get it fully on my side."

Danielle nodded, her face betraying no emotion. They started circling each other, neither gaining the upper hand.

"Of that, I have no doubt, Tom. Dumbledore, while he had his moments of acting like the senile old man he was, was a great wizard years ago. I'm not surprised he failed to protect the wand in his old age."

"Do not call me by that name," Voldemort hissed, bringing out the Elder Wand again.

Danielle sighed. "I'm sorry Tom but I can't do that. Your mother gave you that name and you dishonor her by replacing it by a fake. I don't fear you, Tom. I fear what you might do, but not the man himself." She had to dodge as Voldemort fired a few more killing curses at her before she continued. "In many ways, I pity you."

Voldemort hissed in displeasure and rose into the air, intent on raining death from above. He was surprised therefore when Danielle joined him about twenty feet above the ground.

"I figured that if you would copy one of my tricks, why couldn't I do the same to you," said Danielle, now smirking that she had caught Tom off guard. Now that she had the hang of it, flying was one of the best things in the world, especially without a broom.

The two danced around each other in the air, both shooting spells at each other. Tom fired mostly Killing Curses, Cruciatus Curses, and a few blasting and cutting curses. Danielle spent just as much time dodging attacks as she did returning fire.

Flying toward the castle for a moment, Danielle jumped off one of the walls and used the extra momentum to kick Voldemort hard in the face. Tom retaliated by hitting her hard with a spell that sent her flying toward the ground, causing her precious seconds to regain her bearings.

Blades out and both level, the two combatants rained blows; him with his sword, her with her knives. When they pulled away, both had some cuts on their bodies. None were fatal, but were painful.

Tom shot out a beam of magic out of his sword tip at her and she couldn't block or dodge it in time. Plummeting down to the earth, Danielle was just able to right herself and slow her momentum in time to stop herself from serious injury before landing on the ground, now holding her impacted shoulder with her other hand.

Landing as well, Voldemort appeared twenty feet in front of her.

Muttering a healing spell on her shoulder, she raised her knives again. Launching herself forward with Hunter speed, she slashed as much as she could at the Dark Lord in front of her.

While it was obvious that Tom had been trained somewhat in swordsmanship, it was clear that he was no expert as he failed to block or dodge more and more blows.

"What's the matter Tom?" Danielle asked as she slashed away. "Prometheus not train you as well as he should have?"

"You know this Prometheus?" Voldemort demanded from her, being forced to summon a physical shield to take some of the hits that his sword couldn't.

"We've met," she said dryly before she kicked Tom hard in the chest, making him stumble backward a few feet. "Let's just say he's part of an exclusive club that I'm a small member of."

Voldemort growled and went on the offensive, shooting curses and forcing her to dodge or block. While firing spells, he mixed in a few healing spells on his various cuts and other injuries, erasing all evidence that she had done anything.

This was going to be a long duel.


The rest of the battle was still going strong.

Thalia was slashing and jabbing with her spear through monsters and Death Eaters alike. The giant spiders were a pain to deal with as hundreds of them were attacking everyone on both sides with wild abandon. She had just managed to fend off one of the spiders with her shield when a burst of fire incinerated it.

Elizabeth appeared next to her, nodded and jumped into a nearby tree in the forest and summoned her bow, firing at the nearby Death Eaters.

Both sides were about evenly matched, despite the size differences. While Voldemort had gone with sheer numbers, only about half of them actually knew what they were doing. Lucius Malfoy was sending curses at anyone near him before he was pitted against Andromeda Tonks while Remus Lupin was dueling with Rookwood. Molly was doing a good job against Antonin Dolohov, which made sense as this was the man that had cost the red haired woman her older twin brothers: Gideon and Fabian.

A survivor of the battle at Bones Hall, Fenrir Greyback, was attacking as many of the younger combatants as he could, before he was thrown back several dozen feet by a spell shot at him by Neville Longbottom. Luna Lovegood's actions was completely erratic; having copied the Hunter's tactic of dodging spells gracefully, she was almost dancing around spells and firing everything from stunners to blasting hexes, to color changing charms, making her opponents unsure what she would send at them next.

James and David were forced to send a few more patronuses about half way through the battle to keep the dementors away, having got back their courage after they were chased off the first time.

Hagrid was trying to convince the spiders to not attack anyone but it was a futile battle as they were riled up too much to not cause any destruction. A small giant was nearby the large man and was doing his best to defeat his larger cousins.

Professor McGonagall was leading the army of statues and suits of armor against the various forces but they were being destroyed before doing much damage. They served as a great distraction however and allowed a few Death Eaters to be defeated by various Order Members.

Professor Flitwick was proving that he used to be a dueling champion and was using his small stature to good use. The small Professor was casting complex spell chains with deadly results as he jumped and dodged incoming spells.

Nearby, Kingsley and Tonks were dueling Death Eaters Jugson and Rowle, two upper Death Eaters but not inner circle members. Moody was using his staff to blast as many dark witches and wizards around him as he could, relying on long range fighting while his new friend Rogers was protecting him with mid to close range fighting.

Amelia herself was facing against Yaxley, a prominent spy in the Ministry. Having trouble against a Death Eater and several werewolves that had entered the fray at the same time. She was saved when a few crossbow bolts hit their targets and killed Amelia's opponents. Turning, it was revealed that a force of goblins had shown up in gratitude for the defense of Gringotts and all the gold that the new Minister had given them.

Thalia fried another vampire cheerleader with lightning before looking around for her red headed sister. Spotting Danielle, the magical Hunter was doing her best to defeat Voldemort. What she and everyone else in the area could see that the two powerful magical combatants in the distance couldn't was that their auras were visible. Danielle's was a powerful silver color while Voldemort's was a very dark, almost black, green.

Eyes widening, the daughter of Zeus saw that various reinforcements had arrived on brooms. About four or five dozen Death Eaters on broomsticks were prepared to attack from above. Giving the same whistle as before, she almost sighed in relief when Arcus arrived.

"Yo. What's up?"

Thalia was quick to explain. "Arcus, you think you can get some friends to handle the Death Eaters up there?"

Arcus looked at the situation and nodded. "Yeah, I made a friend nearby and I think he can help. Hold on a minute." With that, the large eagle/horse hybrid gave a huge flap of his wings and flew off into the forest.

Deciding to kill some time until he got back, Thalia leveled her spear. Nodding to Elizabeth in the trees, she got the message and the dryad shot flaming arrows at the flying Death Eaters while the demigoddess of Zeus shot an arc of lightning at the brooms. Whoever thought of using metal to help decorate brooms wasn't apparently bright as it just acted as a big lightning rod.

The problem was that there were too many airborne Death Eaters for just them and the enemy was gaining the upper hand. Having no other choice but to continue to fight on the ground, Thalia charged at the enemy forces.


Danielle was now breathing heavily as she was forced to dodge yet another dark curse. She had been trying to get the Dark Lord to switch to close combat for the last twenty minutes but Voldemort had figured out that if he just spammed curses from a distance, she wouldn't be able to get close enough to him.

Voldemort shot out what looked to be a stream of dark magic at her and she conjured a block of marble to take the hit. What she hadn't expected was for the curse to shatter the marble like it was nothing and continue to make its way to her. Conjuring a magical shield instead a physical one, she managed to block the steady pulse of energy pounding on her…barely.

The shield finally shattered just as the spell dissipated and she saw that they were both weakened from fighting so long. Even with the Elder Wand, it looked like even Voldemort couldn't go on forever, especially with the destruction of all of his horcruxes. The destruction of her shield had created a shockwave that had leveled all the nearby trees in the forbidden forest.

"Getting…tired…Tom?" Danielle managed, seeing him breathing heavily as well.

Voldemort just answered by shooting another curse at her. Dodging it nimbly, she jumped over another one and shot several arrows at him, which he caught on the same green and silver shield that he summoned in their battle at Bones Hall. He shot out another spell, which made her duck to avoid it but that allowed Voldemort to pull off his next trick.

While she was still standing from her crouch, she was hit in the stomach by a huge rock that he had summoned out of the nearby ground. Stupid! She had never thought to look under her in a battle!

Winded, but not out yet, she was forced to pull up another shield as the Dark Lord attacked her again. Forced to use the magic in her bracelet, she reinforced the magic in her shield. Stopping his attack for a moment, Voldemort this time sent a giant blast of flames at her in the shape of a snake.

Putting more magic into her shield, she watched, horrified, as the snake broke the shield and blasted her off her feet, slamming her into a still intact tree from the forest. Instead of falling to the ground, however, she found herself stuck against the bark in the air.

Pinned against a tree and temporarily helpless, Voldemort took his time to lean right into her face. "All these years, I have been wanting to prove that the magical world was wrong to make your brother their savior. I knew who it was and that fool Dumbledore was blinded by his own arrogance." He stared into her face, making her glare at him right back. "I'm going to kill you now, Danielle Peverell. You were a much better opponent than your brother when I faced against him when I returned but it was a hopeless battle from the beginning. Good bye."

Danielle was now struggling to break the magic that was holding her against the tree but she couldn't get any leverage to free herself. Ignoring Voldemort's taunts against her, she racked her brain trying to figure a way out of this mess but couldn't think of anything else but blasting the tree against her back, and she had a feeling that wouldn't work.

Voldemort raised his wand. "Avada-"


The Dark Lord managed to dodge the curse that was shot at him by jumping back, the spell hitting the ground where he had been a second before. "Traitor," Voldemort hissed.

With a few waves of a wand, Severus Snape appeared in midair and countered the spell that was holding Danielle to the tree. Dropping down to the ground, the Hunter stared at him.

"Tom taught you how to fly?"

Severus just nodded, wand out and ready to fight against the Dark Lord himself. Danielle pulled out her own wand and lit up her light sword spell, making a meter long bluish white blade erupt from her wand tip.

Voldemort glared at the two of them with hatred. He turned his attention to Severus. "How long?"

The potion's master understood what was being asked right away. "Ever since you targeted Lily Evans." That was as much explanation as he was going to give before he conjured and shot flaming spikes at the Dark Lord.

Dodging quickly, Tom shot a beam of dark magic at the two of them, which Danielle intercepted with her sword and deflected into the forest. Using Hunter speed, she ran at the Dark Lord, dodging and blocking curses.

Voldemort waved his wand in a huge arc and water from the lake erupted into a huge tidal wave, coming right for them. Danielle and Snape turned and stared at the wall of water for a split second before they both launched themselves into the air, flying above the attack. Luckily, they were the closest to the lake and it didn't really affect any of the other fighters on either side.

Snape took the opportunity to conjure a flock of birds that he transfigured into falcons before sending them at Voldemort. At the same time, Danielle fired a beam of pure magic out of her wand.

Tom, who was flying now as well, conjured an army of snakes that he gave wings to so they could attack from the air. While the flying reptiles attacked the falcons, he raised a shimmering dome that absorbed the power of the beam of magic.

"He's too strong," Danielle muttered. True, she could probably outlast Voldemort in a fight on her own but Tom was fighting as hard as he could, not giving her opportunities to successfully counterattack.

"We are wearing him down," Severus commented, noting that Tom was slowing down. He wasn't putting as much energy into his spells and was forced to think outside the box to come up with defenses that didn't require pure power. "What we need is one good tandem attack."

Danielle nodded, trying to figure out what would be the best way to do that. All they needed was one good shot…

A sudden sound got the attention of all three combatants, putting the battle on pause for the moment. About thirty feet away, there was a huge battle against various Death Eaters on brooms and hippogriff. Arcus leading the battle, he was being assisted by another hippogriff that she could almost hear Hagrid calling 'Buckbeak.'

On some sort of unspoken agreement, Tom, Severus and Danielle all fired spells at each other. Voldemort had even pulled out both his sword and wand just so he could fire two spells at the same time. Keeping her spell up, Danielle flew higher into the air before shooting down as fast as she could, foot outstretched.

With a sickening crunch, the flying kick to the face seemed to have broken Tom's hardly visible nose and several teeth. Unfortunately, Voldemort grabbed her by the ankle and threw her into a wall of the castle. A split second later, a giant hand made of dark magic grabbed her and pinned her against the wall, the same happening to Severus at the same time.

Both struggled to escape the magical hands but both constructs of magic just squeezed harder, drawing blood from both of them. Looking around, Danielle saw that Severus was about ten feet away from her, also pinned to a wall, and Voldemort was baring down on them, floating in between them.

Voldemort just smiled evilly as he made both constructs start squeezing the life out of them. Glancing at Severus, she was glad she caught his eye and he nodded, getting what the plan was instantly. Both fired from their wands a beam of magic at Tom but it didn't hit him, both spells hit each other right in front of him. The Dark Lord was forced to watch as the two spells combined into one ball of magic in front of him, getting bigger and starting to reach critical mass.

With a giant explosion, the ball of magic burst and threw Voldemort down to the ground, the other two following. Now all three were battered and bruised, panting and heaving as they tried to get their breath back.

Voldemort wasn't looking too good at the moment. The explosion had burnt his face and tore his dark robes to shreds. With a roar of fury, he shot a magical bolt of lightning from his wand at his two opponents.

Danielle was about to jump out of the way when Severus jumped in and blocked the attack, both wizards were trying to overpower the other. Seeing her chance, she knew what she had to do.

Pulling out her wand again, she ignited it with her light sword spell. Knowing she had to make it perfect and she only had one chance, she held the handle of her wand like she would a javelin and threw the glowing blade at the Dark Lord.

Tom was pouring more power into the magical lightning but in his weakened state, Severus was able to block the magic…barely. The Dark Lord grinned manically when his spell overpowered the shield and electrocuted the traitor with dark lightning, hearing the music of the greasy haired man screaming in pain. Suddenly, he felt something impact against him.

Looking down, he was in shock to see a glowing bluish white blade extending from his chest, the blade going through his heart. Looking at the red headed brat, she was smirking that her aim was true, her sword was impaled into his body.

Pulling out her bow, Danielle shot out several arrows at the stunned and weakened Dark Lord who was only able to block half of them due to shock.

Voldemort was dying and he knew it. He wasn't feeling any response from his soul anchors, his horcruxes, and was feeling himself slipping away. He was completely drained of magic and couldn't heal his injuries and no amount of magic could heal the sword in his chest impaling his heart and one of his lungs. His vision going black, he suddenly saw himself standing in a place called DOA Recording Studios and back again.

Losing energy, he slumped to his knees when the lack of magic and blood loss became too much for him. Danielle came up to him, a look of pity on her face.

"Perhaps, you could learn a lesson in the fields of punishment. I doubt it but just in case…" She hesitated but she reached into a pocket and handed the Dark Lord a gold coin. "Say hello to Charon for me."

That was the last thing the Dark Lord Voldemort, Tom Marvolo Riddle, ever saw before everything went black.


Releasing the breath she hadn't known she was holding, Danielle couldn't help it and started laughing. It was over, finally over. Voldemort was defeated for good.

Looking around, she saw that most of the battle was over. Bodies were everywhere, either dead or unconscious, she didn't know. Remembering something, she rushed over to Severus, who's body was smoking from the magical lightning.

He was breathing, but it was erratic and shallow. Taking in a deep breath, she muttered some healing spells that stabilized him until someone could take a look at him. She needed to talk to him later; she had a few questions that needed answers.

Sending up the Hunter's mark, the sight of a bow and arrow overlapping a crescent moon caused most of the remaining Death Eaters to stop fighting. It was a sort of unspoken agreement that whoever won, Danielle or Voldemort, the winner would fire off their mark into the sky.

Taking the time to grab the Elder Wand and her regular wand from Voldemort, she watched as not only did the Elder Wand glow, but also the ring on her finger and the invisibility cloak in her bag, which was by the front steps of the castle. Sending off a patronus message for medical attention for Severus, she had to admit that the wand made of elder in her hand did in fact cast much easier than her normal wand.

She watched as some of the remaining wizards scared some spiders back into the forest when two figures ran up to her, panting after the battle. Minister Bones and her associate President Russo who had joined the battle late, but had been able to save quite a few lives before it had been too late.

"Minister Bones. President Russo."

Both heads of their governments nodded to her. "Miss Peverell," said Amelia. "I would like to be the first to thank you for your work in defeating Lord Voldemort."

Danielle waved away the thanks, watching as some healers cart Severus away. "Thank you Madame Bones, for your kind words. But I have to admit that I could never do any of this all on my own. I had the assistance of everyone here; it was a team effort."

President Russo nodded, looking over the battlefield. "I would have to agree with you there. If there is anything Magical America could do for you, just name it."

"Well," Danielle mentally thought if they could do what she was thinking. "Is it possible for you to arrange an international portkey for my sisters and myself? Specifically designed to send us to Long Island Sound in New York?"

She had no idea where the Hunt was and the few times they had tried Iris messages over the last month, they had failed to go through. At least from Camp, they might be able to figure out where they were.

President Russo nodded and he and Amelia left. There was a lot of things still left to do and none of it was going to be done by standing around. One of those things was to make sure that Voldemort's body would be thrown through the veil of death in the Department of Mysteries. Even though it was impossible for him to come back now, it was still possible that some insane Death Eater might try and cause some major trouble in trying to do just that.

Danielle had barely enough time to turn around when she was engulfed in a three-way hug by Thalia and Elizabeth. In the past, she might have tried to throw them off fairly quickly, but now, she just wanted to hug them back just as tightly.

"It's so good to see you made it out okay," she muttered, squeezing them both harder.

Thalia laughed. "It'll take something better than that small army to take me out."

Elizabeth nodded. "Looks like you have to deal with us for a while longer."

The red headed magical Hunter shook her head, smiling. "Like I could ever get tired of you two." She summoned her bag from the front steps of the castle and took out the invisibility cloak, holding it in one hand while holding the wand in her other, the same hand with the ring on it. "I got all three of Thantos's items." She could literally feel the power through all three and could see how such a thing could corrupt someone.

The daughter of Zeus nodded. "What are you going to do with them?"

After thinking, Danielle slipped the Elder Wand into her bag with the cloak. "I'll use them if I have to, but I don't want to rely on them. Everything in moderation, right?"

Elizabeth nodded, smiling. "So, when do you think we should go home?"

"I think tomorrow would work," said Thalia. "Rest up after the battle and make sure that nothing bad happens. I want to find out why Iris messages aren't working as they should." The need to talk to Percy and Annabeth was definitely implied, even if it wasn't said aloud.

"That works, what would help though is if we knew exactly where the Hunt was," Danielle commented. Finding a group of immortal girls when they were always on the move was going to be tricky, but they could manage it. "If all fails, I just fly around the country until I find them."

"Very funny," said Elizabeth, dryly. "I don't know about you but I think it's about time to crash. We did our job, now it's time for everyone else to do theirs."

The two other Hunters nodded and found that a medical tent had been erected while they had been talking. Entering and finding that it had more beds than they needed, they each chose one and and passed out almost at once.


Danielle instantly realized she was in a dream. Sighing, she desperately wanted to know what the gods wanted from her now. Hadn't she done enough for the time being?

Looking around, she had to admit that the landscape was beautiful. A forest on one side, a rolling hillside on the other, a strange yellowish sky above her proved it was a dream however.

'Great, now what?'

"I believe this is the part where I explain what is going on."

Snapping her head in the direction of the voice, she growled as she recognized the tall stature and scars of Prometheus. "What are you doing here in my dream?"

Prometheus took off his sunglasses and looked at her. "And pray, what makes you think that this is a dream?"

Danielle looked at him like he was an idiot. "Well, for starters, down there in that valley are rocking horse people eating marshmallow pies under a marmalade sky."

The Titan laughed. "Ah, the Beatles. I loved that song by John Lennon. One of my favorite sons of Apollo."

"Just tell me what you're doing in my head again, Prometheus." She wasn't about to forget when this Titan gave her a little field trip to the past where she found out the prophecy. "For that matter, why did you give Voldemort the sword and the knowledge of who had the Elder Wand?"

Prometheus sighed. "Such heavy questions, young Hunter." He looked at her and rolled his eyes. "You can relax, you know, I'm not going to attack you."

Danielle snorted, "yeah, this time."

"Figured out that I was the one who prevented you from finishing Tom off at Bones Hall, not bad. Well, to cut to the chase, I wanted to tell you that you did a good job against that Dark Lord."

The magical Hunter raised an eyebrow. "Wait, you defended Voldemort. Why are you praising me for defeating him?"

"It was all part of my plan," the Titan was now grinning. "Almost everything you and Riddle did in this war was set up by me. And no matter who won in the end, you or Riddle, I would win."

"How did-"

"Your defeat from Voldemort's surprise attack, that was the key," said Prometheus, interrupting her. "You needed a push in the right direction. Really, would you have called in the International Confederation of Wizards for help in modernizing Magical Britain before then?"

Danielle frowned, figuring that she wouldn't have.

"No, you wouldn't have. You were too proud back then to admit that you and your 'sisters' were in over your heads against the Death Eaters on your own. That was why I empowered Riddle, to give you an equal in the war and a reason to step up to the leader you could be.

"The plan I came up with was so simple, and so brilliant. Either you won and the ICW improves the Magical community into adapting to the twenty-first century. Or Riddle would win and make Britain into his own twisted version of what a modern magical society would be like. Either way, Magical Britain is taken out of the Victorian era. Either way, I win."

Danielle was temporarily stunned at being played like that. Sure, she knew that the gods used mortal lives to achieve their own goals but usually the Olympians just watched, they didn't interfere directly. Prometheus was a Titan, however, and clearly had no problem in manipulating her without her knowledge.

"What's to stop me from trying to kill you right now?" asked Danielle, getting angry. "After all, this is my dream, I'm in control here."

The Titan smiled at her, as if amused by her threat. "You could try, and I dare say, you would be doing a public good if you sent me to Tartarus for a while. But would that change anything? No, it wouldn't. And my plan did wind up for the best for everyone anyway."

Danielle scowled but couldn't deny that. She sighed, running her fingers through her hair. "Why did you break the Ancient Laws just to attack me? Weren't you risking the wrath of Zeus and the Olympians by doing that?"

"Oh, I was," Prometheus admitted. "But it was for the best of the world, the greater good, I would say. Hah, as if that old fool knew what that term meant in the first place. But seriously, what could the Olympians do to me? Have vultures pick out my liver again? Send me to Tartarus? No, both of those would be temporary at best and I would be back after a few decades or centuries."

Realizing that that was the best she was going to get from him, Danielle asked a question she had been wondering. "If you are the Titan of forethought and know the future, than why didn't you know that Kronos would be defeated by Percy?"

Prometheus turned to her and smirked. "And, who's to say that I didn't? Didn't Percy give Pandora's pithos to Hestia, who used it to keep the hearth going? The son of Poseidon isn't done with his adventures yet, not by a long shot. And, like you, he isn't going to be able to do it on his own. Go on now, you have one more person to talk to before you wake up. And who knows, we might run into each other again someday."

Before she could say or do anything, the Titan and the landscape around her vanished. When everything came into focus again, she found herself standing in a lobby of some sort. The words 'DOA Recording Studio' was imprinted on the wall behind the large desk.

Approaching the desk, she saw that the man behind it looked skeletally thin, had greased black hair, and was wearing an expensive Italian suit. It didn't take long for her to realize where she was.

"DOA? Dead on arrival? I take it you're Charon?"

The man nodded, now smirking. "Got that right munchkin. And you're the one that sent Riddle to us, aren't you? Have to say, nice work on sending him to us and even giving him that coin. Sent him straight to the underworld."

Danielle nodded, pleased by that. "I take it he and the Death Eaters are being judged now?" She knew that the three judges would probably send Tom to the fields of punishment but at least he would get a fair trial.

Charon shook his head. "Normally he would, but he didn't think that being judged would be a good idea for him. The last I heard, he took the E-Z death line and went to Asphodel right away." He shrugged, "probably the best move he could have taken, under the circumstances."

She frowned. She wanted Tom to either learn a lesson or at least suffer for all the people he had killed and tortured. "Tell me that Hades isn't going to let that lying down."

The grim ferry man now smiled evilly. "As if. The boss man had designed Riddle's punishment himself. He's not going to let Riddle off that easily. I'm sure he get transferred with no problem."

Danielle nodded but Charon continued. "Now then, I hear you have my precious brother's little toys."

"You mean the Hallows? What about them?"

Charon rolled his eyes, "sure, Hallows, whatever. Now, normally I would let you figure them out for yourself but there a few things you should know about them now that you have all three and are Mistress of Death. And since Thantos is off doing Hades knows what, that job falls to me.

"The first thing you'll notice about them is that they, especially the Elder Wand, can get addictive. Don't rely on them if you can. Dumbledore probably did the best with it but prolonged exposure can cause insanity if poorly used and I don't want to see you here properly for a long time."

Danielle nodded. "Got it. Anything else?"

"Yeah. The so called Hallows can only be properly united by a Peverell, one by blood and going by that name. Thantos is allowing you to literally see a person's soul if you wish to, so you can see them coming into the underworld or even tell if someone is not human. It also means that, thanks to your deal with him before embarking on your quest, even being defeated can't transfer the wand.

"In return for all of this, the Hallows will lose all of their power if and when you do die. Thantos and maybe even Hades might ask you for favors or give you missions to complete. On the plus side though, you can come and go from the Underworld as you please."

The Hunter went through everything in her head, weighing the pros and cons in her mind. "I don't suppose I also have the power to shadowtravel, do I?" she asked, grinning.

Charon snorted. "Please, you can apperate, why would you want that?" He was grinning too though, perhaps being alone aside from the dead for so long had made him desperate for any kind of conversation.

"Well, that's all I can think of at the moment. Wait until you run into Thantos if you have any other questions. Oh, and the Hunters are currently parked somewhere near Ohama, Nebraska at the moment."

Danielle grinned. "Thanks Charon, for everything."

The ferry man nodded, looking pleased with himself. "Yeah, sure. I hate being my brother's private answering machine but…whatever. See you around."

The magical Hunter could only nod before everything faded to black.

December 13, 2009. Hogwarts hospital Wing

"I am telling you, he is resting," said Poppy Pomfrey, now totally exasperated. She had been telling this person the same thing for the last half hour and they still weren't budging.

"And I'm telling you, I only need a few minutes," said Danielle, now determined to speak to him. Severus had been fully healed but needed to stay in the hospital wing for the next few days to get his energy back. Lily had apparently treated him for his wounds but she wasn't a fully qualified healer, after all.

The Hogwarts matron grumbled but finally relented, allowing the girl entry. Danielle had been in the hospital wing before, not as much as David, but enough times to know her way around. Most of the beds were occupied but they had curtains around them that blocked all noise from coming in or out.

The one she wanted was near the end, holding an awake Severus who was reading what looked to be a text book.

"Ten minutes only," Madame Pomfrey glared at her, which Danielle simply nodded to. The Hogwarts healer had always reminded her of a mother bear protecting her cubs, someone who meant business and not a person who one wanted on their bad side.

Making her way to the bed, Severus saw her coming and put the book away, his face betraying nothing. Sitting on a chair beside the bed, she closed the curtains to give them privacy and added her own silencing charms as an added procation, the Professor on the bed nodding in approval.

"You wanted to speak to me?" Severus asked rhetorically. He knew this was coming and was both expecting it and dreading it at the same time.

Danielle took a moment to gather her thoughts before turning to the man on the bed. "Why? Why did you personally come to protect me from Voldemort? Why did you side with me over either Dumbledore and Voldemort? Why did you take that lightning blast for me when I could have dodged it with no problem? Why?"

Severus didn't say anything for several long minutes, he just stared off into space. Finally, he said, "your mother. I'm sure you know by now that had a crush on her when we were children."

Danielle nodded.

The Hogwarts Professor sighed. "To be honest, I don't think I ever truly loved her. I had a crush on her, she was my only friend for years, but I just deluded myself into thinking I loved her. I ruined that friendship however in my fifth year and she wouldn't take me back however. Out of respect for her, I tried to protect her and her family from that Halloween night all those years ago.

"Then you and your brother came to Hogwarts and you looked just like Lily."

Danielle frowned. That had been the only complement she had ever gotten in her early days at Hogwarts, how much she looked like the famous Lily Potter. Never for her work in class or any of her other activities, just how much she looked like her mother.

"I noticed that you stalked me around the school."

Severus lowered his head slightly. "I admit, that I hadn't been thinking rationally at that time. Seeing you, a younger version of the girl that had been my only friend, I might have been hoping that…"

"That you could get some of that friendship back," Danielle finished. She had to say, she did understand. It was still creepy for a full grown adult to stalk a preteen girl around a school, but she did get why he did it.

"I did offer to be your godfather at one point, " said Severus, looking her in the eyes now. "It was one of the times I tried to reconnect with my old friend but she wouldn't allow it. That and she was too busy fawning over your brother."

That took the red head by surprise, she had never known that the man in front of her offered that.

"I saw your mother turn into a diva who craved the spotlight from the smartest witch of her generation almost overnight. And when I saw you who was as studious and dedicated to learning as she had been during our Hogwarts days…I didn't want you to fall in the same trap by falling for a James Potter."

Danielle snorted at that, now smiling. There had been no chance of that happening and there would never be one in the future. In some ways, she thought that James was mentally cheering that she had sworn off guys forever. He would never have to do the 'you hurt my little girl and I'll kill you' speech.

"And then you saw me dueling Voldemort and in trouble and you came to save me," said Danielle, getting the man's logic. She figured that he felt that he had failed in protecting her when she was younger and he wanted to make it up to her now. "Thanks Severus. Um, I'm sorry for kicking you in your privates a few months ago."

Now Severus did crack a smile. "I also apologize for stalking you during your school days."

Danielle grinned and brought the man that could have been a godfather to her into a hug. The potion's master was surprised at first and gingerly returned the hug, still sore from that lightning attack.

"So," said Danielle once they had separated. "What are you going to do now?"

That made the man pause and wonder that himself. Severus Snape had never really thought of life after Voldemort if Dumbledore was dead. He figured the old man would have tried to keep him at Hogwarts even after the Dark Lord was defeated and continue as potion's master.

"Might I recommend traveling?" Danielle suggested. "See more of the world than just Britain. Perhaps France, Italy or even Spain. Learn more about potions and defense against the dark arts as a researcher. I did hear rumors of you improving potions with new techniques with different ingredients a few years ago."

The Half-Blood Prince did have to agree with that. His old potion's book was full of notes on how to improve potions and even had some spells, charms and curses he had created himself. That and he honestly didn't want to stay in Britain anymore, too many memories and it wasn't like too many would miss him.

The two talked for a few more minutes until Madame Promfrey came along to shoo her out of the hospital wing, claiming that the man needed his rest.

Walking out of the hospital wing, she wondered what to do now. She had managed to contact President Russo about that portkey and he had agreed to alter the destination to Nebraska but it wouldn't leave for another few hours.

Going through a hallway, she turned a corner and bumped into someone, knocking them down. Helping the person up, she saw that it was girl with dirty blonde hair, a butterbeer cork necklace around her neck, and a slightly faraway expression on her face. By the looks of it, she had been skipping through the hallway when she had run into her.

"Sorry about that, you okay?"

The girl nodded, accepting the help of getting to her feet. "Oh yes, I'm fine. I was looking for the things that the nargles took from me a day or so ago. With the school empty until Monday, I thought it would be a decent time to find them. Oh, I'm Luna Lovegood."

Danielle had heard that name before. Lily had claimed that she had had a friend in Ravenclaw named Celeste Ollivander that had married a Xenophilious Lovegood. If she remembered correctly, Celeste had been killed when a spell she had been creating had gone wrong.

"The daughter of the guy who runs the Quibbler, right?" The magazine in question had some absolutely absurd articles in it but the few that didn't actually made much more sense than any in the Daily Prophet. While some articles had claimed that a man had brought some frogs from the moon, others had a few about a rabbit with antlers found in America.

Luna nodded. "Yes, daddy runs it with my help. By the way, how is it being a Hunter of Artemis?"

Danielle's eyes widened slightly. "You believe me, huh?" Most who had heard the story of her being trained by a goddess thought that she was either making it up or had embellished the tale.

The blonde nodded again. "May I ask how you are doing with the new great prophecy? I heard about it a few months ago." She had actually been the one to give out that prophecy to the Department of Mysteries. Apollo had liked some of her ancestors and she had a little bit of oracle in her.

This had been the first time the red head had heard about a new great prophecy, having left for Britain a mere week after Kronos had been defeated. Most of that week had her recovering from the battle so she was behind the times in the godly world. "I don't suppose you could tell me what it is, do you?"

The blonde reached into her pocket and pulled out a slip of paper. Danielle took it and held it closer to the light.

Seven half-bloods shall answer the call.

To storm or fire, the world must fall.

An oath to keep with a final breath,

And foes bear arms to the Doors of Death.

"Luna, may I keep this? I think it might help figure some things out in the future." She had no doubt that this would be bad. The world falling to storm or fire sounded like an 'end of the world' kind of thing and Thalia could qualify for storm with Elizabeth as fire. She had no idea what the Doors of Death was but with her new position of Mistress of Death, she had a feeling that she would get involved at some point.

While the last great prophecy hadn't come true until almost seventy years after it had been made, it could still be relevent to her if she lived long enough.

The dreamy eyed girl nodded. "Take care of the earth mother for me, would you? She must have a nasty collection of wrackspurts."

Before the Hunter could say anything else, the blonde girl skipped off. She was more confused now than she had been before meeting with her. The earth mother? Did Luna mean Gaea? The primordial goddess of the earth that bore the original Titans?

Shaking her head at the strange encounter she had had, she put the paper with the prophecy in her bag, hoping that she wouldn't need it and headed outside to help with the clean up. The grounds were littered with bodies, craters created by spell fire, destroyed trees from the forest, water from the lake, and pieces of the stone guardians. The place that held Voldemort's body was roped off until it could be taken to the Veil of Death, two Aurors guarding the body just in case.

All the dead Death Eaters were being layed out in one area while all those that had fallen defending Hogwarts was in another. All of Voldemort's followers that had survived the battle were being questioned under a truth potion by Amelia Bones back at the Ministry.

Sighing, Danielle started helping those that were restoring the grounds back to the way it had been. Smoothing out the grass, covering up the craters, siphoning off the water back into the lake, even fixing Hagrid's cabin that had been blown to pieces from a recklessly fired spell. It would have been much harder without the goblins helping as an act of good faith. It helped that they were in a good mood after killing evil humans the previous day.

All in all, with everyone that wasn't healing the wounded helping in the clean up, it was taking a very short time and the work went by quickly.


With a half hour to go until the portkey left, Danielle was sitting in a secluded spot near the lake with her two sisters, relaxing after the battle and enjoying themselves.

Thalia sighed, "happy to be able to see lady Artemis again when we get back?"

Elizabeth nodded. "Got that right. We've been here for months, I'm ready to go home."

"I've been wanting to go home since I got here," said Danielle. "Although, you have to admit that we had a good time here."

The daughter of Zeus had to concede to that. "If nothing else, we got to meet some interesting people." She was thinking mainly of Hermione who she still saw as another version of Annabeth. The two were almost scary they were so alike.

Elizabeth was about to say something when the sound of a throat clearing got their attention. Turning, they saw that it was David, looking awkward. "Sorry, but could I talk to Danielle for a moment?"

Both girls turned to the person in question, who nodded in acceptance. Thalia and Elizabeth both gave her a look saying that they wouldn't be far before leaving the two estranged siblings alone.

David nodded to them in thanks before sitting down on the grass next to his sister, not really knowing what to say after all these years. How does one prepare for a conversation like this?

"So, the prophecy was real this whole time, huh?"

Danielle raised an eyebrow at him but didn't say anything for a moment. "The thing about magical prophecies, David, is that they could come true while they might not. The only thing that made it true was Voldemort believing that it was inevitable for things to happen the way the prophecy said it would. Who knows, you could have been the one to defeat Voldemort."

David sighed and nodded. "Look-"

"Don't bother apologizing," Danielle interrupted him. She wasn't even looking at him now, just staring at a small island out on the lake. "It's water under the bridge. I forgave you for all of that years ago."

He stared at her, still looking awkward. "Still, I am sorry."

"I'm not." When he continued to look at her, she elaborated. "If you hadn't done the things you had done, or what a lot of others had done, I wouldn't have found a real family." She turned to face David. "I know how this world works, David. They needed a hero. But as much as people love a hero, they love tearing them down even more. If I had stayed and continued being a student here, the truth would have come out eventually and I would have been labeled as the new hero. Then, they would have torn me down and destroyed me just like they did to you I bet."

David winced slightly, fingering the scars on the back of his hand. The phrase 'I must not tell lies' were still etched deeply into them.

Danielle continued. "By the time I finally would get to face against Voldemort, I would have been tired with the magical world and might have allowed him to take over, just so I wouldn't have had to deal with it anymore."

"You wouldn't have let innocents get killed," said David with conviction.

The Hunter nodded. "True, but not the way Dumbledore would have wanted. He was a great wizard at one point but he became disillusioned that his way of defeating Tom was the only way. He wanted a symbol for others to rally behind. I'm not that person."

"You were a pretty good leader," David commented. "Better than I was during a defense club Hermione and I came up with a few years ago."

"I really didn't know what I was doing, to be honest. I had spent so much time with the Hunt, lady Artemis, Thalia and Percy Jackson that I just did what they would have done."

"Well, it worked, didn't it?" They were silent for a while before David spoke up again. "Dumbledore is buried here, you know. On that island there, in the white marble tomb."

Danielle shook her head. "He managed to get himself buried at Hogwarts." She was just able to make out the tomb in question. "Bet Albaforth liked that. His brother had to be different, couldn't even be layed to rest with his parents and sister."

She had read some of 'The Life and Lies of Albus Dumbledore' and Albaforth had clarified some key points. Including Arianna Dumbledore, his and Albus's sister, who had been killed in a three way duel between both Dumbledore brothers and Gellert Grindelwald.

"Makes one wonder what his original plan for you had been," Danielle commented. "If you did turn out to be the 'chosen one.' Probably make you go on some convoluted journey before getting turned into a martyr, perhaps. Oh well, guess we'll never know."

"I doubt it would have been that bad."

Danielle shrugged, "who knew what was going on in that man's mind. When was the funeral?"

"While you were knocked out," said David. "After Voldemort did that surprise attack on you. It was a pretty low keyed affair, only a few knew about it. Fawkes left right after the funeral."

She was sorry to hear about that. Fawkes had been one of the few things she had always admired about Dumbledore. Thinking for a moment, she pulled out a piece of paper and a pen from her bag and started writing something, ignoring David when he asked what she was doing. Finishing, she folded the paper and sealed it so only the two people she wanted to read it could open it. She gave it to David.

"Here, give this to Lily and James. I would go say good bye to them personally but the portkey is about to leave in…two minutes." David nodded as he took the paper. He stood up to leave, Danielle doing the same. "David, promise me one thing."

David looked at her.

"Don't let this happen again," Danielle was staring at him with a mock glare. "This couldn't have happened if there hadn't been an abused orphan wanting revenge on the world over fifty years ago. Nor if purebloods didn't have so much power, funding Tom up until the end. Prove to the world that magic or not, we are all human and we should treat each other with respect."

David nodded, taking what she was saying to heart.

Danielle smiled and pulled the surprised boy into a hug. Reluctantly returning the hug, they didn't need to say anything at the moment as Danielle turned away to where Thalia and Elizabeth were waiting for her. With one last wave, she took hold of the rope portkey and in a flash of light, they vanished.

Camp Half-Blood

Annabeth Chase, daughter of Athena and official archetect of Olympus, currently felt that she could fight against the nastiest Titans and monsters at the same time and win.

After the defeat of Kronos, she was prepared for at least a small break from fighting monsters and nearly dying on a daily basis. The Titans had scattered, the monster army had disbanded, most of her friends and siblings had survived, and Olympus was saved. What else did she need?

The answer to that was a certain son of Poseidon that had saved the day.

Their relationship had started out rocky at first. She had first met Percy Jackson when they were twelve. He had defeated the Minotaur and saved Grover at the same time as he was just getting crossing the barrier into Camp and was just lying on the hospital bed. She still grinned at the memory of the almost comatose boy, drooling in his sleep and needing help to eat the ambrosia she was feeding him.

Then she got to go on her first real quest with him.

Finding the missing bolt that had been stolen from Zeus hadn't been easy but she wouldn't have changed anything. From a godly standpoint, she wasn't even supposed to talk to him. A daughter of Athena and a son of Posiedon? Their parents had one of the most infamous rivalries in Olympus history and that was saying something after all the fights between Artemis and Aphrodite.

They got the bolt back however and saved the day, only for her first crush, Luke, to reveal himself as a traitor to Olympus and had joined Kronos. She hadn't wanted to believe it at first but the son of Hermes had always been bitter when it came to his parents and his father in particular, only seeing the bad things the gods had done and not any of the good.

Probably the lowest of the low for Luke was when he poisoned Thalia's tree the summer after he ran away. The fact that he was willing to kill the only thing that was left of his oldest friend for his ambitions with Kronos was truly despicable. Then he wanted to use the only thing that could have saved the tree to speed the regeneration of the Titan lord of time, only for Percy to beat him again.

Kidnapping her a few months later and forcing her to hold the sky was not on her list of things she had always wanted to do. It was lucky and unlucky for her that lady Artemis showed up after only holding the sky for maybe fifteen or twenty minutes. A goddess had a much better chance of holding the sky than a daughter of the wisdom goddess but that didn't mean that it wasn't painful. She had been forced to watch the battle between Thalia and Luke and even though Danielle had cut her free of the ropes binding her, the Hunter had been right in that she couldn't have done anything. They had taken away her hat and knife and she couldn't think of a plan at the moment.

Then she had watched Luke fall off the mountain.

She knew that he hadn't died, despite the long fall onto jagged rocks. It was just one of those gut feelings that she had that she got from hanging around Percy too much.

By this point, she knew she had a crush on Percy as well. She had suspected it for a while but it became clear after that quest to Mount Tam. The two problems was that she still liked Luke at least somewhere in her mind, that part of her refused to fade. The other problem was that Percy was clueless about girls. She could whack him in the face with a shovel with the word 'girl' on it and he still wouldn't get it back then.

The summer after they shoved Atlas under the sky again, Luke had come to visit her in San Francisco, before she went back to Camp. The son of Hermes had come under a flag of truce and asked her point blank if she would be willing to join the Titans to be with him. He promised her everything she had always wanted and that left her with the problem of deciding who she liked better: Luke or Percy.

She had told him that she couldn't join the Titans and that if she brought him to Olympus, he would probably be sentenced to death or Tartarus. Luke hadn't liked it but agreed and left, making her wonder if she had somehow killed him inside with her words.

That summer she, Percy, Grover and Percy's half-brother Tyson had braved the ultimate maze that had ever been designed by a demigod, the labyrinth. That had been a grueling adventure but she got to do something she had wished she had done sooner, she kissed Percy. Yes, she had wished that it had been somewhere a little more romantic than the inner volcano of Mount St. Helens but she didn't regret it in the slightest.

Then the idiot got himself blasted out of the mountain!

That stupid son of the sea god was shot of the volcano and met up with Calypso on her island. Oh sure, Percy never really said where he got blasted to but the idea of him alone with an attractive daughter of Atlas never got easier for her to stomach. The fact that he wouldn't have been sent there if she wouldn't have fallen in love with him made it even harder.

Meeting up with Racheal Dare, another friend of Percy's to complete the quest hadn't bee easy either. What was up with Percy meeting up with strange girls she had never met before? Admittedly, she didn't like Rachael at all at first but she did get some respect for the current Oracle of Delphi when she hit the Titan lord of time with a blue plastic hairbrush. Of all the things that could distract Kronos from killing Percy, that hadn't been one of them.

She fully admitted to herself that the days leading up to the battle of Manhattan could have gone better. She felt personally responsible for driving Percy to do something stupid like taking a swim in the river Styx to gain the curse of Achilles. Nico did his part of giving him the idea in the first place but all of her frustration of the past few days that she had taken out on Percy had encouraged him to go through with the plan the son of Hades had come up with.

Now, however, everything was perfect. Right after the battle of Manhattan and Rachael had become the new Oracle, she and Percy shared a much better kiss than the one a year prior in a volcano. The Campers had decided to throw them both into the canoe lake but the joke was on them in the end. Percy had created their own little air bubble at the bottom of the lake and hadn't surfaced until their hormones were at a more manageable level. They were still young and they hadn't gone too far but the possibilities were there and she couldn't be happier.

Currently, she was smiling at the fact that she and Percy had gotten out of school early for winter break and were planning on spending Christmas together. She had come to love the goofy son of Posiedon and couldn't wait to spend more time with him. With Thalia and two of her Hunters out of the country for the moment, she could spend more time with her boyfriend.

Reaching Camp, they spent the day together, making up for lost time after being separated for all those months. It was part of the reason why she hated them being in different schools on opposite ends of the country.

After spending a good ten minutes saying good night to each other, they promised to see each other in the morning. She went to bed, not caring at all that her siblings were making fun of the goofy look on her face.

Waking the next morning, she did her usual morning routine before giving her brothers and sisters their daily schedules. Not seeing Percy at breakfast, she shrugged it off at first at him sleeping in or busy training his powers on the beach. After not seeing him for several hours however, she started getting worried. Percy never left Camp without telling her or someone else first but even Chiron didn't know where he was.

Calling his mom didn't help as she didn't even know Percy was missing. Trying not to panic, she tried to Iris message Percy but the rainbow goddess gave her a refund, saying that she was sadly not taking any calls at this time.

This was not good. First Olympus closes so she couldn't do her job of rebuilding everything that Kronos destroyed. Now Percy mysteriously vanishes. Demigods were still getting claimed when they turned thirteen but that was the only thing that was still the same. Even her mother wasn't contacting her anymore.

What in the name of Olympus was going on here?

Okay, please tell me if you saw something wrong in there or if you have a comment. My greatest fear is accidentally turning Danielle into a Mary Sue and I'm trying to prevent that. Yes, she is more powerful but she did have to work hard at it, it didn't all come to her naturally. As for the Hallows, yes, they did boost her magic but only to that of a normal adult witch or wizard and they came at the price of her having to do favors for Thantos and Hades every now and then. I did love giving her the power to fly though.

I got a few reviews about me including Justin and Alex Russo, telling me to not make this a three way crossover. I just have to say that I needed American names for these characters and these fit. Ignore every rule about magicals in 'Wizards of Waverly Place,' as they are just normal J.K. magicals in this story. No wizarding competition, no losing your magic if you don't wind up the family wizard, they are just capable of using the same kind of magic as in Harry Potter.

As for all those that wanted to know what happened to the various Harry Potter characters during the battle, here they are:

David Potter- married Ginny and became head of the Auror office, had two kids, James Sirius and Lily Emma Potter. Just picture Cannon Harry. Ginny did become a chaser to the Holyhead Harpies but only after clearing her mind of thinking that David was perfect.

Ron Weasley- became keeper for the Chudley Cannons, improving the horrible team slightly. Married Lavender Brown and had one son, Hugo Ronald Weasley. Lavender became a gossip columnist at the Daily Prophet.

Hermione Granger- did graduate from a non-magical university at the top of her class and started traveling with her parents to make up for lost time. Became both a non-magical doctor and a part time healer at an American magical hospital at the same time. Married a nice normal man working at the hospital and had one daughter, Rose Luna.

James and Lily Potter- James got his top job of auror back and Lily managed to become an unspeakable in the Department of Mysteries and part time healer at St. Mungos. Both retired and live in comfort in Potter manor.

Sirius Black- was whacked upside the head until he agreed to settle down with someone before he died. Dated and married Emmaline Vance with twins on the way.

Remus Lupin- married Tonks and managed to earn an Order of Merlin, first class. The first werewolf to ever manage it. Stays at home to raise little Teddy and work on an upgraded version of the wolfsbane potion. Nymphadora Lupin becomes a top auror and is one of the many competent members of the squad.

Severus Snape- Did manage to travel the European contanent, finding new and better ways to create potions. Is known the world over for his breakthroughs in potion making and even a spell creator. Helps Remus with his potion to cure lycanthropy and is making headway.

Bill and Fleur Weasley- Took the job of cursebreakers at Gringotts France to stay close to her parents. Still exploring with their new daughter Victoire.

Charlie Weasley- married a dragon…Fine, he actually married a nice Romanian girl and they have a son. Happy now?

Percy Weasley- died in the battle of Hogwarts.

Fred and George Weasley- Used the battle to come up with new ideas for their joke shop, which is the most popular place in all of Diagon Alley. Married Alicia Spinnet and Angelina Johnson respectively and named their sons after the other. Both wives face palm.

Molly Weasley-withered and beaten, is still alive but only for the sake of her grandchildren. Would gladly leave to join Arthur if it wasn't for them.

Collin Creevey- died in the battle of Hogwarts.

Kingsley Shakelbolt- died in the battle of Hogwarts.

Alastor Moody- died in the battle of Hogwarts.

Lucius Malfoy- sentenced to life in Azkaban by Minster Bones.

Draco Malfoy- released from Azkaban after a thirty year imprisonment for joining a terrorist organization. Never the same afterward.

Narcissa Malfoy- never a Death Eater or branded with the Dark Mark, divorces Lucius, takes as much money as she can and leaves to the south of France. Enjoys her days in her new beach house and the Muggle pool boys.

Albus Dumbledore- dead.

Albaforth Dumbledore- left enough money from his brother when he died, used it on his life long dream of creating the first fire breathing goat. Was charged heavily for damage caused by said goat but said it was worth it.

Parkinsons- Azkaban.

Notts- Azkaban.

Rosier cousins- died at the battle of Hogwarts.

Rebastion LeStrange-died at battle of Hogwarts.

Neville Longbottom- marries Hannah Abbot and becomes the new Herbology Professor at Hogwarts. At Hannah's urging, takes Susan Bones as a consort so she can keep her family name, is strangely fine with this.

Luna Lovegood-?

Parvati and Padma Patil- move back to India and start their own clothing line, is moderately successful.

Professor McGonagall- New Headmistress of Hogwarts, does implement some new classes to make use of the empty rooms scattered throughout the castle.

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