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Within a split second both Naruto and Hashirama nailed each other in the face sending the other flying back towards the statue they were standing one just before. Naruto corrected himself in midair and formed several small bijudamas in the shape of cones before firing them all at the sage.

Seeing this Hashirama made a single hand-sign. More wooded tendrils came out of his statue and intersected the barrage. Explosions rocked the valley as Naruto's attack lit the air in light. Hashirama landed on hi head. "Suiton-Water Dragon jutsu." the shodai said as he spat out a large stream of water that morphed in a large dragon.

As the water dragon came at Naruto the bijuu disappeared in a flash of black letting the jutsu crash into the Madara. Hashirama sensed Naruto above him and jumped off the stone representation of himself in time to avoid the aftermath of Naruto's Rasenshuriken. As Hashirama landed on the valley floor he saw Naruto diving right for him.

Before Naruto got within range to hit him a large pillar of wood came out of the valley wall and smashed Naruto into the other side of the ravine. The shodai didn't get a break since as soon the pillar hit the wall it exploded as Naruto pulsed his power. The sage quickly reacted when he saw a black chakra arm coming at him holding a large rasengan.

The first one was easy to dodge but what kept the sennin on his guard was the fact that nine other arms with even larger spiraling balls of energy followed the first one. Thanks to his sage mode he was able to sense the movements of the attacks and dodged all of them only to be caught off guard when an additional attack came out of the ground.

The undead sage managed to create a dome of wood around himself in time to block the attack that tried to grind its way into the down only to stop a bit short. Naruto glared at the dome and inhaled as much as he could before releasing a volley of large fire ball similar to the Phoenix Flower jutsu only much bigger.

The attack managed to blast through the wooden shell but before Naruto could react wooden tendrils came out of the ground and wrapped around him. Naruto wasn't able to get out of the trap before Hashirama smashed a chakra enhanced punch into Naruto's jaw.

The wooden restrains kept Naruto from going flying which was really a bad thing for Naruto as Hashirama dished out a combo of ungodly powerful melee attacks on Naruto's body before the blond got out of the bind and was able to get away from the powerful legend.

'Now this is a battle.' Both thought as they stared at the other in the eyes with a mutual respect that only two shinobi on such a level could express. In both their eyes the only thing that could make this battle better would be if Madara was also revived but that was not meant to be.

Naruto smirked as he cleaned a trail of blood that was coming out of the corner of his mouth. "This is a true battle. Two spirits clashing with there will and might. Now, show me everything you have HASHIRAMA!" Naruto exclaimed as he formed another bijuudama and fired at the dead kage.

The founder of Konoha used his gekkei genkai to lift himself out of the range of the attack. The explosion shook the valley and everything near the valley. They were now attracting a crowd at the valley, now not only was Izumi watching but so was Zetzu, most of the Akatsuki in projection form, and several shinobis from different villages who were in the area.

Specifically two busty kunoichi whereing headbands with a flower symbol.

Both shinobis circled each other, staring each other down as they prepared their next attacks. Within a split second the two were engaged in a taijutsu fight like no other.

Naruto delivered a right hook only for Hashirama to quickly recover and kick Naruto in the ribs. Naruto when flying away but used two chakra claws to hold on to the ground and bring himself to his feet. The bijuu charged at the dead kage and vanished once he came within a few feet of him.

Hashirama tensed as he tried to feel out Naruto only for a massive chakra fist to blast it's way out of the ground and launch him into the air. A second hand came out with a cone shaped bijuudama before firing it at him.

"Senpou Mokuton- Heaven's forest barrier!" His out of his arms several trees came out and created a sphere like barrier around him. The trees mended together into a solid wooden ball. The powerful attack smashed right into the shield causing another great explosion and cracking the entire shield in every way.

Hashirama jumped through the gaping hole created by Naruto's attack. The two engaged into another close range battle each ended in a stalemate once again. "Show me what you have!" Naruto yelled as the sage was he punched him away from him.

"As you wish!" Hashirama yelled as hundreds of large roots ripped out of the ground under them and attempted to catch and crush Naruto. The bijuu started to weave his way around each of the roots and they attempted to subdue him. It was endless for every one he dodged ten more came out to try to crush him.

Finally after what seemed forever a root managed to wrap around Naruto's angle and dragged him into a large cluster of roots that coiled around him. Naruto felt his strength slowly being drained from his body by the wood. Naruto however continued to struggle to try and escape. "I will not lose!" yelled as he used ability to form several arms to rip and tear away all the roots that were trying to suppress him.

Hashirama glared at Naruto as he focused even more chakra into his jutsu increasing the quantity and quality of the roots that attacked Naruto. "You can't win! My Mokuton is able to suppress any bijuu." Hashirama yelled out at the god like shinobi.

"TENPENCHII!" With that one word the on lookers could only describe the scene that happened afterwards as pure chaos. The Valley of the End was now the epicenter of the ultimate natural disaster. From Naruto's location tornadoes rapidly started to form as bolts of lightning struck all over the valley. From where Naruto was held massive waves of water ripped through and flooded the valley. The earth shook and was uplifted from the power.

Hashirama was hard pressed to stay above the water level and simultaneously avoid both the tornadoes and the couldn't make a platform out of wood because of the random shifts in the earth. 'This is unreal! Not even Madara could cause this much devastation in such a short amount of time.' the sage thought as he jumped out of the way of a tornado.

Eventually the entire disaster retreated into a single spot before it detonated as a massive explosion like the world hadn't seen since the age of the original Rikudo. The explosion took the shape of a giant mushroom cloud with bolts of lightning coming out of the large top of the cloud.

Unlike before Hashirama wasn't able to dodge this attack and engulfed in the after math of the explosion. \

With the Akatsuki

'So this is the power of a true god. I have a long way to go before I will be able to match him in combat.' A man with shoulder length and purple eyes with four rings around the pupil. He couldn't help but clench his fists as he watched the battle unfold right in front of him, 'I claim to be God but I know that if I ever fought one of these two, I would die.' the man thought before looking to his side at the only woman in the group, "But if need be I will fight him, for our dream." he said in a hushed voice so no one heard him.

Back at the battle

The cloud of doom faded slowly, the entire valley was now completely destroyed. The two statues that once stood were no rubble on the ground. The water of the waterfall that once stood between the statues was completely evaporated. In the middle of a massive crater stood a panting Naruto.

'Shit, I don't have enough control over this form' Naruto thought to himself as he looked around at the valley. In front of him was the ruined remains of a wooden dome. "I did it" Naruto said with a small smile, he knew that he had gained several internal injuries but for now all he had to do was wait for Danzo to place his seal on Mito, activate the seals then kill Orochimaru.

Silence reigned as Naruto walked away from the dome, His chakra cloak faded away to reveal a heavily bruised and bleeding Naruto. The silence was interrupted by a low rumbling. 'NO WAY!' Naruto though before jumped back to avoid a large wooden spike that erupted from the ground.

Naruto turned in time to dodge a punch from Hashirama who had lost his sage mode and was missing an arm. Normally it would have healed but because of Naruto's control over Yin and Yang, the healing effects of the edo tensei were negated.

Hashirama stood at full height. He only had one arm left and his armor had been completely destroyed along with the top of his clothing leaving him in only his pants. "It's been a while since I was pushed this far." Hashirama said as he looked at Naruto in the eyes. Hashirama knew he would have died if it wasn't for the effects of his brother's jutsu.

"Same. I must admit that I thought I had finished you off with that last one. That damn jutsu is so troublesome, I guess it's about time we end this." Naruto said as his eyes changed back into Madara's sharingan.

"Lets" Hashirama grinned as he channeled his chakra into his right arm causing it to bulge with muscle as he regained his sage mode. A dark green aura surrounded .

Naruto grinned when he felt the chakra being channeled into the arm. Holding out his hand a sphere of black flames rapidly grew until it was about a foot in diameter.

The two god-like shinobi started to run at each other, slowly picking up speed.

"Senpou- Divine Fist of Nirvana!"

"Amaterasu- Odama Rasengan!"

As the two attacks collided the entire country shook as the ground under them cracked and splintered as the two attacks battled for dominance. The force was so great that it forced the Akatsuki's images to vanish.

The two shinobi's gritted their teeth as they struggled for supremacy, "Hahsirama-san, you are by far the strongest person I have faced since my battle with Madara." Naruto said through his teeth.

"Same, I don't know how you fought Madara but having his eyes proves that you did." The Shodai responded.

The ground under them shattered as the valley became more of a crater from the pressure of the attacks. Everyone watching was forced to leave the area as the valley started to grow even bigger than it once was.

'I will not lose, I CAN'T lose this battle!' Naruto thought to himself as he stared into Hashirama's eyes. "No more games!" Naruto yelled at the dead kage before his body erupted in black and red energy. Naruto's rasengan grew larger as Naruto pumped more chakra into it. Both could feel the chakra of the world swirling around them as it formed a black sphere encompassing both of them.

This sensation remained Naruto of the last clash with Sasuke he had at the valley of the dead when they were kids. The two near god-like shinobi rapidly saw images from the other's life. Naruto saw Hashirama's childhood during the Waring Clans period, his raise in power, his battle with Madara before the village was established, the founding of Konoha, Madara's betrayal and lastly the showdown between the Madara and him.

Hashirama went through a slide show of Naruto's past. He saw how he was raised, his time on team seven, Sasuke's betrayal which remained him of Madara, he saw him leaving with Jiraiya to train, his return to Konoha, his rescue of the Kazekage, Naruto's battle with the powerful Pein, Naruto meeting A then later B, Hashirama saw Naruto fighting Kurama, and then lastly he saw images from the war and Naruto facing Madara and the Juubi with his friend Gaara standing by his side in the end.

The sage smiled as he felt his body start to break down into pieces, "Naruto-kun, you've been through so much. You and that Sasuke kid remained me of myself and Madara a bit. You're someone I would love to have as Hokage."

Naruto smiled as his cloak faded away, "I was Hokage, but in the end Konoha was still destroyed." Naruto said to the Mokuton user. He still blamed himself for Konoha's destruction. He felt as if he could have saved them from the Juubi of he had only been stronger.

"Maybe you should forgive yourself. You couldn't have prevented that, but now your here in a new world, you have found love. As Shodai Hokage, I here by give you the title of Guardian of Konoha." And with that one last statement Hashirama completely dispersed into dust and returned to the pure world.

On the outside of the sphere the world stood still as the ball of chakra exploded in light that shot up into the air in a tower of nature chakra.

At the bottom of the valley Naruto laid on his back panting heavily. Most of his clothing was gone from the explosion of power and was covered in his own blood, he had done it. He had beaten Hashirama Senju in a one on one fight for the most part. Looking around from his position he saw the wreckage that used to be the Valley of the End. You could still see the faces of Madara and Hashirama within the rubble but the statues themself where now a pile of rocks.

'I can't lay here, I have to get back to Konoha.' Naruto said as he slowly stood up only to fall. Before he hit the ground however he was caught by a familiar face. Naruto looked up at the face of Itachi or as he knew him or rather her as Izumi.

"Rest, you've been through a lot." Izumi said in a stoic yet kind voice as she held Naruto. She still couldn't wrap her head around the battle that she had just witnessed right before her eyes. It would forever be ingrained into her mind as one of the most awe inspiring yet frightening display of pure power she had ever seen.

"Not yet, I still have to activate the seals on the other two reanimated shinobi back in Konoha" Naruto said making a handsign. "Fuin" and with that Naruto lost consciousness.

Kage battle

Danzo and A panted as they watched the two undead shinobi crumbled into dust as the seals activated. Danzo had managed to plant his seal onto Mito after she had activated her suicidal jutsu. He had managed to sneak it on her back as she was fixing her body. Normally she would have been able to break the seal but this seal had both the chakra from Naruto and the Shinigami who wanted the souls back in the underworld.

The two were dead tired from the battled with A having several cuts from Tobirama cutting him with his kunai and bruises from the blunt water jutsu. Danzo had lost six of his sharingans from the battle with the Uzumaki. Every thing he had sent at her was sealed then released right back at him or she would use some suicidal jutsu to try to kill him.

Their attention was refocused when they heard both Orochimaru and Hiruzen scream in pain. Orochimaru had been able to stab the Sandaime through the chest with his Kusanagi. Hiruzen had managed to sever Orochimaru's arms but the snake had used his control over the Kusanagi to pull it towards the two and skewered both himself and the old man.

"This is your end sensei." Orochimaru said with a wide smirk at his supposed victory.

"In case you haven't noticed you lost both your arms and stabbed yourself." Hiruzen said as he coughed up some blood. This battle had also taken a toll on his body. He however was glad he didn't have to fight Orochimaru and the reanimated ninjas by himself.

"Even if I die, I'll just come back. Unlike you I have found ways to remain alive even after my own death." Orochimaru said with a wicked smirk at the mention of his plan to return to the world of the living even after death.

"The curse mark." The sandaime said with disqust filling his voice. Before the two could continue Danzo and A attack Orochimaru and ripped the sword out of Hiruzen.

"Don't worry Hiruzen, I I'll fix you up." Danzo said as he used Izanagi once again but of the Hokage rather than himself to remove the stab wound going through the man's chest.

"Well this isn't going as planned. I think I'll take my leave." Orochimaru said as the barrier fell around them. The ANBU around the barrier were intercepted by Oto shinobi. The sound four jumped down and carried the sannin away from the Kage level shinobi. The three would have attacked if they didn't have to deal with the cannon fodder that was an entire squad of Oto chunin and jonin.

By the time they had finished everyone off Orochimaru was long gone and they were too tired to search. All parties involved in the battle were tired. There were captured soldiers that had to be put in cells to be interrogated, buildings that were damaged to plain out destroyed, and several dead shinobi and kunoichi that needed to be cremated then buried.

Three days later

Naruto stood at the side of Hirusen's bed in the hospital. The blond was covered in bandaged but was able to move around thanks to his healing ability that came with being the Juubi and a near god. Danzo had left to return to his base to reorganize ROOT after the battle. A had been in his own room being guarded by Kumo shinobi.

"So how are you doing Sandaime-dono?" Naruto asked with a smirk.

Hiruzen couldn't help but chuckle at the blond's attitude, "I'm fine Naruto-san" he responded, Normally he would have called him 'Rokudaime-dono' but he had ANBU watching him from attackers. The old man's smile slowly sagged into a frown, "But from this battle I've realized that in my old age I'm no longer fit to lead this village."

"That's not true, you managed to hold your own against Orochimaru and forced him to a stand still. You can still protect this village" Naruto tried to encourage the old man. He had to be at his funeral once and almost did again, it only reinforced Naruto's theory that he had grown over confident and was putting his family and friends in jeopardy. He had already allowed Sayuri to gain the curse mark and failed to seal it when it was still fresh. Now he had almost lost his grandfather figure for the second time.

"I wish that was true but even if I could match Orochimaru I would never be able to up against the likes of people like Nagato or Madara. You even faced Hashirama and beat him." The Sandaime said with a sad smile. He had always dreamed of fighting his sensei and beating him but was never strong enough yet this blond in front of him was.

Naruto couldn't say anything since it would have been a lie. If it had been Nagato or Madara who Hiruzen had been fighting he would have died during the fight.

"Which is why I have made my choice." The third hokage said was he smiled warmly at Naruto. "Naruto-san, I know it isn't the same as your old title but your the only one currently in the village who has both the power and experience to do what I'm asking you to do." The elder man said to the blond who's eyes widened at what the old man was implying.

"Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze, I officially declare you Godaime Hokage of Konoha."

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