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Naruto sighed as he finished reading over the reports he had gotten from the ROOT shinobi he had sent to Kiri to help Zabuza take down the Mizukage. Naruto knew that Yagura wasn't at fault for what he had done but at the moment he needed to be stopped. From what Zabuza had written in the message he had joined forces with Mei Terumi who had become the Mizukage in his world.

"Something wrong Hokage-sama?" Jiraiya asked the blond in front of him. It had been two months since he had gotten the title of Godaime Hokage and a lot of things had happened. The relations with Kumo had reached a level of comradery that the two villages had never seen with another allie. The only remaining problem with their alliance was that the Hyuuga clan still refused to accept Kumo as an ally.

That also included the problem of Hinata and her hatred for him. Since he was with Narumi who the female Hyuuga was in love with as well as being the one who forged the alliance between Kumo and Konoha, he had risen to the top spot of people she hated.

After the invasion Gaara decided that he might as well spend some time in the world and help bring Suna back to par with the other villages and had retake the title of Kazekage with a little help from Naruto. Gaia had been allowed to stay with him to train to gain control of Shukaku for a few months.

From what Gaara told him he was allowed to stay for around three years before having to return to the afterlife afterwards Gaia would return to Suna and take the title of Kazekage.

Activity in Oto had gone silent. Naruto knew that the snake Orochimaru had something planned and had taken extra measures to make sure he didn't get his hands on Sayuri. He had decided to merge Team 7 and 9 and had added Sai in his place.

Naruto glared at the sage before looking at Danzo and Hiruzen who were sitting beside the sannin. "First don't call me that, second our forces in Kiri have joined the rebellion but at the moment they are at a stalemate. On top of that Yagura's forces are slowly chipping away at the rebel armies. Mei Terumi, the leader of the rebels and Mizukage in my world is leading them but there have been sightings of men in black cloaks with red clouds heading towards Kiri." Naruto explained to his new group of advisers. He had gotten rid of the other two in favor the these three since they had the same goals as him unlike the two other elders who were in it for themselves.

"Akatsuki." Danzo said calmly. He had read up on everything he could find on the group and it's members. That along with the information Naruto had on them helped him form teams to combat each one in case they ever attacked Konoha head on.

"Exactly. From the descriptions I got the two are Izumi Uchiha and Kisame Hoshigaki. Mei-chan and Zabuza may be strong but Mei-chan will not be able to take on three S-rank Shinobi and Zabuza isn't at the level needed for him be able to take one out being only a high A-rank shinobi." Naruto said as he rubbed the bridge of his nose. Why did he have to accept this job again?

Hiruzen inhaled from his pipe, "So what will be our next move the Naruto-kun?" Hiruzen asked the young Kage who growled out in frustration.

Naruto looked out the window and out to his village, "I'll join and take out Kisame and bring back Izumi-chan. I'll let Zabuza and Mei-chan handle Yagura." The blond answered the former Hokage's question. He knew that it was irresponsible for a kage to leave his village but he couldn't let the Akatsuki keep control of Kiri.

"Are you sure that is a good idea? What if Orochimaru makes his move on Sayuri-chan?" Hiruzen asked.

"Then we have to be ready for anything. When she gets back in two days give her missions that will keep her in the village. Put up security measures around her at all times, have ANBU watching her at all times." Naruto ordered before they were interrupted by a knock on the door. "Come in."

From the other side of the door Yugao walked in. She had left the ANBU after Hayate's death but Naruto comforted her and had managed to convince her to remain a kunoichi and had appointed her one of his personal guards. "Naruto-kun...'" She said with a small smile.

"Yugao-chan, you've returned early. Did something happened on your mission?" Naruto asked the former ANBU who shook her head no.

"No, everything went perfectly. I got what you asked for?" Naruto asked her. The purple haired woman nodded and unsealed two katanas. Naruto smiled as he took the two from her and strapped them to his side.

"Katanas?" Jiraiya asked as he looked at the two swords Naruto had just gotten.

Naruto smirked as he looked glanced at Jiraiya, "These two swords aren't just any run of the mill katanas. These are the Juuchi Yosame and the Yawarakai-Te. These are two ancient and powerful swords forged by two of the greatest swordsmiths to ever live. The Juuchi Yosame or the '10000 cold nights' is an evil sword that only cares for destruction and death. It is said that it will cut anything that crosses its path whether it be evil or good. It is also said that if someone without the power to fight back the darkness within it draws it, they will become overcome by it's evil. The Yawarakai-Te or the Tender Hands on is the opposite, it's a sword that only cuts those who are evil or deserve it." Naruto said as he drew the Juuchi Yosame, the air in the room rapidly cold as a feeling of dread filled the office. The only one who was really affected by this was Yugao since she wasn't Kage level.

"Such an evil aura." Hiruzen said before turning to Yugao who was shaking from the dark feeling in the air. "Yugao-san, where did you find these swords?" The former Hokage asked the purplette.

"Naruto-kun had learned that a cousin of Gato had gotten his hands on these blades and was planning on selling them away to missing nin. He believed that they were too powerful to be left in the hands of people who would use them for evil so he sent me and a team to retrieve them." the former ANBU respond to the elder's question. It wasn't a hard job as all the man had was a around three dozen untrained mercenaries while they had five trained ANBU.

"I see." Hiruzen said. He couldn't help but agree with Naruto's decision to take the swords. If someone like Obito or Pein got there hands on such a powerful sword the results would not be pretty.

Naruto grinned as he put away the dark sword before he started walking towards the door. "I'll be leaving for Kiri in three hours. I'll try to return as soon as I take out Kisame. I already tagged Zabuza-san when I fought him in the wave so I'll be able to get there in a flash." Naruto said as he left the room with his Jinton.

Later that day

Naruto had left the village and had appeared in the middle of a battle in Kiri. 'Really?!' Naruto said before he felt someone about to stab him. Drawing Juuchi Yosame he turned as bisected the man in half through the waist. Naruto cringed at the sight but he didn't have time as three more Kiri shinobi attacked him.

Before they reached him a massive cleaver decapitated the three before being caught by the Zabuza who appeared in a shunshin. "What are you doing here kid. Or should I call you Hokage-sama?" Zabuza said with a slight teasing tone as he killed another Kiri nin.

"I'm here to help. Reports have it that Kisame Hoshigaki and Itachi Uchiha are going to aid Kiri against you guys. I'm going to take them out." Naruto said as he sheathed his sword and drew his second one. "Jinton- Light speed Massacre." Naruto whispered as the entire battle field slowed to a standstill or black and white. Without any hesitation Naruto blurred out of existence and appeared behind each Kiri nin before vanishing again. Appearing next to Zabuza Naruto shaved Yawarakai-Te and with the click of the hilt hitting the scabbard the entire world returned to normal only that most of the Kiri nin exploded in blood while some simply fainted.

The rebel forces all looked confused before Zabuza got an evil idea, "Hooray for the Yondaime Hokage Minato Namikaze!" He yelled. In the spur of the moment no one bothered to question that Minato was alive and not dead.


"Thank you Yondaime-dono!"

"Three cheers for Minato Namikaze!"

Naruto gritted his teeth in anger as once again people were calling him Minato. "I'm NOT Minato Namikaze!" Naruto yelled out using his Juubi side to power up his voice giving it a demonic tone. This was followed by Naruto punching Zabuza in the face by a Jinton enhanced punch. "Fuck you Zabuza." Naruto said before he felt a tap on his shoulder.

Naruto turned to see Mei smiling at him a little too sweetly.
"I would appreciate it if you didn't knock out my second in command." She said to Naruto. Normally it scare the shit out of anyone who she targeted but this was Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze, he had faced the Juubi AND Madara and had taken their power for himself.

"Oh, you must be Mei-san. Nice to finally meet you." Naruto said with a charming smile that made every woman including Mei blush. "I see you are just a beautiful as all the rumors claim. I am Naruto Namikaze,the Godaime Hokage." The blond said the Youton user who was blushing at his comment about her.

"Yes that would be me." Mei said as she regained her composure. She couldn't help but look over the Kage's body. Even if he was younger than her she had to admit that he probably had the best body she had ever had the pleasure of seeing. "May I ask what you are doing here Hokage-dono."

Naruto became serious, "I gained intelligence that the Akatsuki was sighted near Kiri. I came to make sure that they didn't interfere with the war." Naruto said as he looked where he had punched Zabuza.

Mei frowned at this, "Are you sure you're going to be able to handle this Hokage-dono? From what I heard they are all S-rank missing nin and travel in pairs." The rebel leader asked with a bit of concern for the blond. He had helped her cause so much and in a way he was the reason they were still able to fight the war thanks to Konoha's aid.

Naruto smirked, "Of course I'm able to handle two Akatsuki members. Let me show you a bit of my power." Naruto said as he made a handsign. Purple flames appeared on the ground as the form of the King of Hell rose out of them. "Rinne tensei" Naruto said with as wide grin. The King of Hell opened his mouth but instead of the spray of green lights that was suppose to happen to revive the rebel forces a loud yell echoed out.

"Let me out of here Dattebane!" The King of Hell started to shake but closed it's mouth to try and keep whatever was inside down. The shaking eventually turned very violent causing the Kiri rebels to tense and prepare for battle.

The King of Hell finally gave up and let out whatever was inside. Out of his mouth a rather beauty red haired woman walked out clearly pissed off. Naruto's eyes widened when she saw Kushina walk out but not in her edo tensei form but fully revived. 'Shit, with all thats been going on I forgot that I trapped her in there!' Naruto thought..

Kushina looked around until she was the blond wearing a Hokage hat. "Minato-kun!" She yelled as she ran and brought the bijuu into a strong hug. Zabuza couldn't help but chuckle at the blond being mistaken for his father...AGAIN.

Naruto had to resist the urge to smash the Uzumaki woman into to the ground for calling him that. It really had become something he hated. "Kushina-san, Like I said before, I am NOT Minato Namikaze. I am Naruto Namikaze." Naruto said trying to keep calm.

Kushina looked up at him with a childish glare, "Lier, I may have believed that before but seeing you with the kage hat proves that you are Minato-kun." The redhead said to the blond.

Naruto sighed, "I am not Minato. Tell me, did the Yondaime ever have these eyes." Naruto said as he stared down at her in the eyes. Kushina gasped when she saw the red, rippling eyes with nine tomoe in them.

'They're beautiful' She thought as she stared at the eyes, however she felt sad that it really wasn't Minato, "I see, so how come I can't feel that snake's presence in my mind or how my body no longer has cracks in it?" She asked the blond.

Chucking was heard from Naruto, "Well, when I fought you and Hashirama I kinda forgot that the King of Hell which I used to store whatever it eats and can revive it completely if I give the order and during the fight with Hashirama and after the fight with everything that happened I kinda slipped out of my mind." Naruto said as he scratched the back of his head sheepishly.

Kushina did not take this well, little know fact-Kushina HATED being ignored. "What!? How could you forget about me!" Kushina yelled feeling insulted that she had become an after thought to the blond after the battle.

Everyone from he Kiri forces watched on, some of them were on the verge of breaking out in laughter that the person who had literally slaughtered an army was having this conflict with the redhead.

"I'll make it up to you, I promise!" Naruto said as he brought his hands up in defence. "After I deal with the current situation." Naruto added as his eye flickered to the to Mei and Zabuza.

"Fine. But after this you're taking me and who ever else I want to come to the most expensive restaurant in...Where are we?" Kushina asked Mei who replied Mizu no Kuni. "In Mizu no Kuni. And you're paying for everything we eat" She said as she glared at the blond.

Naruto's head hung in defeat, "Well I did leave you trapped in there for a month, I guess I can do that." Naruto said before walking over to Mei. "Mei, do you mind watching Kushina-san while I go what I came here for?"Naruto asked the auburn haired beauty.

"That's okay, honestly we thought we were done for when we started this battle. This was about about half of Kiri's remaining army and they outnumbered us 10 to 1." Mei said with a sigh. She wanted to say that the had it covered but she knew that if the Hokage hadn't arrived when he did they would have all been dead by now.

"Really? I guess I don't know my own strength." Naruto said with a fox-like grin which caused all the shinobi around him to sweatdrop. "Oh yeah! I never finished the Rinne Tensei." Naruto said as he prepared to activate his jutsu again and hopefully not have it get interrupted like before "Gedo-Rinne Tensei!" Naruto said as he used the King of Hell to revive all the dead rebels. "There." Naruto said before he he was forced to a knee.

Mei ran to the Hokage's side, "Are you okay?" She asked him as she handed him a soldier pill. Naruto happily took the pill and was glad that it didn't taste like Sakura's used to in his world.

"Yeah, damn I never knew that it took that much out of someone to use that jutsu." Naruto said as he got back on his feet but still looked tired from it. 'No wonder Nagato died when he used it, it took over four tails of chakra.' Naruto thought to himself. Saluted them before he vanished a blur of speed.

A few miles from Kiri two men wearing black cloaks with red clouds walked towards the village.

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